War Brides by Helen Bryan

War Brides

With war threatening to spread from Europe to England, the sleepy village of Crowmarsh Priors settles into a new sort of normal: Evacuees from London are billeted in local homes. Nightly air raids become grimly mundane. The tightening vice of rationing curtails every comfort. Men leave to fight and die. And five women forge an unlikely bond of friendship that will change their lives forever.Alice Osbourne, the stolid daughter of the late vicar, i...

Details War Brides

TitleWar Brides
Release DateJun 12th, 2012
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Romance

Reviews War Brides

  • Candace
    Set in England during WWII, 'War Brides' tells the story of several women, from different walks of life. As London is evacuated, in anticipation of a German invasion, women and children find themselves thrust together in the English countryside, doing their best to make ends meet. This is the story of five such women, who formed an unlikely friendship and found strength in one another despite the dire circumstances.Evangeline was a young, beautif...
  • Nancy Loe
    In addition to Erin's trifecta of punctuation errors, spelling blunders, and formatting mistakes, I'll add two more: 1) tiresome overuse of dialect – Creole! Georgia! Cockney! Louisiana! - and yet the upper crust Brits, the Jews, and the Austrians had none, and2) obvious and distracting historical blunders. Frex, the American air crews in Britain were part of the U.S. Army Air Corps and they weren't split off into a separate branch of the servi...
  • Josee
    The story started off with a lot of promise but fell flat at some points and the ending was really rushed. The author set you up to care about these 5 girls (although it is clear one of them is missing 50 years later) but each of their stories comes off fragmented and too piecey with too many holes. And the "present day" story got to be annoying and it was overshadowed by the news program and the anchor! Who cared about all that! We wanted to kno...
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....*** NOTE: It has come to my attention that War Brides has been re-edited since the release of this review. I will not be returning to the piece, but encourage readers to understand the issues I noted may not apply to more recent editions of the novel.Trifecta! Punctuation, spelling and formatting mistakes all in one publication! I’m sorry folks, but I can’t ignore it. Thr...
  • Reid
    I find it extremely difficult to write a review of this type of book; there may be nothing more difficult. It is compelling. It covers a fascinating subset of a familiar theme: the blitz and other experiences of war in Great Britain. It focuses on the much-neglected lives of women in those times and what they experienced. And yet....And yet, it really isn't a very well-written book. Not that Ms. Bryan can't put together one sentence to follow ano...
  • Sarah
    I was torn as to whether I should give this 3 or 4 stars. I enjoyed the actual story, but the beginning and end just didn't fit. The book opens with the main characters all travelling back to England for a VE Day ceremony. But it was just weird. I didn't know who they were, or why they were in these other cities. Similarly, the end is the actual reunification of the women. It was weird and unemotional. I wanted tears, fighting.....something that...
  • Duane
    Historical fiction novel set in England during World War II. The story of five women, with different backgrounds, finding a common bond by supporting war efforts on the home front. They develop a friendship that will last a lifetime and their individual stories and histories make for a very good read.
  • Laura
    I waited awhile for the book to get going and once it finally did and I was really hooked in, wanting to read more, the story ubruptly stopped! The characters were finally developed, but then suddenly all forward momentum in the story stopped and things were explained to Alice in a phone call (the death of the elder DeBalfort/burning down of his home and Frances disappearing). Talk about missing out on all the action! It was almost as if the auth...
  • Julia
    Bought this on the cheap for the Kindle, thinking it would be a good vacation read. It wasn't. Basically, five young women from wildly different backgrounds all wind up in the same English village during WWII. Somehow (and without much explanation) they all become chums, and then there's some romance, a meddling old lady, a bit of espionage, and a failed (but not really!) attempt at saving some twins using mysterious underground smuggling tunnels...
  • Catherine Crowther
    I honestly thought this was one of the best books I have read ever. Yes I thought that it ended too quickly, but I loved it all the same. (Plus I think I am an idealist and a definate sucker for a happy ending) I liked the way that the beginning set the scene really well and got you intrigued. I felt desperately sorry for Evangeline when she was in New Orleans, but always knew Laurent couldn't be trusted either. I felt so bad for Tanni but would ...
  • Gina Arnone
    I was really enjoying this book, it felt as though I was spending time with friends. Why did I rate the book so low then? There were a couple of reasons. First, it felt like there were far to many characters. It felt like there could have been better character development if only there were fewer characters to begin with.My biggest problem was that the ending felt far to rushed. It was almost as if the author got tired of writing. For the amount ...
  • Kiera Healy
    This book had the makings of an interesting, character-driven look at life for the women of World War Two. Unfortunately, it was horrible. Early on it had a lot of promise, but by the end I was skimming pages, desperate to finish this thing.The premise is that five women from different backgrounds find themselves drawn together in a small Sussex village during WW2. See, given their diverse backgrounds, there could have been some interesting confl...
  • LaNae
    The setting (a small English town), the Era (WWII) and 5 women of different backgrounds (and cultures) coming together out of necessity and circumstance sounded like something I would love. And for a while, that was the case. I did like reading about the wartime economies and hardships. Further, I appreciated the strength and ingenuity of each woman to find her own niche in terms of contributing toward the common welfare of the town and/or her fr...
  • Marcie
    My problem with this book is that I liked the overall story, but was driven completely nuts by the writing style, character development, and timeline. Regarding writing style, the author tries to recreate a Cockney accent in text, which was completely distracting since I often had to read a sentence three or four times before I could figure out what the character was trying to say. While the story was predominantly written from the point of view ...
  • Lynn Young
