Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Digital Fortress

Before the multi-million, runaway bestseller The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown set his razor-sharp research and storytelling skills on the most powerful intelligence organization on earth--the National Security Agency (NSA), an ultra-secret, multibillion-dollar agency many times more powerful than the CIA.When the NSA's invincible code-breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, the agency calls its head cryptographer, Susan Fletche...

Details Digital Fortress

TitleDigital Fortress
Release DateMar 28th, 2017
PublisherCorgi books
Number of pages510 pages
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Reviews Digital Fortress

  • Claus
    It is truely mind-boggling how Dan Brown can get away with putting so many factual errors about cryptography and computers into a single book. Doesn't he have anybody proofread his manuscripts? It is also surprising that a so highly praised writer can write so badly.In "Digital Fortress" we enter a universe where:* A 64-bit code requires 64 characters to type. (Fact: 64 bits can be easily typed with 16 characters or less.)* Public Key Cryptograph...
  • Mohammed Arabey
    A Sincere Debut Novel..عندما نتحدث عن العمل الأول للمؤلف دائما ما نجد عيوب حبكة، ثرثرة بلا هدف، حشو، شخصيات باهتة..طغيان لايدولوجية المؤلف السياسية بغباءولكن في حالة دان براون فالعمل الأول تم 'برمجته' بإتقانايقاع متناسب مثير، معلومات غزيرة لها مكانها بالأح...
  • ❁ بــدريــه ❁
    " من سيحرس الحرس " هي لغز الرواية و هي مقولة تانكادو .. من سيراقب و يحرس ( إن إس أي ) بينما هم يقومون بحراسة العالم ؟ ماذا لو اخترق فيروس ما مركز الأمن القومي، ماذا سيحدثو كيف سيواجهون المشكلة ؟ هذا ما فعله تانكادو الياباني .. الذي عبر عن الهوس الأمريكيبا...
  • Seizure Romero
    There's a reason why everyone talks about The DaVinci Code and not about this book. I have no idea what that reason would be, because I thought Angels & Demons was mediocre so I never bothered to read the The DaVinci Code. Anyway, I was bored and a copy of this was sitting at the library for a quarter and I thought "WTF, mate, I'll give it a go."The first page of chapter 1 starts with Susan Fletcher waking from a romantic dream to the ringing of ...
  • K.D. Absolutely
    I work in the Information Technology field so relating to this book was easy for me. I don’t know anything about NSA (National Security Agency) and how they operate but I know stuff like encryption, algorithm, anagram, computer virus, code-breaking, etc. So, this book glued me from start to finish. My officemate has been telling me that this is his favorite Dan Brown book. He said that since I’ve read all his 4 other novels, The Da Vinci Code...
  • Matthew
    Dan Brown is not just Da Vinci Code! This is a pretty good cyber-thriller. It resonates well in a world where data security and hacking are a part of the daily news. Check it out if you are a fan of fast paced thrillers with lots of suspense. (It has short chapters, too, which I like a lot)
  • E7san
    هل أنت مبرمج ؟ إذاً ، لا تفوت قراءة هذه الرواية :)عامة الناس سوف يستمتعون بقراءتها ، وأنتَ وحدك من سوف يفهم ما وراء سطورها وشيفراتها ، سوف تشعر بأنها تعنيك أنتَ وحدكـ .أذهلتني هذه الرواية ، عشتُها لحظةً بلحظة ، حرفاً بحرف ، كنتُ أستيقظ باكرًا لأبدأ ق...
  • Archit Ojha
    Spine wrecking thriller. Never could I put my popcorn down.A complete and comprehensive review on my lists this year!
  • Hendrata
    I learned that Dan Brown is a bad writer and I will never read any of his other books. I also am upset at my friend for recommending me this book.In short, the book is a bad novel, and a very bad novel if you know anything about math / cryptography.Not only the technical errors were appalling, but the writing style itself is mediocre.WARNING: spoiler here.There is a scene where the heads of NSA along with some of the smartest people on Earth were...
