The Christmas Bargain by Shanna Hatfield

The Christmas Bargain

Luke Granger is about to get more than he bargained for…As owner and manager of the Hardman bank, Luke Granger is a man of responsibility and integrity in the small 1890s Eastern Oregon town. Calling in a long overdue loan, Luke finds himself reluctantly accepting a bargain in lieu of payment from the shiftless farmer who barters his daughter to settle his debt.Philamena Booth is both mortified and relieved when her father sends her off with th...

Details The Christmas Bargain

TitleThe Christmas Bargain
Release DateNov 13th, 2012
PublisherShanna Hatfield
Number of pages296 pages
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Romance, Historical, Historical Romance, Christian Fiction

Reviews The Christmas Bargain

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    I loved the setting and time period of this one. Based on the real town of Hardman, Oregon (which is now a ghost town) it was easy to step back in time and imagine what life would have been like back then. I liked that it took place around the early 1890’s and I liked how the author worked in their “modern” inventions into the story. It’s fun to think about how things we take for granted now used to be a nifty invention back then. I liked...
  • Aerykah
    This book was pretty good. Close to 4 stars, but not quite. I did enjoy it and I might read the rest of the series-- we'll see.
  • Joanie Bruce
    I struggled with how I would rate this book. The plot was developed sufficiently, the characters were believable, and the story progressed and was interesting enough to hold my attention; however, the numerous occurrences of “head-hopping” were extremely distracting, and the frequent grammatical errors were irritating.What I liked: The main characters were likable, and grew in personality until the end of the story. I found myself sympathizin...
  • Judy Esposito
    Wonderful, Clean, Romantic, and Christmas all in one Book!This is the very first book I have read by Shanna Hatfield back in Nov. 2013 and have fallen in love with the way she writes. I have since read everything she has written and wait impatiently for the next. The Christmas Bargain is such a sweet romance that you just hate to see it end. Luke is my ideal of a strong but sensitive and caring hero. Philamena our heroine, is a lovely, sweet youn...
  • Kayla Thomas
    Romantic fun for the holidays! I so enjoyed watching Filly and Luke fall in love. Once again, Shanna Hatfield transported me to a small 1890's town full of quirky characters. I always appreciate the strong, capable women Hatfield writes. They may get swept off their feet, but they are able to stand on them too and fend for themselves.
  • Arlena
    Book Description.... "Luke Granger is about to get more than he bargained for…As owner and manager of the Hardman bank, Luke Granger is a man of responsibility and integrity in the small 1890s Eastern Oregon town. Calling in a long overdue loan, Luke finds himself reluctantly accepting a bargain in lieu of payment from the shiftless farmer who barters his daughter to settle his debt.Philamena Booth is both mortified and relieved when her father...
  • Jeffrey
    Luke Granger is the prosperous owner of the town of Hardman's bank in 1890's Eastern Oregon. He seeks to collect a long overdue loan from the shiftless and drunkard farmer Alford Booth. Unable to repay, Alford recklessly offers his only daughter to Luke as repayment. Philamena Booth has been held virtual captive for a decade under the cruel hand of her father and is both relieved and apprehensive to go with Luke as his housekeeper and cook in ord...
  • Franky
    This was the perfect book to put me in the holiday spirit! I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the sweet love story. I love the story of the woman, unloved, abused and unappreciated, taken in by a charitable man and given a new chance at life. Filly's transformation from an unwanted, silent girl to a confident, lively woman was wonderful and the love story that unfolded kept me turning electronic pages. The author has a gift for dialog and st...
  • Jeanette
    Simple, sweet and incompleteA squeaky clean, non-preachy Christian romance that just ends without warning. At least give me an epilogue. I suppose chapter 1 of the next book in the series was a consolation prize? While I enjoyed the storyline, I just found it lacking. I was annoyed by several grammatical errors, missing words, and added words; it became distracting. Meh..
  • Grace
    Best Christmas love story ever!
  • Faith
    The Christmas BargainIntroduction:A confirmed bachelor from a messed up family. A woman kept hidden by her father for 13 years. A bargain that would last a lifetime. The best Christmas bargain ever made.Characters: 1/1Philamena starts out super shy and afraid of men. She has good reason to be that way, but when her father bargains with the banker, Luke Granger, to take Philamena instead of money for the debt he owes, she blossoms quickly. Luke is...
  • Julie Lence
    Shanna Hatfield's, The Christmas Bargain, is a sweet read any time of year. Collecting on a debt owed to the bank, Luke accepts the town drunk's daughter as payment. It's either that or the drunkard will send Filly to work at the Red Lantern. To keep Filly's reputation intact, Luke (a devout bachelor) agrees to marriage, but in name only. Filly is to clean and cook until Luke is satisfied the debt has been paid. In exchange, he will provide for h...
  • Joan
