Garbage! Monster! Burp! by Tom Watson

Garbage! Monster! Burp!

A monster at the bottom of a hill eats all of the garbage generated by the town on top of the hill. This provides two important benefits: The monster is happy with plenty to eat and the town stays nice and clean. Unfortunately, as the town grows, so does the amount of garbage the monster must consume. He gets bigger - and he starts burping. This is, as you can probably guess, a bit unsightly and stinky. In the end, the kids figure out how to solv...

Details Garbage! Monster! Burp!

TitleGarbage! Monster! Burp!
Release DateMar 15th, 2018

Reviews Garbage! Monster! Burp!

  • Brad
    We were sitting on the patio of a busy restaurant and waiting for the cheque. My little Scoutie was getting seriosuly antsy, so I pulled her out of the high chair, plopped her in my lap and started reading Garbage Monster Burp. I'd read it to her before and hadn't liked it much, but I'd forgotten to delete it from my iPod, so there it was, ready to keep her busy for a good fifteen minutes.Did it keep her busy? Sort of. It was mostly the iPod that...
  • Russell Phillips
    My four year old son prefers paper books to my Kindle, but will sometimes ask me to read him a story from my Kindle.He enjoyed this book, about a monster that eats a town's rubbish. The town grows, and so the monster has to eat more rubbish. The monster is a kind monster, so tries to eat it all, but there's too much. A bunch of kids talk to the monster, and realise the solution is to set up a recycling business so that the monster has less rubbis...
  • Bernadette
    First half of the book was fun to read aloud but as the concepts and vocabulary started toward a higher level, the rhythm and rhyme did not work as well. While I liked the recycling lesson, I do not believe recycling should be taught as the main solution to our current waste problem and would like to have seen more of a focus on producing less garbage as well, which would have flowed nicely with the "more, more, more" theme in the book.
  • ѦѺ™
    the rhyming was better though the paper cuts weren't as good as the ones in When Cows Flynevertheless, i still enjoyed the story. author Tom Watson sure has a way of raising social and environmental awareness among his young readers. again, this is better read on one's PC or a compatible tablet than on the Kindle to appreciate the colorful illustrations.
  • Topaz Terry
    For young children who don't yet have the schema to understand how landfills run out of space, imagining an animal in its place is a great idea. I also am a fan of encouraging children to see themselves as change agents, especially when they are being presented with bull-pucky.
  • Kimberly Stafford
    Cleaver story. Cleaver story, great story for kiddos. We, as a family really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to others.
  • Justin Chacko
    Great storyThis was a great, uplifting story. Taught about the benefits of recycling trash and also touched on the hazards of overeating, such as too much gas, haha.
  • Teri
    Fun rhymesThis little book was fun for my four year old who is fascinated with monsters and body functions alike. He enjoyed the rhyming words and the children in the story playing on the monster.
  • Janette Fuller
    "Garbage! Monster! Burp!", by Tom Watson, is the story of a friendly monster who eats all of the town's garbage. The town grows and the monster has to eat more and more garbage. The monster burps and clouds of burp-gas hang over the town. The monster gets bigger and sadder every day. Something has to be done! How do the kids save this town and help their burping friend? The garbage-eating monster in this story has a problem. The town is growing a...
  • Derek Cooke
    This was the very first Ebook that I read. This book told the story of a town and their special relationship with a friendly monster. The monster lived at the bottom of the hill and helped out the town by eating all of the town’s garbage. This relationship went on for years, until one day the town people hear this cross between an eruption and earthquake. When they investigate, the find the friendly monster had spent the night with a full tummy...
  • Briana
    Garbage! Monster! Burp! starts out with a rather nice rhyming scheme, which can be impressive in children's literature. Unfortunately, the rhymes later fall apart, and some of the story goes with them. What begins as a cute tale about a monster that eats a town's garbage soon becomes a moralistic tale that is making a lot of arguments: We should all recycle. The government is stupid. Progress and growth can be bad. Only children have the answers ...
  • Jennifer
