River Cottage Veg Every Day! by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

River Cottage Veg Every Day!

"Call me power-crazed, but I'm trying to change your life here. The object of the exercise is to persuade you to eat more vegetables. Many more vegetables. And I hope to do so not by shouting from a soapbox, but through sheer temptation..."Why don't we eat more veg? They're healthy, cost-effective and, above all, delicious. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall believes that it is time to put this to rights. He's come up with an abundance of veg-tastic rec...

Details River Cottage Veg Every Day!

TitleRiver Cottage Veg Every Day!
Release DateSep 19th, 2011
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing Plc
GenreFood and Drink, Food, Cookbooks, Reference, Cooking

Reviews River Cottage Veg Every Day!

  • Problemchild
    The best of river cottage yet; this book is a clear manifesto - to make us eat less meat and thus better meat and eat a lot more vegetables. This the book I have been waiting for as my food philosophy has evolved over the years and my reading has broadened. I will never be vegetarian but I am uncomfortable with eating meat from intense farming methods. As a result, we now only include meat in three of our meals a week, eat more fish and, essentia...
  • Maria Frank
    This contains an excellent variety of vegetable dishes. I am a fan of Hugh's philosophy regarding food. It is not about becoming veggie or replacing meat products with something else. The question is why our mess revolve around a central 'meat' dish. Some of my favourite parts of a Sunday dinner are the vegetable dishes, not the meat. Why can't a beautiful cauliflower cheese take centre stage?A lot of recipes here reflect similar ones used in my ...
  • Marita
    Although I'm not a vegetarian, I love my veggies, and they don't get much better than in this book. I'm not one to slavishly follow recipes, but this book brims with great ideas and offers much inspiration.
  • Ashleigh
    Although I started out as a fan of Hughs and a enthusiast about this series and book, I have since changed my mind. I think this series is all about making money and ticking boxes and I think the TV show comes across as misguided and confusing. As a vegetarian I really dont appreciate Hugh's disrespectful treatment of dead animals and the jovial nature him and his staff treat the death of these animals. Hugh is trying to get vegetarians onside wh...
  • Margaret
    Fantastic for anyone who is a vegetarian, is thinking about choosing the vegetarian diet, or just likes damn good food.
  • Ashley
    This is an excellent cookbook. I always struggle for meal ideas that aren't based around some sort of meat substitute or replacement, and I love how this book really let's the veg shine as the main focus of the meal. I love flicking through it when I receive our veg box or we have a certain vegetable in the garden that's ready to eat. It makes me want to cook.The Spicy Chickpeas and Carrots Pitta is one of my favourites, and is so fast and easy t...
  • Laura
    I write this review as a meat eater and have to say that this is an excellent book. Some of these recipes have become staples in our house, particularly Vegeree and the Mushroom and Kale lasagne both of which are delicious and both quick and easy to make (and affordable too!). The meals are complete meals and you don't find yourself looking for the meat at all.
  • Belinda
    About a month ago, I was having one of those days. I’d been booked for a job but my client was late delivering their material. I’d run out of coffee so I had to have tea for breakfast. Without my booked job to fill up my day I tried to do my own research but the words weren't flowing and the postmodernists were giving me the shits with their unnecessarily dense language (I do love a bit of pomo but it's so frigging hard to read sometimes). Af...
  • Helen
    Brilliant book. Got it out of the library initially, but so good I had to buy it.As a vegetarian, with a severe intolerance to a lot of vegetables (severe pain and absolute exhaustion for days after eating many vegetables and a host of other foods), I really do have to sadly avoid the majority of my beloved fruit and vegetables, which has made my diet very restricted and repetitive. This book has given me so many ideas of how to make the vegetabl...
  • Robert Hudder
    I liked the description of the attitude about eating vegetables on their own terms. Often at home we will have meals with no meat. It's not about eating less meat but really eating good veggies when they are available. Hugh is known for his meat eating ethos but he describes it very well in that in valuing animals highly will generally mean eating less. I am a firm believer that every meat eater should know where their meat comes from. It is a ne...
  • Pamela
    I loved the photos and the author's chatty style of writing. But so many of the recipes used copious amounts of dairy and oil. I'm not vegan, but I do limit my cheese intake and don't use heavy cream at all -- which so many recipes include. I enjoyed reading it and some of the recipes gave my new ideas and food combinations to try, but it's not a book that I will purchase for my kitchen cookbook inspiration shelf.
  • Emma Glaisher
    My partner and I mostly stopped eating meat when this book came out, and the recipes have been excellent.Lots of quick to make curries etc. Just had the excellent Fennel and Squash Lasagne. Everything so far has worked well and been delicious.
  • Kelli
    Love this book. I have made many of the recipes and everything has been delicious!
  • Sally
    Some very tasty recipes in here if often a little heavy on the butter! Love the Dahl and the AMAZING non-chickpea hummus recipes especially the beetroot and walnut one. Yum!
  • Andrea James
