A Blind Eye by Julie Daines

A Blind Eye

Seventeen-year-old Christian Morris decides the only way to save himself from his father's neglect is to run away from home. On his way out of town, he finds a stowaway hiding in his car—Scarlett, who has been kidnapped from London. Blind since birth, Scarlett has developed a sixth sense: she dreams about someone’s death before it happens. And now, she has dreamed about her own. Christian’s attempt to leave home turns into a race to save Sc...

Details A Blind Eye

TitleA Blind Eye
Release DateFeb 1st, 2013
PublisherCovenant Communications, Inc.
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Fiction, Contemporary, Christianity

Reviews A Blind Eye

  • Scribs
    Loved it! Read it in two days!Things I liked:1. It's written from a teen boy perspective and I found it very believable.2. The chapter-ends and the pacing, very good!3. That there are no paranormal elements :) Just a good, clean, YA suspense!4. The MC's relationship with his dad. Loved it.5. That it is a story about change and healing.Disclosure: Yes, I know the author, but that doesn't change the things I liked about the book and my pure enjoyme...
  • Jill
    It engages you right from the beginning. Loved the two main characters. A well paced, exciting overall great read!
  • Jennie
    A great read with gripping action and multi-dimensional characters. More YA than adult, but adults won't be disappointed.
  • Dave Taylor
    Great book. You'll love Christian and Scarlett. I hope for more books from this excellent author! (perhaps a sequel...?)
  • Donna Weaver
    WHAT IT'S ABOUTSeventeen-year-old Christian Morris decides the only way to save himself from his father's neglect is to run away from home. On his way out of town, he finds a stowaway hiding in his car—Scarlett, who has been kidnapped from London. Blind since birth, Scarlett has developed a sixth sense: she dreams about someone’s death before it happens. And now, she has dreamed about her own. Christian’s attempt to leave home turns into a ...
  • Michelle
    LOVE! If you like young adult romantic mysteries (which I do), then this book is for you. A few things I like about it: - The main girl is British, so she says lots of funny things. My favorite is "Crikey O'Reilly". - The boy telling the story from a first person perspective actually sounds like a boy to me. I'm not a boy, so I can't say for sure how they think, but I've read a few books where a woman tries to write from a male perspective and it...
  • Karlene Browning
    Julie Daines knocked it out of the park! The pacing was just right. Lots of edge of your seat tension, but moments of quiet and humor too. Plausible character motivation and action. Strong, believable characters. Solid writing.This book is fantastic! Trust me on this one. Read it! I give it 5 stars. Recommended to teen readers, 14 and up, who like contemporary mystery/suspense/action and to adults who like a good suspense without the gore.Full re...
  • Brooke
    One of my favorite YA adult books in a long while! The plot was perfectly paced, I LOVED the two main characters, and the fact that it's told from a male point of view is so refreshing (we haven't had a good male POV since Harry Potter). Just the right blend of mystery, action, and romance. Excited to read more books from this awesome debut author!
  • Priscilla
    This is great young adult fiction. The main character Christian (as narrator) is well developed, the pacing is quick, there's a lot of action and a little romance. I couldn't put it down. It's a perfect book to recommend to a teenager, boy or girl. Moms who read YA fiction because of content will also love this.
  • Brooklyn Daines
    Fantastic! Incredible! This was an engaging and page turning book. An attention grabbing plot with a romantic twist. It is hard to find a book with such a intriguing storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes action, suspense, and or romance novels.
  • Laura
    I loved the premise for this book. A blind girl that can "see" the future and stows away in the truck of a boy running away from home! I liked the characters & the writing style. Good debut novel!
  • Sheryl
    This book was very suspenseful and a quick read. I thought it was very well done and different from the usual mysteries.
  • Jessica J
    Teenage Christian decides to run away and picks up a blind British girl who has escaped kidnappers. Chaos ensues.
  • Katie W
    Seventeen year old Christian decides to run away from home, but before he gets too far, he finds a blind British stowaway (Scarlett) in his car--and she has almost a sixth sense. She can see people dying before they die. Christian wavers between being old for his years and acting his age. On one hand, he'll do about anything to feel loved by his father and on the other hand, he reacts to situations in a very grown up way. Scarlett is like Wonder ...
  • Mari
    5 stars for Julie Daines first novel! I read this book in 2 days and was completely captivated with the story. As 2 diverse characters meet and embark on a whirlwind of various adventures, I could visualize all of it through Julie's ability to articulate their emotions, scenes, and appearances so clearly. There is witty humor sprinkled throughout the story and I actually laughed out loud a few times (which I never do). As I read I found myself as...
  • Cyndy Woodman
    I loved this book! It grabs your attention from the beginning and holds it through the entire book. There wasn't any of that "keep reading, it gets good eventually..." It has elements of suspense, humor, romance and even life lessons. There were times when I was reading as fast as I could because it was so suspenseful. Then, there were times I was laughing--even in the middle of the suspense part. Then, times I was smiling at the romance. And, ev...
  • T.j. Reed
    I found this book very well written and moved at a nice pace that kept me turning the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next. Overall I was very impressed with the story. The idea of a blind girl with a gift of seeing the future death's of the people around her was a interesting idea. There was just enough twists to keep me reading without feeling like the author was going overboard and each twist fit nicely with the flow of the stor...
  • Taffy
    I loved everything about this book. The romance, the main character and the sassy blind girl. Not to mention the mystery of who is trying to kill them both or the exploration of relationships. Julie is a good, clean writer and this book will be enjoyed by all ages, especially teens.
  • Christine
    Fast-paced, witty, and heartwarming. A very enjoyable read. This novel has it all; mystery, suspense, romance, action, and intrigue. I loved the setting; Portland, which brought back fond memories of my old stomping grounds. Can't wait to read more from this author!
  • Maren
    I love this book so much! I love how clear Julie Daines made everything. DEFINITE suggestion!
  • Barbara
    I really liked this book. It engaged me from the beginning. Well written with good pacing. I liked the plot and the characters.
  • Marcie
    I thought this book was well written. I loved the suspense that ended each chapter. It kept me turning the page reading longer than I had planned.
  • Susan
    I was captivated from the start. I enjoyed the male point of view. There are some things that seemed either too far fetched or didn't make sense to me - the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5.A big theme in the book was a disjointed family theme and overcoming it. There is a reference to a suicide attempt and wanting to run away from everything. In the end some healing does take place even though it is not easy.Language: noneSex: noneViolence: s...
  • Susan
    What I thought was going to be a mystery, was really a thriller. Admiration for Christian Morris and his determination to protect Scarlett--at his age. Sadness because of his non-relationship with his dad. Great ending though!
  • Bonnie
    I couldn't get into this story. I had just finished the author's book "Willowkeep" and this book just didn't compare.
  • Britney
    Quick entertaining listen thanks to Des. Bookshelf plus.
  • Angela Whiteley
    Very good. I really like Julie Daines writing.
  • Rebecca
    Definitely fluff, and a pretty predictable story - but great as escapism!
  • Ranee
    Liked a lot of it - towards the end it got kind of crazy. Good clean mystery
  • Kale Snyder
    It was a good story but felt a little incomplete to me.