Brief Cases (The Dresden Files #15.1) by Jim Butcher

Brief Cases (The Dresden Files #15.1)

Brief Cases is the sequel anthology of Side Jobs, and will be released before Peace TalksSet to include the following stories:An exclusive novellette from the perspective of Maggie and Mouse.“Curses” — from The Naked City, edited by Ellen DatlowTakes place between Small Favor and Turn Coat.“AAAA Wizardry” — from the Dresden Files RPG, published by Evil HatHarry teaches a group of young Wardens his procedure for dealing with supernatur...

Details Brief Cases (The Dresden Files #15.1)

TitleBrief Cases (The Dresden Files #15.1)
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Short Stories, Paranormal

Reviews Brief Cases (The Dresden Files #15.1)

  • decafJess
    Me when I found out that a new short stories book was coming out during the downtime before Peace Talks:I'll admit, when I started reading this book I was a bit... miffed. Apprehensive. It's been a long time since I'd been in the Dresdenverse, and I'd been spending a lot of time in other universes. I was impatient for a new book.[Now don't get me wrong -- I understand authors are human beings with lives and other responsibilities and they don't e...
  • Beth
    Brief Cases is a collection of what they call "shorts stories", but I call them a fantastic way to experience this amazing world in novelette length tellings. Every single story had me engaged and invested in the outcome... And, that is hard to do with "short stories".I received this ARC copy of Brief Cases from Berkley Publishing Group - Ace. This is my honest and voluntary review. Brief Cases is set for publication June 05, 2018.My Rating: 5 st...
  • Jacqie
    Thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for review.If you're a fan of Jim Butcher, you'll likely enjoy this book of short stories set in the world of Harry Dresden. Note that they are not all stories about Harry Dresden! Several of them are from the viewpoint of other characters like Molly, Butters, Anastasia Luccio, and Gentleman Johnny Marcone. Each story features an introduction by Jim Butcher that places the story in context and...
  • Emily
    3.5 stars Advance copy provided by NetGalley. This is one of those times that I wish GR had half stars. This collection deserves better than 3 stars (at least my 3-star rating), but I don’t know if it really deserves 4. I’ll break it down by story, do some Goodreads math, and see how it comes out. "Fistful of Warlocks"—3.5 stars. Loved the idea, but it was a little underdeveloped. (view spoiler)[and I didn’t like it that Luccio needed to ...
  • Steven
    Review to come on release date, but initial thoughts:I enjoyed the Bigfoot stories and the random other ones, but the best stories, in my opinion, were the Molly stories, the Butters story, and Zoo Day. :)
  • Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
    Mostly a wonderful set of stories and a treat for Dresden fans. But not as good as the next book would be! #Audiobook Review to come.
  • Sheyla ✎
    I'm a HUGE Jim Butcher's fan. Both series I have read by him are in the top10 favorites of all times. I'm (and the majority of his fans) desperately waiting for Peace Talks but while we are waiting, Brief Cases is here!Brief Cases, just like Side Jobs, is a compilation of short stories in the Harry Dresden World. Most of the short stories have Harry as the protagonist but we also get some of the other very well known players having their own. Mol...
  • Kylara Jensen
    So I normally am not a huge short story fan, but I do enjoy a good short story set in a world I already love. I especially love it when Jim Butcher writes from other characters povs. Harry is great, but it's just refreshing to see other's povs. The only thing in here I've ready already is Bombshells.This was a really fun read and I am so pumped for Peace Talks. I will probably to a series re-read before that. I am sad there wasn't more Murphy in ...
  • Melanie
    I must admit I do love a bit of Dresden, even in short story form. The world building for this series remains for me one of the best out there and I adore that this compilation had stories from other character POV's, especially Marcone! That was definitely a high point for me!All of these stories were great reads but some definitely stood out for me more than others such as the one mentioned above, and of course more insight into Mouse and Maggie...
  • Linda
    Each story in the urban fantasy collection is preceded by a brief note from the author. It’s fascinating to think that the school bully, the cute girl in class, or the mean teacher could actually be some supernatural villain. And could that big kid who is being hassled at school actually be Bigfoot’s half-mortal son? I liked most of the stories, but I felt (with disappointment) that those with female protagonists weren’t as interesting or w...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    Brief Cases is a fun anthology that will help you get your Dresden Files fix while waiting for Peace Talks to publish. A few of the stories are told from the perspective of Harry Dresden but several of them are told from the viewpoints of other characters found in the series. Voices like that of Anastasia Luccio, Johnny Marcone, Molly and Butters. There is a lot to enjoy in this book. I loved all the different voices that are represented in this ...
  • Karissa
    This is a collection of twelve short stories featuring characters from the Dresden Files series. As with most anthologies the quality of the stories varies. The majority of these stories have appeared before in other anthologies, only the last story in this anthology is original to this collection. I had read a number of these stories previously in other UF short story collections.My favorite stories of the bunch were the ones featuring Bigfoot a...
  • Paige