    This was on my Kindle as : The Christmas Bargain: (A Victorian Holiday Romance) so, as a Brit, I was expecting a story set in England - in the 'Victorian' refers to the era of Queen Victoria and therefore is confined to her domain only? Please forgive me though if I am incorrect. However, that has no bearing on my rating and review of this novel.The story itself was nothing particularly exciting, no 'roller-coaster' of emotions, very little tensi...
  • Gail
    A sweet version of Cinderella. A girl held down on the farm by an abusive father is sold to pay a debt. The banker rescues her so she won't be sold to a Saloon. He marries her so he can keep her as a housekeeper and cook. Eventually they fall in love. Sweet story showing how a woman can be more than just a cook, she can be creative, influential, protective, and a healer too. I really liked the delivery boy character and how she even sweet talked ...
  • Rebekah Rodda
    An interesting premise but a third of the way into the story the two main characters (who are good-looking and essentially perfect) are married to each other and in love with each other and wildly attracted to each other but hesitate from having sex for the flimsiest of contrived reasons. The sub-plot needed to be way stronger here to hold my interest. That said the hero in this story is kind, considerate, rich, handsome (did I mention perfect?)....
  • Kitty Bucholtz
    This was a sweet lovely Christmas story, perfect to read this time of year. The way things came together was enjoyable to read, and the supporting characters were fun. My only complaint was that the hero's mother was a little too mean-spirited, and it made me wonder how the father could love her so much that he would do anything for her as evidenced in the story. I was glad she came around, though, as I like my Christmas stories to be mostly full...
  • Vicente William Saenz
    GreatThe story kept me glued to the pages. Luke sounded to good to be true, but there is good men out there. Filly was committed to show her gratitude to Luke. She also won Dora over by her kindness and patience.I would like to see a continuation of Luke and Filly. The children they have, maybe the father stop drinking and mend their relationship.I look forward to reading more of your books.
  • Martina Dewey
    Sweet and cleanwho doesn't love a quick read that is romantic without the raunchy. These are the kinds of books you could give to young readers you find that enjoy romance. With the stories by this author communication and respect show at all times between the couple's. Bravo, Shanna!!
  • Heather
    Nice book set in 1893 in Eastern Oregon. I really enjoyed it and will read the next one by this author. The two books are independent of each other it looks like although it's the same town and family just focuses on another member. This was a free bookbub book and I'm glad I took a chance on reading this book.
  • Caroline F
    A lovely Christmas read! Great romantic story with lively characters. Luke is a solid, gorgeous, protective guy. Philamena (Filly) is downtrodden and emotionally whipped, however, once rescued, slowly but surely emerges into her full, beautiful potential.A wonderful, uplifting story. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Megan Alton
    I was seriously smiling through most of this book, it was so cute and so sweet! Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes. My only complaint is that the writing changes character perspective without any warning or indication. I eventually got used to it and it didn't stop me from loving this book.
  • Sara Cardon
    Luke gets Philemena out of a bad situation in her father's home. He's convinced by his good friend to marry her. I like how it jumps right into the story. It's nice to see them form a friendship and fall in love by Christmas.
  • Kirsi Johnson
    Christmas RomanceWhat can I say, I'm a sucker for a Christmas romance! Put it in an old west town, and I simply can't stay away. This is a clean romance, though I would say the kisses/mini make-out sessions and final scene would put this in the older age range (like maybe 18+).
  • Terry S
    A perfect story to spark the Christmas spirit. I plan to read the second book in the series next Christmas! Be sure to check out the ghost town site for Hardman, Oregon. The pictures are a real treat.
  • Lisa Blair
    Drunk father gives his daugther as a payment for his debts in a 1890's Victorian setting. Marriage to his newly attained "cook" is the only proper means for this young bachelor to bring his newly acquired "payment" into his large mansion. Friendship develops, then love.Clean contemporary read.
  • Crystal
    The Christmas BargainLoved this Christian romance. Philly and Luke started off as a repayment of her father's debt to Luke's bank. She had been abused by her father for 13 years. She found love and tender loving care in her new home after they were married.
  • Sue Hellige
    I absolutely loved this book and didn't want it to end. Just a really good feel good clean story of a simpler time in history like reading a favorite story from the past. I was thrilled to discover the author has written a followup story with same characters and of course new faces to discover.
  • Melinda Taylor
    By the third chapter, I was almost hoping it was the end of the book. It was so wonderful! I kept worrying that something bad was going to happen. Instead, it got more beautiful as the book progressed. Their love was born of trust and a belief in human kindness. Well done!
  • Tammy
    Characters: Luke and PhilamenaSetting: Eastern Oregon, 18934 1/2 stars. A very cozy little book! I loved the story and the characters, although Luke was just too perfect. He had to have at least one flaw, but none were mentioned. Still, I would like to read more like this.