Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2) by Chuck Wendig

Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)

Miriam is trying. Really, she is.But this whole "settling down thing" that Louis has going for her just isn't working out. She lives on Long Beach Island all year around. Her home is a run-down double-wide trailer. She works at a grocery store as a check-out girl. And her relationship with Louis--who's on the road half the time in his truck--is subject to the piss and vinegar Miriam brings to everything she does.It just isn't going well. Still, s...

Details Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)

TitleMockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)
Release DateAug 28th, 2012
PublisherAngry Robot
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Paranormal, Favorites

Reviews Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)

  • Dan Schwent
    Miriam Black tried to settle down with Louis but it was like trying to contain an angry cat in a pillow case. Now she's trying to protect at-risk teenage girls from a serial killer with a swallow tattoo on his chest. Can she stop him and save the girls or will the next death she witnesses be her own?Miriam Black returns in the sequel to Blackbirds, bigger, badder, and Blacker than the first book. Unlike most sequels, this one doesn't suck. In fac...
  • Trudi
    3.5 starsI can gobble the Miriam Black books down as if they were piping hot, greasy cheeseburgers with a triple chocolate shake on the side. Yum! Yeah, you really have to suspend disbelief, there might even be a few dubious plot holes, but goddamn, as a dark heroine with a grim gift Miriam kicks ass. She's a viper, a scrapper, a take-no-prisoners and no bullshit kind of gal, morally dubious, who is just beginning to figure out what the right thi...
  • Ashley Daviau
    I didn't think it possible but this book was even better than the first in the series! And I fell even more in love with Miriam and Louis and couldn't help but root for them despite knowing that with how Miriam is, chances were slim. I absolutely loved the storyline of this book, it was exciting and non stop action the whole way through. Some parts were most definitely disturbing but that's part of the charm of this series for me. This book was j...
  • Brandon
    You can say what you want about Miriam but you could never take away the fact that above all else, she’s true to herself. So when Ms. Black knows something’s not working out for her, she turns tail and seeks out a more desirable environment. Unfortunately for Louis, settling down with him in a tin coffin of a trailer isn’t exactly her idea of heaven on Earth.It isn’t long until Miriam is on the road again and back in the hot seat. While u...
  • Lou
    This was a great improvement on the first book in the Miriam black experience. This time round the great writing ability of chuck wendig is displayed with his humour and great dialogue.There is less profanity than the first and the writing is presented in an original short sharp no wasted words sentences. This was a great adventure into the Miriam black world."This might be your last chance to get off the ride. The Miriam Black Experience is ab...
  • Mr. Matt
    I was expecting a let-down after Blackbirds. I really was. That first book was so good. The second couldn’t be better, could it? I was wrong. There was no let down. Mockingbird picks up the story of Miriam Black after the events of Blackbirds. And by picking up, I don’t mean gently lifting you up and settling you carefully back down on a cushioned pillow. Mockingbird picks you up by the scruff of your neck and shakes you back and forth savage...
  • Stepheny
    Initial Reaction:Why the fuck would you ruin such a good thing?Actual Review:Kelly tried to warn us, but we didn't listen. Kelly was right. The second book fucking sucked.She said- NOPE, I won’t read that book with you guys. I’m leaving Blackbirds the way it is- perfect. Come on! We said. It’ll be fun! we said.We were wrong.Miriam Black is back at it in Mockingbird. She and Louis are boring and lame. They live together now. He knows her dir...
  • Sarah Anne
    This series amazes me. It's so very different from anything else I've read, at least partially because it's so dark and edgy. While I loved the first book, this one was exceptional.Miriam Black has a gift that is not really a gift. When she touches people she can see how they die. At the start of this book she's working at a grocery store, wearing gloves, and hating her life, except for her boyfriend Louis. She begins to crave touching people and...
  • Holly the Infinite Book Dragon
