My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa Hanawalt

My Dirty Dumb Eyes

My Dirty Dumb Eyes introduces Lisa Hanawalt as a first-rank cartoonist/humorist/stalker for an audience that likes its humor idiosyncratic, at times anthropomorphic or scatological, often uncomfortable, and always sharp witted. Her world vision is intricately rendered in a full spectrum of color, unapologetically gorgeous and intensely bizarre.  With movie reviews, tips for her readers, laugh-out-loud lists and short pieces such as “Rumors I...

Details My Dirty Dumb Eyes

TitleMy Dirty Dumb Eyes
Release DateMay 28th, 2013
PublisherDrawn and Quarterly
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Humor, Art, Funny, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews My Dirty Dumb Eyes

  • Kate
    I don't think you should read this book. You're very mature and you wouldn't like it. Some of the drawings are crude, crudely-done, and plain silly. There are too many lizards in human clothes. And there are way too many penises, poop jokes, and other explicit and bawdy humor. I loved pretty much every page, though, and laughed maniacally several times. I was so very sad when it was over.
  • Allie
    Great! Great! Great!Lisa Hannawalt is a huge weirdo and I love her. Her very colorful drawings are a hysterical, surreal, and sometimes very dirty. I read some of her fantastic illustrated movie reviews on the Hairpin, all of which are collected here alongside some truly bizarre comics about mooses, movies, finger sculptures, sex fantasies, and lots of horses. I read it on the bus and I was laughing uncontrollably while trying to conceal the cont...
  • Dov Zeller
    I am considering making a shelf just for this book, but not sure what to call it: fashion animals kitchen appliances explicit sexual comedy weirdo (hats and movie reviews) and you may never feel the same about a whisk? This book is a bit like a ping pong match between the unpleasant and the hilarious; the absurd and the primly uncanny; a moose's ass and a dog's never mind.I wonder in moments if she is gleeful about the probability of people readi...
  • Raina
    Prepare yourself for this one. Scattered ramblings from a unique mind.I was charmed, and yet nonplussed, by the North American Wildlife and Hats. I was occasionally grossed out by her sense of humor. Her comic strip about romance movies made me laugh out loud. And her illustrated movie reviews completely won me over.More of a personal sketchbook/slice of brain/stream of psyche than formal graphic novel, Hanawalt's book is in turns alienating and ...
  • Frank
    One of my favorite things about working in a library (there are 4) is coming across the random, unknown book. I had no idea who Lisa Hanawalt but this collection of comic sketches just connects with my sense of humor (so, factor that in to your judgement). Plus, this book is filthy. Not to be read at a public reference desk.
  • Dawn Rutherford
    This made me laugh out loud many times.
  • Laura
    **WARNING** this book has nudity and I'm not just talking boobies, I'm talking electric-mixer-in-the-vagina nudity. Just letting you know because nobody told me and so I ordered it for the library and def cannot put it out on the shelf. That being said, you should find a good quirky library (and get me a job there) or bookstore so you can read this masterpiece. It's irreverent and made both me and my boyfriend laugh out loud. I really like the ar...
  • Nancy
    Fashion Week Animals (and North American Wildlife) in Hats is pure Genius. You can't even imagine any other hats on any other animals. And yet, you never would have. Beyond this, there is just the right amount of sadness, weirdness, sexiness, and authorial presence/distance. The only thing wrong with this book is that blurbs on the back of the book don't really get how good this is.
  • David Schaafsma
    Pretty fun, I guess! Maybe I just need to let loose and let her goofy ways knock me over…. but they kind of didn't, and I wonder why. She does do some goofy dirty visual jokes that are fun, sort of scatological humor I smiled at (especially racy since she dedicates the book to her Mom and Dad and sibs in addition to a guy named Adam…) and just some silly stuff… okay! Kooky! Weirdo! Good, I guess. :) I'm just not sure what all of it adds up ...
  • Kevin
    There's some really funny, crazy, shake your head in disbelief stuff in this book. A lot of people really love her movie review comics but I found her little one-offs to be especially hilarious, jarring, and dreamy. I wish that Moosefingers comic (about a horse that wears heels and makes clay fingers all day and then gets maudlin at night while he lays in bed with his cat dude lover) was a novel or a full-length movie directed by Terry Zwigoff.