L'aiguille creuse by Maurice Leblanc

L'aiguille creuse

Arsène Lupin est mort ! En tout cas, c'est ce que tout le monde a l'air de croire : lors d'un cambriolage nocturne au château d'Ambrumésy, Mlle de Saint-Véran tire sur un rôdeur mais son cadavre reste introuvable. Quelques jours plus tard, la jeune femme est enlevée et son corps est retrouvé inanimé, à côté de celui d'Arsène Lupin. Comme par hasard, le document renfermant le secret de l'Aiguille creuse disparaît en même temps... Isi...

Details L'aiguille creuse

TitleL'aiguille creuse
Release DateJan 5th, 2010
PublisherLe Livre de Poche
GenreMystery, Classics, Fiction, Cultural, France, Crime

Reviews L'aiguille creuse

  • Oziel Bispo
    França, início do século XX.Um assassinato é cometido no castelo de Ambrumésy,  nem a arma nem o assassino, que havia sido alvejado ao fugir por Raymonde de Saint-Véran (sobrinha do proprietário do castelo) são encontrados.  Um estudante, Isidore Beautrelet, se interessa pelo caso e terá que enfrentar o famoso ladrão de casaca, mestre em disfarces,Arsène Lupin, numa perigosa aventura para desvendar o mistério da agulha oca ,com dire...
  • S©aP
    Un texte que les amateurs de Leblanc considèrent comme un joyau. Lupin (et l'auteur) à son meilleur. Une aventure moins "flamboyante", mais incroyablement complexe et beaucoup plus étonnante que d'autres. Un texte rapide, soutenu, qui seulement par endroits montre avoir été conçu pour une publication périodique (paru dans le journal «Je sais tout», entre Novembre 1908 et mai 1909, avant d'être révisé et publié en tant que livre en 19...
  • Nina
    Tadinya mau saya rate 3* tapi enggak jadi. Dibanding dua buku sebelumnya, sebenarnya buku ini terbilang lumayan. Terjemahannya bagus tapi saya enggak mudeng dengan ceritanya. Saya mengerti sih, cuma ya... I didn't get it. Si Lupin ini kok mudah sekali nyamar jadi orang lain. Saat saya kira orang ini adalah ini, eh ternyata Lupin yg menyamar. Twisted namun (saya sudah kebanyakan pakai kata 'tapi') enggak sreg buat saya. Cerita/plotnya banyak sampa...
  • Jovana Vesper
    I wouldn't wish to be a love interest of Arsène on my worst enemy cause she would have a life span of Dylan Dog girl - either that or she would be used and forgotten. Sometimes both. He just plows through everything, shedding a tear here and there and then saying that what happened last year actually happened 10 years ago because you know, he is so special.He does have a genius mind full of incredible ideas that are used for stealing as much stu...
  • Hope
    I have enjoyed several Leblanc titles very much (Confessions of Arsene Lupin and Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin), but this is a weaker entry in the series. The book opens up with a robbery and a murder. Gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin, is implicated and amateur sleuth, Isidore Beatrelet, matches wits against him. But just when he thinks he has Lupin's methods figured out, Lupin proves that he is still ten steps ahead of him. Unfortunately...
  • S©aP
    Delizioso "ripescaggio" di un testo introvabile, che gli amanti di Leblanc considerano una vera pietra miliare. Lupin (e l'autore) al suo massimo, in un'avventura meno 'flamboyante' ma incredibilmente articolata e assai più stupefacente di altre. Un testo rapido, sostenuto, che solo qui e là rivela l'essere stato concepito a episodi (apparve sul giornale "Je sais tout", tra nov. 1908 e mag. 1909, prima di essere rivisto e pubblicato in volume n...
  • Δημήτρης
    Γρήγορη ροή, μυστήριο, ιστορία, καταδίωξη, μια Γαλλία άλλης εποχής. I'm all set!
  • Mathilde
    génial !!! au sens propre du terme
  • Marc
    Encore une super aventure d'Arsène Lupin. Et cette fin, pfiou !
  • Bogdan
    A pretty naive novel, very much focused on sensational not on credibility. It is definitively a recipe for any modern commercial success. And when there are also famous detectives involved, it is hard to miss it.These kind of novels usually don't have an elaborate premise. It is consisting of the usual good versus evil fight, but for this one, Maurice Leblanc wanted to create a crime/detective novel without a negative character. He tried hard to ...
  • Brendan
    The second novel in the Arsene Lupin series by Maurice LeBlanc finds the master thief and head of a criminal underground hunted not only by his old police nemesis and by the copyright-avoidingly-named Homlock Shears, but also by a precocious high schooler. The tale involves a single long hunt, rather than a series of masterful crimes as in the first book. An enjoyable book with a shift in narrative scope that shows growth in LeBlanc’s style. * ...
  • Fisca
