Web of Deceit (Detective Ella Marconi #6) by Katherine Howell

Web of Deceit (Detective Ella Marconi #6)

When paramedics Jane and Alex encounter a man refusing to get out of his crashed car with bystanders saying he deliberately drove into a pole, it looks like a desperate cry for help. His frantic claim that someone is out to get him adds to their thinking that he is delusional. Later that day he is found dead under a train in what might be a suicide, but Jane is no longer so sure...Detective Ella Marconi shares Jane's doubts, which are only compou...

Details Web of Deceit (Detective Ella Marconi #6)

TitleWeb of Deceit (Detective Ella Marconi #6)
Release DateFeb 1st, 2013
PublisherPan MacMillan Australia
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Web of Deceit (Detective Ella Marconi #6)

  •  Li'l Owl
    Preview:When paramedics Jane and Alex encounter a man refusing to get out of his crashed car with bystanders saying he deliberately drove into a pole, it looks like a desperate cry for help. His frantic claim that someone is out to get him adds to their thinking that he is delusional. Later that day he is found dead under a train in what might be a suicide, but Jane is no longer so sure...Detective Ella Marconi shares Jane's doubts, which are onl...
  • Sharon
    Paramedics Jane and Alex attend the scene of a man who has crashed his car against a pole, but on closer inspection Jane and Alex soon discover the man has locked himself in and refuses to get out of the car. With a lot of talking and attempting to calm the man down eventually they are able to get the man out of the car. Although the man doesn't seem to be injured, he seems to be anxious, shaken and rather scared. The mans name is Marko and he do...
  • Jenny
    Web of Deceit is book six of Detective Ella Marconi Series by Katherine Howell. Web of Deceit is about Detective Ella Marconi investigation into the death of Marko Meixner. Everyone assume that Marko Meixner committed suicide. However, Detective Ella Marconi and paramedic Jane Koutoufides did not believe that. Web of Deceit follows Detective Ella Marconi investigation into finding out who killed Marko Meixner intertwine with Jane Koutoufides and ...
  • Carolyn
    This was another excellent crime novel from Katherine Howell, possibly her best so far in this series. Featuring Detective Ella Marconi and her partner Murray and paramedics Jane and Alex, the author carefully builds her tangled web of lies and deceit into a complex mystery building up to a final explosive scene.It all starts when Jane and Alex are called out to a minor accident where a man claiming to being followed has run the car he was drivin...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Once I started Web of Deceit I couldn't put it down, which led to a very late night given I had intended, at midnight, to read only a chapter or two before getting some sleep. I really should have known better as I always find Howell's series to be compulsive page turners, packed with intrigue, action and excitement.Web of Deceit opens as Sydney paramedics Jane and Alex attend a minor car accident. The driver, Marko Meixner, blames the incident o...
  • Phrynne
    Another really enjoyable book from Katherine Howell. I stayed awake until after midnight determined not to put it down until I had finished it. As usual Detective Ella Marconi's story is paralleled with that of a female ambulance officer. In this case they are both suffering from disappointment in their romantic lives and are both handling it in quite strong minded ways, although it was nice to see Ella at least make some forward progress by the ...
  • Deb Bodinnar
    Well what can I say??? Another brilliant piece of writing by one of our talented and amazing Aussie female authors. Of course... one character in particular is outstanding!! *cough cough*Love the way it all came together...not going to say any more coz I don't want to spoil it for others. GET THIS BOOK.....
  • Brenda
    When paramedics Jane and Alex arrived in their ambulance, the man whose car was jammed up against a pole seemed to be trapped. But it turned out he had locked himself in, and was refusing to get out. Witnesses had tried to talk to him, but he seemed terrified, uninjured but badly frightened. After they had managed to talk him into the ambulance, and were headed for the hospital, Marko Meixner wouldn’t tell them anything, other than to say he wa...
  • Diane
    I liked this book, but for some reason I struggled with my reading time. My focus was not on this book the way it should have been.The story line was good and the characters lived up to their standings, and there was just enough angst - maybe a bit too much, where the over 35's were acting like 16 year olds - just my feeling. From snipers, to impersonators, to kidnappers - lots going on in this book :)I do recommend this book, and give it 4 stars...
  • Karen Brooks
    I don’t know why I do this to myself. Every time I pick up a Katherine Howell book, my fate is sealed. For the next how ever many hours, I will barely eat, sleep or blink until I finish the story. And don’t try talking to me while I have my nose in the novel – I am unable and have no desire to hold a conversation let alone compose a coherent response to a question – I simply have to know what happens next. Call me a glutton for punishment...
  • Ruth Wykes
    There are people who think Australian women crime writers are somehow inferior to their international counterparts. My challenge to them is simple: read Katherine Howell. I picked up her first book, Frantic, a few years ago and was intrigued. It is Howell's style to tell a story through two sets of eyes; her Sydney homicide detective, Ella Marconi and the paramedics who invariably open the stories. The author is a former paramedic herself, so she...
  • Alex Cantone
    Just couldn't get to grips with this one. Started well: man fell / pushed in front of a train, boss tries to hang himself after menacing calls, but then it got bogged down in the emotional baggage of police inspector and ambo. After 170 pages I gave it away.
  • CatBookMom
