Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger

Clean Gut

In Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger, M.D, New York Times bestselling author of Clean and creator of the world-famous Clean Program, delivers a complete toolkit for reversing disease and sustaining life-long health. Inside these pages, Junger offers a groundbreaking new program that attacks the root causes of illness and helps us to restore our own amazing healing capabilities.With a few simple steps, you can repair and restore your gut health, and wat...

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TitleClean Gut
Release DateApr 30th, 2013
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Self Help, Nutrition, Reference

Reviews Clean Gut

  • Elyse Walters
    Update: I read this book a few years ago --(my review is 'dated') --- but this book is helpful --useful --to those who want to read (ha) about colon health. -- I've listen to Junger speak several times --read 'all' his books. Truth is there is a wide variety of diseases related to the colon --and within the colon -- This book is not 'THE' answer to 'all' issues --but its one of the best mainstream books --easy to read --giving a basic understandi...
  • Elise
    Dr. Junger's book, "Clean Gut," makes a lot of sense. His study of the gut has shown that most ailments and diseases originate there and cause problems in various parts of the body, such as asthma, allergies, and heart disease. I have found that to be true in my own life. I started experiencing gut problems when I was 14 and since then have experienced all sorts of problems- chronic fatigue, random pains in my body, breakouts, severe sickness, th...
  • Sue Bergman
    I disagree completely with the spiritual beliefs in this book. That being said his premise on our gut being our second brain made a lot of sense. He points out that 90 percent of seratonin is made in the gut. Inflammation all over the body (systemic) leads to disease. I will not do the diet but it just reaffirmed that the natural supplements that I've been on for a couple months are helping my leaky gut heal that is a result of not knowing I had ...
  • Bonnie
    There's very little research cited in this book and I felt like he was just going off anecdote much of the time. The information was poorly organized and repetitive and at least 1/4 of the book was really just personal memoir (how he came to understand why proper gut function is essential to overall health).
  • Jennifer
    Same claims as paleo, but less scientifically explained (if you really dig into paleo stuff) and even more restrictive. I agree with his main premise; toxic diet, root of all health evils, inflammation bad, etc. I just can't do the diet.
  • ZaBeth Marsh
    just not my cup of tea
  • Mintti
    Mielenkiintoinen kirja vatsaongelmista kärsiville. Vaikea sanoa kuinka hyvin tämän tyypin mainostama ruokaremontti voisi toimia, mutta ei kai olisi haittaa kokeillakaan. Kirjailija on lääkäri joka on myös perehtynyt ns. vaihtoehtomenetelmiin, joskin hän itse kutsuu sitä kokonaisvaltaiseksi tai funktionaaliseksi lähestymistavaksi, minkä on tietty hyvä asia. Hyvät perustelut ja omat kokemukset vielä lisänä, voisi hyvin kokeilla kolm...
  • Maria
    That most if not all ailments start in the gut makes a lot of sense. I plan to do the cleanse and change some nasty habits I have, but I wonder who has time to make shakes every morning for 21 days unless they do not work or have a personal chef! I know I am always rushing out the door in the morning, and the hardest commitment of all for me to make is to get up even 20 minutes earlier (I promise myself to try!). I also don't want to give up my g...
  • Ariadna73
    I found this book a little bit difficult to use in a pragmatic way. The science described might be very true, but it is impossible to live in a world where we would not be exposed to dirt. I think that it is a little edgy to state that if you go to the pool for a while, then your gut will be poisoned with chloride, that you must avoid any contact with plastic, and so on. Come on! we must be pragmatic too! This is the world we live in and no amoun...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars. I think other books have explained some of the "whys" better of why you should do an elimination diet (as well as why you're eliminating what you're eliminating, besides "these are inflammatory--avoid"), but I thought it was fairly straightforward. It might have been a little TOO simplified, but this is from someone who has read a ton of paleo books/cookbooks in the last year.These elimination diet books are generally the same: most of...
  • Alison Whiteman
    Before I read this book I already knew the root of all disease begins in the gut. I did not know this includes depression. Serotonin is partly produced in the digestive tract. I appreciate the analogy between a person's "gut" and gardening. A good gardener doesn't tend only to the leaves of a plant or tree, but the roots. Why then wouldn't a person tend to the root of disease, the gut? I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and had a series of colonic t...
  • Sara
    I like his story, how he came to practice functional medicine. I haven't heard of functional medicine before. The concept makes sense. I hate doctors who give you a bag of antibiotics to deal with a dysfunction. There are so many things that go into why we get sick in the first place. Prescription medicine is not the only solution to our health problems. However his 20 day "diet" into a Clean Gut is not very practical, especially for those of us ...
  • Ladonna Lewis
    I really liked the science in this book. The details about what is going on with neurotransmitters in our digestive tract I thought were very interesting and made perfect sense. The problem I have with this book is that he tells us the way to fix this is to eat a difficult to master diet. I found his diet suggestions to be too difficult to follow. In addition, the best way to follow his diet suggestion is to buy his products. He has a website at ...
  • Megan
