Captive Heart by Michele Paige Holmes

Captive Heart

Emmalyne Madsen sends a desperate plea heavenward as a band of lawless men makes their way up the aisle of the railcar. When one hauls her roughly from the seat, threatening and cursing, Emmalyne fears her adventure out West has just turned into a nightmare.Thayne Kendrich has an urgent need for a school teacher, and he's not above doing whatever it takes to get one-including forcing her at gunpoint across the scorching prairie. But the teacher h...

Details Captive Heart

TitleCaptive Heart
Release DateJan 1st, 2011
PublisherCovenant Communications
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Lds, Lds Fiction, Christianity, Clean Romance, Westerns

Reviews Captive Heart

  • Adrienne
    Emmalyne Madsen is on a train, headed to be a schoolteacher, when it is robbed by outlaws. Besides stealing gold, they also steal women, and Emmalyne finds herself in the company of one Thayne Kendrich. Thayne insists that he isn't really an outlaw, but he needed a teacher. The Lakota Indians have something that belongs to him, and he needs Emmalyne in order to get it back. With the other outlaws on their tail, not to mention no means of transpor...
  • Kathryn
    Historical fiction is fast becoming one of my favorite type of books and Michele Holmes knows just how to write them. This is a definite page turner, I couldn't wait to get to the see the ending and I wasn't disappointed.Emmalyne is on a train heading to be a school teacher in Sydney. Her train is waylaid by outlaws and she is pushed from the train. The "outlaw" that she lands on isn't what he seems to be. He wants her to go to the Lakota Indian ...
  • Melissa
    This was a fun fast passed romance with a little history thrown in. I was surprised I liked it so much. The premise is a little wild- guy steels girl from train to be a teacher... OK. He could have just hired one. But it all worked out for my fun and enjoyment so whatever. The writing was ok and the story put together well witch was a nice surprise. There were a couple of glitches but overall it was a sweet romance, that kept me reading. Anyone w...
  • Ann Marie
    There were too many plot holes for me in this book. It wasn't awful but I just didn't buy a lot of things. It did work out okay in the end but there were some really sad things in it.
  • Krista
    I liked the overall story. I loved that it was clean. I would have liked a bit more romance though. I thought there were some cute parts and I would have liked a bit more of that. I also felt like the ending was a little abrupt. Reminded me of a Hallmark movie and I would have liked a bit more in the end. Reading about a wedding would have been nice and I wish there had been more about Joshua at the end. Overall I did enjoy the story though.
  • Jessica
    3.5 stars. I wasn't expecting a ton out of this, just a light summer read. I ended up being quite engrossed and read it in one sitting well into the night. Great dialogue, action, and character development set this apart from the plethora of historical romance novels.
  • Leslie
    Emmalyne ran away from an engagement she did not want to become a teacher in the West. Along the way a gang of robbers came aboard the train and captured several young girls, including Emmalyne. Her adventure from here is interesting in what she imagined to what was really going on.
  • Ali~may
    4 1/2 stars! I really, really enjoyed this book from the very beginning. The only reason I didn't give it 5, is because the ending felt a little too rushed, I would have liked more closure at the end. But I loved the story
  • Becca
    A fun, entertaining, and sassy story.
  • Rebecca
    A lot of conflicts, but an easy quick read.
  • Sandy
    Overall a good read. I struggle to understand why Thayne didn't tell her up front why he needed her help. Other than to draw out the story.
  • Sarah Grass
    Fun western. 3.5
  • Julie
    I was excited to read Captive Heart by Michele Holmes because the backliner intrigued me and the first chapter didn’t disappoint. The book starts off with a train robbery and young women being kidnapped from the train. One young lady tries hard not to be noticed and when she is, and is being forced from the train, she fights for her life. And such begins a quirky, fun, and very emotional journey for our main characters.The thing I liked best ab...
  • Jenni C
    Before I dive into a review, I must warn that this book (clean and Christian) deals with a couple of serious / dramatic topics / events involving women and children. Pros: This book's main character of Thayne was spot on. I ADMIRED the main heroine and found myself laughing and proud of the woman she was. Good plot. I read the book in two days, unable to put it down. Cons: The first half of the book is different than the second. I do not want to ...
  • Linnae
    Emmalyne is on her way to the Territories to be a school teacher--and also to escape a loveless engagement, but that is neither here nor there. Until she is captured by an outlaw, desperate for a...schoolteacher? Say what? Slowly these two fight their way toward civilization, each undergoing some harrowing, painful experiences. Eventually, they fall in love (wait--that wasn't a spoiler, was it?), but it seems there are way too many obstacles for ...
  • Annalisa
    Saw this book in the Seagull book catalog and thought it would be an interesting read. I always enjoy a good period piece. This was clean romance literature with a spiritual tone as well.Seagull Description:Emmalyne Madsen sends a desperate plea heavenward as a band of lawless men makes their way up the aisle of the railcar. When one hauls her roughly from the seat, threatening and cursing, Emmalyne fears her adventure out West has just turned in...
  • Jane