  • Sanjay Gautam
    A Good Thriller, if you ignore a few things.
  • Kim
    I'm not sure what to believe after reading this book. I've always liked Dan Brown's books because he writes so realistically, using big words to belittle readers about how little they know.Or so I thought.After reading this book, I did a little snooping of my own (OK, those were big words too, I just used Google) and realised that most of the technology, computers and cool machinery did not exist. In fact, Goodreads was an excellent source of inf...
  • Ankit Agrawal
    No matter what people want to say about Dan Brown or his books or hatred towards him you got to admire the fact that what he brings to the table no one else does.This was the book which brought me to the beautiful world of books. Before reading this book I though reading was a bit cissy and a waste of time since everything is fictional, why not better read some spiritual/self help and knowledge books. After reading this book everything changed, I...
  • AJ LeBlanc
    My book group chose this book and I will never forgive them.I’ve never read anything by Dan Brown. He doesn’t write my type of fiction, so while I was aware that he’s a huge success, I never bothered to pick any of his books up because I knew I wouldn’t be interested.What I didn’t know is how much of a shit writer he is.I’m sure he cries into a giant pile of money every single time someone tells him that.Digital Fortress is about the ...
  • Fabian
    The topic is quite interesting & having an author perfectly fit the shoes of one so revered (talking, of course about the late great Michael Crichton) is truly magnificent, in my book. This thriller is fast (hooray!) and riveting. It is relevant to modern times and some reviewers have gone as far as calling it plausible.But it must be said that its an adventure less compelling than The Da Vinci Code, even more contrived; devoid of interesting cha...
  • مصطفي سليمان
    اول مرة الرواية اتنشرت كانت 1998فلعادي ايه المشكلةلا ابدا مفيش مشاكلالمشكلة البسيطةانه بيتكلم ف تقنيات في الانترنت وفي شغل برمجة واخترقات وشفراتوجو الكتروني يحسسك اننا بنتعامل مع جهاز الكمبيوتير كانه رايو وتلفزيونانا اتقفلت وانا بقرأ الرواية دي ...
  • Radwa
    رسميا .. أصبح دان براون هو الروائى المفضل لىرواية فيها رومانسية . خطر . إثارة . و مغامرة رائعة كعادتهو الأشخاص بتتكشف بطرق فظيعة .. و كنت بحس بالتوتر بيزيد مع كل صفحةهى عبارة عن مركز الأمن القومى فى أمريكا عندما تتم محاولات اختراقهرااااائعة .. و فعلا من...
  • Arwen56
    Avevo ragione a pensare che leggendo che questo libro mi sarei fatta due sane risate. Infatti, a mio modesto avviso, Dan Brown è uno scrittore umoristico travestito da autore di thriller.A dire il vero, di risate me ne sono fatta ben più di due, perché i protagonisti hanno un “culo” che neanche i miracolati di Lourdes possono vantare. Sempre sull’orlo di un baratro, ne escono fuori illesi in virtù non tanto del loro presunto altissimo q...
  • Samuel
    What would happen if every nation and person in the would, with a computer, could access every top secret file of the government? This is what Susan Fletcher and David Becker have to prevent in Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. With a lot of action and suspense Digital Fortress is a book for anyone who likes action.Dan Brown wrote many other action novels. I have read all of them and this novel is just as good of a read as the rest. This novel is wr...
  • Lissa
    Oh Dan Brown, how I love to hate you. It seems a universal truth that when you have run out of all of the books to read that you’ve brought with you, it is impossible to find decent reading material wherever you are. Shamefully, I’ve actually read most of his books. I read Angels and Demons because someone recommended it to me. Though I found his writing to be extraordinarily poor, I found the story to be engaging enough to overlook that fact...
  • Dan
    Here’s the problem: Digital Fortress has a good plot, but it’s filled with weak characters. I really liked the plot. A disgruntled NSA employee develops an unbreakable encryption program (the Digital Fortress) and threatens to give both the encryption program and the key (which is buried in the program) away on the Internet. If the bad guys gain access to the key, they will be able to communicate without fear of the NSA decrypting their messa...
