Dicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2) by Cynthia Voigt

Dicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2)

Now that the four abandoned Tillerman children are settled in with their grandmother, Dicey finds that their new beginnings require love, trust, humor, and courage.

Details Dicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2)

TitleDicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2)
Release DateJul 1st, 2003
PublisherAladdin Paperbacks
GenreYoung Adult, Fiction, Childrens

Reviews Dicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2)

  • Cara
    When I was at the library looking at the spine of this book I noticed how well worn and tattered it was,(a sure sign the book has been checked out many times). I began to scratch the back of my head wondering "Do I really want to read this again and run the risk of ruining my image of the book? " I took the plunge anyways and once I started to read again my doubts faded away. This book ALWAYS makes my heart go all fuzzy.Dicey's song is the sequ...
  • Beth
    My friend assures me that Dicey's Song was on several school suggested reading lists and that she read it in ninth grade. Otherwise (well, that and the shiny Newbery medal on the cover), this would have pushed a book off this year's YA/MG book bracket. It's that good.This is old-school Newbery. This is brilliant. It's warm and empathetic and difficult and real. It's so good that I don't have the words to properly convey my awe. There's this momen...
  • Meagan
    Though I eventually devoured every book in this series, this was the first one I read. I loved these books as a kid - I loved that they didn't feel like books for kids at all. They seemed like "real" books - as opposed to, say, Baby Sitters Club. I love what an odd, believable character Dicey is, that she's a tomboy with a mothering instinct who wants to build boats. These books broke my heart again and again (and I did re-read them all several t...
  • Kim
    This is quite possible my favorite book. I read it first as a kid, and didn't realize quite how much I idolized the title character, Dicey. She was strong, independent, and different from those around her without caring much. Reading the book as an adult, I realize that Dicey was the character I most had wanted to be like as a kid. Also cool--other books in the Tillerman Cycle, namely Come a Stranger and A Solitary Blue, tell the story from the p...
  • Cecille
    3.5 stars I'm getting a strong opinion that I couldn't just hand over a newer/modern Newberry Medal winner book to my kids at their age without prereading it. This could have been a good read, if not for the mention of sex, French kiss, bossom, which I thought were better left out.
  • John Porter
    A good book that, I suspect, will be a considered slow moving by at least some of its intended audience. Really, it's a book that adults (re: parents) want their children to like as opposed ton e they actually will like. Some will get it. Hopefully, others will come back and recognize that the pace is intentional, the plot only suffers from comparison to the (sadly more common) hyperunrealistic stories for teenagers in books and on TV, and that b...
  • Jenny
    This second book in the series was easier for me to get involved in more quickly, and the shorter page-length benefited the story. I really enjoyed seeing the Tillerman’s getting acquainted with their new home and seeing how Dicey adjusted to her changing role. They are a fun family to read about.
  • joyce lynn
    now that "Homecoming" got me "stuck" on/in a series, and invested in a couple of characters, i HAD to read this one! in a way, i'm sorry i did, as it took me down some roads i did NOT need to go down. then again, tho ...i'm REALLY glad i DID read this. first of all, ya know that saying, "out of the mouth of babes"? well ...this book falls into that category, sort of. guess you have to change the old adage, tho, to "out of the mouth FOR babes", si...
  • Elsa K
    I would also give this a solid 4.5 stars. I wished it was longer. I loved following Dicey, getting to know Gram better and seeing more of the other siblings too. This book had less action than "Homecoming", but still was just as gripping. I can't wait to read the rest!Addition:After finishing the rest of the series, I was disappointed nothing happened with Dicey searching for her Uncle John. I wish this would've happened! They might have cousins ...
  • Wendy
    Great book, maybe a little too long. The story could have been really pathetic and sorry-for-itself, but it wasn't like that at all. I do want to read the others in the series now--I didn't realize there were so many; I'd only heard of the first three. But WHAT a dreadful cover--looks like it belongs to exactly the kind of book this isn't (the pathetic-and-sorry one).