    This author's books were mentioned in the Aussie Readers group, and this was the only book I could find via my library's OverDrive collection. It was quite good, kept my interest, even though there's a great deal of jumping between the paramedics' stories (drama for each of them) and the homicide detectives' story. BTW, somewhere I read a review that said this (or another of this author's books) were rather like a TV drama, in the way things jump...
  • Helen McKenna
    Initially it seems like just another routine call out for busy Sydney paramedics Jane and Alex - a single vehicle car accident with only minor injuries. Although sympathetic towards the victim (who claims to have been chased by a stalker), it appears he has some kind of psychological problem and the pair can only deliver him to hospital before continuing onto their next call. It is not until several hours later when they are called to a fatal tra...
  • Sally906
    Katherine Howell is one of my “must buy as soon as a new book” comes out authors. I can guarantee that if you pick up any of her books you will not be able to put it down until you are heaving and panting for breath at the end. Errrr, no not that … get your mind out of the gutter – this is a mystery. And it is a damn good mystery with twists and turns and a feeling that it is all building up to something, but you’re not sure what.WEB OF...
  • Sheree
    Best yet ... no lie! I'm a huge fan of this series but for me Web Of Deceit was the consummate blend of paramedic voyeurism and investigative punch. Smart, tight and pacey made for seriously compelling reading.Obviously Detective Ella Marconi is the constant but with each book we're introduced to new paramedics, in Web of Deceit it's Jane and Alex. Each book I reiterate that the Ella Marconi novels work fabulously well as stand alone's, but I lov...
  • Paula Clark
    Loved it, as I have all of Katherine Howell's books! I love how Ella Marconni's character is developing throughout the series and I really enjoyed the smaller storylines playing in conjunction with the main and then intertwining at the end - brilliant :)
  • David
    Another fantastic read from Katherine Howell.
  • Merryll
    Loved this book, just as much as her others. When is the next one coming out?
  • Alicia
    Paramedics Jane and Alex are called to the scene of a car accident and find the driver, Marco Mikesner, afraid to even open the door. He finally does and, though uninjured they convince him to go to the hospital. He is clearly paranoid and they both suspect he needs to talk with a psychiatrist. The hospital is very busy and he is sent to the waiting room. Just before Jane and Alex are to sign off for the day they are sent to the metro train stati...
  • Wisteriouswoman
    My biggest complaint was that this is the only Ella Marconi mystery in the King County Library! It seemed like there was a great deal going on that related to past cases so I was a bit confused at times. But maybe I was just confused because the story jumps between two teams and I had to reorient myself to visualizing which team the author was talking about and the drama with the man-friends and ex-husbands and wives. Is she the one sleeping with...
  • Creeker868
    Paramedics respond to a car accident in which the victim is refusing to get out of the car. He is afraid of someone. Is he delusional maybe not as he turns up dead shortly after. Detective Ella Marconi wants to investigate but her superior wants the case ruled a suicide and is hampering her investigation. I feel I might have enjoyed this book more if I had read some of the earlier books as it was the characters didn't really grab me.
  • Cheryl
    Another great read. Useless information - The title of the book is very common. Maybe 20 other authors have used it too.
  • Susan
    Didn't finish. Language issues.
  • Rachel McKitterick
    I really enjoy this series, but I want to re-read this one as my brain isnt working so well and I kept losing track of who's who, so im sure the real star rating is more like a 4-4.5.
  • Monica
    Another great crime/mystery by Howell. These novels are always fast paced and attention grabbing. Returning characters continue to evolve and grow. Good story, a nice wrap-up. I'm definitely a fan of this series.
  • Heidi
    I have always thought that paramedics would make great protagonists of a crime novel, coming in contact with all sorts of different people and crime scenes. I was thrilled to see that not only did Katherine Howell realise this potential, but she also executed it with such skill that she has created a truly remarkable series of police procedurals featuring charismatic detective Ella Marconi as well as various paramedic teams – and as an extra bo...
  • Lauren K
    A man drives into a pole; he claims he was being followed. Paramedics respond and deem him as mentally unstable; they drop him off at ED at the local Hospital for a psychiatric assessment but he leaves before being seen. Hours later his body is found under a train. Was he pushed or was it suicide?That’s what Detective Ella Marconi and her partner Murray are trying to find out. Howell weaves a web of suspicious circumstances, peculiar characters...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    My View:I like Australian crime writers who write clever, well structured, intricate plots with well developed and empathetic protagonists and I am now a fan of Katherine Howell – why haven’t I heard this name before in Australian Literature? I will certainly be adding her to my list of authors to seek out.Web of Deceit is a story told from two points of view - from the perspectives of a female detective – Ella Marconi and paramedics Alex a...
  • Simone Sinna
    I wrote this review the day before I met her so I wouldn't be biased!- my husband has already sat next to her (at his own book launch) and liked her and there was a great review in The Age weekend before last. I met her at a Sisters in Crime night, and she is lovely (she and Sue Williams, a new funny crime writer were talking).This is labelled an “Ella Marconi” novel. I have read some but not all of the previous ones. It traces a number of in...