The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2) by Art Spiegelman

The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)

Combined for the first time here are Maus I: A Survivor's Tale and Maus II - the complete story of Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler's Europe. By addressing the horror of the Holocaust through cartoons, the author captures the everyday reality of fear and is able to explore the guilt, relief and extraordinary sensation of survival - and how the children of survivors are in their own way affected by the trials of their...

Details The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)

TitleThe Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2003
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Nonfiction, History, Biography

Reviews The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)

  • Lisa
    oh my god.This burrowed it's way deep into my heart. This made me feel so much. This was an experience, not just a "read". This was real and I can't even explain how this affected me because it was the most emotional thing I've ever read. Not made-up emotion. This was REAL and it affected me.Vladek. He reminded me of my Grandfather, a little. I loved my Grandfather and I loved Vladek. His story, as told to his son Art Spiegelman, was one of the m...
  • Alejandro
    Wonderful example of the power of a graphic novel! This is the “Complete” edition of “Maus: A Survivor’s Tale” collecting both parts: “My Father Bleeds History” and “And Here My Troubles Began”. OF MAUS AND MEN But these damn bugs are eating me alive! While it took long time of finally reading Maus,......I knew that it was a graphic novel referring about the Jew Holocaust, but using mice (Jews) and cats (Nazis) as the character...
  • Raeleen Lemay
    The art style was a bit distracting at times, but I really enjoyed this!
  • F
  • Steve
    It didn’t dawn on me until later that this brilliant piece of graphic artistry and fiction is actually a very clever allegory. On the face of it, we’re led to believe that it’s a story of the terrible suffering perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews in Poland and throughout Europe. But if you scratch beneath the surface, I think you’ll find that this particular holocaust story was made to symbolize something more pervasive and endemic....
  • Councillor
    Until just a few weeks ago, the only reason for why I read graphic novels now and then was because of people's constant recommendations about the beauty and the value of those kinds of books. I will be honest; I am guilty of never believing those words. Most likely did I read graphic novels which didn't suit my personal tastes, but Art Spiegelman was capable of shattering my expectations and completely stunning me with the art of his writing and ...
  • Matthew
    Maus was more than I expected. I knew it would be about World War II and the Holocaust with the charaters being anthropomorphic mice, cats, pigs, dogs, etc. What I didn't realize was it would expand even farther in to the specific lives of the Spiegelmans before, during, and after the war.Throughout the book the artist/author is a featured character struggling with his curmudgeonly father while he tries to document the story of his father's time ...
  • Orsodimondo
    MAI PIÙ JAMAIS PLUS NEVER AGAINUn bellissimo fumetto? Uno splendido romanzo? E perché non un ottimo film? (In fondo le dimensioni delle vignette di Spiegelman fanno davvero venire in mente i fotogrammi di un film 35 mm).I nazisti descrivevano gli ebrei come immondi parassiti, portatori di peste e corruzione, che invadono l’Europa (qualcuno adesso prova a usare la stessa immagine per chi arriva d’oltremare): Spiegelman disegna gli ebrei come...
  • Leonard Gaya
    The young Adolf Hitler applied twice for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and each time was rejected. One may dream: had he been successful, he might have had a different fate, and, as a result, Europe’s history might have taken some other shape… Sixty years later, on another continent, the young Art Spiegelman applied to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and passed the exam. His parents, Vladek and Anja Spiegelma...
  • Svetlana
    “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human.” - Adolf HitlerThis a graphic novel told from two timelines. In the narrative present, Art Spiegelman (author) is interviewing his father Vladek about his experiences as a Polish Jew and a Holocaust survivor. The narrative past depicts these very experiences from the mid 1930s to the end of the Holocaust in 1945. Spiegelman has utilised different species of animals to portray differen...
  • Eliza Rapsodia
    Reseñar Maus supone una de las experiencias más gratificantes de mi vida porque es el segundo libro en 2015 al que le doy la nota máxima. Pues verán, desde hace muchos años siempre he sentido profunda fascinación por los temas históricos y sobre todo en torno a la segunda guerra mundial. Es un tema recurrente en mis lecturas y siempre me gusta aprender cosas nuevas sobre esta época terrible de la humanidad. Así que cuando conocí esta ob...
