Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean

Where Eagles Dare

The classic World War II thriller from the acclaimed master of action and suspense. Now reissued in a new cover style.One winter night, seven men and a woman are parachuted onto a mountainside in wartime Germany. Their objective: an apparently inaccessible castle, headquarters of the Gestapo. Their mission: to rescue a crashed American general before the Nazi interrogators can force him to reveal secret D-Day plans.

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TitleWhere Eagles Dare
GenreThriller, Fiction, War, Adventure, Suspense

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  • Gumble's Yard
    A momentous read for me in many respects. The most famous book of my favorite author as a young teenager; I was given a signed first edition (signed not just by the author but by two of the actors in the film whose screenplay the author wrote before the novel) by my closest friends as a 50th birthday present; it's also the 1000th book I have added to Goodreads since I started loading my new and old reviews here just under 18 months ago (on 1.1.17...
  • Gary Sundell
    MacLean wrote the book on WWII suspense thrillers. A team of allied specialists parachute intoGermany to rescue a captured American general. He team is led by a Brit, Smith, played in the movie by Richard Burton, aided by an American, Schaefer, played in the movie by Clint Eastwood. Worth reading. The movie is worth watching, as is the inspired Pinky and The Brain cartoon which pokes fun at the movie.
  • Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo
    Alistair MacLean wrote the screen play for his close friend, Richard Burton. Burton's star power was sliding at the time of the film and he wanted an action film along the lines of Maclean's bestseller and hit movie, The Guns of Navarone. And he got it! The novel is in fact based upon the screenplay, rather than the other way around - slightly odd.I watched the film last night and I had to read the novel. And it is the screenplay. The first 30 pa...
  • Andrei Tamaş
    Aveam în jur de 14 ani când am citit cartea aceasta. Este una dintre primele cărţi citite şi parcă am şi-acum în faţa ochilor colecţia bibliotecii Adevărul, romanul acesta fiind eterogen orânduirii celorlaltor cărţi. L-am luat şi am început, calm, să citesc. Eram în perioada în care mai toţi adolescenţii de gen masculin sunt pasionaţi de Al Doilea Război Mondial. M-a ţinut în suspans o noapte întreagă.Cartea această ar...
  • Scribble Orca
    I'm about to review a modern techno-thriller and while researching the author something jogged my 14 year old self's memory of Alistair McLean.I gobbled his books in high school - I remember when The Eagle Has Landed was all the big rage and I read it, sure, like everyone else, but Alistair had me hooked and I ploughed through his entire oeuvre (or at least as much as our high school library budget allowed) during one year.Then I forgot all about...
  • Randy
    Take a WWII spy plot. Add some action sequences and some plot twists. Then add some more plot twists. Then some more action and more plot twists. Then a few more plots twists and some spy stuff and action and more plot twists. Also, characters, add some of those if you have room, and some smart aleck-y dialogue (50 years ago we didn't call it "snarky"). A few more twists and you're ready to publish your Alistair MacLean novel.
  • Nandakishore Varma
    Had I reviewed this in my thriller-loving youth, I would have given it five stars. It is the adventure story par excellence: the secret mission behind enemy lines carried out by a group of intrepid adventurers: the snowbound castle up in the sky: fights on the top a moving cable car: and double-crosses, double-double-crosses and (even) double-double-double-crosses.However, nowadays I find all such stories shallow, the adventure rather juvenile an...
  • Roopkumar Balachandran
    For me some of the books authored by Clive Cussler, Jack Higgins, Ken Follett and Dan Brown as and when the novel reaches the end I feel why not add another 50 or 100 pages to the story. This I felt when I finished reading Where Eagles Dare. I came to know about this novel when joined good reads, then I got the DVD watched it before reading the book. This year in the book exhibition I bought Alistair MacLean's suspense thriller "Where Eagles Dare...
  • Dee Arr
    It's been a long time since I read an Alistair MacLean novel so I grabbed one that was a favorite, and it didn't disappoint. Even though it's been years, MacLean is still a sure bet if you are looking for an entertaining story.Admittedly, this book is not like some of the other suspense thrillers MacLean has written, where readers are kept guessing who the killer/spy is until the very end. What this tale lacks in suspense more than makes up for i...
  • Rich
    This is based on MacLean's own script for the movie, which he wrote for his friend, Richard Burton. It is full-throated, roaring adventure, complete with a parachute drop behind enemy lines to attack a Nazi stronghold in the mountains of Germany, twists and turns double-crosses and triple-crosses, everything that made MacLean's novels so much fun. Guns, planes, explosions, what more can you ask for?
  • Fred Shaw
    Excellent story and movie.
  • Ritwik
    A 2.5 really. The book 'Where Eagles DARE' starts with a trifling irony. Before a sky-drop scene into the German lands to pursue a high class search and rescue mission of an eminent person, the characters(soldiers specially chosen and obviously quite able) visibly seem to lose their calm and start contemplating death in a nervous set of dialogues and the confusing character introduction. A plot with the premise of an ever-interesting World War II...
