Blue Exorcist, Vol. 8 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist, Vol. 8

Awakened by the traitor Saburota Todo, the Impure King’s massive form threatens to engulf the city of Kyoto. As the Exorcists of the Tokyo Branch and the monks of the Myodha temple do all they can to contain the demon, Rin and his friends find themselves separated and facing their own battles. While Rin and Ryuji race to confront the full might of the Impure King, Yukio takes on Todo singlehanded and discovers that he may be his own worst enemy...

Details Blue Exorcist, Vol. 8

TitleBlue Exorcist, Vol. 8
Release DateNov 6th, 2012
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Young Adult, Shonen

Reviews Blue Exorcist, Vol. 8

  • Mal
    ɴᴀɪᴀᴅs· ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ ᴅᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ ᶤ ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ʰᵃᵗᵉ ᵐʸᶳᵉˡᶠ (view spoiler)[To be entirely honest I kind of like both the anime and the manga. Like, the further in I get the more I'm like -- God I'm glad there's both x.x more yukio for moi (hide spoiler)]
  • Saphirablue
    Wow. A lot of action and Rin & Shiemi being awesome and Kuro being huge? Love it!I love that Rin managed to pull the sword again and fight the bad guy and protect Bon. :)The thing with Shima? For a moment I've been really scared that he'll just leave...But the thing with Yukio? /o\ *angst*
  • Elias Alexander
    This was so amazing. So much action. And an even more mysterious conversation between the brothers. Aaahhhh I love it.
  • Elinor
    Oh là là mais que se passe-t-il avec Yukio ? Encore un très très bon tome d'une de mes séries favorites.
  • Cornerofmadness
    Volume 8 ramps up the tension and excitement. Freshly freed from his death sentence by his friends, Rin has to help stop the Impure King before its spore sack gets big enough to poison the entire city and causes tens of thousands of deaths. Rin and Bon are on their own, Konekomaru and Shima, not getting to them in time.However, before that, Yukio has his own trial to get through. Rin’s brother is alone, facing Tobo, who has merged with a phoeni...
  • Chivitouille
    He recibido cierta decepción con este tomo, a la vez que suceden algunas cosas interesantes a la par no sucede nada, la historia no avanza.Yukio por fin es sincero y podemos conocer lo que siente y piensa, todo gracias a Todoh que lo presiona al límite y aunque nos revelan ciertas cosas interesantes además de la gran inteligencia y habilidad de Yukio y de cierto incidente inesperado, no sucede más. Además de que por fin nos enteramos de que ...
  • Barbora
    Další výborný díl. Nejhorší je, že AnE vychází jednou za měsíc. To čekání je hrozné, ale aspoň to má delší kapitoly, než takový týdenní One Piece.
  • Ashley De La Cruz
    The storyline went off a bit but there are a lot of actions!
  • Julia Sapphire
    *3.25* -Love Rin and his familiar -Went off topic a bit -Lots of action
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Rin and Bon; I really love this friendship bond that these two are forming. They're tough on each other when they need to be but they always know what to say to one another when one of them is feeling down or discouraged. It's wonderful!Shima: We see him grow a little this chapter and come out of his cowardly shell a little more.Yukio and Todo: This was one interesting and mind trippy battle. Yukio is struggling with how he feels about h...
  • Katia
    Honestidad, en todas partes.Es espléndido ver los verdaderos sentimientos de Yukio, eso hace que tenga compasión por el y es muy interesante el despertar de sus poderes.Suguro, todo porque su Padre y Rin hacen las cosas a sus maneras es que estaban enojado. Ellos se volverán grandes amigos.Amor eterno a la portada.
  • Mary ♥
    5/5 stars*review for the entire manga series will come when I finish*
  • Lenni Locket
    5/5 estrellas
  • Caroline Doab
    I love this series it's soooo good
  • Abeer Albossany
    The end of the Kyoto Impure King arc or almost the end. And it really was fun to read.
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    The story building in this is decent. There's sections that feel like you're missing something though.
  • Noah Daniels
    Yet another exciting read from Kato. This manga continues to delve into the story so well established in previous volumes.
  • Shawna
