Paradise House by Erica James

Paradise House

Angel Sands is a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, cottages to rent, and teashops. And with the best views of the tiny beach and surrounding coastline is Paradise House, home to the Baxter girls—or the Sisters of Whimsy as they're known locally. With their mother taking time out to find herself, it's down to Genevieve to maintain the smooth running of the family-owned B&B. Not an easy task given that their father—now that his...

Details Paradise House

TitleParadise House
Release DateJun 1st, 2004
PublisherOrion Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Reviews Paradise House

  • Lisa Jayne
    Second chance love, Erica James does it again. Dreamy and engaging a story that I will treasure in my heart. These stories never fail to pick up my book heart and demand that I fall in love. If this is your type of reading genre, you can't go far wrong than to pick up an Erica James novel.Family drama, true love and forever type endings. It's a solid read that shows what true romance is all about.
  • Leanne Hunt
    Frankly, I wouldn't have finished this book except that I had a personal goal to reach in the form of my 2013 reading challenge. As it was, I ran overtime and had to finish it in 2014. I found the story very slow, especially in the first of the four parts, which basically just set the scene for the subsequent action.Nevertheless, I did persist with the novel and found that it improved once the back story of Genevieve and Christian's relationship ...
  • Sue
    t's an encouraging character-driven story featuring Genevieve Baxter. She's dyslexic, a recovered anorexic, and had her heart broken in her teens. She has two younger sisters who are also important in the plot. Genevieve runs Paradise House, her parents'hotel, after her mother took off to 'find herself' some months previously.There's lots of potential here for a great novel, and I found the second half very well-written. Unfortunately the first p...
  • Janey
    I usually love Erica James but this, though it had many of the perfect ingredients, ambled along too slowly. I got annoyed at so many of the characters who, while never putting it into words (not emotionally articulate lot these!) took the view, "Never make a decision or take an action today if you can become a martyr by putting it off a few years." I suppose real life can be like that - but it doesn't make for great reading!Some of the character...
  • Lauren Roberts
    I love the adage 'loose yourself in a good book' and this was one of those. The narrative flowed, characters easy to get to know and a lovely story with the right level of drama, love and sincerity. It tells the story of the baxter family and the many intriguing happenings that occur to the three Baxter girls in the village of angel sands where their parents own a b&b.A lovely story that is easy to get lost in so the 400+ pages pass in a blur.
  • Elisabeth Bibbings
    Another heart-warming family story from Erica James, this one about families who relocate to a beautiful seaside location to set up businesses. Pembrokeshire is the location, where the Baxters run a guesthouse - except Dad is grieving because Mum has disappeared to New Zealand, Polly is dreaming and playing music, Nattie is upsetting everyone with a waspish tongue, and only Genevieve seems to be doing any work. Lots of weddings, romances, and onl...
  • Amanda
    I've never been disappointed by an Erica James book. I enjoyed reading about Pembrokeshire and got caught up in the characters' personalities and lives. I found the book well written and would recommend to any Erica James fan.
  • Elaine Harris
    Good holiday reading, loved the book the first time I read it, then I purchased the book again in a charity shop, not remembering i had read it, must have been another cover, I enjoyed it even more the second time around.
  • Mrs Vivien Frank
    . I did not enjoy this as much as other of her books as I felt it was somewhat predictable. I will continue to read this great author.
  • Pauline
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Not my first Erica James novel, but a definite favourite.
  • Dawn
    The cover and the title drew me to this book, both evoke images of relaxed, long, summer holidays spent with family near to the sea. Paradise House is a seaside, B & B on the Pembrokeshire coast, it's here we meet three sisters - Genevieve, Nattie and Polly and a whole host of supporting characters from old friends, family, neighbours and even a couple of donkeys whose lives are interwoven with their own. Geneva is the constant in their lives, he...
  • Judy Spare
    Too slow.
  • Maureen Vincent-Northam
    I wanted to award this one 3.5 stars but will come down on the side of generosity! Paradise House is the name of a bed and breakfast place owned by the parents of Genevieve Baxter, the main protagonist. Gen’s mother has swanned off to New Zealand, taking her mid-life crisis with her and her sisters and father are worse than useless at helping to run the business.The beginning of the book concerns Gen’s childhood and her love for a deaf boy, C...
  • Julie