    It seems vegetable books/columns written by non-vegetarians appeal to me. Ottolenghi's vegetable recipes are terrific and this book is more along those lines. This book's recipes in general have fewer exotic ingredients and are simpler both in flavour and preparation.I'm not a fan of bean-heavy dishes and things that are supposed to mimic meat but don't even come close. I'd rather celebrate the joy of vegetables than attempt to replace meat. I lo...
  • Julie lit pour les autres
    Très difficile de trouver un défaut à ce livre. Les photographies sont superbes, les recettes accessibles et la mise en valeur des légumes très réussie. L'auteur souhaite nous faire comprendre que les légumes sont autre chose qu'un accompagnement dans le coin de l'assiette. Il offre plusieurs alternatives pour remplacer un ou des légumes selon les plats, et des indications pour qui voudrait cuisiner végétalien. Toutes les recettes réal...
  • Tim
    this is a great intro-to-vegetarian cookbook if you've managed to never read a vegetarian cookbook in your life and you like pictures (otherwise pick up bittman's). there are exactly three unique recipes out of the more than 200. a spinach souffle with pasta called a spouffle, and two other clever name amalgamations that you'll have to see for yourself to believe. otherwise, every recipe in this book can be found on any old internet website - not...
  • Larissa
    3.5* Leuk verjaardagscadeau, de dag erna gelijk een heerlijk gerecht uit gemaakt! Drie sterren omdat er -zoals in verreweg de meeste kookboeken- er veel gerechten zijn die me niet aanspreken. De design is ook ontzettend strak, en het seizoenenthema is ontzettend leuk.
  • Tattooed_mummy
    As a carnivore I love this book! It doesn't try to turn you into a vegetarian, or preach at you, it is just filled with delicious recipes that just happen to be vegetarian or even vegan! Easy to follow directions, simple ingredients and gorgeous pictures make this a "must have" cook book.
  • Mizzo73
    This is the best cookbook for anyone, not just vego people. It uses everyday ingredients that are likely to be lurking in the fridge or pantry. Every recipe I have tried so far has been delicious and easy to make.
  • Laura
    I don't normally review cook books here, but this one is so outstanding, I thought it would be good to pass along to everyone. Check it out. He has such an easy, natural delivery and the recipes are sound. Many times, I will browse for ideas and skip the exact recipe. Great, great book
  • Aja Marsh
    Really enjoyed this book-- lots of great recipes. I didn't read all the chapter intros.
  • Amanda
    Älskar denna! Har testat många av recepten och allt är så jävla gott 😍
  • Shonaigh Mudie
    This is the book to accompany the television series airing on Channel 4 last year. A big break from form and his usual tradition, seen meat loving, self sufficient Hugh ditch meat entirely. Have watched his previous programmes and he always comes across very well and has a good philosophy on food. The column he writes for the Guardian is also worth a read. It was a challenge for him to be veg only but it encouraged creativity and reinforced that ...
  • Jennifer
    I spotted this book on the sale rack in the local library when I was returning the Leftovers book which I had both enjoyed and thought useful.And the same goes for this book, except that I get to keep it. It is a good read and a visual feast between the photographs of the dishes and the vegetable print illustrations. I hadn't realised when I opened it that this is a vegetarian cookbook in the sense there's no meat or fish in it. He does mention t...
  • Lee Broderick
    I'm not quite sure how to review this book - I don't think I'm its target audience.Ever since The River Cottage Meat Book came out I've been waiting for the River Cottage Veg Book. This isn't it and I don't think we'll ever have one now, however much it may have been hinted at in that tome. Things change and Hugh's moved on since then. His new output is clearly aimed at a very different audience to that which bought into the Meat Book, The Riv...
  • Nan
    I resonated with the introduction to this collection of vegetarian recipes that focused on trying to increase vegetable consumption for health and environmental reasons (and because vegetables are delicious). The recipes focus on celebrating vegetables in all their glory, not on trying to replace meat. The author reminds me Mollie Katzen in challenging the idea that a big protein goes in the center of the plate and more about a collection of mezz...
  • Susan Cackler
    I love that this isn't really a vegetarian cookbook. It is many, many ways to enjoy delicious vegetables, without the heavy reliance on legumes and grains that I have seen in many other vegetarian cookbooks. The pictures are gorgeous, and all the recipes I have tried have been really good. If you are an accomplished cook, there will be many that you can read and then go to the kitchen and create. Others require more attention to detail.
  • Beorn
    Fantastic collection of recipes that are not just inventive and relatively easy to follow but that makes darn tasty food too!Looking at this from a vegan point of view or from the point of view of somebody cooking for a vegan for the first time, this would be the ideal base with which to create an entire multiple course meal.What recipes in the book that are vegetarian (ie involve cheese or yoghurt etc) are easily vegan-isable too which is an add...
  • emily
    Just as brilliant as all his others, though the fact remains that I am honestly not very big on vegetables. Wish as hard as I do, I still cannot stand the taste of so many veg (corn, pumpkin, & peas especially) and usually only down large quantities of vegetables in stir-fry dishes & other such things where the true flavour is largely masked. I'm happy to stick with the way I currently eat my vegetables and prefer to be inventive with fruit!