Shards and Ashes by Melissa Marr

Shards and Ashes

Gripping original stories of dystopian worlds from nine New York Times bestselling authors, edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong.The world is gone, destroyed by human, ecological, or supernatural causes. Survivors dodge chemical warfare and cruel gods; they travel the reaches of space and inhabit underground caverns. Their enemies are disease, corrupt corporations, and one another; their resources are few, and their courage is tested.Power...

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TitleShards and Ashes
Release DateFeb 19th, 2013
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Short Stories, Anthologies, Fantasy

Reviews Shards and Ashes

  • Vanessa
    Since this is an anthology I reviewed it differently. I gave each story an individual rating and then averaged out those together to get the final rating for the book. Hearken by Veronica Roth. 4 starsThis was a hauntingly beautiful story set in a world where bio-bombs have become a part of every day life. Our protagonist Darya has been hardened by this world. We follow her path as she becomes a hearkener-- a musically talented person with a brai...
  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    It wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't read any of these authors again had I first read their work in this anthology. For the most part, the stories here needed more background to work, and a couple just made absolutely no sense in the context of a post-apocalyptic world.For example, the first story, The Hearkeners, had me scratching my head. Ok, so you have a world in which you have to wear gas masks to protect against some attacks that aren't reall...
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Basically every time I review an anthology, I do things differently. This time, since there aren't that many stories and they're a bit longer, I'm going to break it down with my thoughts about each story.Story 1: "Hearken" by Veronica RothIn all honesty, I was expecting to hate this story. I really was not impressed with Divergent and had no higher hopes for this short story. Well, it just goes to show that giving authors a second chance can be a...
  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    I won this book from Bibliophila, Please, a great blog! Thanks to Kayla who sent this book to me.Shards and Ashes is a collection of dystopian YA short stories, edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong. It's an interesting set of stories-- both from the perspective of just their content, and also, from the perspective of how authors who normally write full length novels try their hand at a shorter form. There is varying success. All of the sto...
  • Julie
    “No life is easy. It's just a different kind of hard.” I was excited to read this mainly due to the collective amount of authors who's books I already enjoy creating this anthology of sorts. With fairly popular authors all in their own right, and based on such a popular YA theme at the current time there wasn't much choice in the matter when it came to deciding whether to purchase and read this or not.I should begin with my actual rating of t...
  • Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick and Dirty: Nine heart breaking and creepy and all together compelling short stories tell the tales of the broken, the desperate and the clever.Opening Sentence: “Black or red?”The Review: This is a great collection of dystopian tales – some old worlds and some new ones. Some leave you bawling and some just in awe of the authors’ ingenuity. All of these short stories have clever twists and heart-w...
  • Diana
    Creepy, heartbreaking, compelling, extraordinary and so much more. Hearken Veronica Roth★★★★★This is one of my favorites! I love the idea of hearkens especially the idea that music could be the only thing to save the world. I just think it was really fast paced and it would be better if it will be a book. I'd definitely read it! Branded Kelley Armstrong★★★★☆The idea of the fortress was really great. What I liked the most was ...
  • Lelita P.
    Namanya cerita distopia... sudah pasti idenya besar, luas, dan agak sulit dieksekusi kalau hanya harus berupa cerita pendek. Jadi ramuannya mesti benar-benar tepat agar ceritanya enak dibaca, terasa porsinya pas, bukannya nanggung atau menggantung karena premisnya mengambang.Di buku kumpulan cerita distopia ini, ada cerita-cerita yang bagus, seru, tapi banyak juga yang meh karena idenya terlalu luas dan eksekusi sebagai cerpen tidak tepat sehingg...
  • Shylee W.
    First I would like to thank Goodreads for sending me this free Uncorrected (not for sale) copy of the book!! I was so excited when it came in the mail and I probably wouldn't have gotten to read these stories without it. I Also would Like to thank all the authors for coming together and putting this amazing book together!!but anyways... basically there are 9 different stories in this 362 page book all the stories are about 30-40 pages. Each is it...
  • Sharon Mariampillai
    The overall rating is 4/5, but the nine individual stories had different ratings. 1) Hearken by Veronica RothI gave this one a 5/5. I thought it was a beautiful story set in a world where bio-bombs have become a part of every day life. Veronica Roth gives us great character development and a wonderful message. This easily became one of my favorites out of the bunch. 2) Branded by Kelley ArmstrongI gave this one a 4/5. The story was beautifully wr...
  • William
    I mainly read this because of Veronica Roth and because I'm a dystopian junkie. I'm going to rate each story individually.Hearken by Veronica RothRating: 5 starsEasily the best story in the anthology. I loved the writing and the whole concept was interesting.Branded by Kelley ArmstrongRating: 3 starsI thought the story was cheesy and I didn't like the characters. I did like how it ended.Necklace of Raindrops by Margaret StohlRating: 4 starsThis w...
  • Truly
