How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

The ultimate one-stop vegetarian cookbook-from the author of the classic How to Cook EverythingHailed as "a more hip Joy of Cooking" by the Washington Post, Mark Bittman's award-winning book How to Cook Everything has become the bible for a new generation of home cooks, and the series has more than 1 million copies in print. Now, with How to Cook Everything: Vegetarian, Bittman has written the definitive guide to meatless meals-a book that will a...

Details How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

TitleHow to Cook Everything Vegetarian
Release DateOct 15th, 2007
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

  • Allison
    BEST. COOKBOOK. EVER. I could get rid of every other cookbook I have. I've had this one for ten years and refer to it often. I rarely pull out any of the other cookbooks I have. This guy is simple, honest, casual and creative. No crazy ingredients you can't find, no recipes that tie you to the kitchen for hours. Just simple recipes for real people using real food. And he offers TONS of variations on his recipes, and coaches you how to substitute ...
  • Jeanette
    This is an amazingly comprehensive book! My two favorite things about it are: 1)The TRUE simplicity of many of the recipes. Just a handful of ingredients you have on hand and can throw together for something healthy and tasty.2) Many of the recipes can easily be converted to vegan. He even gives variations of the main recipe that include vegan choices.This book has something for everyone. It's an excellent reference manual for much more than reci...
  • Anna Wanderer
    This is one of the most useful cookbooks on my shelf. I use it several times a week and have not yet made anything that I didn't like. It has helped me try new foods with confidence.
  • Carol
    If I had to choose one vegetarian book to own or to give someone thinking about starting a vegetarian lifestyle, this would be it.The title says it all!
  • ·Karen·
    Everything? EVERYTHING!No luscious photographs, but useful illustrations of techniques. This is a reference work that assumes (quite rightly in our case) that you are prepared to make that little bit of effort and make your own tortellini, wonton skins, kombu dashi, chapatis - ooh and a recipe for dosas, luv'em, and even how to make cheese. But Bittman aims at those who are unfamiliar with basic cooking techniques too, with fine drawings that sho...
  • Inder
    This a great basic cookbook! My only issue is whether I need this giant tome in ADDITION to Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. There's a lot of overlap, and the answer is probably no. I prefer Deborah Madison's format and style slightly, but the books are similar in many ways. The clincher: I already own Deborah Madison's book.Still, I could totally see living out of this book, much as I already do with Deborah Madison. This is a ...
  • Kristine
    You don't have to be a vegetarian to love this book. Plenty of omnivores have given this book rave reviews. I've been cooking from this book for my blog, and everything I have made has been fabulous. I love that Bittman gives a lot of variations and twist to his recipes and overall they're easy and healthy. I do use less oil than he does though.
  • Hafsa Sabira
    The problem with reading cook books is that you can't really claim that you have read this until you have tried out a few recipes.Now I haven't gone through the whole book but I did go through the detailed introduction about the basic cooking methods,techniques etc. I will try a few recipes though,maybe when I find any interest to cook.
  • Steven Peterson
    This is an interesting cookbook. Mark Bittman, who has created other cookbooks, takes a shot at a vegetarian cookbook. One nice wrinkle--he shows Vegans how they can adapt some of these recipes to their needs. He begins by noting that (Page ix) "Increasingly, Americans are becoming `flexitarians,' a recently invented word that describes both vegetarians who aren't that strict and meat-eaters who are striving for a more health conscious, planet fr...
  • Sara
    This book is useful not just for the recipes, but for the illustrations and instructions on how to chose, prepare and cook various types of vegetables. He addresses various staples of the vegetarian diet with brief introductions followed by recipes and tips. Non-vegetarians could find this book very useful, in expanding their fruit and vegetable repertoire as well as just adding to their stock recipes for common ingredients. Plus, not every recip...
  • Phillippa Wightman
    My boyfriend and I religiously cook from this book - we have used it for seven meals this weekend already! It's winter here so rather than go out for dinner we invite our friends to come over for some vegetarian fare. As a rule all recipes come from this book. They say that when you have guests you never cook something that you haven't made before. Well we have broken this rule and every dish we make is a first for us, we typically make an entree...
  • Jen
    Okay, I'm only through the first 100 pages of this nearly 1,000 page cookbook, and I'm sold. I think this is the "Laurel's Kitchen" for the 21st century, and will proudly sit on my bookshelf next to it. Bittman's writing is in an easy, conversational, been there-done that level that doesn't make you feel either lost if you've never cooked anything before or talked down to if you've been a cook (or a vegetarian) for years. Recipes are coded for Fa...
  • Julie Wiley
    It's one of those books that everyone should have up on their shelves. (Even though he's given away all of his cookbooks because he doesn't have room in his kitchen.) It also doubles as doorstop. This sucker is heavy. I love Bittman's "keep it simple and real" attitude. I made his hummus this week as well as banana blueberry muffins which was a combination of a few of his muffin recipes. Adding buttermilk, may I add, makes them heavenly. There wa...
  • Scott