    Harus saya akui, saya kecewa. Saya menyesal telah berharap terlalu banyak dari buku ini. Saya membayangkan sebuah kisah fantastis karena nama besar Maurice Leblanc dan tokoh ciptaannya yang katanya legendaris menyaingi Sherlock Holmes: Arsene Lupin.Saya ingin katakan, secara pribadi saya merasa berita itu terlalu dilebih-lebihkan.Buku ini tidak mengobati rasa kangen saya terhadap kisah-kisah detektif klasik seperti yang Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mam...
  • Travis
    Had been looking forward to this, as it is considered one of the classics of the Lupin series and really found that it didn't live up to the hype.The 'meeting' between Lupin and Sherlock Holmes happens mostly off stage until the grand finale and neither character comes across very well.Most of the action focuses on a young French student and amateur detective, who manages to hold his own against the gentleman thief.There are alot of great ideas a...
  • Akaigita
    Aku pribadi terlarut menjadi Isidore Beautrelet saat membaca buku ini. Emosi yang dirasakannya juga kurasakan. Saat menemukan tempat persembunyian Lupin, saat Lupin mengaku kalah padanya, saat ia menyadari Lupin telah mempermainkannya, saat kebenaran berada di tangannya! Aku bisa merasakan semuanya. Dan betapa jengkelnya aku pada sikap Lupin yang cuek dan tak kenal takut. Tapi, tetap saja, aku sangat mengagumi Lupin! Aku juga merasakan emosi di d...
  • Jawaher
    تتميز الرواية بحبكة جميلة واحداث غير متوقعة من أفضل روايات أرسين لوبين التي قراءتها
  • chubby little dumpling
    After making an audio book using this story as a script, I think I enjoyed it much more. The end upset me a lot.
  • Alain Dib
    Disliked this book in many many ways.the story is centered around Bautrelet an amateur detective as I saw during the novel the character isn't big enough to be a lead character I didn't feel any kind of connection to him at some points he seems very naive or succumbing to primitive states.At other times,he seems to always guess everything with little if any clue.Also the descriptions and many insignificant details make the story seem SO MUCH LONG...
  • A Nane
    Que agridulce fue este libro... Más agrio que dulce. Pues es más que obvio decir que Lupin se convirtió en mi nuevo héroe (¿o no? Solo por decirle de alguna manera) favorito. En este libro descubrimos que a pesar de todo, ¡es humano! (Ja, ja) Y a lo que me refiero es que mostraron a un Lupin desesperado, enamorado (bueno, él las ama a todas) y muy, muy pasional, su sentido del humor natural fue reemplazado por uno más siniestro y tenso, u...
  • Stefania
    Quel bonheur! On peut seulement succomber sous le charme d'Arsin Lupin, il est tellement intelligent, charmeur, bon vivant, plein de vie. On a envie de dire qu'il est tellement français, le contraire de son morne ennemie Herlock Sholmés.....anglais, bien évidement! Comment ne pas apprécier l'ironie de Leblanc!Toutefois dan l'aiguille creuse Sholmés reste dans l'ombre, c'est Isidore, un étudiant brillant qui devient le traqueur et l'alter eg...
  • Azuma-chan
    This book got me a bit lost. In the first part where there were robbery and murder was clear. Lupin is dead for a reason and a new amateur detective shows up named Isidore to face him this time. A schoolboy who thought he was able to unmask all Lupin's plans but he realizes the how wrong he was. The Shears part didn't amuse me again. Kidnapped! Is that the best comeback he presented?! seriously he is way smarter than that. The second part was oka...
  • Lucy King
    Lupič a mladík, kteří se honí jako kočka a myš. Když už to vypadá, že je lupič dopaden a tajemství odhaleno, vše se obrátí na ruby a pátrání pokračuje. První dvě kapitoly jsem moc nadšená nebyla, ale nakonec to nabralo na intenzitě, akčnosti, zajímavých myšlenkových pochodů a následných odhaleních a hltala jsem stránku za stránkou.
  • Medina Jasarevic
    Malo sam razočarana krajem knjige, i sad smatram da je Doyle u pravu što se bunio upotrebom svog najpoznatijeg lika Sherlocka Holmesa...Maurice bi mogao proći kao dobar autor u svom vremenu, ali danas bi bio jedan od onih šund autora koji gode čitateljevom nepcu ali ne ostavljaju trajniji ukus ili želju da se knjiga pročita iznova.
  • Liny
    Un Arsène Lupin grandiose avec de nombreux rebondissements. Ce même humour acerbe et ce déferlement d'émotions.... On suit Beautrelet sans trop savoir envers qui s'attacher face à ces deux adversaires. Lupin a toujours ma préférence of course !
  • Christophe Bouillet
    Lu en livre audio.
  • عزة هلال
    Un roman policier très intéressant.j'ai deja lu la version arabe quand j'etais petite.j'ai envie de le lire encore une fois.
  • Aurelian
    An old good classic :).
  • David Mann
    Arsène Lupin becomes a deeper character in this 3rd book in the series. The tale is complex and surprising. I will say no more and move on to the next book, "813."
  • Sophia
    Εξαιρετικό και πολύ αστείο! Κλασσικό ανάγνωσμα
  • Shaun Wilkes
    Arsène LupinI was first introduced to Lupin on television, and this book held just as many surprises as I remember from the movies