  • Rob Twinem
    It was always going to be difficult to enjoy this book having just read and been astounded by the brilliant Submerged by Thomas F Monteleone. As a youth I have fond memories of the boys own type thrillers by Scottish born Alistair McLean, and on initial reading I recall that Where Eagles Dare was a first class page-turner. Unfortunately revisiting this 2ndWW thriller after many years has not proved so enjoyable. The story starts off with a great...
  • John Rollo
    John RolloPeriod 3Where Eagles Dare by: Alistair MacLean The story Where Eagles Dare started off a bit slow for me, but as the story went on, the action really kicked in. The story begins with a problem, an important American general is being held hostage in a secret Gestapo facility by the SS. Britain is America’s closest ally to the situation and is called in to help. They assemble a team of men to infiltrate the facility and the book is than...
  • Craig Andrews
    Unusually this book is not a novelization, it was written at the same time as the script and as such it's practically identical to the film. However because of that quite a few sections read a little sluggishly as it's not as fast paced as the film. Where Eagles Dare is quite possibly my favourite 'Christmas Movie' from when I was a kid and the book was a slight disappointment (the films still rocks).
  • Alexandra
    Amazing book.I think a good book must make you tremble, laugh, leave you speechless, hold your breath, make you eager to read it, make you sorry you finished it so fast.A good book should leave you with a big smile of satisfaction because you've read it. And it must leave you thinking about it long after you finished it.This book as all of the above.
  • Arwen56
    Bello, con un finale al cardiopalma, praticamente identico al film, che ho visto da ragazzina e che mi era molto piaciuto. Un onesto romanzo di pura azione, che non pretende di essere altro che quello che è. E gli riesce molto bene, sia pur con tutte le esagerazioni del caso.
  • Bruce Smith
    Old time spy thriller. Be prepared to suspend belief, and enjoy some suspense.
  • Stef Rozitis
    The plot seemed like a cross between Max Smart (only taking itself very, very seriously) and a Tintin comic. It really stretched the bounds of credulity with its explosions, double, triple, quadruple agents (I used to make up convoluted plots like that when I was in high school and thought it was super clever- but one wonders that no one on either side really considers it a possibility with double.agents), The female characters seemed to be purel...
  • James Phillips
    A masterful spy thriller set in WWII. A rag-tag group of MI-6 operatives along with one American OSS agent are sent to Bavaria, deep behind enemy lines to rescue a captured US Army general who has information on the Second Front (the invasion of Europe) before he spills all their secrets. This is not an action war book one would expect. Maclean's story is a page-turning thriller that includes misdirection, red herrings and double-crosses. The dia...
  • Swathi Chatrapathy
    I rarely read action or thriller books, but this one was exceptional. Loved it for the language, the descriptions and the setting of the book. And the thrill of it, of course. Every few pages had me exclaiming in shock. Very good book for anyone who likes to read.
  • Sonia Gomes
    I loved Alistair MacLean, his books talked about WWII, which fascinates me. My father fought in that War, oh the tales we heard! Being young girls however, those tales bored us to tears.Alistair MacLean captures the spirit of those days beautifully
  • Algernon
  • Jeff Dawson
    It's Alistair MacLean. Need I say more?
  • Alan
    Because I listen to audio books on my commute drive home, well it kind of forces me to finish the book. I do finish most books that I start, but being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic really kicks me into the finish or else gear. Years ago (I was in grammar school-homestly) I had gotten this book from the library and didn't get more than a few chapters in.Now, I kind of get why my younger self had issues reading MacLean (out of four books I fini...
  • Debbie Woodruffe
    enjoyed it very much.
  • Rohit Kunal
    A very fine read. Though it felt a bit far-fetched at times, the plot and action were really good. This book will keep you on edge throughout.
  • Larry Loftis
    Where Eagles Dare isn't just the finest war novel, it's one of the finest novels of any genre. The single flaw in the book is MacLean's annoying use of attribution adverbs (i.e., "Schaffer said reprovingly."), which was not uncommon for the time (Ian Fleming used them as well). Aside from that, the novel is flawless. Few stories are worthy of being read twice; Where Eagles Dare NEEDS to be read twice. The plotting is so intricate, the subtexts so...
  • Mark
    A great story carelessly written. Except for the first chapter, it reads like the second draft of a finished novel.There are some interesting characters but they develop not by the author revealing their personalities to the reader but by the author gradually inventing them.A read that the MacLean wrote the book and screenplay simultaneously. I think that explains the quality of the book's writing.The attempts by the author to have as few as poss...
  • Pramod Ks
    A daredevil rescue operation in the high Bavarian alps by British intelligence officers inside Nazi Germany, surrounded by German soldiers is one of the best fictional stories I have read. It was immortalized in film and I really loved the film and probably one of my favorites. The book is close to the movie but the movie if course has more action elements. Knowing the story already the book was a bit predictable but caught me by surprise in many...