Scourged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #9) by Kevin Hearne

Scourged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #9)

Kevin Hearne creates the ultimate Atticus O’Sullivan adventure in the grand finale of the New York Times bestselling Iron Druid Chronicles: an epic battle royale against the Norse gods of Asgard.Unchained from fate, the Norse gods Loki and Hel are ready to unleash Ragnarok, a.k.a. the Apocalypse, upon the earth. They’ve made allies on the darker side of many pantheons, and there’s a globe-spanning battle brewing that ancient Druid Atticus O...

Details Scourged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #9)

TitleScourged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #9)
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherDel Rey
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Audiobook, Magic, Mythology

Reviews Scourged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #9)

  • Phrynne
    This was a bit of a sad ending for a series which I have previously enjoyed very much. I liked some of it but wish the author had not gone for the three separate story lines. It really did not work and all I could think of was that the three Druids should have been there together for the battle that could end the world. Why were they playing around with fancy tea, Monkey kings and talking sloths (don't ask!) when they should have been out there h...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    What a shitty ending! I was (view spoiler)[worried things between Atticus and Granuaile weren't going well and then this is what she does? Way to kick a guy when he's down. I know Atticus made a huge mistake with Freya, but people make mistakes! I hope he finds someone who'll be happy to start a family with him and raise little Druids in the future and then Granuaile realizes what she missed out on. She can rot in hell for all I care! (hide spoil...
  • Bradley
    I'm amazed, satisfied, filled with humor and equal dismay.*wail* This is the end of the Iron Druid. The story of Atticus is done. *wail*Fortunately, this last book is a wildly good ride, featuring a better Hel and Loki from some movies we've seen, a Ragnarok with full pantheons of the Greek and the Fae on board, as well as a number of great cameos from Jesus, Coyote, and the Monkey King.This is one hell of a big blowout and it's time for Atticus ...
  • Kristine
    WHAT A BITCH....... That is the main thought that is continually running through my mind as I sit here and think about the ending to this series. ***THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD.......Do not go on if you have not read the book******Yes - the series had to end.Yes- the series might have even gone a book or two passed where it should have ended.Yes - Atticus screwed up.Now that those things are out of the way, so the f***what? He is human (well, for th...
  • Joshua Gluck
    What the heck happened to this series? I've looked at the earlier books, and they're so good... Is Mr. Hearne even writing this? Has the person who's writing this read the earlier books?Where are the Gun wielding Draugar from book 5? Fand's rebellion, a MAIN hidden plot thread of an entire 2-3 book arc (remember Atticus almost dying to a Manticore?, the issues with Pandamonium?), is fixed by having a chair destroyed. That's it. All she wanted is ...
  • Lyn
    And so it ends.For now at least.Kevin Hearne wraps up his very entertaining Iron Druid series nicely, binding together the myriad strands of myth, legend and urban fantasy that made this all so fun. Like all the others, Hearne’s underlying humor, some of it corny, was also in good form and for the most part, this was one of the better stories.Ragnarok has come down on us from the old Norse myths and Atticus and his confederacy of Norse, Celtic,...
  • Brett
    As someone who loves every one of the Iron Druid series. This one was a disappointment. I felt like Kevin Hearne just wanted the series to end and didn't care how he did it. I know he says that 9 is a special number in irish mythology. I know that he wanted to move onto something new. Still give us a decent ending and not a mashup that felt like a first draft.
  • Celeste
    Full review now posted!Original review can be found at Booknest.Rating: 4.5/5 starsWell, that’s it. After nine books, we’ve finally reached the end of the road.Reading this series has been among the most fun I’ve ever had reading. Hearne has spun a wonderful tale with an amazing cast of characters. So many of these characters have come to feel like friends and even family. Atticus, our main character, has gotten into some terrible scrapes t...
  • Chris Evans
    Let me start off by saying I can see what he was attempting to do here. When you have a nine book series hoping around the world all leading up to the end of the world, you're going to want to create and 'epic' finally bring in all the characters met along the way. Hearne just does a really poor job of executing it. Several times he has massive threats neutralized swiftly and easily.(view spoiler)[1. Midgardsormr - Kills 2 sheep and then gets one...
  • Tim
    Save for the introduction, this story is not fun and my least favorite to date. 3 of 10 stars
  • Jason Fuller
    I loved this series. I usually recommend it to anyone who will listen. Not any more. I cannot adequately describe how frustrated, angry, and *betrayed* I feel over the ending. I. HATE. IT.HATE!!! Oh, it's cleverly done. Everything was "fixed" in the end. It's all neat, tidy, and *incredibly* unfair. "But Jason, it's a lesson. The world isn't fair, it's his only way out, and maybe there's hope for peace and happiness... so says Jesus! It was proph...
  • Jessica ☕
    I award this book 1 billion wagging dog tails for a fulfilling, unexpected finale to what has been one of my favorite series.Some spoiler-y thoughts on "the Granuaile situation": (read at your own peril) (view spoiler)[I've read many reviews of people upset at Granuaile for breaking up with Atticus. A few thoughts: 1) you are always allowed to walk away from the person you are dating, especially when you realize that there is a fundamental, insur...
  • Peter
    A fun romp, with an ending like a punch in the gut. I miss these books so much already.
