One Thousand Tracings by Lita Judge

One Thousand Tracings

Based on a true events, this inspiring picture book tells the story of an American family who establishes contact with a German family after World War ii and sends them a package of much-needed supplies, including shoes. Full color.

Details One Thousand Tracings

TitleOne Thousand Tracings
Release DateJun 5th, 2007
PublisherHyperion Books for Children
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, History, Nonfiction, War, World War II

Reviews One Thousand Tracings

  • Lisa Vegan
    If not for the photos, etc. I might have put this book on my historical fiction shelf, but I think the account is sufficiently accurate to have it belong on my non-fiction shelf. The author-illustrator dedicated this book to her mother and grandmother, which is fitting. Judge found a box of foot tracings and correspondence while cleaning out her grandmother’s attic. Her mother then told her their background. Her mother was a young girl in the y...
  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    Wonderful, based-on-truth story about a girl and her family who send much-needed items to people in post-World War II Europe. I like the way the author included collages of the actual letters, photos, and foot tracings in the endpapers, and her explanatory note at the end. Combine it with Boxes for Katje by Candace Fleming and Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Margot Theis Raven for a lesson on post-World War II European life. Highly recommende...
  • Toby
    Jane Addams Children's Book Award Honor Book/ The Jane Addams Book Award is a lesser-known award, although it has been presented annually since 1953 by the Women's International league for Peace and Freedom and the Jane Addams Peace Association. Criteria include a child audience ages 2 through 12, fiction, poetry or nonfiction and a theme that promotes social justice, diversity and compassion. One Thousand Tracings meets the above criteria AND an...
  • Carolynne
    After WWII the author's grandparents sent a "Care Package" to friends in Germany. The German friends sent them names of many others who were suffering from lack of food and clothing, especially shoes. They sent tracings of their feet. While this farm family was just scraping by themselves, they found that used shoes still were welcomed by the German strangers whom they helped. Eventually, with the help of others who had no more money than they di...
  • Kristin
    Source: IRA Children’s and Young Adult’s Book Award for Primary–Fiction (2008)One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II is a historical fiction picture book that tells the story of how a little girl and her family in the United States help families in Europe after World War II. The family sends care packages overseas to families in need of shoes, clothing, and other things. The young girl describes how she helps her mom get ...
  • Skylar Smith
    This was a great book. It was a good example for children reading small acts of kindness do a lot. This book was a good book to show that someone so young, just like the readers would be, can help in this world a lot. I feel sometimes children are overlooked and they find it hard to make a difference. This young girl was able to find a problem and create a solution. This girl was able to provide necessity items to those in need.
  • Emily St.Germain
    This is a wonderful book about a little girl and her family that help their friends in Germany during World War 2. They send food, clothes, and shoes to their friends and others that are suffering. To make sure they send the right size shoes, the people in Germany trace their feet and send the tracings back to this family. There ends up being one thousand tracings for the shoes that the people in Germany need over the course of time. This is the ...
  • Karen Witzler
    This is a book about a group of people who collected shoes for needy German and Austrian families after World War II. The illustrations are lovely and a kind young American girl tells the story of the tracings which represent the unshod feet of post-war Europeans. Letters flow back and forth between families. This is a fine tale for an historical read-aloud for this period, but the author's note at the end reveals that many of the families to who...
  • Kristin
    Lita Judge's grandparents, Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom, sent relief to people suffering the aftermath of World War II. Using their network of American Ornithologists, they asked fellow scientists to help by sending care packages to more than three thousand people in Europe. One of the greatest needs was shoes. People overseas would send tracings of their feet to help insure shoes that would fit would be sent to them. While cleaning out her gran...
  • April Helms
    One word: "Wonderful!" The author takes the memories of her own mother and grandmother to shape this illustrated tale of how everyday Americans helped those in Europe recover after World War II. It was an interesting and moving history lesson (I had never heard this side of the story, especially about the foot tracings those in Europe would send so they could get better, used shoes sent to them). Judge has even incoprorated the letters and pictur...
  • Emily McKnight
    Summary/Personal Response: One Thousand Tracing is a picture book, told from the young daughter's perspective. about an American family who comes to the aid of many German families. Based off of a true story, the family gets in contact with a German family who tells them of their need. The family sends back a Christmas package with supplies and shoes. The family requests more of their help for other families, and the American family begins collec...
  • Danette
    A geat historical picture book.2/19/17 Read with Naomi.
