Wall and Piece by Banksy

Wall and Piece

Wall and Piece

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TitleWall and Piece
Release DateMar 28th, 2017
Number of pages240 pages
GenreArt, Nonfiction

Reviews Wall and Piece

  • Manny
    Everyone in Britain knows Banksy, but I'm often surprised to find that my US friends haven't heard of him. He's one of the funniest artists around, and has taken graffiti to a completely new level. The paintings and installations just turn up, in the most unlikely places. Here's one of my favorites, which was discovered one morning on the wall of a family planning clinic in Bristol. (Note the thematically appropriate content). The local authoriti...
  • Natalie
    After seeing this next post on Tumblr, I simply had to add this book to my TBR. “A wall has always been the best place to publish your work.”I was looking for something to lift my spirits a bit, and thank the stars for sending this piece of art in my direction. Wall and Piece is guaranteed to brighten even your bleakest day.Banksy, Britain's now-legendary "guerilla" street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and citie...
  • Mon
    Disclaimer: Haters are not cool. I'm not 'hating' Banksy because it's the hipster thing to do (go grab an art school undergrad, you'll see what I mean). One problem with reviewing solo-artist art book is that you can't avoid talking about the actual artist, so here it is. I can't even be bothered to write about graphics. I mean, surely you're only considering buying this book because of the guy not the pretty layout right? -----------------------...
  • Kirsti
    In 2003, Banksy donated one of his artworks to the Tate Gallery in London. The thing is, the Tate Gallery hadn't actually asked for anything of his. He just walked in (or had a friend walk in, or had a member of the collective walk in--Banksy's true identity is uncertain) and stuck it to the wall. This is just the kind of appalling disrespect that I think the world needs more of.Over the next couple of years, he made similar donations to the Louv...
  • Jonathan Ashleigh
    “Imagine a city where graffiti wasn't illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall - it's wet.”
  • Trevor
    I loved this. Particularly this
  • Amir
    شاید خود بنکسی بهتر از همه گفته باشه: یه عده میخوان پلیس بشن که دنیا رو بهتر کنن؛ یه عده هم میخوان وندال باشن که ظاهر دنیا رو بهتر کنن. گرفیتیهای بنکسی پر از ایدههای دوستداشتنی و انسانیه. مخصوصا مجموعهی فلسطینش و همینطور مجموعهی میمون و موزها. بد نیست...
  • Maggie Stiefvater
    Like many people, I just find the story of Banksy -- a sort of artist Robin Hood -- incredibly compelling. In my head this most elusive of graffiti artists looks like Sean Bean and drives a Lotus Elan or something like that. This book spares the words and lavishes the photographs, letting Banksy's political statements, hastily and secretly sprayed onto walls, speak for themselves. If Banksy was just an anarchist, rustling with discontent, this bo...
  • notgettingenough
    Added later: I found it quite moving, his description of being drawn to graffiti the outside of the walls imprisoning the Palestinians and being told off in no uncertain terms by the inhabitants. To beautify the walls is to insult them. Of course. Obvious when you think of it.----------------------------------------I'm loving this, of course. And it's not that I disagree, exactly, with his messages, but a dominant one is this idea that The peopl...
  • Matt
    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know the work of Banksy, and those who should. I recommend this book to both.I think this quote from the back cover says a lot about Banksy:  "There's no way you're going to get a quote   from us on your book cover"   Metropolitan Police spokesperson________________ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  • Manny
    I noticed this yesterday in the window of a bookshop on the Route de Carouge. The translator has found quite a clever way of rendering the title: War and Peace in French is Guerre et paix, and "paix" sounds similar to "spray". The odd thing is that he's done it by moving the pun from "War" to "Peace"!
  • Sara Alaee
    This book is a collection of Graffitis that “Banksy” - one of the world’s most famous street artists - has painted on walls, streets, bridges and many other open places throughout the world. Quite amazing and artistic. (To know what graffiti is, the following lines give the best explanation of it as a piece of art):“Graffiti is not the lowest from of art. Despite having to creep about at night and lie to your mum it’s actually the most ...
  • Rob
    I love Banksy's artwork, and this was collection displays it very well. He's a brilliant man with a paint can, and a clever writer as well. I would recommend this book to anyone not familiar with his work. A few quotes of his I enjoyed were:Some people represent authority without ever possessing any of their own.The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules--it's people who follo...
  • Hasan Makhzoum
    {Edited} I added Banksy's latest project, the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.The great Banksy, The anonymous Daft Punk and the other artists because Brad-Pitt-has-said-so.Is Banksy's identity finally revealed since the publishing of this book back in 2006? During my studies for my Masters at the law school, I came across this poetic expression in a boring european law document about the administrative decentralization: "The world is like your home...
  • Rupert Dreyfus
    There are many great stencilists in this world (Orion and Fairey come to mind), but Banksy is up there with the best of them. Some people enjoy hating on him because he makes loads of money out of stencilling these days and his messages are sometimes vaguely anti-establishment. I remember Charlie Brooker once dedicating a whole article to how much he thinks Banksy blows nuts and it's the only time I've found myself disagreeing with my personal Je...
