I Love Cats by Sue Stainton

I Love Cats

Fat cats, thin cats, dancing cats, prancing cats. . . . cats are wonderful in any shape, size, or color. And what's not to love? Cats are inquisitive, funny, and smart. In this buoyant book, Sue Stainton and Anne Mortimer celebrate cats!

Details I Love Cats

TitleI Love Cats
Release DateApr 10th, 2007
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Cats

Reviews I Love Cats

  • Kathryn
    I love cats! I love Anne Mortimer's cats! So, why didn't I love this...!? I guess because the story is really, well, random: "Cats, Cats, Cats! I love cats! Coffee cats and tofee cats. Fat cats and skinny cats." Stuff like that. Bo-ring. And the artwork, while still great, is just of cats--no real background or anything especially "interesting" beyond the cute cats. I liked "Santa's Snow Cat" and "A Kitten's Year" and "Sneakers the Seaside Cat" m...
  • Bethany
    I LOVE CATS features cats of all types. There's big ones, small ones, bearded ones, dancing ones, and on and on. I liked the rhyming scheme and it made the story more fun. I enjoyed the variety of cats and the different colors.This was a very energetic read that was short and sweet. The rhymes flowed perfectly and the main character was very excited about all of the different types of cats. I liked the fictional take too with plaid colored cats.F...
  • Edward Sullivan
    A bouncy, energetic ode to cats.
  • Brooke
    This is a short, simple book about cats. Opposite cats (big/little, thin/fat. etc.) are featured. It is simple enough and short enough to work for a toddler storytime about cats.
  • babyhippoface
    In what is essentially an illustrated list poem in picture book form, the unseen narrator loves all cats, from big and little, hairy and scaredy cats to bumbling and tumbling, bubbly and snuggly cats. Children will love the illlustrations--the smallest whiskers are visible in the highly-detailed paintings that bring these adorable, playful cats to life. Share this aloud with an elementary classroom, then have students create their own simple list...
  • Bethany
    I Love Cats is a sweet picture book with lovely illustrations. Each page includes two cats with an adjective for each. Some of the descriptions are a little strange--bubbly, for instance, with drawings of bubbles around the cat--but the overall presentation is pleasant and true to cat nature.
  • Vivian
    Difficult choice -- this book or...The illustrations and text work wonderfully together as the all sorts of cat opposites are featured (big cats, little cats, thin cats, fat cats. It is not necessary to read the entire book during a story time--just enough to celebrate cats and move on to another cat activity.
  • Shawna
    "Cats, cats, cats, I love cats. Cats, cats, cats, I love cats. Cats, cats, cats, I love cats..."If this is what you want to read aloud, then this is the book for you. If you want the text to say something else, then grab another kitty book.
  • Heather
    Love the illustrations of different cats. The actual story or poem isn't stellar and reminds me a lot of Emily Gravett's Dogs. But it's nice to have a few light easy flip through books when H is tired. Or Mom and Dad are tired and not up for wordy. ;)
  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    Well, there's no story here, just a statement by the author that she loves all kinds of cats. The treat is in the illustrations, which are done by Anne Mortimer. These cats are so cute and fluffy that you want to reach out and pet them!