  • Linda B
    Another great historical fiction book that is based on a true event. Illustrates "Caring" value so well!
  • Shyanna C
    Good book but needs more information
  • Andrea Wickenhagen
    “Having found a dusty old box while cleaning out my grandmothers attic. Inside were hundreds of aged, yellow envelops from all over Europe containing foot tracings of every size. My grandmother never spoke of this mystery. But when my mother saw the box, the memories crept back” (Judge). The treasures found in the attic and heartfelt story Lita’s mother told remembering their meaning, inspired Lita Judge to write this tribute to her grandpa...
  • Eloise Davis
    This book is about a family living after WWII. It starts out telling the reader that the father is gone for war but he soon returns. But that year around Christmas they get a letter from some friends in Germany explaining their situation in Germany. They do not have very much so the family decides to send a big care package so the family will have something to have during Christmas. After Christmas passed they got another letter from the family e...
  • Emily Bunn
    10.Summary: One Thousand Tracings tells the story of a young girl and her mother who receive letters from families in Germany during World War II, asking for clothes, shoes, food, and any other basic goods you can think of. These families are suffering the effects of the war, and are struggling to survive. In their letters, they send tracings of their feet in hopes of receiving a pair of shoes, seeing as many have none. For years this goes on, an...
  • Natalie Payton
    Summary/Critique:One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II by Lita Judge is a picture book that takes you through the story of a little girl and her family helping out the families in Europe struggling from World War II. The family in America got a letter from their German friends, the Kramers. In the letter they explained how they are starving and have worn clothing and shoes. The family decides to help them out and send a care p...
  • babyhippoface
    In the months and years after the end of World War II, many people in Germany struggled to meet their families' needs. Shoes were a necessity and yet, a luxury, as many people simply could not afford them. This book tells the amazing true story of an American family and their friends who supplied the needed shoes to over one thousand people in Germany. It began when the American family sent wool socks, sweaters, a coat, and food to a family in Ge...
  • Molly Swank
    Summary: The book One Thousand Tracings by Lita Judge is a heartwarming story that talks about the friendship created between an American family and a German family who is struggling to get by after World War 2. The book begins with a young girl, who receives a letter from a German family who needs shoes. Along with a letter, they sent a tracing of their foot so she could try to find a pair of shoes that would fit correctly. Eventually the young ...
  • Jordan Davis
    This story is beautifully written. This story takes place during World War II. A young girl and her mother start receiving letters from their German friends. The family, Kramers, are starving have no shoes and tell them how sad of a Christmas most families will be having in Europe. Mother and daughter send shoes and the Kramer's were very thankful, but said they should help other families. Eventually they were receiving letters from tons of peopl...
  • Matlin
    Based on a true story, this picture book follows a young girl and her family after the end of World War II. They live in America, but have friends in war-torn Germany. When they received a letter from the German family who were starving and impoverished, the little girl and her family jumped to action. They sent a care package with canned food, soap and shoes for them. Soon they had received hundreds of letters from families all over Europe with ...
  • Cheyenne Cortesi
    The book One Thousand Tracings written and illustrated by Lita Judge is a story about an American family helping those who were struggling after World War II in Europe. Many people were left starving and homeless after the war, but this family sent food, shoes, and whatever else they could find to help these families. The American family would receive letters from German families who listed items they needed, some of which included tracings of th...
  • Nicole
    My personal reaction was i love the idea of this story and how it was based on a true story. Uts about a family who sends much needed iteams to a Germany family. The pictures bring the words and ideas to life.The purpose of this book would be for read aloud to make a curricular connection. This book really portarys how Germans were effected and highlights the negatives of this time period. It would be a good read a loud beaucse the subjects are h...
  • Matthew West
    This is a beautiful picture book about a German family who received a letter on Christmas day in 1946. The letter was from friends whom the family had not heard from since before the war but are now asking for any extra food or shoes because they have none. The mother reads the letter and decides to gather all the materials she can in order to help out. Though-out the book the German family continues to receive more and more letters asking for li...
  • Mary Westlake
    I love reading and learning about things in the era of WWII. This story describes the heartbreak one family encountered when they realized how many families, just like them, were battling a whole other battle after WWII. Facing poverty, starvation and freezing to death, families in Germany often had to go without proper clothing, shoes or food. To combat this problem, this American family took it as their personal mission to help as many of the u...