  • LeeAnne
    The Complete MausArt Spiegelman Probably the most informative and intimate journal of the holocaust I have ever read. Maus is really two parallel stories, not one. It jumps back and forth between the two stories, one set in the past (Poland), the other set in the present (NYC).Story 1: 1940’s Poland: Vladek Spiegelman tells how he survived the holocaust as a Polish-Jew. From the invasion, to the spread of Naziam, to his time in Auschwitz-Birken...
  • Emer
    I never knew that a graphic novel could be so moving, so haunting and so phenomenally powerful. The complete Maus tells the tale of Hitler's Europe and the experiences of one Jewish man, the author/illustrator Art Spiegelman's father Vladek. It is a book that doesn't hold any punches and is jaw dropping in its exploration of humanity through both the atrocities and ethnic cleansing of that time and of how this moulds a man forever. I don't have t...
  • María
    M A R A V I L L O S O.Me ha gustado muchísimo esta novela. Para empezar, nunca había leído una novela gráfica y tenía miedo de que no me gustara, pero al leer esta, me he dado cuenta de que me encantan. Ver ilustrado cada cosa que ocurre me ayuda a acercarme más a la historia.La forma en la que está contada la historia de Vladek Spiegelman también me ha gustado mucho. Vemos como él le va contando la historia a su hijo y también vemos la...
  • Kat Kennedy
    Reading this book was like having an echo of a conversation with my husband's grandfather. Dziadek could be Vladek's twin brother if any of Vladek's poor family had survived the war.This book's most horrifying moment came, for me, at the loss of their two year old son, Richeu. I tried to imagine a world where my decision to keep my son with me and hope for a better future, cost him his life and considered how I would live with that for the rest o...
  • Leah
    THE COMPLETE MAUS is, to date, the hardest, most emotionally draining novel I have read in my adult life. It was a heart-wrenching, but really necessary read for me, and I’m proud of myself for deciding to read something so far outside my comfort zone (I tend to shy away from both history and memoir/true story novels).The book is a story within a story. Art shows himself interviewing his father, Vladek, and his time spent with his father for pa...
  • Maria Soares
    4.5Na minha primeira incursão no mundo das graphic novels optei por ler Maus, sendo que, como todos nós, estava familiarizada com diversos relatos sobre o Holocausto, e inúmeras histórias verídicas. No entanto, tenho a dizer que esta em especial me tocou profundamente e vai ser sem dúvida, uma que vou recordar por muito tempo.A particularidade na obra de Spielgelman é a relação que cria entre o leitor e o pai, através dos seus olhos e a...
  • Bettie☯
    Art Spiegelman warns of 'dangerous' outcome as Russian shops ban Maus This has been on my wishlist forever -looks like this is a good time to read it. "My father pulled out 14 of his teeth to escape. If you missed 12 teeth they let you go."- page 45, book I"The guards, it was Jews with big sticks, they acted so, just like the Germans"- page 106, book I
  • Nickolas the Kid
    Πεντάστερο αριστούργημα!Χωρίς πολλά λόγια, μια εικονοιστορία που αξίζει να διαβαστεί από όλους, έτσι ώστε να μην ξεχνάει κανείς μας τις θηριωδίες των Ναζί στον ΒΠΠ. Δικαίως βραβεύτηκε, δικαίως αγαπήθηκε και δικαίως φιγουράρει στα graphic novels με τις ...
  • Michelle
    Pre-review:OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod! I'm cheating on J.M. Coetzee with Art Spiegelman. Actually, I'm not just cheating on him; I've left him.Review:Before I review this book, you should know something about me: I never read graphic novels. I normally have zero interest in reading graphic novels/comic books. Are those the same thing, by the way? I have no idea. That’s how little I’m interested in them.Anyway, Maus was one of the best thing...
  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    One of the most influential literary works or out of comics.
  • Praj
    Where should I commence to appraise this book? Must I begin from the detail that MAUS is a gratifying story of Vladek and Art OR that it is a sheer enlightenment through simplicity? Art Spiegelman in this astounding graphic novel reveals a fractured father-son relationship whilst focusing on the perils of the Holocaust. The story is set in Rego Park, NY where Art Spiegelman, a cartoonist tries to verbalize and grasp with his father and the Holoca...
  • Rebecca Foster
    “To die, it’s easy…but you have to struggle for life!” The only graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize, this brings the Holocaust home in a fresh way. Like Animal Farm, it uses the conceit of various animal associations: the Jews are mice, Poles are pigs, Nazis are cats, and Americans are dogs. Spiegelman draws what, from a distance of decades, his Polish father Vladek narrates about his almost unbelievable series of escapes, including t...
