The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3) by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3)

Book Three of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea CycleDarkness threatens to overtake Earthsea: the world and its wizards are losing their magic. Despite being wearied with age, Ged Sparrowhawk -- Archmage, wizard, and dragonlord -- embarks on a daring, treacherous journey, accompanied by Enlad's young Prince Arren, to discover the reasons behind this devastating pattern of loss. Together they will sail to the farthest reaches of their world -- even bey...

Details The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3)

TitleThe Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3)
Release DateNov 1st, 2004
PublisherGallery Books
Number of pages259 pages
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction Fantasy, High Fantasy

Reviews The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3)

  • Apatt
    “I would not ask a sick man to run a race,” said Sparrowhawk, “nor lay a stone on an overburdened back.” It was not clear whether he spoke of himself or of the world at large. Always his answers were grudging, hard to understand. There, thought Arren, lay the very heart of wizardry: to hint at mighty meanings while saying nothing at all, and to make doing nothing at all seem the very crown of wisdom." There are surely better passages to q...
  • Jerzy
    As usual with Le Guin's books, the flow of the plot is not the strong point. It's more about the sum of experiences and discussions that the characters have, if that makes any sense. So although this one has a more hackneyed plot than any other book of hers I've read, there are (as usual) quite a few really nice moments and deep insights. She spins out some more thoughts about balance and equilibrium, continuing the conversation from A Wizard of ...
  • Brad
    I started reading this to Miloš & Brontë at the beginning of March, and somewhere around May they lost interest. I don't think I can blame Ursula K. LeGuin, at least not entirely. I was a big part of the problem. I struggled with this installment of The Earthsea Cycle, and that must have translated into the way I read this aloud, making it and me tough to listen to (never have the kids fallen asleep so often while I was reading. I usually have ...
  • Jeanette
    The Farthest Shore was written for tweens and teens, so if you just want a good fantasy full of adventure and daring and DRAGONS (the best part!), ignore all of the following and just enjoy. This is a story the meaning of which will derive from the beliefs of the individual reader. Had I read it when I still held spiritual beliefs, I would doubtless have fit the story into a framework of religious allegory and symbolism. As I am now comfortable i...
  • Sumant
    It's really hard for me to write a review for this book, because this book changed my perception regarding it dramatically from start to the end. Initially when I started it I really liked how the story was flowing in it, but then Le Guin starts introducing a lot of philosophy in the middle, at that time I thought what the hell is going on ?. What am I reading ? whether this is fantasy or a philosophical book ? but she manages to tie things up ma...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    The farthest shore (The Earthsea Cycle, #3), Ursula K. Le Guinعنوان: دریای زمین - کتاب 3 - دورترین کرانه؛ نویسنده: ارسولا کی. لوژوان (لگوین)؛ مترجم: پیمان اسماعیلیان خامنه؛ ویراستار: نیلوفر خانمحمدی؛ تهران، قدیانی، 1387، در 373 ص، جلد 3 از مجموعه شش کتاب در شش جلد؛ شابک دوره: 9789645365835؛...
  • Kaora
    This one is between 3 and 4 stars for me, but I'm feeling generous so I'm giving it a 4.All over Earthsea wizards are losing their magic, so Ged Sparrowhawk and Prince Arren embark on a quest to discover the source of the disappearing magic.While this one again starts off rather slow as Le Guin builds the scene, and the action doesn't occur until the end, I'm stating to enjoy the world she has created more and more as it is slowly revealed.I also...
  • Eric
    He was a peerless sailor, though. Arren had learned more in three days' sailing with him, than in ten years of boating and racing on Berila Bay. And mage and sailor are not so far apart; both work with the powers of sky and sea, and bend great winds to the use of their hands, bringing near what was remote. Archmage or Hawk the sea-trader, it came to much the same thing.He was a rather silent man, though perfectly good-humored. No clumsiness of Ar...