    Kuro's on the cover! The best part of this novel is Yukio. Is he awakening to Satan's blue flame? Will there be two sons of Satan exorcists? These stories never bore me!
  • Martina Fuchs
    Rin is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.Shiemi is changing so much, so proud of my summer child!
  • Magik
  • usagi ☆ミ
    This is one of the rawest books in the series so far - there are a LOT of feels to be felt by pretty much everyone in the book. Identity comes into question - both for the group as one unit and the individuals within it. The burden of inheritance. The pain of growing up with a sibling that might have been favored over you. The fear of going up against an enemy that could destroy the world - will you run? Or will you fight? In "Blue Exorcist: Volu...
  • MissAnnThrope
    24 January 2013I love Kuro so, so much. Kuro kicks ass! Actually, every single person brought their A-game in Blue Exorcist, Volume 8 to give us one helluva an exciting ride. The epic battles are phenomenal and I'm so impressed by the impeccably detailed artwork in each scene. Ah-mazing!For me, the standout heros in this volume were Bon and Yukio (and Kuro too, of course!). Bon impresses me more and more with every single volume. I love how much ...
  • Sarah Maddaford
    Yukio faces his own feelings towards his brother while he and everyone else are fighting to stop the rise of the Impure King. Rin must find the ability to draw his sword and control his power before Suguro falters in his mantra. This volume could have been one of the absolute best yet if not for the interruptions of flashbacks and the lengthy build up as a result of each of those interruptions. Each of the students is pushing herself to go furthe...
  • Chels M.
    3,5 en realidad.Aunque pensé que éste sería el último tomo referente al Rey de la Inmundicia se ve que no, que falta al menos uno más... no sólo se ha alargado enormemente, sino que me siento algo decepcionada. No es una mala historia pero no engancha tanto como los primeros volúmenes... Sí que me han gustado las historias del pasado, conocer a la familia Shima, ver cómo evolucionaba la historia en sí, la acción, etc. Pero no sé, no a...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Really enjoyed this volume. Nothing much happens in the scheme of things, they make it through their battles and everyone seems to gain some needed experience. It's not over yet though and really this was all filler as far as Rin's story is concerned though I do like the cliff hanger ending and look forward to what happens with Ucchusma. I really liked getting Yukio's perspective in this volume and how he feels about himself and Rin. While I don'...
  • scarlettraces
    i see that i haven't commented on Blue Exorcist except to say that i liked the younger twin (that would be Yukio, feeding my minor fetish for harassed, stoic second leads) so let this stand for the series so far. i often don't get along with shonen (*so* not the target demographic) but this is smart, silly, a feast for the eyes and full of energy. i love the backgrounds, especially the architectural fantasias (the manifestation of the king of rot...
  • Philippe Lhoste
    Tomes 5 à 8.On a affaire à un nouvel arc narratif, la bataille contre une entité démoniaque surpuissante, créant et propageant des miasmes mortels.Toute l'équipe, et les autres exorcistes, ne seront pas de trop pour le combattre.Ce sera l'occasion de revenir aux origines (kyotoïtes) de certains, de s'interroger sur leur passé, leur filiation, leurs relations avec les autres. Et de gagner de la confiance en soi, pour le héros mais aussi p...
  • Kate
    Continuing on with the arc from last time we, the readers, find Rin and Ryuji facing off against the Impure King (a demon of rot). While the fight, Yukio has to combat Todo who has become a demon. We find through this fight that Yukio may have some demonic potential as well (albeit he denounces it there). Now this book has left me with the big cliffhanger as to how the two groups will defeat this evil epidemic that has been unleashed. Hope it all...
  • Emily
    4.5 stars. The action picked up in this volume with Kuro leading the charge. Rin's adorable, demon cat familiar was willing to sacrifice itself for Rin, which has been the most touching moment of the manga thus far. This volume also featured character growth for Konekomaru and Shiemi. I'm on team Kuro.