    Great book by Tom Watson!The illustrations were creative. It looks as if they are made of construction paper. They represent the text perfectly, which is hard to find in a picture book.The monster was adorable! Even though he was feeling really sick and full, he continued to eat the town's garbage. Then, the kids found a solution! They developed a recycling center. It helped the town make money and helped the monster not eat too much.This book sh...
  • Darlene
    I am a child at heart. A baby-boomer. I didn't like reading this in two-tone. I read it on my Kindle-PC so I could enjoy the colored pictures. The story was wonderfully done. The rhythm of the rhyme got thrown off a bit but I loved the vocabulary introduced. I would have had many conversations with my children with a book like this one, alas, they are adults themselves now and read their own flavors of books. The illustrations were delightful. Wh...
  • Rachel Carrington
    Since I work with a lot of children's books, I've been reading some to see what else is out there. I happened upon this book when I was reloading my Kindle, and I'm glad I did. It's a short story but has creative illustrations and allows the children to be the heroes of the story. There is an environment/recycling message in the story, but unless children are older, they're really not going to pick up on it. All they're going to see is a fun stor...
  • Cheryl M-M
    I downloaded this for my youngest son, who is 7 years old.I would put the story in an older age bracket based on difficult words and comprehension of some parts of the text.It is a book I would recommend for use in school, because it breaks down the world of creating and disposing of garbage for children. I know that our primary school tackles environmental issues in class and this is a good introduction.I do think that bringing it down to a simp...
  • Cheryl
    A cute book with adorable pictures and room for grins and giggles. Very very strong message on recycling. I liked the children's empathy for the monster.I'm not a huge fan of "kids are all brilliant problem solvers and adults are all stupid." type of books but ignoring that, the book communicated its author's message clearly. The book formatted nicely when read on Kindle for PC with two columns.
  • Bonnigene Cloud
    This is a really cute story about a town that needed to solve their excessive garbage was of course solved by the children of the town! It is fun to read and poem like, which made it super fun for my little niece. Tom Watson's fun imagination gives another way to encourage future generations to do their part to keep our planet clean and recycle.
  • J.R. Barker
    A charming rhyming tale about a monster who eats garbage. The rhyme does falter every now and then, but it only wobbles a bit.The story itself contains a moral about the dangers of not recycling and taking advantage of the easy option even if it's not the best.I thought it was charming story, well told.
  • Steph
    Such a wonderful story about a monster who eats the town's garbage. I wish we had one of those around here! This would be a good book for young children, especially for expanding their vocabulary. I can't wait to read more from the author.
  • Lori
    This is a great book if just reading to your child or to a classroom. It instills learning about recycling, greed, and learning how to help yourself. The illustrations are very cute and simple enough for everyone to get the contex of the story...I will read again.
  • Vim
    Just recently discovered this in iBooks. What caught my attention is that it's for kids and it's free. The story is written in a poetic style and the illustrations are cute. Will be reading more from this author. =]
  • Carolyn Price
    My kids really loved this book, and I enjoyed the illustrations which seemed to be made from felt and other fabric. Just a different look which I appreciated. Even my oldest came around the sofa when he heard the other two giggling. I recommend.
  • Carole
    A folktale-inspired story of a small town which has a deal with a large friendly monster to eat all their garbage.
  • Saima
    My nephew loved this book.
  • April
    This is a cute little kids book with a good message.
  • Darlene
    This is one I will read my granddaughter. Funny and environmentally green.
  • Peacegal
    Garbage! Monster! Burp! is written, illustrated, and presented in a much more professional fashion than most of the free Kindle selections for children.
  • Amanda Funnell
    I really enjoyed this blend of fiction and non-fiction. It would be a great piece to include in a unit on recycling, and the rhyming and illustrations are wonderful, too!
  • Tierra
    Very cute lol.
  • Val Box
    I love children's books that rhyme as well as this one does. And such an important message too!