暁のヨナ 9 [Akatsuki no Yona 9] (Yona of the Dawn, #9) by Mizuho Kusanagi

暁のヨナ 9 [Akatsuki no Yona 9] (Yona of the Dawn, #9)


Details 暁のヨナ 9 [Akatsuki no Yona 9] (Yona of the Dawn, #9)

Title暁のヨナ 9 [Akatsuki no Yona 9] (Yona of the Dawn, #9)
Release DateJul 20th, 2012
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo

Reviews 暁のヨナ 9 [Akatsuki no Yona 9] (Yona of the Dawn, #9)

  • Linda ✿
    loved the fact that sinha had so much "screen time" in this volume and how yona encouraged him. (*^ω^*)
  • Alory Shannon
    THIS series should be subtitled, "FOUND FAMILY DONE RIGHT" because it's, just. Perpetually stellar in how it handles the relationships between the characters.This time the spotlight was on Sinha, and what it's like for him when he uses the dragon's eyes...and we learn precisely why Ao told him to NEVER use them...and why he decides to use them anyway to protect Yona. Of course, Yona herself is wonderful and is exactly what Sinha needs during his ...
  • Aeslis
    Akatsuki no Yona: my fantasy manga of choice. Yona is a determined girl. She is made of metal, Yona is. Despite Hak's refusal to teach her how to use a sword, she doesn't give up, and goes so far as to steal one of her comrade's swords in order to train herself. It is a reverse harem, yes, but not a mindless one as most are. All the characters get a good deal of attention, a backstory, and their interactions are nuanced and fun.Yona's the best, g...
  • Julia
    Sinha feels ❤
  • Emi
    Pensaba dejar de comprarlo después de este tomo porque es una serie muy larga y tal, pero voy a seguir un poquito más. Me he divertido mucho (ahora se han metido a bandidos XD), y han explicado un poco más de un personaje que mola mucho, así que veremos en el siguiente.
  • S.Baqer Al-Meshqab
    Quality Story,Super Funny, outstanding art.can't wait for the next one.
  • Gustavo
    The power of the blue dragon is so awesome I really hope they became friends with the fire country.
  • Shaya
    En este tomo después de que ya todos los dragones se hallan unidos, deciden volver a ver a Ik-Soo, para que les guíe un poco más en la profecia pero cuando pasan un tiempo alli ven todas las injusticias que pasan en el pais del fluego y no pueden estar quietos y actuan.Debo de decir que el tomo me ha gustado mucho porque con cada tomo que pasa vemos como Yona va creciendo y haciendose mas fuerte con cada paso que da y eso me gusta mucho, y los...
  • Kogiopsis
    Things I am loving about this series so far:- Yona's determination to do good at any cost- "The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch"- The fact that in lieu of waging a military campaign against Su-Won and his supporters, they're essentially waging a PR campaign from the countryside- Some truly superb dragon-based body horror- Hak clearly, obviously being a subI'm almost sad that I have only one volume left before I'm caught up to the English t...
  • Sarah Schanze
    Another great volume to start of the "Happy Hungry Bunch" arc, hahaha.
  • Ruthsic
    This volume marks the beginning of the next phase of Yona's group. They have assembled all dragons and for now, they are not marching straight onto the capital to get Yona her throne back. Firstly, it is because that would be difficult considering the five tribes have lended their support to the current king, Soo-Won, and secondly it is because Yona wants to first see the state of her kingdom by herself before she is locked away in a palace, away...
  • Dilushani Jayalath
  • Vera Neves (Sinfonia dos Livros)
    Shin-Ha.... Tadinho!!
  • Faith Lackey
    Five words:I.CAN.NOT.STOP.READING.........!Seriously, so good....
  • Doğa
    Shin-ah ve gözleri
  • Jessica Headlee
    4/5Volume 9 is an odd volume when it comes to passing because it spends most of the time laying down the ground work for the next arc, which it appears will spend a good number of chapters in the land o the Fire Tribe. What’s a girl to do when she has the extraordinary might of four legendary warriors and an experienced war general? Yona can’t take over the kingdom, especially not in the way Su-Won did, because she knows that wouldn’t make ...
  • Sarah
    5 stars for Yona of the Dawn vol. 9Thoughts and PlotFor those poor souls who are anxiously waiting for the next season of the anime to come out (which may be never at this rate) THIS book picks up where the anime ends!!!!! Which is awesome. From here on out it's spoilers all the way down!Yona decides that the poor villagers of the fire tribe need protection against the fire tribe enforcers who come to collect exorbitant taxes from the poor and st...
