Fruits Basket, Vol. 6 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 6

Delving into the recesses of Kyo's past, we find the Sohma trio returning home on a rainy day. There, a mysterious man who has known Kyo for a long time meets them. Trust, loyalty and the bonds of family and friendship are tested, as Tohru must help Kyo deal with the "monsters" that he's been trying to avoid.

Details Fruits Basket, Vol. 6

TitleFruits Basket, Vol. 6
Release DateDec 14th, 2004
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Reviews Fruits Basket, Vol. 6

  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    Kyo and Yuki... I still haven’t decided which one of them I like more. As a teen I loved Kyo but I also couldn’t get enough of Yuki. As an adult it’s still the same. *lol* I really wonder if Tohru will be able to choose one of them. XD Highlights of this volume: ”If I’m going to lose her anyway, I’ll make it so bad, I’ll hurt her so much that it couldn’t possibly hurt any more! I’ll make it so bad that she’ll never feel sorry ...
  • Sarah Churchill
    Well that was... weird. Things took a really strange turn, way different from the rest of the story so far, and it was GREAT! Loved it. Then everything just kind of went back to normal. This is such a strange series!
  • Aya Hamza
    I think this is my favorite installment so far! ❤ I think this is my favorite installment so far! ❤️️
  • Ferdy
    3.5 starsAnother fun read, it was good getting to know more about Kyo and his past. His relationship with his sensai/adopted dad was really sweet and cute as well. I really wish Kyo would wake up to his feelings about Tohru though, it was so obvious he had a huge crush on her.
  • Kat (Lost in Neverland)
    Holy. Fricking. Fudgeballs.Natsuki Takaya has a way of violently ripping your heart out and letting you almost bleed to death...and then kindly putting it back and helping you to your feet, like nothing ever happened.
  • Rain Misoa
    Five stars... did you expect anything less? Especially in this volume? Man... this volume was very, very, VERY hard to get through. It was extremely sad... you wouldn't think it because of the cover but it's true! The cover is a bit misleading. (Don't get me wrong. I love Momiji! He's so adorable but with what happens within the volume... yeah... you'll be like, "How can something so horrible be inside something so cute!?") It's THAT depressing. ...
  • Victoria
    I really liked the fact that this issue focused more on the relationship and backstory of Yuki and Kyo. It explains a lot as to why they behave the way they do and why they have some insecurities. As always, there were moments that were really funny and helped to lighten the mood.
  • Mary ♥
    5/5 starsAnd in this volume, we saw the HUGE revalation about a character... The anime had more heartbreaking scenes and I preferred it more than the manga in this case but how can you not love both? Also, Ayame's shop...This person is so weird xD
  • Bridget
    Momiji appears on the cover, but never in the actual volume (save for one picture that's separate from the story).
  • Merb
    🐰 This volume is Momiji! 🐰Please help me... how does one recover from volume 6 of Fruits Basket? How do you cleanse yourself of the emotional overlode? Or do you just carry this emotional baggage along with you everywhere you go? Well its been eight years since I first read it and I would say that I haven't put this suit case of emotion down since. Why is this such an emotional volume? Well I could type it out and spoil it for you, or you k...
  • Kassidy
    I can officially say that this book is my favorite in the series so far. I can see the artwork improving, same with the characters Relationships with each other. Im glad that this book shares the deep thoughts of the characters and their greatest fears.
  • Sophia F
    WARNING; SPOILERS, (Not itty-bitty ones, but BIG ones!)As Kyou is in a horrible mood, (blamed on the rain), his beloved Shishou appeared to visit Kyou, (his master who trained him in the mountains etc.) Shockingly, Shishou was talking to Kyou, (and was getting into a little bit of personal details), and Kyou transformed into an unbelievable beast, (with Tohru standing behind him.)That whole scene kind of came out of nowhere, because although ther...
  • Sabrina
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES!!!It's about a poor girl (Tohru) Gets taken in by the Sohma family. which the Sohma family has vengeful Chinese zodiac animal posses they Sohma family. ( they can be there selfs it's not like the spirits are controlling them) but every time they are touched by the opposite gender they turn into the zodiac animals. Shigure, turns into a dog (again they have control of their selves not the spirits) Kyo turn into a cat a...
