Blue exorcist, Tome 4 by Kazue Kato

Blue exorcist, Tome 4

Kin et ses camarades participent à un camp d'entraînement qui déterminera s'ils sont aptes ou non à prends part à des missions réelles. L'objectif de l'exercice est tout simple : rapporter au camp de base une lanterne Mais elle s'avère si énorme que pour espérer la traits porter, il leur faut abandonner l'idée de compétition et s'entraider ! Kin prend alors conscience de l'importance d'avoir des amis pour le soutenir, sans se douter qu...

Details Blue exorcist, Tome 4

TitleBlue exorcist, Tome 4
Release DateFeb 24th, 2011
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Shonen, Supernatural, Graphic Novels

Reviews Blue exorcist, Tome 4

  • Josu Grilli
    3.5.Ha habido cosas que me han gustado mucho y otras que no tanto, pero en general, se ve que este tomo se utiliza como relleno en su mayor medida. Sin embargo, no es un relleno al cien por cien, sino que sirve para plantear nuevos conflictos y desarrollar situaciones. En el caso de darle más protagonismo a Mephisto no estaba tan de acuerdo hasta que han ocurrido ciertas cosas con Rin, donde he visto el potencial de esa trama. De nuevo, el final...
  • Sara Williams
    This volume picks up right where the last one left off and once again, this was incredibly done! Very lightweight but always extremely funny and enjoyable overall. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Jack ~luxemburgers~
    This series just gets more and more interesting! I love the fact that we are learning more about Rin's capability and power! This volume was also interesting because Rin has been discovered by his friends and now they are trying to decide what they feel about the whole thing. The truth is so am I! I know that it would be a hard thing to accept since Rin seemed like them but when they found out he was Satan's son their feelings changed. I felt bad...
  • Mal
    dont forget that you have friends
  • Ashley Chen
    So Goodreads chewed up my first review. Great. - 3 - And I am kind of lazy to rewrite it so I am going to do point form.- Remember cliffhanger from last volume? So this volume had a great start.- Love the fighting, teamwork, friendship, and suspense- I love how the series is also very funny. I love Rin's faces xD- Shura is cool. She reminds me of Rangiku from Bleach but more powerful.- I also like Suguro. He is definitely very similar to Rin and ...
  • Negar
    هیچ خبری نیست... هیچ هیچ هیچ خبری نیست.....اواخر مانگا فرق داشت با انیمه یه کم. مانگا بهتر بود داستانش...
  • Lilivette
    So good.
  • Fatemeh
    از فصل دوم به بعدش با انیمه فرق داشت. نه اونقدر که کلا مسیر داستان عوض شه ولی کاملاً برداشت خواننده مانگا از شخصیت ها با برداشت بیننده انیمه فرق می کنه:/+ عاشق رفتار شورا با یوکیو و رینم :-"
  • Jade
    In this book, the council discovers Rin. Everyone in his class finds out his secret, and he joins a new class. Blue Exorcist is a really exciting series, I can not wait to read the next book!