The Magic (The Secret, #3) by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic (The Secret, #3)

In 28 days, you can take a journey that will change your life. Long ago, sacred texts held secrets we can unravel today. One word can change your life.

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TitleThe Magic (The Secret, #3)
Release DateSep 26th, 2018
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Psychology

Reviews The Magic (The Secret, #3)

  • Sophia
    I am currently reading this book. I am on day 9.I think the first remarkable change in me - is that I am really grateful for a lot of things... Its a nice feeling. Take this book and go diligently with the recommendation..It is a not a rapid read... :)Updated review. Now I am on day 18. Its working. Am smiling most of the timesWell, I did read it through 24 days. I some how lost it on the 24 day & I really regret it. I might start all over again....
  • Erin Latimer
    So far this book is a painful slog through a torturous marsh of tangled words. If I wasn't already annoyed that the book is basically rehashing all the same messages from "The Secret" but replacing the "law of attraction" with "being thankful" , then I would still be tearing out my hair from the repetitiveness of it all. Not only that, but the author throws out ridiculous claims about studies that were done without any proof, and tells you to "ru...
  • Susan
    I've been following the exercises every day from the Magic - to check out how they went go to is my full book review: Rhonda Byrne is the lady who created the popular film and bestselling book, The Secret and her sequel book The Power. Her experiences in life led her to discover the Law of Attraction which then turned her life around. Her amazing ability to see the best in everything, to feel love for ...
  • Daniel Taylor
    The Secret taught the world the law of attraction. The Power unleashed the law of love. In Byrne's latest book she drills down into something mentioned in the earlier two works: the law of gratitude.Practice gratitude every day, Byrne teaches, and your life will transform. Studies done in the field of positive psychology advocate the life-transforming power of keeping a gratitude journal. Byrne walks you through how gratitude affects each area of...
  • Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu
    must read for all, everyone must not only read but also strictly follow this until it becomes a habit, my life is changing and i am sure it will change if i follow it throughout my life........
  • Janalee
    This was the dumbest book I've skimmed in a long time. They could have summed it up in 4 words. Be Grateful for Everything.
  • Carolina
    Whether you agree with its principles or not, this book accomplishes to put you in a state of mind of being happy and grateful for all that you have and I believe that is a trait we should always carry we us. In general it did help me just feel more joy about my days and situations. It was almost like a warm mothering blanket that told you everything is going to be ok. I myself, once I shifted my energies to be more grateful and happy, saw myself...
  • Christi
    I am so GLAD I bought this book!The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne (creator of the popular film and best selling book, The Secret), is not a book to just read. It is an interactive journey designed to help you experience gratitude on a very deep level. I will be forever grateful to Rhonda Byrne for showing me how to express my gratitude. EXPERIENCING the MAGIC of gratitude through EXPRESSING gratitude is exactly what this book is all about. Only halfway ...
  • Dannii Elle
    This is the third and final book in Rhonda Byrne's self-help series. I had assumed this to continuation and repetition of all that had been previously relayed to the reader and, so, was pleasantly surprised to find that this instalment was in quite a different vein to its predecessors.This book invites the reader to put all their previously gathered information to the test with 28 simple practises and activities to be performed over 28 consecutiv...
  • Jen Marin
    I found this book to be incredibly hokey. Really, it was repetitive, and cheesy, and I had to force myself to finish it.Nevertheless, Byrne is on to something important in this book, and I found that making myself slog through it helped me to get in touch with the power of gratitude to transform my experience of life.I gave up on the exercises early on as they were time consuming and difficult to fit into my already packed life. However, just rea...
  • A.E. Shaw
    I very much subscribe to this stuff. I like it a lot, and it has completely changed my life. That's the disclaimer here. If it's not your thing and you've tried The Secret or The Power then this is more than likely to inspire the same feelings those gave you. However, if, like me, you've read those and gained plenty from them, but found yourself sliding into the less positive in recent times, then The Magic, essentially a much more straightforwar...
  • Michael
    She's BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, with a new hocus-pocus mixed bag of new/old age wisdoms and aphorism. She's paced herself out this time around - 28 chapters labelled as "Days" - I smell a magical seminar just around the corner. Quote on the first page of the book reads "By this means you will acquire the glory of the whole world" THE EMERALD TABLET (CIRCA 3,)))-5,000 BC) - Huh?Why do I feel like Dorothy going to see the Wizard of Oz after read...
  • Pamela S
    This book gave you the secrets on how to "improve" your life in 28 days. If you want this magic to work, surely you should read this book slowly and read each sentence until you understand what does it mean. I am absolutely stunned on how much gratitude can bring to you. I've completed the book and i still continue to put gratitude in each day i live. It's wonderful.
  • Louise Cusack
