Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

A misunderstanding causes Sawako and Kazehaya to distance themselves from each other. Unable to stand the tension, Sawako decides she needs to reveal her true feelings to him. Will this awkward girl and well-liked guy become a couple?!

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateSep 6th, 2011
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Estara
    I don't know who among the Manga Bookshelf crew wrote that this was a whole volume of payoff (because I read them via LJ feed unless I want to comment), but that's exactly what it is - the culmination of the developing love among insecurity and miscommunication (from both sides) of Sawako and Shota.And because this series at its core is the developing of the shy duckling Sawako into a courageous swan, appreciated by everyone, not just Kazehaya, w...
  • Nicole
    Hoorah! They finally released the edition where Sawako and Kazehaya finally understand their true feelings for each other!!
  • Holly Letson
    Absolutely wonderful. They are absolutely meant for one another.
  • Estefany
    Siiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Sawako y Shouta estan juntos al fin, soy feliz!!!
  • Mizujin
    I've finished till Volume 15 of the manga but of course this volume comprises the climax of the whole story. I guess aside from the confessions made by Sawako and Shouta, I like how much this volume revealed a lot of character flaws. I appreciated that those sides of the characters were given to the readers as they not only made more conflict (for plot, of course) but it made the characters more believable and whom the readers can relate to. Kaze...
  • Annie
    Reseña Manga completa---ás reseñas de Mangas---¿De que trata Kimi Ni Todoke? La historia gira alrededor de Sawako, una chica que tiene una apariencia terrorífica, gracias a su largo cabello negro, su piel pálida y su aura oscura es apodada Sadako, como la protagonista de la novela/película de terror El Aro, de ella se dicen muchas cosas, que hace brujería, que es capaz de maldecirte con solo mi...
  • Yue
    Finally! Both of them confessed their feelings! And not only that, Kazehaya confessed everything in front of his whole class! So there will be no more misunderstandings... which is what always happens with Sawako. What I really like about this manga is that there are no bad people... Even Kurumi helped something in the whole Sawako-Kazehaya relationship... and the other, like Kento, Pin, the girls... who were just trying to help did a mess of eve...
  • Douglas Cootey
    Curiously, despite this being a climactic issue as regarding Sawako & Shota's relationship, it didn't stand out as outstanding. Excellent, but not outstanding. Perhaps it was the pacing. Certainly, the payoff moment of ten volumes was handled well and did not disappoint, but the rest of the volume fell flat for me.
  • Reddish
    THE FEELS. *se va a llorar de alegría a una esquina cualquiera* Creo que este es el volumen con el cual más he reído, ¡y hasta casi he llorado! “Tomorrow has never been so far away.”
  • Romi (likes books)
    A 3.5-4 star- I deared something would happen which would have left me choosing to no longer read the series, but I was very happily surprised and am so thrilled that the characters continue to grow and move forward, take control.
  • Andie Quinn
    finally, this was getting ridiculous!
  • Lou (BooksAreAWayOfLife)
    This manga series follows a girl called Kuronuma and she has the looks that would be perfect for a ghost in a horror movie, but everyone has her misunderstood. Through her friendship with the popular boy in class, Kazehaya, her classmates start to realise that she's not this feared figure that she is thought to be. Kuronuma has just realised her feelings for Kazehaya and is learning to deal with them and still maintain the friendship that she has...
  • Abbie
    This volume has "New Friend" as the title and Kurumi's face on the cover. Seeing her face made me feel something is going to happen- maybe something scheming on her end to get together with Kazehaya by befriending Sawako (I still don't know which one to type- Sawako or Sadako lol). Second, tensions are getting more and more constant between Kazehaya and Sawako as Sawako begins to feel new feelings for Kazehaya.Will continue reading.
  • Yuritzi Chávez
    No se si me gustó el como llegaron a este momento, las confusiones de Sawako fueron un poco raras, aún así por su personalidad cada momento es tierno y divertido, me encanta el dibujo de la autora (siempre lo digo), como cada Shojo siento que hay momentos que se alargan demasiado y dan muchas vueltas en este caso la autora lo maneja de tal forma que no resulta pesado. El siguiente tomo se ve intrigante.
  • DonutKnow
    Finally! How long did that take? XD
  • Ericka Hall
    Finally, Sawako and Kazehaya are a couple!!!
  • R
    Love, love, love! Finally!!! :D
  • Shayla
    Really great ending.
  • Em Mirra
  • Kasura
  • B. Jean
    Too dang pricey.
  • Galion Public Library Teens
    Review by K.M. : "It was a happy beginning. Now there is more to the cute love story. Things are still sketchy but there is hope for happiness for these beloved characters."
  • Chris
    Fuckin finally ugh
  • Isel
    Yeeeeeees!Finally.To be honest I thought it take longer then 10 volumes. That's what people made it sound like anyway 😂
  • Ady Weasley
    Que lindo, por fin aclararon sus sentimientos Kazehaya y Sawako forman una pareja tan linda. creo que sus formas de ser los complementan. Fue un camino largo para ambos pero al final se dieron cuenta de que sus sentimientos eran los mismos. y como dice Sawako por fin sus sentimientos llegaron a él
  • Mariana
    ¿Qué puedo decir? MI FAVORITO. Lloré, estuve fangirleando al máximo, vomité unicornios, y luego fue como ¿Y LO DEMÁS?. Se acabó tan rápido, la espera de un mes es tortura.
  • Joss
    November 2013: 5 StarsDawwwwww this volume was just as good as the last one, maybe better! My heart was seriously pounding, even though I know the story from watching the anime. I swear I teared up a little.It's so sweet! And so beautiful! And everything has been leading up to this moment! Now that I've pretty much reached the end of the story I know (though I think what I know will extend into volume 11), I'm really excited to read a story I don...
  • Starry
    Overall I thought this volume was an excellent way to spend my free time before going back to work. It was definitely entertaining and reminds me of my old high school days.Sawako Kuronuma confesses to Kazehaya. Their confession was so innocent and cute, I loved every minute of it.Joe interrupts when Sawako and Kazeyaha were in the middle of a private moment, which causes Sawako to get embarrassed and run away. They both decide to talk to each ot...
  • Miss Ryoko
    DAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So awkward and adorable!!!(view spoiler)[So now Sawako and Kazehaya are dating (hide spoiler)]...and there are currently six more volumes available to read. I wonder what will happen now! I just hope the volumes done start becoming less interesting because I was really into the first few volumes and even though I still love this series, the past few volumes just haven't been as good as the first few. But...
  • Courtney (Storybook Slayers)
    More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book Reviews Kimi ni Todoke is such an innocent love story between Sawako and Kazehaya that will make you "aww" during every scene that they share together. Watching the lives of Sawako and her friends, you just can't help but fall in love with all the characters that band together with her. I definitely recommend this books to all shojo fans or anyone who wants to watch such innocence and adorablene...