  • Donna
    This is the third book in the Earthsea Cycle, closing out the trilogy, though the stories of Earthsea continue with subsequent books. The story picks up years after book two ends, when Ged is middle-aged and has become the Archmage of Roke, which is the center of wizardry in that world, housing a school for those in training. Roke is isolated, though well protected from hostile invasion. This gives little comfort to Ged when he learns that wizard...
  • J. Trott
    People like to talk about "The Golden Compass" as the athiestic answer to C. S. Lewis' Narnia series. However Ursula Le Guin's series has a far better claim to this title. In these books, the most trenchant critiques of religion, and the best arguments for humanism are presented. In the first book, the greatest enemy is within the protagonist, who must name his darkest self in order to overcome. Old powers are present throughout, and fear is thei...
  • Dan
    Good story, bad prose.When I was in high school, I read an Ursula K. Le Guin story in my Science Fiction Literature class. I found it to be difficult to read. I chalked that up to being young and a relatively inexperienced reader. I saw this book at a library book sale and picked it up to give it a try.I discovered that being young an inexperienced had nothing to do with her stories being hard to read. She uses peculiar word order that confuses t...
  • Nikki
    This has always been my least favourite of the Earthsea books, and I think that’s sort of inevitable given the central conflict, the issue that the whole book centres around. It’s about magic dying out, about death and fighting death and being afraid of death, where few people are whole and entire and able to see the world as it is rather than wishing it was something else. Ged is one of those people, of course: he’s the Archmage for a reas...
  • Ivan Lutz
    po neni dosta slabija od dvije prethodne knjige. Ged je razvijen do kraja kao lik - junak..ali nesto fali. Dosta zapinje kad sam citao i ne budi onakvu zelju za citanjem kao ranije. A sad odmor od Zemljomorja moja domaca zadaca je zavrsena.
  • Robert
    This is my third attempt to review this book; the first attempt reached only one sentence before I deleted it; the second reached...not even one character before I gave up, but now I've thought of a way to approach it, so here goes, wish me luck trying to do it justice.Each of the first three Earthsea books is a coming of age story. In the first Ged has to face and accept his own mortality in order to truely begin his adult life. In the second Ar...
  • Ana-Maria Petre
    It requires a special talent to write a boring fantasy book.(I couldn't finish this. It's the weakest volume of the series by far. The storyline is jagged and thin. Nothing happens. Overall, it was a tedious read with rare moments of interest, and I think I'm going to ditch it.)
  • Kristal Kitap
    Ve bir efsane daha biter. *-* Keşke serinin diğer kitaplarını da alsaymışım. *-*
  • YouKneeK
    On average, I would say I enjoyed this book about as much as I had enjoyed the previous two books, but maybe less in some ways, and more in other ways.In the very beginning of book one, we were told Ged would eventually be an Archmage. At the beginning of this book, we find that this has come to pass and Ged is now the Archmage at the school on Roke. Prince Arren, a teenager introduced in this book, has traveled to Roke to tell the wizards that p...
  • Laila
    Ged... Her zamanki gibi kendine has durusuyla bir sonraki sayfada neler olacak diyerek kendini merakla okutan, sonunda "ne yani, bu kadar mi?" dedirten, serinin bir sonraki kitabina gecmek icin acele ettirten kahraman...Bu defa da "buyuleyiciydi" bu defa da surukleyiciydi. Ölmeden once bu seriyi mutlaka okumalisiniz!..
  • Zeynep Nur
    Okurken en çok heyecanlandığım kitaplardan biri oldu. Ölüm üzerine yazılmış olması, olaylar, Arren'in değişimi beni etkileyen başlıca şeylerden birkaçı. Serinin okuduğum kadarıyla en iyi kitabı.
  • Nikki
    When I first read Earthsea, this was probably my least favourite book. Probably because throughout it the world I've started to love is dying and in pain. The pain isn't just the characters, it's the whole world; it's less a personal journey and of significance for the whole of the world. I mean, it wasn't like a Ged-gebbeth wasn't a big threat to the world, or finding the ring of Erreth-Akbe wasn't important, but the story in this world is all a...