    Ghosts, restless and sad, stir inside her.If you are now considering book two in the Miriam Black series & you ask yourself "Self. Can Miriam Black BE any more badass?" HOW DARE YOU?! OF COURSE SHE CAN, SHITBIRD! OF COURSE SHE CAN! She is something else in this sequel. For real. This picks up a year after where book one has left off & Miriam has been.. suppressing her powers. For those unfamiliar with this series, Miriam can see how someone will ...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I really enjoyed the first Miriam Black book, Blackbirds, which was a good introduction to the unique gift/curse Miriam possesses, of seeing how people will die if she touches their skin. I was a little concerned about reading a second book, because I didn't want her to become routine. When Angry Robot Books offered me an eARC through their Robot Army, I jumped at the chance. It won't come out for the rest of you until October, sorry. But that wi...
  • Amanda Makepeace
    I do all my reading for pleasure at night, usually after 9 p.m. I began reading Mockingbird on August 1st. I finished on August 3rd.I am not a speed reader.The only time I can read a book that fast is:A. When the plot consumes me so much I’d rather read than sleep, even if it means I will be a zombie the next day and inevitably bite someone’s head off.B. When an author writes a book that is a perfect fusion of plot and character, where everyt...
  • Andy
    Makes me laugh & makes me want to read more, so an easy score with A clear 5 Stars!Where could Chuck Wendig go next with this series I was thinking after Blackbirds?As in the series opener Blackbirds there was no plot per say as Miriam Black WAS the plot & as a novelty worked superbly for me with many a chuckle over her coarse manner & caustic nature/wit. A little trepidation as i began Mockingbird but how wrong that was as he (Chuck Wendig) ramp...
  • sj
    I was a little annoyed with reading our PtBiB chapters last week because I just wanted to read this book some more.  I kept looking over at my reader thinking "Well, surely they won't mind if I'm just a little late..." but in the end I took my hosting duties more seriously than I wanted to and gave in to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to go back to the pleasure reading until the required reading was done.If you can call Chuck Wendig's M...
  • Milo (BOK)
    Great stuff, loved this just as much as the first. Can't add this to Best of 2012 at the moment due to complications with the computer that I'm currrently using (not my normal one), but I will do so when I can. FULL REVIEW:“A dark and gritty page-turner. Wendig’s second Miriam Black novel is a brilliant read and just as enjoyable as the first.” ~The Founding FieldsThis month just keeps getting better and better for reviewing. Reading wise, ...
  • Jason
    4.5 StarsI want to thank NetGalley for allowing me the courtesy of reading this book as an early read.I am now a real fan of Chuck Wendig. I really enjoyed my first read of his which was the first book in this series Blackbirds, and now with this second in the series Mockingbird, I am sold...This book starts a short time after the events of the first book have unfolded. Our heroine is trying her hardest to make it in the main stream. She is whol...
  • Ranting Dragon
    2012-12-28, Chuck Wendig’s fantastical debut, opened with a scene that made my eyes go wide and then stick to the pages like a starved dog with a side of meat. It pulled me along, chapter by hectic chapter, leaving me panting and glad that I had found out about his books when he had already published a sequel. Mockingbird also opens with a bang, albeit an understated one compared to the shock value that B...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    I can't get enough of Miriam Black. I just can't. I thought the initial delight of discovering this twisted and refreshingly candid series would have worn off a bit by now, but it hasn't. If anything, I think I'm finally starting to sense of who Miriam is and the direction in which these books are going. Or that might just be wishful thinking. Regardless, I'm still having a blast.Some time has passed since we last left Miriam and Louis in Blackbi...
  • Sadie | sadie_reads_them_all
    Mockingbird is the second book in the Miriam Black series. The first book was about introductions. Wendig introduced us to Miriam Black, her crazy past, her uncertain future and most importantly, the paranormal gift/curse she carries with her. I fell in love with her--she has this wild disposition and she's crude and takes every opportunity to challenge people and push boundaries (especially when we don't think she should)In Mockingbird, the intr...
  • J.F. Penn
    Chuck Wendig can seriously write a great metaphor - his language is stunning and original and I'm always re-reading lines to try and fathom the layers. This is definitely horror with a suitably violent and nasty serial killer hunting young girls, mutilating and murdering them. Miriam Black, with her visions of how people die tries to change the fates of the girls she meets by hunting down the killers. But is her gift, or curse, beginning to twist...
