My Dog by Matthew Inman

My Dog

Matthew Inman dishes another helping of hilarity from his online comic The Oatmeal in My Dog: The Paradox. After years of carefully observing his own dog, Rambo, Inman follows his #1 New York Times best-selling How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, with this ode to the furry, four-footed, tail-wagging bundle of love and unbridled energy frequently dubbed man’s best friend. This eponymous comic became an instant hit when it went live...

Details My Dog

TitleMy Dog
Release DateMay 7th, 2013
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenreHumor, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Nonfiction, Animals, Dogs

Reviews My Dog

  • Patrick
    I love the Oatmeal's comics, and I love reading things to my little boy, so it seemed completely natural for me to try sharing this book with my little boy.It... didn't work out so well. As I started reading, I realized that a lot of the humor wouldn't make sense to him, or would just be in appropriate. The one exception was the comic about the dog eating its own poop. We had a good laugh together over that. Apparently poop-eating is a universal ...
  • Sam Quixote
    Matthew “The Oatmeal” Inman waxes amusingly on his beloved dog, and on dog ownership in general, in My Dog: The Paradox. Every dog owner reading this will see their pet’s behaviour mirrored here, particularly, if you have a small dog like me who likes lying down in awkward areas around the house, when you accidentally kick them and they act like they should be apologising to you!It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them do this (since ...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    "The Oatmeal" should NOT make a person cry. But it did. RIP to my beloved Potter. I still miss you every single day. (just like a human, she blinked almost every time her picture was taken)Also to the current little assholes who reside in my house and heart: Harveyand Bad Bad Leroy BrownI still love Mitchell more than both of you. He has never pooped in the house.
  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    So I purchased this after reading Melki's Review which was really short and sweet and just piqued my interest.I can only say "Amen" and paraphrase the tag-line for Wayne's World:I laughed, I cried, I hurled!
  • Carol.
    I discovered The Oatmeal during a charity campaign that resulted from creator Matt Inman's internet kerfluffle about an online news aggregator site using his material. After Inman complained, the site owner sent him a letter alleging defamation and demanding $20,000. Inman responded in typical mocking fashion starting a donation campaign on Indiegogo for American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Federation. I started following him out of admi...
  • Nicky
    This is an adorable little comic! It's short, sweet and funny. And even so, still very touching. (If you've ever had a dog that does unfathomably weird and disgusting things, but you loved them whole-heartedly anyway, you'll know what I mean.) It's not really a tale, more like a collection of ruminations and observations about the funny, absurd, an contradicting things dogs do, in the form of a comic book/picture book for "horsebeasts", I me...
  • Morris
    This is easily one of my favorite books of all-time. I've come back to it time and again when I'm missing my soulmate best friend, and it never fails to bring happy smiles and tears. It also makes me appreciate my current fur babies more. I can't recommend this enough for anyone who has ever been blessed enough to have the love of a dog. It's a short read that will live in your heart.
  • Kristen Pesta
    So sweet!
  • Melki
    Best damned dog book EVER!
  • M. C.
    The "War and Peace" of poop-eating dog books. Almost unbearably suspenseful, what with the horsebeast and all. You'll laugh. You may cry. You may laugh so hard you cry. And then you'll think really hard before letting your dog lick your face.Seriously, I hope this guy makes a gazillion dollars and goes to live happily on a tropical island with beautiful ladies feeding him exotic sherbets.
  • Lata
    I've never lived with dogs, but Matthew Inman had me laughing out loud at his funny, rude and touching portrait of these furry beasts. Drawn resembling a bread loaf with bug eyes, Inman shows dogs' enthusiasm for, well, everything, except in the case of one his dogs' inability to stare a cat in the eyes. (I can totally imagine the expression on the cat's face :) )
  • Karen
