Cabinets of Curiosities by Patrick Mauriès

Cabinets of Curiosities

The cabinet of curiosities, that strange assemblage of marvels from the natural world with virtuoso man-made objects, seemed definitively consigned to realms where only scholars venture. Its 300-year history apparently came to an end with the eccentric collectors of the baroque age, when scientific thinking and rationalism took over. But in recent years the cabinet of curiosities has reappeared in exhibitions in Europe and America and in internat...

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TitleCabinets of Curiosities
Release DateNov 1st, 2002
PublisherThames & Hudson
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Art, Museology, Museums, Science

Reviews Cabinets of Curiosities

  • Shannon
    The age of exploration incited curiosity of natural specimens, mechanical innovations, and marvelous objects, breeding the desire to collect and classify the rare, the strange, or (merely) everything.This was a time before science, art, and fantasy diverged into catalogs, museums and encyclopedia, when the aesthetic arrangement and juxtaposition of uncommon items were as integral to a collection as the pieces themselves.Patrick Mauriès picks out...
  • Elysia
    Cabinets of Curiosities was an excellent sourcebook for my last assessment for University, which involved creating my own collection of curiosities for my fine arts class. I've been fascinated with the topic for a long time, and decided that it was time for me to add a book about cabinets of curiosities to my art book collection. Although I haven't read all the text yet, as I used it mainly for aesthetic research, I do intend to go back and read ...
  • Frederic
    One of the better coffee-table books on the subject. Focuses mainly on historical rather than contemporary collectors and their assemblages, with both period illustrations and photos of some of the objects today, and nice brief discussions of some of the kinds of materials that would be included.
  • Mira
    a giant lush coffee table book about the history of 16th/17th century wunderkammeren---the cabinets of curiosities created by early explorers, naturalists, scientists, emperors and the cultural elite. Great images!
  • Gregg
    A gorgeous, fascinating book about the history of collecting items of nature in "cabinets" that sometimes were the size of large rooms.
  • Bhan13