  • Fairytaillover22
    Kusanagi-san is really showing a new side to us this volume, and I am loving it! Finally, I've reached new material after the anime, and I am not at all disappointed. Firstly,... THE DARK DRAGON AND HAPPY HUNGRY BUNCH???? PURE GENIUS.Secondly, turns out Sinha is a cinnamon roll that could really kill you and would if not for Yona.His development was out of the park this time around. So he can't control his eye powers; they eat him up from inside ...
  • Noshin Rahman
    Loving the turn Yona has taken, her transformation feels so natural. It's great to come across a shojo manga that has a well-paced character growth.My favourite part of this volume was Tae's character growth. He went from a semi-villainous guy to a very likable character. Usually his mangaka's use his type of character as a fill-in bad guy and then once they're defeated they disappear from the main plot. I enjoyed seeing him come into the spot li...
  • Nazish Ahmed (Nazish Reads)
    I rate this volume 4.5 stars.This volume is way better than volume 8, things got interesting again, I need to read volume 10 NOW!I have a theory about Zeno and I searched it up and apparently I'm right. I can't wait until his power and who he really is revealed to Yona and the gang. I went to spoil myself, but I'm trying really hard not to. This volume had hard times and really funny innocent dense Yona times too.Full review coming soon.My twitte...
  • Rachael, The Green Tea Librarian
    8 cups of tea out of 11Yona and friends form: The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch. Also a guy who Yona rejected in volume one is back.I like how complicated the situation continues to be. She has succeeded at one of her goals but that doesn't mean she's ready to achieve her final goal. (Also her final goal might change before the end.)I am a little sad that her and another character's relationship hasn't really changed very much. But the s...
  • Evelyn
    Alright, everything from this volume on is not included in the first season of the anime (At this point in time, they haven't made a second season. THEY SHOULD!)Anyway, Yona and friends are trying to figure out what they want to do now that they've gathered all the dragons. A good place to start is a village near Ik-su's house.Let's just say things get a little crazy and ridiculous then someone removes Sinha's mask. Ever wonder what his dragon ey...
  • Tami Staton
    Watch the anime and could not let the story end there so I bought the next 3 manga and will buy the next 2 when volume 13 is released in English. Anime and manga are new to me and I binged watched the Full Metal Alchemist and have not found anything else with characters that enthralled me as much until Yona of the Dawn. I love the back stories to each of the main characters and enjoy watching Yona develop into an aware young woman forced out of t...
  • Laura
    Good stuff. The crew has a great cohesion, so we got to explore a little bit of Sinha's issues, with amusing side antics provided by the rest of the company. Also Yona has taken another step forward in growth and responsibility. Art is beautiful and playful. Yona remains one of my favorite manga leading charactrers - epitomizing agency. I love this series!
  • Sabrina
    I love this whole series, but this book especially had me laughing out loud so many times! And the hilarity was balanced nicely with some deeper insight into Sinha's past and abilities, with a hopeful note. So good.
  • Courtney (courtney & books)
    I love this series.This is a transition from the last arc to the next. Up a and gang are deciding what they want to do from here, so this is a pretty light and fluffy volume.But as always it was a joy to read!
  • Miss
    another set up volume BUT between the hilariousness of the happy hungry bunch (i love them! :D) and the incredible beauty and kindness of yona and sinha's relationship (i love them ;_;) it's pretty great anyways3.5 stars
  • Erin Pait
    This picks up where the anime left off (which is exciting as is) and I love how much attention Sinha got in this volume. I do love that blue-haired boy!! Plus just watching all the characters continuously grow is awesome and rewarding in it's own sense.
  • Robyn
    Great addition to the series. Finally getting to the story where the anime ended and it's full of development in the story and the characters and some great moments of humor. Jeaha trying to stay quiet in his sleeping bag was hilarious!
  • Desi Ariyanis
    Blue dragon is my fave, finally he shows Yona his real power, love love this volume