  • Cristen
    When I picked up this series I never thought I'd be learning valuable life lessons from it. NEVER. But the author touches on some interesting subjects, like life and death and sacrifice. It's not as kid friendly as the first two. But still a well written and thought provoking story. "Death and life are the same thing - like the two sides of my hand, the palm and the back. And still the palm and the back are not the same... They can be neither sep...
  • Tevfik
    Yerdeniz üçlemesinin son kitabıyla birlikte Ged'in Kahramanlıkları'nın Ursula'nın elinden çıkmış kısmı sona ermiş oldu.Ursula K. Leguin, sadece iyi bir yazar değil, aynı zamanda ilham veren bir yazar. Romanlarında yarattığı dünyaların birer vatandaşı. Anlatıcı değil, anlattığı karakterlerin yoldaşı.İtiraf edeyim: Ursula okuduktan sonra böyle bir gelişim romanı yazmaya ben de pek heveslendim. Mülksüzler'le ba...
  • Buck Ward
    So, this is the third in the original trilogy. (In later years, there are more books.) I read A Wizard of Earthsea so long ago that I don't remember it; just that sense of having liked it. I read the Tombs of Atuan more recently and it was pretty good, and now I have read The Farthest Shore. It is a good story, a quest across the archipelago of Earthsea. It has a wizard, Sparrowhawk, Gandalf-like; a boy prince, who comes to manhood; and there are...
  • Ben Babcock
    I love Ursula K. Le Guin’s first two Earthsea novels. A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan are among my two favourite fantasy novels, and together I think they form an essential duology that showcases some of the most compelling and truthful storytelling about identity and finding oneself. So it was with some trepidation that I read The Farthest Shore.In the third Earthsea novel, magic is dying. Our protagonists are a much older, more ...
  • vivliovision
    Ο νεαρός γιός του Πρίγκιπα των Ενλάδων, ο Άρεν, καταφθάνει στην νήσο Ροκ κομίζοντας στους εννέα θεματοφύλακες των μαγικών τεχνών που διδάσκουν εκεί την πανάρχαια τέχνη, δυσάρεστα νέα. Ο Γέροντας Αρχιμάγιστρος Γκεν, ο Κοσμήτορας της Σχολής, θα δια...
  • Tracy
    The last time I read this was perhaps 21 or 22 years ago. I was a different person then, although not so different as I thought. I loved this book then and I love it now. This makes me so very happy. Right at this moment in time I can say that I feel utterly content and peaceful. Really great books always make me feel this way. It's is almost as good as a person can feel. A young man named Arren travels to Roke to meet with Ged who is now the Arc...
  • Yelda Güzel
    Le Guin, En Uzak Sahil'in ölüme dair olduğunu belirtmiş. Ancak gerçek şu ki, ölüme dair hiç bir şey bilmiyoruz. Yazar da bilmiyor. O nedenle, itiraf ettiği üzere, ölümü anlatamamış. Yaşamı anlatmış. Ölümün zıttı olarak düşündüğü yaşamı. Yaşam aydınlıktır, durağan değildir, aralıksız bir devinimi vardır. Yaşam sihirlidir. Ve o sihre inanmaktır. En önemlisi: Yaşam umuttur. Yaşam eksildikçe damarları...
  • Bryn
    In the third of Ursula Le Guinn's Earthsea books, Sparrowhawk the mage is a much older, wiser man. We see him through the eyes of Arren - a Prince making the jouney from boy to man, and devoted to the mage. Magic is dying, and the two set out to discover what has gone wrong and try and save the world.It's not just the magic being lost - all the joy, skill and art is leaving the world. Creativity, hope and inspiraiton are stripped away. I could no...
  • Florian Pekazh
    Мрак е сковал Землемория в третата част от класическата поредица на Урсула ле Гуин, а един наш стар познайник ще се впусне в състезание срещу смъртта в името на доброто.Години са минали от събитията в "Гробниците на Атуан" и Гед вече е възрастен мъ...
  • Maree
    It's a little strange, but as I was reading this book, I was thinking it would be the perfect thing to give to someone who was dying. It plays with the themes of being afraid of dying in a really interesting way and I liked it for that.It also as a bit more ornate language than might be found in more current day books, but since reading Something Wicked This Way Comes, no book can really compare language-wise.I've been slowly making my way throug...