    For a book that can be read in less than 5 minutes (a time frame that allows for lingering on every one of its 32 pages - THIS is how I will reach my reading goal), I laughed and laughed! The comic is freely available on The Oatmeal, but it is funnier in color in book form with a surprise and a laugh at every turn of the page. When my husband and I were broke, we used to pick out books for each other at the public library as presents-for-a-week. ...
  • Crawley
    Fact: Oatmeal created a better love story in 32 pages than Twilight did in 4 books..
  • Neko~chan
    I love this book. I really love this book.I found the comic for this book online. Then I saw My Dog: The Paradox on the shelf of a local library. Needless to say, I didn't even hesitate before grabbing it off the shelf.I'm seriously considering the idea of giving an edition of this book to a friend- it's good enough to put a smile on anybody's face. The best thing about it is that I can completely relate to what Inman is talking about. One of my ...
  • Lauren
    Read this at the book store and laughed out loud, and then almost cried. Then went home and hugged my pups. The Oatmeal is brilliant.
  • Margaux
    AW!!!First of all, THE OATMEAL. Second of all, Dogs. Third and finally, this was adorable. I hope Yoshi never dies and when he does I'm going down too.
  • Staring·Girl
    ♪ Don't you know dog is man's best friendThere is some love that you can't fight
  • Rocio Marin
    It made me laugh...
  • Fugo Feedback
    Imposible no sentirse identificado en muchas de las páginas de este libro, pero sobre todo me identifiqué con este párrafo de la introducción:"Se me acaba de ocurrir que mi perro no tiene ni idea de cómo me llamo", me dijo una vez un amigo. Me pasé semanas pensando en aquello. Un perro es el mejor amigo del hombre, pero ¿qué es el hombre para un perro? ¿Qué piensa él de mí, de ese mamífero simiesco y erguido que lo baña en golosinas...
  • Josie
    Today I was perusing the shelves of Barnes & Noble and I found this short (only 32 pages) and hilarious book by Matthew Inman, My Dog: The Paradox: A Lovable Discourse about Man's Best Friend. Let me just start by saying, that this is a laugh out loud sort of comic book for dog lovers everywhere about the hilarity of our furry friends, our lifelong friends, the good and constant pals, our dogs. You may have even already seen some of Matthew's hil...
  • Susan Paxton
    You will laugh hysterically, you will weep. Matt Inman, aka "The Oatmeal," has captured in a few pages the mystery and wonder of our canine friends. Based on his dog Rambo, here drawn as a kind of furry burrito with legs and a tail, Inman ponders why dogs eat crap but not vegetables, how they react the same way when we return after 4 seconds or 4 hours, their bizarre fears and fearlessnesses, and their mortality. A great gift, I think, for someon...
  • Eyehavenofilter
    Not quite as funny as his cat plotting to kill you book but totally apt description of dogs as far as I'm concerned. "I don't DO" dogs " ..... They are not my favorite animal.....they book really explains it perfectly. Dogs smell, eat their own poop, and vomit, and roll around in any thing that smells bad, hence the" dogs smell" statement. They will eat anything, destroy anything and pee on anything, of value without hesitation. Did I mention tha...
  • Beverly
    This book discusses the canine penchant for rolling in horse droppings, chasing large animals four times their size, and acting recklessly enthusiastic through the entirety of their impulsive, lovable lives. Not very humorous and poorly written. Can be misjudged for a children's book. Raw, foul language.
  • Jana
    Much like the subject matter himself, My Dog The Paradox is short, sweet, and deceptively simple. Recommended for dog lovers, smart dogs who can read, and aliens who wish to know more about human culture.
  • Deirdre
    My mom bought me this book. It is hilarious. Matthew Inman is hilarious. My mom is also hilarious. MOM, I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS.
  • Joel
    As with other Oatmeal offerings, this book is an entertaining, funny, cute, and shockingly true and relative look into a piece of life. Only downside is that its so short and has no original material in it.
  • B.
    I agree. Completely. Luckily my dog hasn't eaten her vomit yet. Yet.
  • Librariasaurus
    A funny little gift book about a man and his dog. Made me giggle numerous times. A great gift for anyone who loves their dog. From the makers of
  • Tunkabean
    Aww mannnnn... feels!