  • Jamie
    “Nobody ever listened to me until they didn’t know who I was.”When I lived in LA a few years ago, I went to a downtown warehouse after receiving a text message with the address. Banksy was in town, and in true clandestine fashion, the location of his show was a secret until just hours before it opened. I was impressed. I had never heard of Banksy, but his highly successful, clandestine, guerilla marketing intrigued me. I did a Google search...
  • Bryce Holt
    Banksy is the most original artist (or potentially "artists"...) living today. Screw Matthew Barney's "Cremaster" series and all the Rothko and Rauschenberg nonsense some of the more effete curators shove down your throats. This is art at its most emotional and provocative, and it's in book form (which I assume pisses him off to no end).Anti-establishment, anti-consumer, anti-intelligencia, and pretty much any other "anti-fill-in-the-blank" you c...
  • Christina Wilder
    Brilliant, goddamned brilliant.
  • Pheobe
    The first time I heard of Banksy was on this website. I gathered from the summary and people's reviews that, more or less, HE was worth the read, if not the book itself. I love art, it's my vessel to any interpretation I choose to have, and if you truly love art, there are no lines that a person can't cross. There are no lines that an artist can't draw, no limits. I firmly believe artists also think differently than normal people. More often, it ...
  • Matthijs
    Natuurlijk is Banksy na al die jaren waarin zijn faam gestaag gestegen is, uitgegroeid tot een icoon en daarmee tot een grote paradox. De kunstsector, één van de zelfgenoegzame bastions die hij aanvalt, omarmt hem en kunstliefhebbers betalen duizenden dollars voor zijn werk. Dat maakt zijn roem wrang en geeft zijn kritiek een zweem van hulpeloosheid. Deze dubbele lading kon in het boek wonderwel tot uiting in de copyrightmelding aan het begin. ...
  • Matthew
    Banksy is clever without being deep, adventurous without being ground-breaking, and quite possibly the best known visual artist active in the world without being extremely talented. He's against the global soulless corporate machine, but his art is by nature a quick hit, the artistic equivalent of a Big Mac. It's incredibly refreshing and accessible and it's art that actually means something. In a wander through a museum like the MoMA or the Tate...
  • Candyboy
    I remember loving this book back in the day as the Banksy hype was on it's peak. It was funny and had an very inspiring vibe to it. I like Banksy and I liked the book. But I can't ignore the feeling that my personal fascination with the artist, and especially his work, is kinda over. It was a blast on it's peak. But now it kinda feels dated and I wish Banksy would have pushed the boundaries of his own work fuether over the last decade. Like he di...
  • Rick Christiansen
    This is an art book, but here some of my favorite quotes:"Despite what they say graffitti is not the lowest form of art...it's actually one of the more honest forms available.A wall has always been the best place to publish your work.A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.Why would someone just paint pictures of a revolutionary when you can actually behave like one instead?Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of t...
  • Emily (Falling for YA)
    This was a coffee table-esque book. It was primarily pictures of Banksy's pieces. Some I had seen before, some I hadn't.Still, I love the work Banksy does and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I ended up reading it while sitting next to my Mom and she kept looking over my shoulder when I'd laugh or shake my head. It's one thing to show someone an image you like online it's another thing to show them a picture in a book and have them want to read it a...
  • Fiona
    I really like Banksy's art and even though the "hype" is over he still plays an important role in street art and shows in great ways what's wrong with this society - which ironically loves him for this.
  • abatage
    Anyone who has a passing interest in street art will have heard of Banksy and the work he has done. In fact, so many people are aware of his work that it gets a little annoying from time to time, as it becomes a badge of honour for some people. To the point that I was getting sick and tired of hearing people say his name with that knowing tone that seems to say 'yeah, I'm hip too'. Thankfully this book restored my faith in why Banksy's infamy is ...
  • Tatiana
    about a month or so ago i was walking home on houston street and noticed one of those huge side-of-a-building ads. it was a giant rat holding a paint roller with 'no publicity is good publicity' underneath. except underneath the white background of the rat appeared to be a fox 5 ad. i couldn't quite figure out if it was some weird ad-pretending-not-to-be-an-ad, or something else, and then just chalked it up to weird NYC shit. a week later there's...
  • Cherie
    I was intrigued to see a book about graffiti in the Art genre when I was reviewing the books recommended. I cannot say I am a fan of graffiti, but this title looked interesting. Who knew?I was facinated by the photos of this artist and author's work. So unique and enigmatic. So unexpected! The book was divided into themed sections and there were a few pages of text that told his story, briefly. He seems to have been all over the world and tagged ...
  • Keith
    British graffiti, guerilla installation, etc. artist's book of documented works and quotes. It's great fun for anyone with a bit of an anarchist bent to their personality. Even if, for some reason, you strongly disapprove of graffiti, you gotta admit Banksy's stuff is pretty cool (I think you do anyway, but who am I to tell you what to think). He may be too well known and hip for his political message to be heard now, unfortunately... I'm not sur...