Tortall by Tamora Pierce


The secrets of Tortall are revealed. . . .As Tortall’s spymaster, George Cooper has sensitive documents from all corners of the realm. When Alanna sends him a surprising letter, he cleans out his office and discovers letters from when King Jonathan and Queen Thayet first ascended the throne, notes on creating the Shadow Service of spies, threat-level profiles on favorite characters, Daine’s notes on immortals, as well as family papers, such a...

Details Tortall

Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherRandom House Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Tortall

  • Sakina (aforestofbooks)
    Amazing. Everything I wanted and more. The Neal and Alan parts killed me. I’m still not over Alanna’s letter to George. Will never be over that. Time to write fanfic.
  • Dawn
    WonderfulThis is the perfect companion to all of the Tortall books. I find myself ready to reread them all -- right now!
  • Sam Maggs
    So much exciting new canon for a hard-core Tortall fangirl.
  • Beth
    Well. This is part story, part exhaustingly boring information manual. The story elements are few and far between, but they're pretty great. (view spoiler)[Obviously the highlight is Alanna being pregnant again! And resigning as King's Champion! (hide spoiler)] I also like the reveal that (view spoiler)[Stefan, who keeps messenger birds, is now part of the spy network (hide spoiler)] and I like that (view spoiler)[Amman Kemail is mentioned (I lik...
  • Arielle ⭐ Cursebreaker ⭐
    Sooooooooooo gooooooooooood. I can't even express to you all how excited I was when this showed up on my door step yesterday. Tamora Pierce and all of her books set it Tortall are THE reason why I got into YA. I devoured each and every book and I still treasure them today. I mean, I think you can accept that a set of characters have had an impact on you when you are going through something scary or hard and the first think that pops into your min...
  • Jo Oehrlein
    Cool to read straight through, but I bet it will be looked at more for reference than a complete re-read in the future.
  • Nancy
    HOW. DID. I. NOT. KNOW. THAT. THIS. WAS. HAPPENING.---I'm never going to have enough in the Tortall world, but I love how much more I know now.
  • Escheresque
    Re: Tortall A Spy's Guide.XXSpoilers, obviously!XXXYou have been warned!XXX Tamora Pierce mentioned that she has had the setting of Tortall in her mind since 1976, and it shows. The book is a patchwork of interesting information, humor, familiar faces, and the little tidbits of information we have come to appreciate. Isn't she (and she had help from Timothy Liebe and a couple others)amazing? Tortall and its neighbors feel as rich as the real worl...
  • Mackenzie (bookish_black_hole)
    like coming home
  • Alli
    It should not be a shock to anyone who knows me that Tamora Pierce is my favorite author, and has been for over 21 years. I started reading her books just after Wild Magic was published, and every single book that is out (excepting this one, because it is only the first day) I have in multiple copies. I've read through most of her books so many times that there is at least one completely worn through copy of every book in my collection. Different...
  • Kim Clifton
    Well, the formatting here is to compensate for what the book lacks in content. I could care less about calligraphy fonts and ink-stained pages when I expected to learn more about my favorite characters. Unfortunately, the backstory is about Tortall as a country- it's customs, history, creatures- essentially the information one would acquire naturally while reading Pierce's other books. So unlike her other collection of short stories, this is esse...
  • Elizabeth Morgan
    A behind-the-scenes look at personal and official documents of the Cooper family and the related Shadow Service. Obviously, full of spoilers from the rest of the Tortall series, and clearly for diehard fans.
  • Caitlin
    Reading this book reminds how overdue I am for a reread of all the Tortall books.
  • Jen
    Riveting and exciting to learn about some of the background work that was going on, and told in a fun and interesting way. Definitely happy to add this to my shelf!
  • Sionna
    This is definitely a book only for people who have read the four main series set in Tortall (unfortunately nothing from Beka's days are mentioned). There will be spoils-- HUGE spoilers if you read this before any of those. As a lover of the Tortall world, this was like chatting with an old friend. There are correspondences between characters which are fun or loving, or shed light on other circumstances. My love for Alanna and George grew even mor...
  • Sha