  • Megan
    Books I read rarely affect my emotions when I'm not reading it. A book can pull me every which way, make me feel horrified or saddened or joyful, but when I put it down, I'm in the same mood I was before I started reading it. Only occasionally can a book get under my skin, and Maus is one of them. I was actually happy to finish it, because I didn't like the way it was making me feel: anxious, upset, unhappy. And I've read Holocaust stuff before. ...
  • Eirini Proikaki
    Δεν είχα σκοπό να γράψω review για το Maus αλλά όταν ένα κόμικ σε επηρεάζει τόσο που βλέπεις εικόνες του και στον ύπνο σου νομίζω οτι πρέπει να πεις δυο λόγια ακομα κι αν σου φαίνονται φτωχά.Δεν ήξερα τι να γράψω.Οτι είναι συγκλονιστικό,σπαρακτικό,συγκι...
  • Conejo Literario
    Terminé bañada en lágrimas. No solo va derecho a los favoritos del año, sino a los favoritos de la vida. 10/10.
  • Antonio
    Reto 12 libros - 12 meses del grupo Sangre de tintaNoviembre: Una Novela gráfica No deja de sorprenderme como las historias que muestran las mas grandes crueldades, son a veces las mas realistas, las mas humanas. La historia quizás les sea familiar, Judíos, Segunda guerra mundial, Alemanes, campos de concentración, Polacos, y Estadounidenses; Maus nos relata la historia biográfica de de Vladek Spiegelman, con el giro de ser contada a travé...
  • Wanda
    If this book hadn’t been a selection for my book club in January, I would never have picked it up. Not because I’m a snob about graphic novels—I think they are legitimate form of literature and very enjoyable to boot. But I might have avoided Maus because of the subject matter—I haven’t read very much about the holocaust and that is by choice. I guess I’m a chicken, but I hate exploring just how terribly we can treat one another. I ha...
  • Teresa Proença
    "Samuel Beckett disse uma vez: «Cada palavra é como uma mancha desnecessária no silêncio e no nada».Mas, por outro lado, ele teve de o DIZER." "quantos livros já foram escritos sobre o Holocausto. Para quê? As pessoas não mudaram... Talvez precisem de um Holocausto novo e maior." "muitas empresas que prosperaram durante o regime nazi são hoje mais ricas do que nunca. Não sei... Talvez TODA A GENTE tenha de se sentir culpada. TODA A GE...
  • diegomarcapaginas
    Una maravilla de cómic que refleja la vida y las experiencias de un judío polaco en el holocausto nazi. Lo mejor sin duda son los flashbacks y la crudeza de la historia. Art hizo un gran trabajo visibilizando y dándo alma a un acontecimiento histórico que aún hoy en día levanta ampollas.
  • Arnie
    When I was a kid I read comic books (mostly Superman). The Maus books are the only graphic novels I've read and I consider them masterpieces (Mausterpieces?). Like Spiegelman's alter ego, I was a middle class child growing up in Queens (NYC), the son of Holocaust survivors and couldn't communicate with my father when I was growing up. He got it down perfectly. It was spot on and ranks among the best of Holocaust related literature.
  • Mia Nauca
    Me encantó, la mejor novela gráfica que he leído en mi vida. Cruda y sentimental a la vez.
  • Sue
    This was an amazing read.This was so good. I've known about it for a long time but somehow never sought it out. Maybe it was a bias against graphic novels? Not sure. I'm so glad I finally read it. This is a picture of human strength and frailty, humane and savage behavior, done in a novel way that seems to make it even more immediate and real.
  • Kirk
    This was our second book in the local library's discussion of Jewish graphic novels. It is, of course, the most famous and most celebrated exemplar of the genre (if you don't count the superhero stuff). What is amazing about the book is the emotional resonance Spiegelman manages to pack into his panels. In telling the story of his father's experience in the Holocaust, the author refuses to sentimentalize or pander. The most striking innovation is...
  • Alexis Ayala
    Historias como estas, que solo buscan contar algo que sucedió y terminan marcando y gustando demasiado.
  • Leonel
    No se como reseñar este libro, siempre es mas fácil escribir sobre libros malos que sobre obras tan espectaculares como ésta. Es crudo, escalofriante, aterrador, adictivo y, sin embargo, por momentos nos permite relajar con un poco de humor después de tanto machaque cerebral. Nunca leo novelas gráficas, hasta ahora lo único que leí aparte de Maus fue El Eternauta que me pareció otra maravilla, quizás tuve suerte. Todo lo que eligió Spie...