  • Kate Sherrod
    Sometimes, I think Chuck Wendig has been spying on my own inner dialogue as I scowl and huff and sigh my way through my meatspace life. Yes, my little chickadees, it's true: Miriam Black's outside voice sounds a lot like my inside voice. And I bet I'm not alone.I really, really loved Wendig's first Miriam Black novel, Blackbirds in all of it's cursing, seedy, desperate glory. I've been sort of obsessively peeking at my inbox lately that I might p...
  • Stephanie
    There is something so compelling about Miriam Black. She is prickly and damaged but so appealing, so very honest, yet so reluctant to pursue her new calling.Miriam suffered a traumatic event in her teen years that left her with a special ability. If she touches someone skin to skin, she can see that person's death. She can see how they die and she knows how soon it will happen. This "gift" has now indicated the presence of a serial killer and Mir...
  • Jo Anne B
    Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book."Death by lungbarf". This was my favorite line in the book amongst many, many other awesome one liners like, "What the fuck's a Trapper Keeper?"Wow do I love this author! I laughed so much during this book. The way Wendig throws these in your face one liners in, it just gets me everytime. Miriam is one of my favorite characters of all time. She is so, so messed up and b...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    Writing MOCKINGBIRD must've been one hell of a catch-22 for Chuck Wendig. Readers ached for a sequel to Miriam Black's adventures and yet, how do you follow up on something as crushingly good as BLACKBIRDS? Writing this novel deprived of the novelty factor must've been as difficult as typing it with your nose, while your hands are tied behind your back.That said, MOCKINGBIRD is a success. It doesn't have the Earth shattering potency of its predec...
  • Sana
    The most fucked up of the most fucked up of the most fucked up.
  • Alissa Patrick
    This wasn't as great as the first one, but I really enjoyed this one. Miriam is harder and edgier than before as she struggles with maintaining a balance between normalcy with Louis and her psychic power of "I can see how you die" when she touches people.The bird imagery in this one was fantastic.I find birds creepy as shit so I definitely got the heebie jeebies reading this one.
  • Julie
    4.5Reliability in an author is really something we don't discuss enough.It's a relief to know I can crack open a Wendig book, be glued to the pages for a day or two, and then finish up full and satisfied. I can forget whatever's bothering me and just soak.Last time I dropped a star for a slur. He addresses that same slur in this book, thank you. This time, I'm dropping a half-star (that you can't see because Goodreads is stubborn) because of a ve...
  • Stefanie Hasse
    Zitate:„Es ist schon so lange her. Ihre Hände kribbeln förmlich.Früher hasste sie ihren Fluch.Das tut sie immer noch. Aber das ändert nichts an ihrem Verlangen.“(S.13)„Ich bin eine Giftpille. Ich bin ein Anti-Smiley-Aufkleber, wie die auf den Giftflaschen. Ich bin nicht gut für Menschen.“(S.131)Inhalt:Eine gewisse Normalität ist in Miriams Leben eingekehrt. Nur kann sie sich damit nicht wirklich anfreunden. Miriam fühlt sich eingee...
  • Mieneke
    Earlier this year I read, reviewed and loved Chuck Wendig's first Miriam Black novel, Blackbirds . Even though it took me a bit, I fell in love with his caustic, sharp and foul-mouthed protagonist, Miriam. Combined with a fascinating premise, a psychic who only foresees the manner and moment of a person's death, and an edge-of-your-seat suspense, she blew all my reservations about Blackbirds away and I was really looking forward to reading Mocki...
  • Paul
    Please note Mockingbird is a direct sequel to Blackbirds and due to that fact it’s entirely possible this review may contain minor spoilers. Consider yourself warned, people.Miriam Black has a terrible talent.The first time she touches someone, she will see the moment of their death. Still in her early twenties, she’s foreseen hundreds of car crashes, heart attacks, strokes, suicides, and slow deaths by cancer. It is all she can do to keep he...
  • Kaleb
    In the sequel to the previous novel, Blackbirds, we become more acquainted with the foul-mouthed Miriam Black. The book takes place almost a year after the events that took place in Blackbirds. Miriam now lives a quiet, serene life with Louis. And rather than drifting from place to place, as Miriam has been prone to for the last few years, she has settled down in Long Beach with him in a trailer park; working as a cashier at the local supermarket...