Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, #1) by Karen Kingsbury

Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, #1)

“I’m afraid there’s been a car accident...”As Hannah Ryan waits for her family to return home from a camping trip, she realizes she has everything going for her—a husband other women admire, two charming teenage daughters, and a loving Christian home. As the sunny afternoon turns into twilight, her uneasiness grows along with the shadows. Then a car pulls into Hannah’s driveway, bringing two police officers...and devastating news that...

Details Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, #1)

TitleWaiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, #1)
Release DateJul 6th, 2011
PublisherMultnomah Books
GenreChristian Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, #1)

  • Jencey/
    Wait for Morning is the first book in the Forever Faithful series by Karen Kingsbury. I would classify Karen’s writing as being the Christian version of Jodi Picoult. She can convey through her writing stories ripped from the headlines well. This book tackles the topic of drunk driving and how it impacts those around us. Synopsis: Hannah is waiting for her husband Tom to come back from camping trip with their two daughters Jenny and Alicia. As ...
  • Sheila
    A mother waits for her family’s return from a trip. A young man loses his job and his hope for the future. Then cars and lives are turned upside-down, tangled and destroyed in Karen Kingsbury’s Waiting for Morning. Survivor’s guilt looms large. Unforgivable sins meets a strong woman’s fury. And the kindly-meant prayers of strangers and friends really don’t seem to change the world. Not at the point where anger meets God’s betrayal.We ...
  • Kirsten
    I literally just finished Waiting for Morning by Karen Kingsbury. It is one of the best books I have ever read and life changing. It is also my favorite Karen Kingsbury books I have read.
  • michelle
    Caution: Spoiler Alert. There are so many fans of Karen Kingsbury that I feel as though I may be standing in front of a firing squad as I offer my review. I will also say that this is the first and only book I have ever read by her. And after this one, I doubt I will read others.Okay, so I didn't like Waiting for Morning. Character development of the protagonist/antagonist (the mother, Hanna) was capricious and unbelievable. Hanna came off as gra...
  • Amanda Tero
    "I think that's why God's so good to me," Hannah had smiled pleasantly. "He knows I'm not good at forgiving."That was Hannah's childhood thought. Little did she know that the biggest trial of her life would occur when she was happily married with two daughters in their teens. Little did she know that the forgiveness she had briefly mentioned as a child, the anger she struggled with then, would blindside her in full force.I finished this book with...
  • Katie
    This story was a hard one to read because it was very sad. I could understand the desire to be angry with God when you've lost your family to a drunk driver. The main character really asks those hard questions - why would a loving God let this happen to her family? At the same time, I felt that the main character was hard to like because of the way she selfishly neglects her one surviving daughter in her quest for vengeance, and also hard to symp...
  • Rhonda
    Waiting for Morning review by author, Karen KingsburyI've done it myself.....when someone I love has been late arriving home, I've gone over and over it in my head. I have imagined them being killed, in a car accident, kidnapped, injured, and yet, never ever really thinking it will happen. Hannah experiences it when Tom takes the two girls for their annual camping trip before they must head back to school. They are late arriving home and Hannah b...
  • Candace
    This book was hard for me to read. It's harder for me to handle the idea of suicide and getting a look at someone's mental state who is considering it. Aside from that, this book officially made me respect Kingsbury as an author. The idea that Christians don't always respond to tragedy in a Christ-like way and sometimes forego God altogether is not one that's typically talked about. I give her credit for approaching the subject; she not only appr...
  • Amanda
    This book made me experience so many emotions but none of them were positive. It started with sadness, and then the frustration took over, mixed with a good dose of anger. The story is about Hannah, who’s life is completely changed in a day. Hannah, understandably, is devastated, and goes through all of the stages of grief. My issue with this book was with Hannah, as she was blind to some of the serious issues in front of her because of her obs...
  • Kristen
    I am not religious all that much, but I like some of Karen Kingsbury's novels and reading them makes me feel good. This novel, Waiting for morning, was no different. The whole story was emotional and it give you insight about how religious Christian can really lose you faith when a tragedy takes place. I realized that it takes a long time for a trail and preparing a trail, especially one that is close to your heart, takes time and really preoccup...
  • Kelley
    Kingsbury is a Christian gifted fiction writer that appeals to anyone - christian or not. her style is contemporary and she addresses tough issues. in this one, she interweaves the story of a family torn apart from the effects of a drunk driving accident with a verse in each chapter from the book of Lamentations..you walk with the widowed wife and mother as she travels the road from denial to a lengthy period of anger and bitterness to finally co...
