Blue Exorcist, Vol. 9 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist, Vol. 9

All of Rin’s friends have done their best to hold off the deadly Impure King so Rin can confront it. Now it’s entirely up to Rin to finish off the gigantic demon. Although Rin has finally drawn the Koma sword and found his confidence, that alone may not be enough to defeat the Impure King! And Yukio’s battle with the possessed Saburota Todo may have awakened something dark deep within him.

Details Blue Exorcist, Vol. 9

TitleBlue Exorcist, Vol. 9
Release DateApr 2nd, 2013
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Shonen

Reviews Blue Exorcist, Vol. 9

  • Nicole
    Embarrassing cover aside (I read a lot of manga in public, but I just couldn't muster the courage to read this one where others could see), it was a good volume. I won't rag on the cover too much since Blue Exorcist has a lot of equal opportunity fanservice, which is a very nice change of pace from the manga that cater to only men or only women. Anyway, this volume ends the long Impure King Arc, then moves on to a much shorter arc that is complet...
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    Overall, the story and art were good. They were making a bridge to the next arc.However... This was completely a fan service volume. I don't understand why all the exorcists were wearing skimpy bathing suits except for it being fan service. Everything else was enjoyable.
  • Saphirablue
    I love Rin. :)I lov ehow they managed to fight and win against the demon and the Kraken and I love, love, love that Rin is now able to control his flames. :)I'm very worried about Yukio, though. :/
  • Mahra
    I re-read this volume! Omg why did I even stop this manga! It's Amazing! I loved the fight between Rin and Yukio it was a real one and expected.I loooooved the side characters who I can't remember their names who got married ❤ I re-read this volume! Omg why did I even stop this manga! It's Amazing! I loved the fight between Rin and Yukio it was a real one and expected.I loooooved the side characters who I can't remember their names who got ma...
  • Skye (Skye's Scribblings)
    End of the Impure King arc and the Kraken story, which I enjoyed. Interested in the new twist with Yukio and looking forward to seeing where the story goes next!
  • Julia Sapphire
    Much better - liking the romance - character development for Rin and Shiemi - different attitude for Yukio
  • Darby
    Yay a cute beach volume! Shiemi is just the sweetest thing ever
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Rin and Yukio: Rin has finally found confidence in himself and that is a wonderful thing, but I wonder how long that confidence can last when it's so obvious that Yukio isn't being a very supportive brother. And it's not that I don't understand where Yukio is coming from, but he's not judging Rin for being Rin, he's judging Rin for being the son of Satan. And at the end of the day, they're the same thing, but also so completely different...
  • Delanie Washburn
    I didn't like it as much as the one before. The first half wraps up the arc and the second half is fluff, but I liked the fluff I'll say, even better than the wrap up really. I wish that one girl wore more clothes though. Part of it takes place at beach and that could use some clothes too. I like stories, but I don't like sex in them, even if it's not really sex. I also like my characters to wear clothes.
  • Abeer Albossany
    The whole mess the impure king had made was cleared and finished with at the beginning of this volume. We jump after that to the Kraken story and there we get to know how Yukio really feels about Ren. The two brothers finally reconciled at the end.
  • Nina
    Glad Yukio and Rin talked, even though I wish it ended a little better? Also, Kraken! Glad the impure king is finally over, and I did like how they ended that storyline. On to hopefully more fun stuff!
  • Kate (Reading Through Infinity)
    This was such a great end to the arc! Rin finally drew his sword and it was so great to see him control his fire and defeat the Impure King.
  • Elias Alexander
    This series is just getting better and better. I'm freaking out over how good it is.
  • Shawna
    This volume is my absolute fave because of the brothers. The exorcism of the Kraken is my favorite battle scene in the entire series.
  • Lenni✨ (Whenimetabook)
    5/5 estrellas.
  • Denny Ardhianto
    haha covernya disensor. XD
  • Magik
    3☆Después de eso me dieron muchas ganas de abrazar a Yukio.Y OMG SHIEMI ES CADA VEZ MEJOR.
  • Scott Lee
