Cat vs Human by Yasmine Surovec

Cat vs Human

A hilarious collection of over 100 four color cat cartoons including cutting edge design and snarky commentary about the joined lives of cats and humans. The hugely successful blog receives over 6,000 page views per day, and many of its cartoons have gone viral. 40% new material unpublished on the website.Yasmine Surovec began sketching her clever and sarcastic Cat Versus Human cartoons as a way to relax and unwind. Soon, her popul...

Details Cat vs Human

TitleCat vs Human
Release DateOct 4th, 2011
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Humor, Comics, Animals, Cats, Fiction

Reviews Cat vs Human

  • Kwesi 章英狮
    I don't know what will happen when cat wanted to kill human, and human wanted to throw their cats away. Can you feel it guys, the pain, the loss of the cute little specie that dominates the mind of every cute people. Who said no! Hey, I love cats and I can't deny the fact that I don't own one because my parents don't like them because of the following reasons; they are scary, sofa murderer, traits addict, yarn lover, hair ball vomiter, sharp claw...
  • Melki
    Though the last fifteen or so years have seen me morph into more of a dog person, I DO love cats. I used to live with dozens of felines while growing up with my animal-hoarder mother, and I once had three furry babies of my own - Paisley, Jinx and Hector. I love their purring and their warm weight on your lap on a cold winter's night.That said . . .this book was just spectacularly . . .unfunny.
  • Sabrina Stelmaszek
    a cute collection of comics that accurately depict my cat lady life.
  • Kaylee
    Loved it!!! I most assuredly qualify as a crazy cat lady. I want all the kittens!
  • Stacy Fetters
    Cats are dicks. Are you reading that? Need to wake up early? Busy doing something other than paying attention to them?Go to pet them and you get the lean back.
  • April
    This book is freakin' adorable. And relevant. And me. Surovec is a delightfully colorful artist, and she captures the essence of being a cat owner on every page. Yes, you will neglect your other half to the point where compromise is inevitable lest it break up a relationship and yes, you will absolutely find cat hair everywhere from your clothes to the deepest recesses of your soul, and claim that those little nibbles and definitely-not-painful s...
  • Bjork
    If the blog is any indication of how this book is, then it's definitely a buyer.
  • Danika
    Entertaining, but nothing that stands out. I would recommend this for cat lovers or anyone looking for a super quick and light graphic novel. 2/5 stars.
  • Julia
    The only thing that is second-best to books about adorable kittens and their quirky behaviors shown in actual colored pictures is a comic book or any other written word that captures the spirit of Cat. In these easy-to-read comic strips the focus is all about Cat and what a relationship with the said looks like whether you are a human or dog. Fortunately unlike some other internet-based books this one doesn't follow the famously bad grammar usage...
  • Jez
    I liked this book, but I think perhaps I liked these comics more when I added this book to my to read list - 4-5 years ago.
  • Alyssa
    Any cat lover will adore this graphic novel filled with cat comics! As a cat lover myself, this was such a funny and relatable read!
  • ☽ cyberpink ☾
    This was a fun little book with some really cute comics about the life of rabid cat lovers. Which I am proud to be a part of ;)
  • Shannon
    Adorable & Hilarious. Loved it.
  • Laura (ローラ)
    Awu. I only laughed once. I've read some of these comics online, and was really looking forward to this book. It just wasn't that funny.
  • Syahira Sharif
    Cat vs Human is a comic skit about an owner with her cats and her obsession with everything with cats. Starting with Anatomy of a Cat Lady which is deathly funny and it goes on to the things that her cats do to her. Some can be totally relatable and some can be totally exaggerated. It's fully illustrated in colour. The dialogues and fonts is by the artist's own hand. The characters and cats can look like it came from doing doodles on Paint Shop.....
  • Anna Richey
    I've had this on my shelf for ages, and picked it up this morning to give myself a little break from my current heavy(er) read, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.Cat vs. Human is a VERY quick read - maybe 30 minutes max. I really enjoyed the author's drawing style (minimal details while still capturing the action of cats playing ... or murdering), and as a "cat lady" myself, I thought her insights were fairly accurate. I especially enjoyed the cute pa...
  • Monica
    Short but amusing.
  • Brittany
    Really this is just a fantastic book if you love cats. If you hate cats, it might still be a fun read, because you probably hate them for all the things they do. I really loved all these comics, and cannot believe I had never heard of the Cat Versus Human website. This book had me laughing and nodding the whole time. I will definitely have to grab a hard copy with color illustrations, that I can flip through again and again!Read more: http://www....
  • Istisiki
    I've made a habit of reading during the commute to and from the office. Yesterday, when I finished 1Q84 (Part 1) on the way to the office I knew I had to find something to fill the gap. I picked this up from our quarterly book swap stash. It was mostly funny. It's funnier if you own a cat or several cats so the jokes are relate-able. I noticed some of the passengers sitting beside me were looking over my shoulder to read as well so it does have i...
  • Megan (ReadingRover)
    Pretty funny book about the habits and antics of cats and their humans. There were many relatable situations in this book between the cats and their human. It had me giggling but there was also quite a bit of the same things repeated over and over again. It was a little above middle of the road as far as funny cat books go.
  • Myriam
    Une B.D. à destination de tous les propriétaires et amoureux des chats, qui se reconnaîtront certainement dans de nombreuses situations décrites dans ces planches. Très rapide à lire (peut-être un peu trop malheureusement), on passe un bon moment qui nous fait sourire !
  • Deanna
    I literally laughed out loud during several parts of this book. Easy read cartoon. Relaxing and hilarious. If you love cats or hate cats you will still find it funny. Cats are crazy creatures and this book nailed it. Looking forward to reading the second one.
  • Jessi
    I don't usually have high expectations for small cartoon books like these. But this book blew away my expectations. It was funny, cute and at times a little dark. But I loved every second of it. It was also longer than I expected. Great book!
  • graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst)
    Cute. Funny. A little too close to the truth than I'd like. ;P3.5 stars
  • Kyle Wendy Skultety (
    Funny comic book about cat ladies....and quite true
  • Chelsea
    My status of crazy cat lady is confirmed in every page of this cutesy hilarious comic. Thanks Anna Banana :)
  • Andrea
    I relate to these illustrations on an almost unprecedented level.
  • Rhiannon
    [image error]
  • Teresa
    This is so cute!! Almost as cute as a cat on the Internet!!
  • Malinda Roland
    So true! Love this!