I Love Cats by Sue Stainton

I Love Cats

Fat cats, thin cats, dancing cats, prancing cats.. . . cats are wonderful in any shape, size, or color. And what's not to love? Cats are inquisitive, funny, and smart.In this buoyant book, Sue Stainton and Anne Mortimer celebrate cats!

Details I Love Cats

TitleI Love Cats
Release DateApr 10th, 2007
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Cats

Reviews I Love Cats

  • Kaethe
    I love cats too, and am a sucker for a picture book about them. Here the author uses opposites to good effect. Also good art, fun and whimsical, but not precious.Library copy
  • Rick
    Every now and then a book comes across my counter at the library that I just have to read. It's usually a children's picture book, so they're quick reads. I love cats. So when this one showed up in front of me I had no choice. What a delight. Sure it's no Dr. Seuss but then not much is. It's fun and the art is beautiful and joyously cheerful. Loved it.Edit: I just saw that there are two edition with different illustrations. The one I read had ill...
  • Kathryn
    I love cats! I love Anne Mortimer's cats! So, why didn't I love this...!? I guess because the story is really, well, random: "Cats, Cats, Cats! I love cats! Coffee cats and tofee cats. Fat cats and skinny cats." Stuff like that. Bo-ring. And the artwork, while still great, is just of cats--no real background or anything especially "interesting" beyond the cute cats. I liked "Santa's Snow Cat" and "A Kitten's Year" and "Sneakers the Seaside Cat" m...
  • Tegan
    The story of my life in the form of an illustrated children's book. I love all the pictures and the colors! And Cats!
  • Jenna Grodzicki
    Sparse text and vibrant illustrations make this book a winner for cat lovers everywhere. Bob Staake's signature illustration style draws the reader in - there is so much to see on every page. Young readers will enjoy following the narrator has she shares all the kinds of cats she loves. It is sure to be a bedtime favorite!
  • Vivian
    Difficult choice -- this book or...The illustrations and text work wonderfully together as all sorts of cat opposites are featured (big cats, little cats, thin cats, fat cats). It is not necessary to read the entire book during a story time--just enough to celebrate cats and move on to another cat activity.
  • Secundra
    I have friends who own cats. They like them enough to trust me to feed them while they are away. Yet the girl in this story has every cat owner I know beat. This girl LOVES cats! The authors have her walking in a city where cats rule. All the phrases that you have heard about cats have been illustrated in this book along with some new ones. I love the interactions between the cats and humans. Every time you read this book, you encounter something...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Stainton, Sue and Bob Staake I Love Cats! PICTURE BOOK. Katherine Tegen (Harper), 2017. $18. 9780062438829How much do you love cats? Probably as much as this little girl. Sweet little rhymes that flow, exuberant illustrations combine for a cheerful and lively celebration of cats. Don’t try to sell this one to dog lovers.PRE- K, EL(K-3) – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacherhttp://kissthebook.blogspot.com/2018/...
  • Peter
    I love cats! How can you NOT love a kids book that includes a sneaky Mao Zedong reference?
  • Donna Mork
    Little girl loves all kinds of cats. Big, little, fluffy, wiggly, you name it. She loves cats.
  • Catherine
    I love cats so I love this book! It was funny and I loved all the cats. I feel little kidswould really like this book.
  • Inge
    Incidental diversity in a joyful celebration of cats.
  • Allison
    This is a fun one on one read. I am not sure it would work in a storytime.
  • Becky
    The rhythm is a little infectious and cat fans will be amused, but it's not a book you have to have. Fun illustrations.
  • Seema Rao
    These brightly colored digital images feel a bit cold to me, but the cat lover will still enjoy this one.
  • Anna
    I feel like children would enjoy this book a lot, espcially if they love cats. I love cats so I enjoyed this book. The illustrations are bright and colorful. I like how it showed a drawing of each cat the book talked about. The drawings are fun to look at.
  • Kelly
    Great silly picture book for the little one who loves cats! Or even for the little one who doesn't know what a cat is!
  • Sarah
    Fittingly, I read this exuberant ode to kitties with one cat on my shoulder and one on my lap. Cats, cats, cats. I love cats!
  • Jj
    Have you read I Love Dogs! ? Then you have almost read this book. That said, it's fun, and will work well with the early childhood crowd. Also, did I mention, it has CATS? YES.
  • Melle
    This book could easily be made into a storytime song with some creativity and bravery/shamelessness. Adorable cats and an adorable protagonist (who happens to be dark-skinned -- diversity, yay!) make for a pretty darn adorable read.
  • Cynthia
    Very cute, dynamic illustrations and a really fun story for toddlers to about age 4 or 5 to read.
  • Bethany
    I LOVE CATS features cats of all types. There's big ones, small ones, bearded ones, dancing ones, and on and on. I liked the rhyming scheme and it made the story more fun. I enjoyed the variety of cats and the different colors.This was a very energetic read that was short and sweet. The rhymes flowed perfectly and the main character was very excited about all of the different types of cats. I liked the fictional take too with plaid colored cats.F...
  • Marg Corjay
    Bright colored simple drawings engage the reader in the world of silly cats galore.
  • babyhippoface
    In what is essentially an illustrated list poem in picture book form, the unseen narrator loves all cats, from big and little, hairy and scaredy cats to bumbling and tumbling, bubbly and snuggly cats. Children will love the illlustrations--the smallest whiskers are visible in the highly-detailed paintings that bring these adorable, playful cats to life. Share this aloud with an elementary classroom, then have students create their own simple list...
  • Bethany
    I Love Cats is a sweet picture book with lovely illustrations. Each page includes two cats with an adjective for each. Some of the descriptions are a little strange--bubbly, for instance, with drawings of bubbles around the cat--but the overall presentation is pleasant and true to cat nature.
  • Janet
    I love cats! And I love this book!
  • Caitlin Ostberg
    I think she loves cats.
  • Edward Sullivan
    A bouncy, energetic ode to cats.
  • Katherine
    Adorable little picture book. Definitely better for small children, as there is nothing really going on in this. Just lots of cats of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Still cute though.
  • Brooke
    This is a short, simple book about cats. Opposite cats (big/little, thin/fat. etc.) are featured. It is simple enough and short enough to work for a toddler storytime about cats.