    Warning! If you don't wish to read an insulting review, stop now!This author is horrible! Author should've clearly done more research. It's obvious that she just plucked ideas and wrote them down. She doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground! Everything is wrong!We go from the dumped Alice who never got an explanation from Richard to Evangeline, the supposedly privileged plantation daughter. There was poor and butchered accents and stupid s...
  • Regina Chapin
    I had such high hopes for this book, but ended up being disappointed. This will contain some spoliers. So the story begins as the women are coming back together for the first times since the war to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE-Day. The first and largest section of the book, while interesting to the my inner-history buff was more about the reality of living in rural England during the war, how it effected different types of women (the wil...
  • Lori Anderson
    I had to think for a bit about the rating on this one. On the one hand, I had a hard time putting it down. On the other hand, the ending had parts that were completely unrealistic, and one of the themes in the story was a bit hard to digest. HOWEVER -- the characters stayed with me past closing the book, and I was genuinely surprised and delighted with a couple of the endings, even if some would say they were too neatly tied up. I don't care -- I...
  • Cindy Huff
    War Brides took me to England during WWII. As an American whose parents were children during WWII I knew of the hardship here and was curious to get another perspective. This book has been well researched. There are five war brides (almost too many characters to keep straight). Evangeline, an American who married an English officer before America joined the war. Frances, a debutant sent to the country to stay out of trouble.Tanni, an Austrian Jew...
  • R. Honey
    Everybody in my reading circle knows I am drawn to books about the second world war. I REALLY like books that deal with the homefrontin Great Britain. These include The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher and Forbidden Places by Penny Vincennzi. So when I saw the delightlful cover of War Brides I just had to read it immediately!There was a bit of fanciful nonsense in the beginning of this book that made me wonder if it was going to turn out to be s...
  • Rebecca Brothers
    Did you know people in the 1940's had illegitimate babies?! Oh MY! (please hear the sarcasm in that. Please). But you know, growing up with respectable (nudge, nudge) grandparents, I didn't realize this happened. Thought teen pregnancy was a new thing, invented by people who wrote scripts for 1980's after school specials with titles like "Did You Hear What Happened to Marti?". But no. And in this wonderful story of sisterhood, friendship, and air...
  • Chris
    This book was free through the kindle lending library. If it had not been, I would have been quite upset. It seems as if most people have issues with the non-linear nature of the story. That isn't what ruined it for me. For me, the issue with this book comes after the main conflict has been resolved. The modern-day storyline is poorly constructed and seems to exist as an after thought. Another slight issue with this novel is the lack of relations...
  • Vanessa Holloway
    I read about 70 pages and couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't going to waste my time anymore. It's about 470 pages long. Terrible writing, historical events not accurate and too much jumping around and not explaining details before moving on with story. I do not recommend!
  • Maria
    It wasn't until I was almost 3/4 of the way through that I couldn't put the book down. It was just that after reading so much of the book, I was eager for something...ANYTHING to happen. For 75% of the book, I was casually reading, finding out about these five, dramatically different women. But like all good stories, they united for a common cause. The thing is about War Brides, is that the common causes were never fully explored, and, quite fran...
  • Katherine Coble
    I cannot understand why this has a 4.5 star aggregate on Amazon! The writing in the beginning is a series of mean-spirited infodumps, all of them poorly constructed. Several times I stopped in my tracks, puzzling over a sentence where the writer meant one thing but conveyed another. "They spent hours playing in the garden on sunny days and in the cellar where Richard's father kept the wine when it rained." Me: I've never heard of anyone moving th...
  • Becky
    Pros of this book: interesting reading about World War II, Hitler, Germans, and a glimpse into what it was like for the people who weren't fighting the war, just trying to live through it. Some of the women's romances were lovely, and the descriptions of the outfits, food, houses were wonderful as well.Cons: it takes a WHILE to get to the actual meat of the story. I get that the author has to explain the back story behind how all these women meet...
  • Isabel Keats
    Es un libro muy entretenido. A mí siempre me han gustado mucho los libros que tratan de la vida de los ingleses en la II Guerra Mundial, pero me ha parecido que le ha faltado profundizar en varias de las historias, tengo la sensación de que las cosas ocurren un poco atropelladamente.
  • Sara
    I don't usually get offended by anything I read, but this one managed to do it. From the accents of some of the characters to the gratiuitous inclusion of some of the truly terrible things that happened in World War II, this book manages to hit everything. But the worst of it was using a dead baby as a plot "afterthought." And I use the word plot loosely, because there is no plot. Things happen, yes, but we don't get to witness them firsthand. A ...
  • Mark
    Not normally a book I'd think to read, War Brides turned up atop my Kindle recommended list and, as I'd yet to borrow a book for July, I figured, what the heck?And a very nice story it is, too. War Brides tells the story of five young women sent off to the tiny town of Crowmarsh Priors in southeastern England during the Blitz of WWII. Mostly, there's drama around making ends meet, the fate of children, boyfriends, and husbands and family abroad. ...
  • Elaine
    I have been aware of this book for a long while but never got round to it until now when I spotted it as I was looking for my monthly Prime lending library read and now I really wish I had read it sooner even though it isn’t particularly well written, needing a good edit. It is, however, a cracking story.It is the story of five women from very different walks of life spending the war in the Sussex village of Crowhurst Priors and at first, espec...
  • Cudeyo
    Libro que narra la historia de cinco mujeres, totalmente diferentes entre sí, y como hacen frente a la lucha diaria por la vida en un país en guerra al borde de la invasión, como era Inglaterra durante el blitzkrieg:- Alice, la modosa hija del predicador.- Evangeline, la arribista americana, con un gran secreto- Frances, la escandalosa joven que sólo piensa en divertirse- Elsie, la adolescente de barrio obrero londinense, a la que han evacuad...