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Likeable characters in the Baxter family, particularly Genevieve who, after several major events in her life, has returned to Angel Sands and is running Paradise House (the family home) as a bed & breakfast, with limited help from the rest of the family. Her mother left some months previously "to find herself" and is currently in New Zealand. Sisters Nattie and Polly - work-shy and musical genius respectively - are...
  • Lady Drinkwell
    If I had seen some of the other covers I wouldn't have read this book. The cover on this edition makes it look a little bit more edgy and chick lit like, however this is basically a romantic novel with no real surprises in it. I thought I would l enjoy it is as I felt like reading a feel-good straightforward story and I did like the setting, having been to Pembrokeshire for my holidays, and the characters. However I quickly grew bored with it, it...
  • Carolyn
    The audio version is difficult. The actress is a slow reader and she reads the deaf character super slow like he's not right in the head rather than hard of hearing. I wish I had access to the print version so I could get through faster. I think I would have liked it more if I could have actually read it. That aside, it is a pretty good story. Everything is pretty neatly sewn up at the end. It would have been nice to have some idea (view spoiler)...
  • Katie Han
    I really enjoyed Erica James's "Tell it to the Skies" and I really like her style of writing. This book is a nice summer read. I read it over the summer holidays and it was nice to feel the ocean breeze through the Breakfast and Bed resort home that the characters run. It was a romance story set in the beach. What I liked about it was that the male lover of the story was disabled and it gave a different touch to plot than other chick-lits. I also...
  • Carol Peace
    A really nice feel good book. Genevieve is the main character in the book and she has moved back to Angel Sands where her family live. The reason she has moved back is to help her father in the running of the B & B other reasons are brought out as the book progresses. This gives the insight into other members of the family and friends and has a homely feel although there is an undercurrant of Genevieves past and her old boyfriend Christian. This ...
  • Gemma
    This book made me laugh aloud and it made me cry. Beautifully written, it kept my attention and I found myself wanting to read it at every opportunity. I especially like the author's use of structure - there are no redundant words and the endings of each chapter are dramatic without being cliched. If I had one complaint it would be the overuse of the ellipsis but that's a personal quibble of mine. I will definitely read more of her work.
  • CLM
    This book has a little of everything - dyslexic heroine, deaf hero, best friend who steals boyfriend and has sex with him, mother who has left the family and flitted off to New Zealand, picturesque guest house at the seaside run by heroine with minimal help from her sisters... Despite all those elements it doesn't seem as over the top as it sounds, and was a very pleasant bed time read.
  • Sylvia
    Enjoyed this book until the ending, that was very disappointing, it was all too neat....."and they all lived happily ever after", I'm past fairytale endings...I gave it 4 stars as it was still a good read.....
  • Anne
    I often find Erica James' characters a little hard to stomach but this was the exception. I really enjoyed this book and will miss them all now I've finished, which is surely the sign of a good story.
  • Adeline Kam
    A warm and beautiful story - a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, holiday cottages and teashops. I loved the different characters of this story and the scenes. A light and easy read, short chapters and a page turner. Recommended read!
  • Dawn
    Erica James is my favourite author right now. Her stories are about genuinely nice people that are believable & contemporary. This novel maybe did wind on a little but delivered a good capturing take right to the end.
  • Tessa Celie
    Het lezen van dit boek is een beetje zoals kijken naar een romantische film op Vijf op vrijdagavond. Is de film goed? Nee. Zou ik niet beter naar iets anders kijken? Absoluut. Kijk ik effectief naar iets anders? Tuurlijk niet... ;-)
  • Maggie
    This is the story of the Baxter family who run a B&B in Angel Sands. It is the story of their lives and that of their friends. Sometimes very humorous, sometimes sad and sometimes a little nerve wracking. I found this novel a little slow but an okay read.
  • Jo Rothbaum
    Refreshing story which involves a character with a disability which is somewhat resourceful and a bit different. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend especially as a summer holiday read /escapism...
  • Golda Gabriel
    This is a light feel-good book. Not so profound, but that's alright. Teaches that time really does heal all wounds. I loved the that it is set in a quaint B&B..the description is quite vivid and makes me want to hop on a plane and spend a week in angel sands
  • Bee (Sahar)
    Erica James is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. Her books touch lightly and wittingly on every subject relating to one's personal life. Love, family, responsibilities, career, etc. This book is no exception. A lovely, light read for anyone looking for a relaxing book to read.