    This is a variation on Bittman's more famous cookbook. We have been eating less meat, but simply removing meat from a recipe doesn't always work. I picked up this cookbook to get some ideas for more meatless dishes. It is very nice. There are a few things I really like about the cookbook. The first is that it contains more than recipes. It talks about how to buy, store, prepare, and cook many types of fruits and vegetables which is pretty useful....
  • Erin
    I definitely haven't read every page of this book - it's enormous! I had seen this book many times at my co-op and often scoffed at the title. I thought it would be a bunch of recipes that normally call for meat, but were altered with the simple removal of meat.I was wrong. It's a great tool book and guide for new cooks or people always wanting to learn more. He offers tips on how to build soups and how to experiment in your own kitchen.I'm alway...
  • Martha
    I really want to like this book. I am so sick of cooking the same food all the time. I love the charts, and how most recipes have easy additions/substitutions mentioned. But I've prepared 3 things now (tomatoes and soy, Zucchini soup, and black bean chili) and they were all just ok. Edible, but not very tasty.Will keep trying, but that's not a good sign.
  • Sara
    I am a Mark Bittman worshipper. There, I said it. This is my go-to cookbook for pretty much everything even though we aren't vegetarian. We make TONS of side dishes from this tome and sometimes modify slightly to include chicken or fish. I find all of his cookbooks so approachable and easy, but the food is so tasty and complex. Can't wait to dig into VB6!
  • Eve
    I am a Bittman fan and I love the original How to Cook Everything. For a man who advises sauteeing split peas in bacon fat, this book is an about face. I have made a quite a few recipes that are easy and understandable. I particularly like his intro where he discusses how the general trend is toward less meat and how that is good for you--health, environment, etc.
  • Carrie
    This is my husband's go to cookbook. I have used it a bit, but am not the main cook at our house. I can say two things: (1) as a person not adept at cooking, this cookbook is easy to use and has tons of useful information, but more importantly (2) the recipes are wholesome and DELICIOUS. Would highly recommend to all: vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
  • Charity
    This is my food bible. I use it primarily for technique and tips rather than recipes, but it's the best all-around vegetarian cookbook I've ever found. Mark Bittman is my hero.
  • E
    The one and only. Mark Bittman is a phenomenon. You could pick one recipe or recipe variant out of here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next 60 years, and still not run out of things to try.
  • Michelle
    Very useful and practical.
  • Krysten
    As a sheer reference volume, this book is amazing. My experience with Mark Bittman is very limited. I might never have heard of him if I didn't work in the cookbook section at a bookstore. As much as I love food, I am just never in the know with this sort of thing. So I guess I'm not sure what Bittman is known for and how other people see him. I just know that he's popular. I definitely appreciate his no-bullshit attitude toward cooking. His reci...
  • Melissa
    I am giving my copy of this book away today at a book swap. Why? Not because I want to spread the love of vegetarian cooking or lifestyle. It's purely selfish. I've been torn about getting rid of this book because (a) I have many friends who swear by Mark Bittman's recipes and (b) there are SO many recipes in here there has to be something that I can get to work, and (c) there is actually some good advice in this book about basic things like how ...
  • Vanessa
    This book is a great book for beginner cooks. It's very good for generic cooking advice rather than recipes. There are a large number of recipes, which cover everything that I can think of that new vegetarians should know. They're designed so that the cook can embellish them as they grow more comfortable and experienced.It avoids my three biggest annoyances with vegetarian cookbooks: it isn't a "diet" cookbook, it does not put too much emphasis o...
  • Anashuya Kakati
    This book is literally god-sent for anyone who wants/has to cook vegetarian food and knows little about it. I love to cook but as my husband is a vegetarian I feel the number of experiments I can run are fairly limited. But after buying this book, I can feel myself becoming a better cook and my dinner table looks much more interesting. Even the husband compliments much more frequently.The best things I liked about this book: The many side tips an...
  • Chelsea
    The absolute best cookbook around. I love the way the author creates a conversation with each recipe. "If you have this ingredient it could replace this other one" and so on. The ingredients are simple for the most part, and usually items I already have on hand. So many cookbooks call for tons of ingredients--half of which I've never heard of, let alone be able to purchase in my area. Plus, most of the recipes call for only a handful of ingredien...
  • Laura Wallace
    first off all, I'm not vegetarian. this book kicked around my house for awhile. I think someone got it as a gift. since I am the only one who uses cookbooks, I flipped through it and found it a bit daunting. there are a zillion recipes, every recipe has a million variations, a lot of them involve charts. little by little, I started referencing it for things: what's something new to do with lentils? how do you cook an artichoke? so many of these r...
  • Jessica
    I don't usually bother adding cookbooks here. But I love this one so much, I can't bring myself to return it to the library. Something about Bittman's approach really works for me; he explains cooking concepts in ways that make me feel confident instead of intimidated. The recipes I've tried (like beer-glazed beans, blue cheese apples and butternut/parmesan gratin) are easy and yummy. I'm going to have to pony up the $35 for my own copy.