The Cormorant (Miriam Black, #3) by Chuck Wendig

The Cormorant (Miriam Black, #3)

Miriam is on the road again, having transitioned from "thief" to "killer".Hired by a wealthy businessman, she heads down to Florida to practice the one thing she's good at, but in her vision she sees him die by another's hand and on the wall written in blood is a message just for Miriam. She's expected...

Details The Cormorant (Miriam Black, #3)

TitleThe Cormorant (Miriam Black, #3)
Release DateDec 31st, 2013
PublisherAngry Robot
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Paranormal

Reviews The Cormorant (Miriam Black, #3)

  • Dan Schwent
    Miriam Black is lured to Florida by a rich man wanting Miriam to reveal how he dies. This turns out to be a ruse concocted by someone who wants Miriam dead, someone who knows of her gift, and the only person she can turn to is her mother. Can the two angry Black women stop the killer or will they fall prey to the horrors Miriam saw in her vision?I got this from NetGalley. Thank you, Netgalley!In the third installment, Miriam Black goes down to Fl...
  • Bradley
    Dark and gritty as ever, I have to admit that I also had a slight bit of an issue with the first half or so of the read. It jumped all over the place between the present and the past and while it all eventually became obvious why it might have been necessary, it was still slightly off-putting. There were slightly less raunchy/funny descriptive elements than before, too, but that's a grab bag of happy oddities and discoveries that not everyone mig...
  • Brandon
    He leans over toward her. She smells his breath. It smells of roadkill ripening in a wet ditch. He taps the end of the feather on the dashboard, click, click, click. "I’m just warning you Miriam Black. Forces have been aligning against you for a while. You’ve been fucking with this Jenga tower for too long, and it ain't long before it all comes clickety-clackety falling down."Responding to a Craigslist ad she wasn't aware had been posted on h...
  • Mr. Matt
    I like books that make you think. And Cormorant made me think - big time. Cormorant continues the story of Miriam Black. Miriam (for those of you who haven't met her) has a terrible curse. When she touches people she experiences the moment of their death. Worse yet, she knows to the minute and second when they will die. Not surprisingly, Miriam is one messed up woman. In The Cormorant Miriam grapples with her curse. Miriam is no longer content to...
  • Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews)
    2013-12-30 you’ve kept up with this series, then you know what Miriam went through in Mockingbird. To say that she’s physically and spiritually exhausted is an understatement, but she’s a survivor, our Miriam. When she saves the lives of two young men at the hands of a deranged homeless man, she finds a temporary home, but not paying rent is not a good thing, and her “work” as a street psychic isn’t bri...
  • Skip
    With the forthcoming publication of the 4th Miriam Black novel Thunderbird next week, I thought it high time to read the 3rd one. Unfortunately, I did not like it as much as the first two. Miriam is lured to Florida, with the promise of a $5,000 fee for using her special power of seeing someone's death by touching them. It turns out to be a fraud, as one of her nemeses who has his own equally impressive talent is out for retribution against Miria...
  • Paul Nelson
    The Cormorant is a damn clever book and the most personnel of Miriam Black’s stories to date, it’s told through multiple timelines, one of my favourite story telling methods and highly effective when done right. Thankfully Chuck Wendig does it right and The Cormorant is arguably the best of the series yet.This time Miriam goes up against someone who has powers not to dissimilar from her own curse, someone she knows all too well and they’re ...
  • Lisa
    Full Review: this may have taken seat as my favorite of Chuck Wendig’s books and put the fourth Miriam Black one on my must read list (please tell me there will be a fourth!). So, yeah, go read it. Miriam once again kicks ass.
  • Milo (BOK)
    The Review: “Chuck Wendig once again excels with another awesome look into the kickass character that is Miriam Black – delivering a page-turning thriller that is a must buy for any readers who enjoyed the first two books. Wendig has created a compelling read here, and The Cormorant might just be one of the best books in the series yet.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields"Miriam is on the road ag...
  • Holly (The Grimdragon)
    He's got the muscle tone of a crumpled jerk off tissue.The Cormorant is the follow-up to the fantastically raucous Blackbirds & Mockingbird. Are you sensing the theme here? Yes, BIRDS! And we get to meet quite the bird in this instalment, Corie the cormorant. She is sassy & I adore her! And Jerry. The scenes with the two of them are top notch entertainment! Miriam is on the move, making her way to Florida. She is now a killer.. but a killer that ...
  • Jason
    3 StarsI am giving this 3 stars even though it was a major let down for me. I absolutely loved the first two Miriam Black books and love her equally. My expectations as a result were quite high for The Cormorant. Chuck Wendig is a fantastic writer and that is evident from the very first page through the closing words. This book is well paced, well structured, and a lot of fun to read. The first third of this book was top notch. I loved the scenes...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    "It is what it is."This book was *almost* a four star rating as compared to Blackbirds and Mockingbird which were both BIG FAT 5 Stars but then, WHAM, BAM, thank you, Ma'am! The ending just sucker-punched me and earned itself that fifth star. I was concerned at first. I missed my Louis. I didn't like the beginning. I was disappointed a certain character from a previous book was back. I thought maybe the plot line was becoming formulaic or predict...
  • Sana
    When you want your most hated character in the book to die the worst death possible and he fucking does. Amen.This book, though. So fucked up and awesome.
  • Tabitha