  • Caela Harrison
    Reading Dan Brown books is a bit like watching porn. Mildly enjoyable at the time, but not really something you'd like your friends or family to know about.Digital Fortress starts as it means to go on, with two-dimensional characters in a whirlwind of mystery and action. The cast never evolves beyond cardboard cut-out level, but the plot does pick up through various levels of incredulity and intrigue to a climax that ends up shallow and disappoin...
  • Ahmed Diab
    Who will guard the guards?!إفتح فمك .. نعم أكثر من ذلك .. حسنا هل إنذهلت .. حسنا أغلقه الأن فى البداية لازم نعترف بشئ إن دان براون هو أفضل روائى انا قرأتله فى العصر الحديث بعد ما أنهيت رباعية لانجدون ملائكة و شياطين و شيفرة دافنشى و الرمز المفقود و الجحيم كنت متر...
  • Yousra
    وأخيرا، أنهيت قراءة هذا الكتابلقد كان من الجيد أن نأخذ إستراحة من روبرت لانغدون بطل ثلاثية دان براون الأشهر "شيفرة دافنشي" و"ملائكة وشياطين" و"الرمز المفقود"، ففي هذه الرواية أبطال يختلفون في الإهتمامات والمقاصد*A Typical American Novel, a typical American end.الرواية ...
  • Hiba Arrame
    تشويق إلى آخر سطر في الرواية، لدان براون نمطه الخاص الذي أعتقد أنني قد بدأت اعتياده، الأحداث في الحصن الرقمي تجري في يوم واحد، مليء بالإثارة، لعبة المطاردة التي تميز أسلوب دان براون، في اللحظة التي تعتقد أنها على وشك الانتهاء تظهر سلسلة أخرى من ال...
  • Ninoska Goris
    Este es el primer libro escrito por Dan Brown y, aunque es bueno, no tiene el mismo enganche que sus predecesores. Tampoco esta Robert Landon.La NSA ha interceptado un código pero no lo pueden decifrar. La única pista esta oculta en el cadáver de Ensei Takado, fallecido en España.
  • Stefan Yates
    Based upon how very little I'd heard about Dan Brown's two non-Robert Langdon books, I went into this one with very low expectations. However, Digital Fortress is a fairly well-written and entertaining novel. The main storyline is based upon a hush-hush operation within the NSA to obtain and or destroy the only existing copies of a pass-key that, if made public, could enable the use of an encryption program that would create coded messages that w...
  • Madeline
    I don't even remember what this one is about. There's a CIA computer technician, and all I can remember about her is the scene where a security guard is ogling her sweet, sweet ass and wondering in bafflement how a woman with a 192 IQ could be so damn fuckable. Also, I'm pretty sure she saves the world with computers, but we're not supposed to care because she does it while her shirt is partially unbuttoned. She may have gotten wet at some point,...
  • Kübra Yağmur
    Robert Langdon serisiyle tanışmamış bir okuyucu için, türünde iyi bir kitap. Ancak...Bir Dan Brown okuyucusunun -mesela ben- beklentilerini karşılayabildi mi, sorusunun cevabı hayal kırıklığı.Melekler ve Şeytanlar ve Da Vinci Şifresi'nin şifresini okuduktan sonra ansiklopedilerden kafasını kaldıramamış bir ben varken, bu kitapta İhanet Noktası'nda yaşadığım hayal kırıklığını yaşamış bulunmaktayım.Kitap konu ...
  • Zahra Rhm
    همه حق دارند تا رازهایی برای خود داشته باشند. اما آیا برای تامین امنیت افراد جامعه، یعنی هدفی والا، می توان حریم شخصی افراد را نادیده گرفت؟ آمریکا برای امنیت ملی جامعه خود به تمامی اطلاعات و ارتباطات سراسر دنیا سرکشی می کند. سالانه هزینه گرافی می پر...
  • anntok
    Here's the thing with Dan Brown's work, once you read one, you read them ALL!