    My favourite of Rhonda Byrne's books so far. Easy to read and apply, and so profound. This book has literally changed the way I live my life. So very grateful to her for writing it!#thanks4theread
  • Michele Harrod
    I loved 'The Secret' movie when it first came out, and I do believe we all have the power to manifest our life (and are in fact doing so every minute of the day, whether we are conscious of the fact, or not). So this is a good reminder to do it consciously. This book is all about Gratitude - and offers 28 daily practices to ingrain gratitude into your thinking. And that can't be bad for anyone!! In this day and age, when people seem to spend more...
  • Sunny Sodday
    Rhonda Byrne's first book 'The Secret' was one of the life changing books I've read in my entire lifetime so far. And my expectations from 'The Magic' was huge. The book is mainly about the attitude of gratitude and sadly it is only about that. The book's language is very simple and very impactful and I totally agree with the concept. I think this is great read of you haven't read 'The Secret.'But if you who already read 'The Secret' this may fee...
  • Γιώργος Μπέλκος
    Πόσο απίστευτη ευγνωμοσύνη νιώθω οταν πέφτουν στα χέρια μου τοσο απλα βιβλία και με κάνουν να νιώθω τοσο συγκίνηση. Ευχαριστω!!
  • Farah
    This book is a blessing.I do admit the practices are very concentrated and are a little time-consuming, but in the end, it made my heart feel as light as a feather. This book just added to the amount of gratitude I practice daily. The book offers quotes, lessons, tips, and facts all concerning gratitude. Any problem's solution is gratitude; it's true. It just makes me see how I am infinitely blessed and I take it all for granted. (This books goes...
  • Thomas
    So after seeing many of the reviews here. i thought i might as well leave my story.PLEASE READ!well before reading this book, i never thought about gratitude much. and life was okay. things were good.but i saw this book one day at barnes n noble. and thought hey the cover looks neat. so i took it home and began the journey. i did the practices and felt gratitude everyday as much as i could. well a funny thing started to happen. after about a mont...
  • Renee Amberg
    This is such a shame to write. If you are looking for an in depth gratitude journal, this book is for you. If you are looking for a 28 day life changing journey (as stated on the back of the book), don't waste your time.This was extremely hard for me to get through, I almost didn't finish. The writing was written in 'hokey' language that was very repetitive and cheesy. I had a hard time even practicing the exercises due to the outdated style. Thi...
  • Ding Ong
    Well, one word sums up this book. Gratitude.However, this author managed to write an entire book on this seemingly simple word. It does get repetitive after a few chapters as it explores the same value over and over again while reiterating its importance. Its written as a 'guidebook' in which over 28 days of practising gratitude can change your life. Well, it seemed rather absurd as i was reading it. It appears to be more of self-denial from my p...
  • Neha
    The Magic by Rhonda ByrneMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI Loved it :-)View all my reviews
  • Nayereh Ahmadian
    به نام خدااول از همه این که کتاب مجموعه ای از تمرینات ۲۸ روزه بود که آنها را برای استفاده های بعدی در کانالی تلگرامی به آدرس زیر ذخیره کرده ام. اگر مایل بودید میتوانید به تمرینات نگاهی بیندازید و آنها را اجرا کنید@themagicrbاین کتاب را یکی از دوستانم از بد...
  • Aqua Rius
    The magic by Rhonda Byrne can be summed up in two words "Be Grateful" .This book is all about gratitude, Byrne gives us a magical way to change our lives through her different experiences and examples in 28 days.After reading this book I've to admit that I'm not living but I'm surviving because still I dont know what life is.When we were kids, we had no responsibilities and we were the most happiest persons in the world. When we grow we put ourse...
  • Ola
    ممتنة لرندا بايرن لطالما اخافتني كلمة السحر لربطها بين ماهو متداول من خزعبلات ومكايد شيطانية في هذا الكتاب اخبرتني ان السحر هو الأعجاز تحويل الرمل إلى ذهب وإن أحلام الطفولة ستتحقق عن طريق هذا السحر وليس ذاك
  • Kalpit
    The Magic - By Rhonda BryneVery helpful and a very smooth read.Easy to understand and fluid language.Lets hope this brings MAGIC to my life..I completed the 28 days exercise and it's working like magic. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to bring magic to their life.Be grateful and thank every thing around you, air, water, atmosphere, weather, health, arms, legs, bike, car, mobile, internet, computer, family, friends and each any everyth...
  • Eti Mishra
    Today,I came across this book "The Magic" which I read last year and felt an urge to write a review for the same because this book actually disappointed me.I'm not much into books of this genre that is "Self Help".Now,talking about this book, I really liked the first few pages, but then everything became repetitive which actually irritated me and I had to force myself to finish this book.The idea behind the book is good, that is we should show gr...
  • BooksAmL
    Giving this book also a 3 out of 5 starts. This is the second book after The Secret. Well with this book the writer is trying to remind us so far how it used to be when we were kids and believe in magic, dreams can come true, life is like a magic. The book is a lot like The Secret only said with different words and giving task to do everyday something added to the previous once. Each day that passes you are told/ asked to add one more task to the...
  • Marian
    I just received this book and it is great! It is not really meant to be read at one or two sittings...but is a 28 day plan to change your life using GRATITUDE. Very powerful and the days are broken into very doable steps. I will post back on April 29th and let everyone know how it works...hopefully like MAGIC!