    I'm still not sure how I ended up with an advanced reading copy but I'm very excited. This is not a good book to read if you haven’t read any of The Dresden Files before. There are too many spoilers. However, if you are familiar with the books this is so good. Most of the stories in Brief Cases were completely new to me. I have this problem with returning library books on time. Between the library not letting you check books out after accumulat...
  • Adam Fisher
    NOTE: In this collection, I only read "AAAA Wizardry" and "Zoo Day", as I had read all the other stories before. Please see my reviews for information or opinion on the other tales.AAAA Wizardry:Taking place between "Small Favor" and "Turn Coat", we see Warden Harry teaching a group of young wardens what he calls the 4 A's of Wizarding (though he tells them 5 actually)Ascertain, Analysis, Assemble, Act, Arrogance, or... Figure out whether or not ...
  • Britney Dillon
    *** I was sent an eARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Berkley Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you!***Ahh, Harry Dresden, my old friend. It's so good to see you again. I almost forgot what you look like, it's been so long...I grew up reading the Dresden Files. And by that, I mean I discovered them when I was in high school (never mind how many years ago), and wait impatiently for each new entry in the series. They are ...
  • Shaline Lopez
    It was really nice to revisit Harry Dresden’s world. I understand that many of the stories in this anthology were previously published, but they were all new to me and this collection was a joy to read. The stories from Dresden’s point of view were like putting on an old favorite hoodie from the back of the closet, comfortable and familiar. That’s a real achievement from the author, because writing a successful short story is an entirely di...
  • Mark
    I enjoyed the TV adaptation of Jim Butcher's the Dresden Files, and had always intended to read the books. So this is my first foray into them. Brief Cases is a collection of short fiction (some of them take over an hour to read, so I don't think "short story" is appropriate, but they're probably not novella-length, either). They feature several characters from the series, set in different times. Butcher's introductions set up the stories, includ...
  • Meghan
    Brief Cases is a collection of short stories set in Harry Dresden's world. Most have seen the light of day previously and are now being collected together. One, Zoo Day, is brand new. I'm not normally a fan of short story collections, but I love Harry and his world. It is a compelling world filled with amazing characters. I had only read a couple of the stories within the book previously, so it was a true pleasure reading each story in the book. ...
  • Darcia Helle
    Each of the stories in this collection is preceded by a brief explanation of the story's origin, as well as it's approximate placement within the ongoing series. That being said, it's absolutely not necessary to have read any of the books in the series to enjoy these stories. All the stories are written in first person. Most are from Harry Dresden's perspective, though some are from other characters within the series. What I liked: Jim Butcher ha...
  • Chris
    Received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review. Honestly? I liked it a lot. I’ve read most of these stories before — in many cases I bought an anthology solely because there was a new Harry Dresden book on it — but this collection is a nice combination of tales of the wizard Dresden and his friends (and enemies) complete with introductions to each one, plus a brand new story that includes viewpoints from his daughter Maggie AND her dog...
  • Kathy
    I have a soft spot for the Dresden Files.Heaven knows that there are certainly issues with the series, the portrayal of women being first and foremost. However, in my opinion, they still manage to be dang enjoyable.Brief Cases is a collection of Dresden Files-adjacent stories that have appeared over the past couple of years. In a lot of ways the collection hearkens back to the good ol' days of the Dresden Files, before they got all serious and ex...
  • Ron
    If you are a follower of the Dresden series, you will want to pick up and read Brief Cases which is the latest collection of short stories set in the Dresden Universe. Not only does it have the complete set of Bigfoot short stories, there are tales that do not star Dresden, but rather other characters such as Butters, Molly, Anastasia Luccio, and John Marcone. Some of these tales I had read before (Curses and Even Hand) but others such as A Fistf...
  • LibraryDanielle
    I normally don't care for short stories, but there are a few authors who can charm me into liking their teasers. Jim Butcher is one. Part of this is because before each story he includes some backstory- where the short fits into the Dresden World and why it works with the greater stories. Some of these stories fill gaps between books and answer other questions. He just seems to make them flow right.Brief Cases also includes stories from the persp...
  • Glennis
    This is a collection of short stories that have been previously published in various places with one new short story at the end of the book. It was nice to reread some of these stories and see the introductions explaining where they fell in the series or why they were written. I had read most but not all of the reprints since some were either in small press publications or RPG books. A great collection for any fan of the Dresden Files and nice to...
  • J Vassilakos
    It feels like it has been years since I’ve read a Harry Dresden book. I’d forgotten how much I love these characters. I’d read all but one of these stories before, in anthologies. So, I thought that I would slowly amble through them again over the next week or so. Then I started the book and just could not put it down. I’m so glad that I’ve pre-ordered it. I think I am going to want to re-read it every once in a while after my temporary...