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    This volume felt like it was out of order to me, since the storyline follows a different order in the anime. It seemed like there was a lot of action in the beginning, and then the action sort of fizzled out in the following chapters. It was also very serious and dark in the beginning, and lighthearted and silly at the end, which felt backwards.I just adore Kyo! He has so much rage, and we finally find out some of his secrets in this volume. He s...
  • Andrea
    This volume had a lot going on!! First of all, Kyo's master came to town and he had a test for Kyo. One that involved Tohru! We also learn about his past and how his mother isolated him from everyone. After her death(suicide?), Kazuma adopted him and brought him to the dojo. There were so many feels in this one, OMG so many!!!!!!!! Like I'm 200% Kyo x Tohru. Sorry not sorry. The curse isn't quite mentioned in this one, but there is an addition to...
  • Emma
    Yep! I have to say, this was my favorite out of all the volumes so far. I was a little hesitant about reading this volume after watching the anime. ( A little advise: NEVER judge a series based on the anime. There's always going to be stuff from the book left out and the stories don't generally go in the same order. Which is probably why it's better to read the books first if you want the real story.) Needless to say, I was worried for nothing, I...
  • earthy
    Kyou's surrogate father and martial arts instructor appears to reveal the secret behind Kyou's true form and the real curse of the Cat. And yes, I still cried while reading that scene. I'm a little sad the scene from the anime where Shigure tries to apologize to Tohru for putting her through all of this isn't duplicated in the manga, but hey, I think we might get that scene later, once Shigure's really screwed with people's lives....In the meanti...
  • Lanie
    I almost cried! :'( so sad and beautiful. Damn you wonderful, perfect book. The backstory and character development we see here for Kyo is absolutely brilliant. Seriously. No fucking wonder this poor boy is always so angry! :'( & the last chapter or so with Yuki and his older brother? Also perfect. This book is this weirdly perfect mix of absolutely heartbreaking, hilarity, and Sweetness. I'd absolutely recommend it to fans of manga, romance, and...
  • Cath
    5/5Gahhh this one has all the feels in it. Kyo my darling *heart eyes*
  • Roser
    OMG the cat is intense
  • Ariana
    Favorite thus far :')
  • Pato Myers
    A quick and enjoyable read.
  • Stephanie
    Kyo and his dad Shishou make me cry errytiem
  • Sara
    Okay, Fruits Basket Volume 6 is successfully reread! Here are some thoughts I had while reading:- I love how childlike Kyo-kun gets around his shishou! He seems so carefree and relaxed in the scene right after Kazuma arrives.- (view spoiler)[ D'aw! I loved the whole scene between Tohru and Kyo when he is forced to show her his true form. It was just such an emotionally-charged scene that I just wanted to give them both a big hug. I also remember ...
  • Isabella
    This is where the anime ends and the manga continues on. The anime adapts Ayame's story just fine, but when it came to Kyou's "true form" plot...'s very shitty. But since this review is about the MANGA and not the ANIME, I won't go on about that.In this volume, shit hits the fan and Tohru finally sees Kyou's first form. That's a very important part of the plot, since the Cat is considered the "worst" animal spirit to have and that ...
  • KIMI
    Después del tomo anterior la autora nos da información importante para entender la historia y para el desarrollo Kyo. Aparece el maestro de Kyo el cual es parte importante de su vida y es quien nos revela un elemento crucial en la historia..."la verdadera forma" del signo del gato. No me acordaba de esto y me sorprendió mucho como la primera vez... (rompí el tomo al tratar de abrirlo ja,ja,ja es lo malo de tener una edición vieja...). Tooru ...
  • Emma
    Kyo-kun... my darling Kyo-kun... just let me love you!!!Hands down the best volume yet. Takaya, you are a genius. Great humor, rugs at the heartstrings... all of the feels. Can’t wait to read the next one.This is basically where the anime ended so from here on out, I’m in for a surprise, which is super exciting. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.
  • JW
    I’d forgotten just how much was packed in this volume. We meet Kyo’s Shishou, discover Kyo’s true form, and get some funny brother bonding between Yuki and Ayame. Interestingly, after a Kyo’s “reveal” Yuki amps up his flirting with Tohru. Cutesy moments, drama, and family bonding awaits in this must read volume.
  • Mitchell
    Uneven. But with surprising interesting bits - especially Kyo's secret form and Ayame's shop. These further bits on individual characters continue to make all the characters more distinctive and interesting. Continues to be readable. 3.5 of 5.