    I have his other book, Clean, and we've followed his cleanse once a year for the past few years. This is a newer cleanse he came up with so we tried it this fall. I actually like this one better because you can eat a salad for dinner instead of just a juice. There are also some great recipes that we'll definitely make when not on the cleanse.
  • Dawn
    Alejandro Junger does it again! Packed with a wealth of information on how to eliminate the root cause of illness, but done in terms that are easy for anyone to understand. Junger's passion for health and helping others is evident throughout the book. His positive attitude shine through and inspire! Great recipes and resources as offer the support needed to change your lifestyle.
  • Monique
    I believe in the idea that disease comes from within but not mentally at a place to cut out so much. Easy to read and thankfully not to technical. Wanted more recipes and suggestions on smaller ways to incorporate this process.
  • Julie
    Interesting and believable book. Now, what to do with the information.
  • Eugenia
    I only read this book because my brother's doctor strongly suggested it to him. It is completely evidence-free and I will suggest to me brother he changes doctors!
  • Tricia
    This should be on everyone's bookshelves, kindle app, etc. This book is fabulous! It explains where disease originates, how to overcome it and live an optimum life free of disease.
  • Deb
    **Gut reactions**Talk about having a gut reaction. According to _Clean Gut’s_ author Dr. Junger, the most common diseases and chronic health problems of today—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, allergies, autoimmune diseases, back pain, infertility, and gluten sensitivity—have their origins in gut dysfunction. In a nutshell (or would that be gutshell?), modern life is not so gut-friendly, and we’re constantly being bom...
  • Julia
    Dr. Junger claims that most diagnosed ailments from chronic pain, heart disease, digestion issues, depression, extra weight, allergies, inflammation, etc. can be traced back to an injured and irritated gut. He does a good job of explaining how the gut works and how it gets ill or compromised. It does make sense and is believeable, even though I may have gotten a bit lost in the biological explanations here and there. He then has a 21 day eating p...
  • Robin Woodcock
    I 100% agree with the notion that modern medicine needs to wake up and pay more attention to gut health and what we eat. I don't know that we all need to go on 10-day juice cleanses to get back on track to better health, but Dr. Junger might disagree -- no wonder he and Gwyneth Paltrow are two peas in a pod. I've been on a kick of reading health/food books and this is one more in that series. Enjoyed it but didn't derive a whole lot of new inform...
  • Þór Hauksson
    I hate diet books. Not because they're all useless or necessarily unhelpful, but because most of them are an over-hyped, prententious and scientifically shaky sales pitch. Someone is always selling you something and making money in the process from their breakthrough never-before-discovered secret that promises instant fatloss and blissful health.Then why do I keep reading them? Because I firmly believe that a sensible diet is at the core of sust...
  • Katy Compton
    I read the book and started the diet. Doing this for medical reasons because I have stomach issues, not to lose a couple pounds (but I won't be sad if that happens!) I do have issues with the diet, especially if people decide to do this indefinitely because unless you're allergic or sensitive I don't think you should ever have to cut something completely out of your diet. Everything in moderation. But I am going to review the book:It was a somewh...
  • Kaileen Elise Sues
    Clean Gut is an interesting read for many reasons. For me, it was almost like four books in one. It starts out like a memoir about the author's medical career, influences, and health struggles. Then the book transitions to a lesson on "the gut" and how our overall health is influenced heavily by our gut health. Next, the Clean Gut Program is outlined (similar to Whole30 with some variation). And finally, the end of the book wraps up with a lot of...
  • Debbie
    The gut is our body's second brain and an unhealthy gut is the root cause of so many chronic diseases, inflammation, allergies and emotional depression. This book gives guidance on how to eat to regain a healthy gut; essentially using food as medicine. There are two parts to his approach; a period of cleansing for gut repair which can last up to 21 days depending on your current diet, followed by adopting a Clean Gut diet which focuses on eating ...
  • Sara
    I'm not a doctor or a scientist. I picked up this book because it intrigued me. I've been reading about probiotics and thought this would have some useful info.Well - it did some good explaining of the digestive system. Now, whether all our illnesses are caused by an unbalanced gut. . . hmmm. I know if I eat better, I feel better. It makes some sense to do a cleanse and gradually find out as you add certain foods back into your diet what might ha...
  • Patricia
    I have a problem with my body dumping oxalates when I eat foods that are really good for me, like spinach and chard. When this happens I feel absolutely terrible for days - short-of-breath, irritible, panicky. Most people can process oxalates out of their gut, but others absorb oxalates through their intestines, causing inflammation. I read that it might be possible to "fix" a leaky gut by eating certain foods, so I am giving it a try to see if I...
  • Leanne
    No need to read cover to cover if you understand the digestive system. I fully believe the root of most if not all our problems is harbored in our gut bacteria, just not sure this is the best diet/detox to follow.
  • Rebecca
    Logical, informative approach and a good overall guide to health/clean eating. I enjoyed this because, unlike many other resources, it gave reasons, suggestions and options, and tips on how to actually carry things out.