  • Siegrit
    I must admit I liked reading this book, although it was extremely predictable. Considering the hard topic of the book I do think Kingsbury did a good job on covering all the emotions such an accident causes. She did such a good job on this, that halfway through the book I almost wanted to stop reading, as I was so annoyed with Hannah's attitude. In conclusion: I'd like to say that the book was confronting for anyone who has ever been in a event l...
  • Megan S
    I've read this book a while ago and forgot to rate it! Karen Kingsbury is one of the best Christian authors out there! She really knows how to write good stories especially when all hope seems lost. Excited to read more of her novels!
  • Melissa Finizio
    Great book. I cried alot and needed a bunch of tissues. this book really pulls at the heartstrings. The book is about a women who loses her faith in God after her husband and daugher are killed in a car accident.
  • Dawn Huffines medley
    Because this book here not only shows that even people who are bound by great faith in God are impacted by tragedy. It shows that when we are struck by tragedy that sometimes we need help from others to work through are anger. It shows that God is not only merciful to those who have lived for him, those who turned their backs on them in their darkest moments. But those who do something they didn't set out to do. It also shows that forgiveness is ...
  • Julie
    Interesting book. It deals with love and forgiveness. How others help us in times when our lives are turned upside down. The Mom formed bonds with the lawyer and others along the way. It shows how we can have everything going for us and lose it all so quickly. It shows how the Mom became so obsessed in her loss she couldn't even see the needs of her surviving daughter. It would be a hard thing to go through losing your husband and child because a...
  • Joy
    Hannah Ryan is your everyday mom. She loves life and her family and would do anything for them. But when a car accident takes the life of her husband as well as her oldest daughter, Hannah doesn't have time to be in shock or even to grieve. The one thing she has on her mind is revenge. Revenge on the drunk driver that killed her family. With revenge growing so strongly within her, she hardly notices her youngest daughter and surviving victim, Jen...
  • Sharon Rudolph
    Amazing bookI am never disappointed by any of Karen's books, and this one did not disappoint either. What a terrible tragedy this family went through, but how gracious our God is to forgive and love us when we need it the most. What a great story, showing that life is not always easy, but God will help us through the tough times. The characters and their storyline were so real, you could feel their sorrow.
  • Laurie
    This book hit too close to home having 2 daughters myself! A few times had to stop reading and tears flowed! The author sure has a way of pulling at your heart strings and bringing it all together! Such a great book!
  • Kristen Merritt
    My favorite thing about Karen Kingsbury is that her characters encounter real trials and they wrestle with God. It’s very helpful to read about tragedy through a Christian worldview. Waiting for Morning is one of the most real, and it validates feelings that Christians might feel guilty for.
  • Naomi Martinez
    InspirationalLoved the story line, of the drunk driver. I could feel Hannah's pain throughout the story line. I could only imagine Jenny's loneliness and angrier with her mother. I felt the joy as he felt when she found it in her heart to forgive.Great book to read
  • Anna Eskut
    Overall good read, however was a little slow. My main problem was one of the major ideas being pushed in this book, which was the idea that a drunk driver who hits and kills someone should be charged for first-degree murder. First degree murder is intent to kill. The guy in the book had no intent to kill. Was he being stupid and reckless? Of course! And of course he should not be let off the hook. But I don't think you can charge him with first-d...
  • Crissy
    I could get behind the storyline but it was very hard to finish because I just couldn't understand the mother.
  • Susan Dreher
    Probably the hardest Karen Kingsbury novel for me to read. Understand why the mother was so upset, but cannot understand how she reacts to her younger daughter, very sad.
  • Desiray Schultz hayner
    Sstrong message as always from Karen but this one was extra touching with the loss of her family and reviving a broken daughter and her faith. Found tears in my eye more than once!
  • Rachel
    I read this book about four years ago - in paperback form. My impression of it has not changed. My advice to anyone reading it is to have a box of tissues at hand. I cried several times while reading it. While I understood completely how Hannah wanted to see the drunk driver who'd caused the death of two of her family punished, I had a little harder time with the way she ignored her remaining daughter. Of course, it's quite plausible that a perso...
  • Nedra Haymon
    Excellent! Man, God really spoke to me about forgiveness in this story! Thank you God.
  • Talia Knobloch
    A white explorer comes barreling through the red traffic light. Smash! At that instant, the Ryan family’s dreams were shattered, just like their front windshield. After a camping trip, Tom and Alicia Ryan are killed in a car crash led by a drunk driver. Survivors, Hannah and Jenny Ryan, are devastated. Hannah tries everything she can to change the drunk driving laws of California, but has to go through many obstacles to accomplish it. This stor...