The Adventuress by N.D. Coleridge

The Adventuress

A delightfully wicked novel, The Adventuress follows the rise and rise of Cathy Fox, a modern-day Becky SharpNo one forgets Cath Fox. From her scorpion tattoo to her other worldly charms, she's a shrewd woman-on-the-make who will not be swayed in her quest for the top.From her humble beginnings as a matron's assistant at a top girls' boarding school, Cath embarks on a journey that will take her from a Portsmouth backstreet to the boardrooms of th...

Details The Adventuress

TitleThe Adventuress
Release DateMay 28th, 2013
PublisherThomas Dunne Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Did Not Finish

Reviews The Adventuress

  • Lizzi
    I'd really put this at a 3.5. I enjoyed the way the characters intertwined and I thought the female characters were surprisingly well written, considering it was written by a man. This is a great book to read on a commute or at the beach/by the pool. It's too serious (in a good way!) to be classified as generic chick lit, too glossy to be just fiction. In terms of a general piece of fiction, my criticism of the book is that lacked depth. I would ...
  • Jenny
    I went through 9 chapters before giving up, which I think is plenty enough to get the image that Cath Fox is a gold-digger. There was absolutely nothing enjoyable about this book, not to mention the few times the author seemed to forget he was writing a british novel and used american language (such as giving the temperature in farenheit...)At best, the writing was alright, although some editing mistakes were downright scary; "And Annabel reproac...
  • Amy
    Thank you to author N. D. Coleridge and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for giving me the opportunity to review this book. Cath Fox's shameless and single minded determination to reach the very top of the world inspires readers to do the same. Despite what some might consider a lack of morality, I found myself rooting for the anti-heroine as well as the supporting characters through the many decades of the story. This novel was brilliantly written...
  • Sharon
    The heroine of this novel is a comletely amoral gold-digger from start to finish. I loved that she ram-rodded her way through life without a second thought for consequences (which were few and far between). Just as I was thinking her story was getting a bit one sided, the author introduced other characters she encountered during her social rise.
  • Tara
    I thought this book was entertaining at best. It was too contrived, the characters were not very complex, there were a few typos which caused confusion (ex using the wrong name). I enjoyed it but it is not a book I would recommend to someone looking for anything more than a fun beach read.
  • Ig-88
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  • Jeremy Hornik
    Blah. First few chapters are spicy good fun, but it all gets a bit moralistic and dull. Prose is very magaziney, with lots of description. Ended up just skimming the last half, just to see what happened.
  • Donna
    This was a good book. Cath Fox was a well defined character who took advantage of every opportunity along the way. I found myself having mixed feelings about her at different times during the book. I also found myself wondering about all the missed opportunities in my life.
  • Fiona James
    I really hope men don't really think women are like this. Each female. In this book is seeking validation by a man and as such are thoroughly unlikeable.
  • Amy
    update of Vanity Fair that didn't quite work.
  • Lynda Brunelle
    This was a very fun read and I liked how the lead female was so brazen and selfish- always looking to trade up. I couldn't put the book down that's why I gave it 5 stars.
  • Dorothy Fleming
    A fun read. Cath Fox is quite the social climber and she made it to the top.
  • Laura
    I liked how the characters all were interwoven together, it was a fast read. I wish the ending would have been a little bit different..some aspects were satisfying, some were not.
  • Tracy
    Loved this! Witty, smart and addictive. The characters were well written and enjoyed how they were all intertwined in the end. I'd recommend as a fun read.
  • Katie
    Not a bad book, I like how all the different characters were interconnected, but the story never really seemed to go anywhere.
  • Courtney
    Even though this was WAY too long, it was enjoyable and I liked it.
  • Jennifer
    Entertaining... A fun, summer read.
  • Wilde Sky
    A young woman begins a relentless pursuit of riches / status / security.An enjoyable story, it sagged about quarter of the way through, and was trashy but overall an entertaining read.
  • Vicki Steevensz
    I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written book. The protagonist is tough and savvy, not always likable, but I was continually interested in her life and relationships.
  • Natalie
    I kept reading it thinking something might surprise me, but it did not. it was well written, and kept my attention, but nothing thrilling here.
  • Julianne Niespodziany
    This was a perfect read for the extended 4th of July weekend!! I couldn't put it down!
  • Sarah Marble
    Surprisingly suspenseful and inspiring.