    A few things bugged me about this book. First, the first 100 pages or so are driven by the old "this confusion/tension would all be cleared up by a simple conversation but we've got no time for that now! We've got to travel for days across this desert landscape but we've got to opportunity to clarify a few things". Secondly, the first 100 pages or so ring very misogynistic to me- everytime the heroine tries to assert herself or act independently,...
  • Michelle Llewellyn
    As a fan of Counting Stars who found All the Stars in Heaven to be a weak sequel I was pleased to pick up this third installment of Michele's writing and find it to be a well written story with interesting characters and conflicts. I enjoyed the romance and adventure between Emma and Thayne whose mysterious family situation kept my interest but I agree with another reviewer who pointed out Thayne's character is not very believable especially when...
  • Rachel
    I got this book at a book club Christmas book exchange. It was actually a good book. It is a romance book, but it is a clean romance book. It is set in 1878, and Emmalyne Madsen is headed out west to be a teacher when her train is attacked by outlaws. She is kidnapped, but fights back, only to be pushed out of the train by the woman sitting beside her. Thayne Kendrich is the outlaw who chooses her, but is he really an outlaw? Well, to spoil it fo...
  • Emmalynn Herbstritt
    BEST BOOK EVER!!! The one thing that I like a lot is how the main character's name is Emmalyne, which is close to my name. I love the story line. A lone teacher is abducted by an outlaw. They travel through the prairie, the whole time slowly falling in love. They travel to an Indian tribe to get the outlaws child whom she is supposed to teach. She learns that Thayne, the outlaw, is not really an outlaw when they arrive at his farm. She teaches hi...
  • Heather
    I give this book 4 stars because I just had so much fun reading it. It's a cute romance story about a really good guy put in poor circumstances. Thayne is desperate enough to join a group of bandits and kidnaps a teacher off a train heist. Not just any teacher Emmalyne is beautiful and exactly what he is looking for. She is running from her present situation hoping for adventure and that is exactly what she got. A little Stockholm syndrome creeps...
  • Andrea
    I wasn't drawn to this book by the cover, and I honestly had no idea what it was about. I just read it because it's a Whitney Award Finalist. But, I am happy to say that it was really good! It tells about a single Bostonian woman heading West to become a school teacher (and to avoid a marriage her father wants for her). Her train is stopped by robbers, and she is picked to go with them. She fights hard to avoid being taken, but ends up being push...
  • Cheryal
    I plowed throught his book. I really loved it. NOT because it was such great literature, but because it all the components of the perfect book for me. It was romance, took place in 1870's, he was a farmer of Scottish decent who had empathy for the Lakota tribe and thier treatment by the government, she was a very headstrong, opinionated school teacher who was afraid of nothing, there was sarcastic banter, and hard to control passion, set in the b...
  • Susan
    I really enjoyed this romance novel set in the late 1800's. A young lady, Emmalyne, runs away from home and an awful fiancee to teach school in Colorado. On her way, the train she is riding in is held up by bandits who kidnap quite a few young ladies. She is one of them, but the man who kidnaps her is different. All he wants is someone to teach his son. However, the real bandits are after them. They get into some very scary situations and some fu...
  • Kelly
    Michele Paige Holmes has an interesting story, she has some good characters, I enjoyed her writing style. I just really struggled with a big WHY? Why would you think that it would be a good idea join a band of robbers, board a train and kidnap a woman in hopes to bring her home to teach your son? WHY? Why would you think that God would lead you to the right person. Why could you not just advertise, and bring a teacher to your home the normal and ...
  • Jenn
    Although I like other books by this author, in this one I felt like the romance was strained, the story line took too long for a reveal, and the end did not tie up as beautifully as I would have liked. It felt like the story line meandered without a shot of new information for a long time and then all at once in the end everything was shown in a manner that felt more like checking things off a list than really coming to a heart pounding climax. S...
  • Hilary Roberts
    I was disappointed in this book. It was with the whole "we love each other but can't have each other" idea. I loved that in Twilight. In this book, however, it seemed way to forced and bugged me. The last few chapters of this book finally got a little exciting, but even that all resolved itself too easily. This book also involves a little boy who is hurt. In the end you find out what happened and why -- I hated that! Although this book was okay, ...
  • Kris Irvin
    I don't want to bash this book. I should, because it wasn't very intelligent. But I knew what it was when I picked it up (ha ha.) The first 50 pages almost killed me off. Everything that could go wrong did, and the characters were so annoyingly Mary-Sue/male equivalent. But after Thayne and Emma leave the town, it got better. Not amazingly better, but at least I enjoyed the rest of the book. And the drama of it all was fun, I admit. I'd read it a...
  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    I liked it. I think the first half was better then the second half. Once Emma and Thayne get to their destination I thought they lost some of their chemistry. I also though Thaynes motives for becoming an "outlaw" were weak. If he is as rich as he claims why couldn't he just hire a teacher. I'm sure he would have been able to find someone through more traditional means, but his way did create an interesting setting. Overall, I enjoyed the story b...