    BeliTidakBeliTidakBeliAkhirnya memang buku ini berada dalam tas belanjaan saya. Namun butuh proses yang agak panjang eh maksudnya pertimbangan agak lama sebelum memutuskan untuk akhirnya membeli buku ini.Begini dasarnya. Pertama, buku ini merupakan kumpulan hasil karya penulis destopia yang terbilang sukses. Membaca sebuah karya saja sudah menjanjikan keseruan tersendiri, apa lagi membaca karya banyak penulis. Kedua harga buku ini teramat sangat ...
  • Kierra
    Short stories. Sometimes it's good to read them, so you don't get lost in 500 pages of feelings and soap operas. But sometimes 20 pages is not enough to fully understand the dystopian world.In the case of these stories, few times I wanted to know more about what the hell is going on. It seems like they all were written just because dystopia is in trend now.
  • Kes
    Full of generally ok stories.Hearken by Veronica Roth - 2.5/5 stars - Hearkeners can hear the life or death songs or people. This is about Darya growing up to be a Hearkener and dealing with her past.Branded by Kelly Armstrong - 2.5/5 stars - Rayne lives inside a fortress - with fully human people. Her boyfriend, Braeden, is discovered to be a werewolf. This is about her leaving the fortress (view spoiler)[to join a resistance (hide spoiler)]. Ho...
  • Alexis
    Shards & Ashes, a collection of dystopian short stories penned by many of the prominent female authors in YA fiction, is an unsettling read that provides a solid sampling of the genre.Starting out the book, we have Veronica Roth (of Divergent fame), with Hearken, the tale of 8 year old Darya, whose new-found musical aptitude has afforded her the opportunity to bring beauty to a world ravaged by doomsdayists hastening the apocalypse with biologica...
  • Chester Carstairs
    Overall rating:3.5 starsAs a lover of the Dystopia genre, it was really a no-brainer to add Shards and Ashes in my tbr list. I was really excited to read it. And though it left me feeling meh a few times, there are wonderful stories to be found between those pages as well.I've learned two things reading this. One, I really hate short stories. It always, always make me either want more or nauseous for being too fast-paced and leaving you so confus...
  • Brooke
    Hearken by Veronica Roth 4/5 Favourite Quote: “Everyone was both dying and living at the same time” I liked learning about the Hearken’s and I thought what they could do was beautiful, I would love to have that gift. I like the main character a lot, I felt her feelings and reactions were realistic. However I felt the rest of the world buildings was a little too minimal, and I didn’t fully understand what had happened to the world but this...
  • Journey
    just pretty average. and very hetero.
  • Emily
    Shards and ashes perfectly describe the remnants of today's world following an apocalypse, they are all that is left in the post-apocalyptic societies of the magnificent dystopian genre. This book, Shards and Ashes, uses the varied styles of many dystopian writers to bring together the main elements and ideas of dystopian literature. Each little tale is different from the one before it, although they are linked by several factors. An example bein...
  • Jodie
    Book ReviewTitle: Shards & AshesAuthor: VariousGenre: Anthology/DystopianRating: ****Review: This is a great collection of dystopian tales – some old worlds and some new ones. Some leave you bawling and some just in awe of the authors’ ingenuity. All of these short stories have clever twists and heart-wrenching moments (whether from romance or family moments or whatnot). Although this is only the second anthology I’ve ever read, this is the...
  • Mary
    I think I've read more novellas and short stories this year than in all my other reading years combined. So many authors that I really love are producing bridge novels -- novels that bridge a time span before, between or after points in a series -- that I just can't resist. And they're good. Really, really good. (Of course, there are some not-so-fabulous ones but, for the most part, they're really good.)Two of my rockstar authors, Melissa Marr an...
  • Paige
    Like albums and CDs of the past, where some tracks are good while others don't have the same vibrance or power, this anthology has some great stories mixed with some duds.All stories are set in a dystopian society but that is where the similarities end. Definitely worth a read. Hearken by Veronica Roth –4.75 starsA well crafted short story about Hearkeners—those who hear the song of either life or death. The story, set in a dystopian Minnesot...
  • Angela
    4.5 stars. I received this through the First Reads giveaways. This is an excellent anthology. I usually find short stories to be - well - short. I have always preferred the long novel so I could wallow in the world/character/plot building. However, over the last few years short story anthologies in the fantasy/urban fantasy genres have become more popular and some of my favorite authors are usually participants so I have had a larger exposure to ...
  • Kayla
    I was really looking to read a good story collection after the last one I read ended up falling flat for me. Luckily I love dystopian books and this anthology is all about the dystopian tales. I really liked most of the stories and can't think of one that I didn't enjoy at least some part of. Overall I really loved this collection and it's one that I'd definitely read all over again!There are some big names in YA dystopia and other YA genres incl...
  • Jackie
    9 short, easy to read tales altogether include: Hearken by Veronica Roth, Branded by Kelley Armstrong, Necklace of Raindrops by Margaret Stohl, Dogsbody by Rachel Caine, Pale Rider by Nancy Holder, Corpse Eaters by Melissa Marr, Burn 3 by Kami Garcia, Love is a Choice by Beth Revis, Miasma by Carrie Ryan.I chose to borrow this anthology because it contained stories penned by 7 authors whose works am familiar with, that have read and enjoyed befor...
  • Charlotte Jones
    I won’t go into these stories individually because most are only about 30 pages so individual reviews would give too much away but I will say that I would highly recommend this collection if you’re into YA dystopian fiction.Some of the ideas explored in this collection were extremely unique and I would love to read longer novels based on these ideas from these authors! I especially liked the short story ‘Love is a Choice’ by Beth Revis wh...