    Miriam is back in The Cormorant with as much in your face spunk as you’ve come to expect from her. She’s been through a lot since Blackbirds and I must say you’ll see here come quite ways here as well. There were some very some turns that I did not expect and frankly a few that I was somewhat disappointed in, but overall a good showing and great character growth was achieved for Miriam.I was of course immediately sucked in with the violence...
  • Essi | morrisongrl
    I already miss Miriam. Sadly,the library doesn't have the next book yet and it's kinda driving me nuts. I want to know what happens next,and where the journey takes Miriam. This one started off maybe a bit slower than the previous two. But that changed quickly. I love the pacing of these books. There really isn't a boring moment. Also,talk about character development! Miriam is constantly learning,developing,changing all the while not losing who ...
  • LilyElement
    Review to come.Release date: December 31st, 2013
  • Terry Irving
    A lot of writers try to do this. Write in a tumbling, stumbling, flood of images, sound, and sensations. Not just tell a story but make you hear it and feel it and damn near live it. Very few succeed.Hell, a lot of daredevils try to walk on a wire but only Philip Petit managed to make it between the Twin Towers--back when there were Twin Towers.Chuck Wendig is a Philip Petit of novelists.: one of the very few who can pull off a flow of descriptio...
  • Sarah
    3.5 stars that I'm rounding up because I love this series so much. I'm so curious to see where the series is going.
  • Lorelle
    4.5 starsI've decided not to do conventional reviews anymore. I could tell you what happens in this and where the last book left off, but seeing I didn't have time to read Mockingbird before this, the impossibility of telling you where the second book finished, cleared a path to this opportunity. Telling you how book 3 compared to book 1, and how it affected me. I'm selfish that wayBlackbirdWhen I read book 1, so here we are talking about Blackbi...
  • Maraia
    Although Mockingbird is still my favorite in the series so far, The Cormorant did not disappoint. Chuck Wendig plays with words like no one else, and Miriam Black is as badass as ever. Now if only the next book weren't coming out in 2017...Favorite quotes [note - quotes contain language that some will find offensive]:"You thought what? That because you're a nice guy my panties will just drop because you deserve to have my thighs around your ears?...
  • Andy
    Great addition to the series where the genre that is called "Miriam Black" turns it up yet another notch, to tell you anything more would be to ruin the adventure!
  • Emma
    "It's like asking John Wayne Gacy, 'what have you been up to?' And he says, 'entertaining children'" Miriam Black Full of hilarious comebacks & sarcastic comments throughout. Miriam just does not give a fuck, if I were to be a character in a book I'd be Miriam. I read this one in two sittings these books are just so addictive! so much goes wrong for her, she's a complete mess but you can't help but love her! I loved this one as much as the first...
  • Kaleb
    I believe it is impossible for Chuck Wendig to write a bad book. His prose, characters, and story will drive anyone crazy after reading the first page. Not to mention the fact he still finds the time to provide his readers with the most insightful advice on writing and the industry as a whole on his blog at , so go check it out. You have no idea what you’re missing. Miriam Black is back and better than ever...
  • Kdawg91
    First of all, you need to know something about me, I read damn near everything, it is a curse upon my house, my pocketbook, and my brain which boils like a stewed lamprey in a pot(where that came from, I haven't the damnedest idea.) Secondly, I think Chuck Wendig is a hell of a writer, The Blue Blazes was one of my favorite books of 2013. OK, here is where it gets tricky..I don't like Miriam Black. Then you go, "Kevin, you just gave this book fou...
  • Adam Light
    The 3rd installment in the Miriam Black series finds our psychic anti-hero on the road to Florida where, once again, her power - the ability to see when and how a person dies - reveals a little too much, and she is forced into a cat-and-mouse style race against time to save someone close to her.Any other author might end up boring a reader to tears revisiting a similar plot as the 2 two previous books in a series, but Chuck Wendig has an unmatcha...
  • Heather L
    I am back to lovin' Miriam. This was great. I slightly recalled the last 2 books. So a refresher course was not really necessary. What I didn't remember in the last book does not really take away from this story and how it progresses. Miriam's hard-ass ways and crass manner was crude and vile and I friggin love it. I like how this one ended and am excited to continue and find out what happens next.
  • Philip
    Another excellent installment in a series that has rapidly become one of my favourites. Even darker than the first two books, this is another fast paced, blood soaked thrill ride. I'll definitely be picking up the fourth book.
  • Alissa Patrick
    3.5 starsI love this series. In this one, I love how we see both sides of Miriam- the crazy, batshit side but also the vulnerable, damaged side. She has moved on from being a simple thief to a killer, but playing with fate and how things are supposed to go are about to come back and bite her in the ass. Not nearly as good as the first one but I thoroughly enjoy this journey she is on.
  • Lisa
    It's weird, how torn I am between having an abundance of words to describe this book and having none. But I'll give that abundance a whirl, otherwise this would be a pretty pathetic (and short) review...HEADS UP: There will be at least mild spoilers below, so if you haven't read it or the previous books and don't want them spoiled... Wait, you haven't read them? Dude. Fix that. This will wait....Okay. The words.First and foremost, holy crap. If t...
  • Reader-ramble
    This might be slightly spoilery. I'm not sure. Proceed with caution.What can I tell you about a book that I waited with bated breath for? A book that I stared longingly at the Amazon page over, dreaming that I could reach through and pluck it our of the sea of ones and zeroes. What can I tell you about the third book of a series that I have come to love so much they sit snuggled up against all my other favorite writers.I can tell you that this bo...