    This volume sees the end of the battle with "The Impure King," and the arc in which the exwires go with Yukio and Kirigakure go to Kyoto to Bon's family's temple. Rin demonstrates some serious growth, as do a few other characters--Shiemi in particular. The second half of the volume, a mini-arc of sorts, has the team take on a Kraken that is threatening an old sea god, at the sea between Kyoto and the order's school they set out from volumes ago. ...
  • MissAnnThrope
    22 April 2013Gosh, I've forgotten how much fun it is to be in this crazy world. It feels like it's been eons since the last volume's release, so I was ecstatic to finally get my grubby paws on this volume. I'm already eagerly counting down the days until the tenth volume is out.In a moment of clarity and acceptance, Rin impressively brings the Impure King battle to an end. After the suspenseful cliffhanger ending of the last volume, I thought Blu...
  • Tiffanie
  • Chivitouille
    Finalmente se termina el arco de Kioto derrotando al rey de la inmundicia y todo lo que sigue después es más como una historia para medio explicar algunos detalles que sucedieron durante toda esta parte de la trama, siento que no pasa mucho pero a la vez pasa algo, más bien es un preámbulo para lo que sigue.En cuanto a Rin y Shiemi, siento que ella anda por el momento en una sintonía diferente o que que anda en las nubes. Es obvio que Rin si...
  • Sarah Maddaford
    After the conclusion of the Impure King arc, we move on to a seashore adventure. Everyone is now trying to accept the state of things especially Rin's flame. Yukio especially is having difficulty after his shock during the previous volume. I think the sea chapter was a bit of a regression after all the growth of the Impure King arc. It would be difficult to just jump into the next one, but it would probably have felt a little less awkward.There i...
  • Holly Letson
    Aside from the weird proportions of the girl on the cover, who looks like they put Orihime's head on Matsumoto's body, this was actually a pretty good volume. I really liked both Vol.9 and Vol.10 better than Vol.1 actually, even though I felt like I was kinda thrown into the end of a storyline here.----------------- In this volume, the Impure King--who basically feeds on fungus--is infecting everyone he touches. So, they need someone to bring him...
  • Cornerofmadness
    The bad cover aside (I plain don't care for Shura on many levels, the drunken sluttiness I suppose bothers me. I appreciate her skill otherwise), this was a very good volume. It rounds out the Impure King story arc and as Rin saves the day, he comes to a very big realization that will have implications down the road.There's a cute interlude chapter of the whole class in Kyoto, sight seeing before another story arc, a Kraken has been spotted terro...
  • Chels (farewell autumn)
    4,5 en realidad.Me ha sorprendido muy gratamente. Cierto es que el nivel estaba decayendo (la autora se ha extendido mucho con la saga de Kioto...) pero sin duda este tomo me hace recuperar la fe. Me ha encantado.Para empezar, sorpresas bien grandes... por fin descubriremos las intenciones de Mephisto. Seremos también testigos de una futura boda y... ¡OTP's everywhere! Me duelen los feels.Mucha acción también. El kraken aparece y desaparece e...
  • Emily
    Over the past two volumes, Shiemi has been moving from a weak, helpless girl to a strong character that can take care of herself. This volume was the culmination of that with Shiemi being the real hero in the fight with the Kraken. Also, her plant demon familiar, Nee is the second cutest character in the manga. First of which is still the ever adorable Kuro. We also saw a lot of character development with Yukio and are left to wonder if he didn't...
  • Kate
    Finally Rin has his moment to finish off the Impure King! This left off though making me wonder where the sinister exorcist-turned-demon Todo crept off to? But now in this volume Rin gets to reconcile with his friends. In the later part of the chapters they face a deep sea kraken on their side trip home. I hope the Okumura brothers will move on, and reach an understanding when it comes to their choices. Hopefully the Todo thing gets cleared up in...
  • Sara
    We finish the arc of The Impure King and have a small story at the end. I LOVED the short story of the Kraken and the Sea God. Yukio and Rin needed to work together to defeat the Kraken and it was good to see them begin to hash out their issues. I like their relationship because it isn't perfect but they have a mutual respect at the same time. I hope they can eventually work together and I look forward to their relationship developing. Can I also...
  • Lissibith
    A solid ending to the last arc, followed by something that's eben feeling needed for a while now - Yukio and Rin finally have to air out some of their differences and try to come to terms with one another and their relationship. I thought it was handled pretty well, making the whole volume pretty enjoyable!