  • Elilith
    Brillante. Una forma original, visual y conmovedora de mostrar uno de los episodios más horribles de la historia de la humanidad.
  • Dorin
    Romanul grafic Maus e o dramatică poveste despre Holocaust spusă pe două planuri - unul al supraviețuitorului de la Auschwitz și Dachau, celălalt al fiului său, care încearcă să îi afle povestea. Ambele planuri sunt la fel de importante, și ambele contribuie la un portret dramatic - acela al suferinței, și a ceea ce supraviețuiește suferinței.Banda desenată e complet alb-negru. Evreii sunt prezentați cu figuri de șoareci (în ...
  • El Biblionauta
    Está muy bien ir a Eurodisney, educar a nuestras hijas con los valores de las nuevas princesas Disney (decididas y valientes como Mulan o Vaiana). Leer a Thomas Pynchon y que éste te haga notar que el Pato Donald se afeita todos los días, porque cuando se queda dos días perdido en una balsa en alta mar tiene barba. Reflexionar acerca de que los cuervos de Dumbo son negros y hablan como negros, mientras que en la traducción de los años cuare...
  • Anita Vela
    Reseña completa: es una novela gráfica basada en hechos reales y que nos cuenta como una familia judía vivió el holocausto nazi. No es una historia fácil de leer, es dura, pero merece mucho la pena. En el blog os cuento más:
  • Ana | The Phoenix Flight
    Uma pessoa vê uma banda desenhada com ratos e gatos e até é capaz de pensar "eish, vou-me divertir a ler isto". E em parte até tem razão. Uma parte desta história é divertida, se olharmos para os momentos de conversa entre o autor e o pai que, devido à forretice crónica do pai, se podem tornar um pouco humorísticas.Mas a capa diz tudo. Isto não é uma história engraçada, divertida, ou um simples livro de quadradinhos. Nada no holocau...
  • Gabrielle
    This is not an easy graphic novel to read. The illustrations are beautiful, but the simple black and white style reminds the reader that the subject matter is one of the darkest periods of modern history. This very personal glimpse into the horrors of the Holocaust touch on many complex emotions: loyalty, fear, survivor’s guilt, anger…Art Spiegelman’s father Vladek is a Holocaust survivor, who grew up and lived in Poland, was drafted into t...
  • Dolceluna
    La freschezza del tratto fumettistico sposa la volontà di narrare un tema di grande portata come quello dell'Olocausto. E ne nasce un autentico capolavoro, termine forse abusato nell'ambito delle recensioni letterarie, ma che in questo caso risulta più che appropriato. Maus è innanzitutto la storia di una testimonianza, quella del vecchio Vladek, ebreo di origine polacca ora residente negli Stati Uniti il quale, su richiesta del figlio Art (l'...
  • Roberto
    Una historia más sobre el holocausto judío durante la II Guerra Mundial. Sin embargo, su formato: cómic, ofrece un enfoque y unos matices muy sugerentes. Los díbujos no son especialmente artísticos, de líneas sencillas, tan monótonos que en ocasiones el contexto o los diálogos son los que facilitan distinguir entre los personajes. Ésta indiferenciación no es casual, sino metáfora de la humillación y el anonimato a que se vieron someti...
  • Filipa
    Será que quer dizer alguma coisa sobre a minha pessoa o facto de adorar livros sobre o Holocausto?Já li alguns livros sobre o Holocausto e segunda guerra mundial. São sempre livros que adoro e ainda mais quando são histórias a relatar acontecimentos que realmente aconteceram.Penso que o primeiro de todos foi "O diário de Anne Frank" que li... e reli... e reli... e reli...Desde aí que de vez em quando, gosto de dar um pulo para dentro de hi...
  • Scarlet Cameo
    "-¡Creía que habías sido liberado como prisionero de guerra!- Y así era...las leyes internacionales nos protegían un poco como prisioneros de guerra polacos ¡Pero a un judío del Reich podía matarlo cualquiera por la calle!" Esta es una historia triste, las memorias de una persona que paso por el Tercer Reich y sobrevivió para contar lo que paso, además de que es un vistazo de como esta experiencia dejo una marca perpetua en la vida de l...