Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3 by Mizuho Kusanagi

Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

Yona dan Haku memulai pengembaraan mereka mencari pendeta yang bisa meramal masa depan.Setelah terjatuh dari jurang karena terdesak oleh prajurit lawan, Yona dan Haku diselamatkan Yun dan Ikusu.Apakah Ikusu adalah pendeta yang mereka cari?!Jalan apa yang ditunjukkan sang pendeta kepada Yona yang ingin melindungi orang-orang yang dicintainya?

Details Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

TitleYona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3
Release DateNov 9th, 2011
Number of pages192 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Shojo, Romance, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Comics Manga, Young Adult, Historical, Comics

Reviews Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

  • Camila
    Ay! No puedo dejar de leer! Me encanta :B
  • Karen
    I'm in love with this manga
  • Sarah Schanze
    Another good volume! I wish the English release books were closer to the Japanese releases, but I'm still glad they're being translated.
  • Evelyn
    Enter Yun and Ik-su; Hak is dying and Yona can't do anything about it. This pitiful princess is tired of being ignorant and helpless. She's got a mission and to complete it, she'll defy her father's wishes and pick up a weapon. Then she has to make a deal with God: four warriors as strong as the Thunder Beast.
  • Jenny
    Better...things are definitely getting better. Yona is starting to seek ways to become strong and independent. I find her growth fun to read. The only concerning thing in this novel seems to be that Yoon is in love with his guardian the priest...or did I just read too much into this?
  • Ella Oktaverina
    "Aku juga ingin berdiri di atas kakiku sendiri dan berjalan di jalanku sendiri."Petualangan Yona dan Haku berlanjut di mana mereka pada akhirnya menemukan sosok pendeta bernama Ikusu yang konon katanya bisa menunjukkan Yona jalan yang akan dia tempuh agar dapat selamat. Sang pendeta akhirnya memberitahu bahwa dengan perjalanan ini Yona akan selalu meresikokan hidup Haku, dan supaya hal tersebut tidak jadi kemungkinan terburuk (meninggalnya Haku),...
  • Nathaly Alvarez Jimenez
    Puede que el viaje de Yona haya comenzado en el volumen anterior pero es en éste que toma la decisión de qué va hacer; pues el desarrollo de Yona como personaje es generado debido a que está pensando en cómo afectan sus decisiones de ahora en adelante, no sólo a ella sino también a Hak.Pasaron tres cosas muy importantes en este tomo: Primero, la introducción de nuevos personajes: Ik-soo es un sacerdote que puede hablar a los dioses y Yoon...
  • Rema
    Yona and Hak finally meet the priest they've been looking for. They end up being cared for by the priest, Ik-soo, and his companion, a bishonen named Yoon. I've always liked Yoon, because he's a no nonsense of character but has a surprisingly emotional side to him. Yona embarks with Hak and Yoon on a journey to find the four legendary dragons who will assist Yona in her quest. However, the purpose or the quest itself is not explained. I doubt eve...
  • Joti
    Yoon tells Yona about how & why the priests were driven out of the castle; they had too much power & the Kings didn’t like that - so the priest tells Yona the prophecy & the legend of the 4 dragon warriors & how they disappeared after Hiryuu died & how they’re here even know & she must seek them out & other comrades besides just Hak, who will die. the priest, Ik-soo, wants to send Yoon with Yona & Hak - he remembers how he found Yoon, a starv...
  • Cindy
    Entah kenapa selalu begini dalam manga manga Jepang...Orang baik dan kalem macam Suwon saat menjadi raja bisa berhati dingin dan ditaktor banget :'( Suwon yang kalem dan polos sudah menghilang ...Di book 3 ini Haku dan Yona mulai mengembara untuk mencari pendeta yang bisa melihat masa depan ...Setelah terjatuh dari jurang dan ditemukan sekarat oleh Yun dan Ikusu. Nah, siapa itu Ikusu? Apakah dia pendeta yang dicari oleh Yona dan Haku?Ada juga leg...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    I'm really enjoying this shojo! Yona and Hak add members to their group and are given a quest. First, they meet up with the priest and his helper where we learn a lot about them as characters. The helper, Yun, joins their party. The priest has told Yona of the four Dragon (kings or warriors, I can't remember). So they journey off and find the White Dragon who also joins their party by the end of the book. Lots of new characters and a fun book wit...
  • Ceres
    Ce tome est plus en retenue, focalisé sur les sentiments et les souhaits des personnages. Yona affiche toujours plus de détermination pour mon plus grand plaisir tandis que nous découvrons de nouveaux personnages tous très attachants. La légende des 4 dragons permet de donner plus de poids au scénario! Vivement la suite!
  • Gustavo
    This volumen has to important moment when they departured from the priest's place, the story behind him was so sad and the second was when they met the white dragon I love how Hak loves Yuna and she doesn't notice it, well now they are soughting the left three dragons.
  • Octavianny Mata
    Aparecio el primer Dragon! el dragon blanco a partir de aqui todo empieza a ponerse mejor y mejor yo lo se ,debo agregar que Ki-ja se ve mas guapo en el manga que en el anime y el sentido del humor de Hak me encanta no paro de reir de sus ocurrencias
  • Lunari Lizardi
    "Si puedes encontrar a los dragones de la leyenda no será por una razón personal, sino que por tu destino"Ya apareció el primer dragón: Hakuryuu, cuyo verdadero nombre es Kija (él es tan adorable). La búsqueda de los Dragones Guerreros apenas comenzó.
  • Patricia
    Flawless series is flawless.
  • Orinthia Lee
    Naga putihnya manis -/////-*sambil elus2 Haku*
  • Elly
    Last chapter was hilarious. Kija's granny reminds me of my own.
  • Dakota
    Volume 3 continues with Yun's storyline and introduces the story of the four dragons. Another character is added to our merry group
  • Holly Letson
    I feel like Yona could become very strong in her own right. Her journey will be an interesting one.
  • LolliCandyPop
    I.. I am speechless. I love everything about this manga. Honestly, I can't stop myself from craving for it.
  • Jessica Duet
    So we meet the priest, hak survives, and the white dragon appears! Can't wait for volume 4!
  • Jessie H.
    I'm loving the boy genius, Yoon! Loving him SO much! Finally we get to the part where our group starts their quest to find the Four Dragons! I'm liking Ki-ja! Hak is still my favorite though!
  • Carrie
    I love this series. I love these characters. The plot of this book was entertaining. I love reading the series I fell in love with from the anime.
  • Sandra Wolf
    aww Kija my sunshine
  • Saorikins
    So good...
  • Vera Neves (Sinfonia dos Livros)
    Ki-Ja on the pictureeeeee!! :*
  • Katie
    see full review @ Katie's Corner
  • Soffy Sopraffare
    Hak <3
  • Skye (Skye's Scribblings)
    Finally the magic has appeared!! It's still a well-used plot, even and especially now that the magic has been added, but I'm intrigued enough to try another volume.