  • Sanemary
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Druid series but I am afraid Scourged left me cold. The final Ragnarok battle felt totally disjointed and jumbled. Whilst the main character did warrant some payback for some of his decisions in earlier books the various outcomes were at the same time unexpected and overkill. Overall the entire book felt like the author was running out of steam and was trying to gather up all the loose ends and finalise each one in what t...
  • Kyle Marino
    I am so disappointed by this book. Like, incredibly so. Let me list the disappointments, with minor but minimal spoilers:Disappointment 1: The size. At the font size I was reading at, it was 248 pages long... including copyright, pronunciation guides, and all that. 250 pages for the epic final book of a 9 book series is incredibly small.Disappointment 2: The pace. The book is almost entirely composed of brief "and now this is happening over here"...
  • Holly
    What a sad end to a series I generally liked! And by sad, I mean disappointing. This books throws every god/deity/mythological being into one big battle, which maybe would have been exciting if I wasn't so busy being bored and/or confused. I'm sure some, if not most of them, were 'shown' to us in previous books but keeping them all straight was incredibly difficult for me, especially given their names (which granted the author could do nothing ab...
  • Chris Theofilos
    This was an okay end to a pretty good series. Atticus loses any and all badassedness and relies on others to solve all of his problems. Owen's parts were great and on their own would have been about a 4.5 to 5 star. But Granuaille's arc and her decision making in the end ruined her portions and character for me. As well Ragnarok seemed underwhelming for something that has been being built up for 6 books and many novellas. It is not an unearned co...
  • Eric
    What an abysmal end to such a fun and once promising series. How did it devolve into so many pages of dogs talking about gravy, main characters wondering about whether vampires have boogers, and lengthy conversations with sloths? Considering this was the much led-up-to apocalypse, where was the gravitas? Yes, we got some repetitive passages of Atticus whining about his poor decisions, but that did not create any tension. Nor did the technique of ...
  • Jo
    This was such a disappointment. I'd read all of Kevin Hearne's previous novels about Atticus and was heavily invested in the characters and the world they lived in. I realize ending a series is hard, but I felt like the plot was thin and rushed, it was as if he was over writing about Atticus and just decided to throw him under the bus and blacken his character while he was at it and then tie everything else up neatly. It didn't work. I hated it, ...
  • kartik narayanan
    Scourged is a great ending to a great series. There is a satisfying climax with everyone piling in. Every one gets their comeuppance. Lots of humour. Lots of gaia stuff. Significant character development.Basically, you will like Scourged if you liked the other Iron Druid books.
  • Casey
    Sadly the books no longer feel like the first 4-5. They've lost the magic quality that I so enjoyed. The whole dogs talking thing, which I'm sure people love, have become major passages of the book and distract from the loose plot.
  • Odin Yggr
    Great series... But... I loved this series. Read it so many times. Then political aspects started to creep in. In this book alone we heard Granuaile speak of "the patriarchy" several times, and the final time in a place in a common situation, removing someone you care about from harm, nothing to do with her being a woman. The main fights take place in an instant, and the amazingly powerful druid we all came to enjoy was no where to be found. I re...
  • Peter Larson
    I give up on this series. 9 books in, the writing shouldn't be this amateurish and bland. The first half hour of the audiobook is dogs talking about sausage, and a fight scene in a bar a short while later reads like fanfiction. Plot lines for the series have been engaging enough, but I'm tired of the stupid dog conversations. There are too many books in the world to waste my time on another of these.
  • ☕ Kimberly
    The audio opens with a recap of the series delivered by Oberon and gads Luke Daniels is such a gifted narrator. The story picks up right after events in Besieged and is broken up into three narratives as Atticus, Granuaile, and Owen each face battles during Ragnarok. A prophesied apocalypse in which the Earth burns. The chapters are short and fast-paced as we spend time with each. Granuaile is sent to Taiwan to fight against the Yama Kings along...
  • Cyndi
    My son found these books for me. That’s when you know you raised them right! 😊 This is the last book in the series (unless we can convince Kevin Hearne to give us more). There are gods and goddesses from almost every mythology. The battles are epic! And like all truly amazing battles there are deaths that bring heart breaks and there are deaths that bring feelings of justification. Excellent, excellent series! I will be rereading it in the ...
  • Timothy Boyd
    Damn the series is ending! Damn this is the last book. Damn it WAS A REALLY GOOD BOOK! I am very sorry to see this series end but it ended well, wrapped up all the loose treads and didn't end like I expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. If I haven't talked you into reading the Iron Druid series yet then GO GET THEM NOW!!!!!! I promise you won't be disappointed. You will get a great fun action read with some good humor scattered throughout th...
  • Amyiw
    3 1/2It is hard to review this as it is a wrap up for the series and finishes up the Ragnarok overarc. I loved the ending. Some are really pissed at Granuaile, and I can see that. I started seeing her as pretty boring in Hunted and their relationship is not exactly love and devotion. There might be some love but no devotion. She is growing and Atticus has been there and done that. Her holy-er than thou attitude put me off a long time ago. So the ...
  • Andrej
    Congratulations Kevin for ruining the series with this last book.