    I'm inclined to like this book because it expands upon a playground I am very fond of, but I can admit that it won't be particularly interesting to people unfamiliar with Tortall- too many insider references. In fact, it's so full of insider references that I am writingt his reviews for people already familiar with Tortallverse.Favourite parts: Thayet and Buri portraits. The character profile for the Yamani spy. Alan being adorable. Anything with...
  • Lainy122
    5 stars! 10 fingers! 12 toes! I loved all the extra stuff, I loved the background info, I LOVED Neal's terrible poetry on the back of his notes, I loved little baby Alan trying to sneak one over his super spy dad, and all the bits and bobs that went into other various character backstories.I definitely spent way longer than was probably warranted pouring over the timeline at the end. So goooood!Probably not a riveting read for those new to the To...
  • Laurine
    I have to say I am honest-to-gods crushed at how little I was able to enjoy this book. I've loved Tamora Pierce since I first picked up "Alanna: The First Adventure" and own all 18 of her Tortall Universe books, some second copies after first ones fell apart from love. In buying "A Spy's Guide" I hoped for updates about Aly, maybe some short stories about characters we know and love, but definitely more about Aly, her kids, and the state of the I...
  • Jennifer
    Like everything else Tortall related, this was WONDERFUL!!! I couldn't put it is a MUST for any fan of Tamora Pierce. All the intricate details and back stories are amazing and just fill out and broadens the world soooo much. Ps spoiler alert...Alanna pregnant again and after she already has triplet grandchildren???? Plot twist! I would like it noted that I fully expect each of those new offspring to have their own series, please and th...
  • Sidsel Pedersen
    I found this a really enjoyable way to revisit Tortall - it did make me want to go re-read some of the books again! I loved how it gave us flash fiction stories of some of the minor characters from the books. I really loved that it was written as in-world text rather than as a book about the world seen from the outside.
  • Nevergreen
    Overall this is a 4.5 star book for me. It was very nostalgic for me and I loved it, though there were a few things that I didn't like so I could give it the full 5 stars.I loved Alan. That part was the best for me and so adorable. I loved the details of this book and that fact they went all out and made it full colour. They also took time to get the details right (mostly: the shoe print with the rubber treads was not time-appropriate, otherwise ...
  • Alan
    I get the definite feeling that either the publisher or Pierce has left this book on the shelves for a few years. The reason for the presumption is the amount of space dedicated to the Trickster's duology, and the add for said books at the end of this book. The other reason for this presumption is that nothing is said about Beka Cooper, the most recent trilogy set in Pierece's Tortall universe.Now, if you can move past all of that, and I did desp...
  • Gretar
    I love the Tortall books so much that I even tried to love this too. It didn't work.The best parts of this book are charming call-backs to characters in the Tortall books. They mostly come in letters between characters. But Tamora Pierce at her best is far more than briefly charming. These parts of the book did little to add to my enjoyment of the characters. If anything, they made me long for a real story.The worst parts of the book are downrigh...
  • Jennifer
    Of course, I love this. I have been waiting for it for years and it didn't disappoint. There is Tammy's normal humour, there are gorgeous pictures, the whole aesthetic of the book is fantastic. I literally teared up when I first opened it up and saw how gorgeous it was. It was so nice to get more information and tidbits from my beloved Tortall. We get to hear from favourite characters, and others we may not have heard from much before (like Thom ...
  • Kales
    This book has some great little insights into the world of Tortall. I loved the little bits of new information but all in all this was just a lot of repeat information. Sincerely, though, I was happy to have a timeline of events -- get some math in there. Also the little notes and spells were cool. The lamest part was probably Dane's animal sheets. We know what these animals are and what they can do...I didn't learn anything new. Also, before you...
  • Kylara Jensen
    Info on the future canon of TortallA lot of talk on how to spy that is actually really accurate sounding and interesting.Background info on several different thingsA great timeline that covers everything except the events in the Bekah Cooper trilogy. I actually didn't realize how closely Realm of the Gods and First Test overlap. Good illustrations, even on the kindle version. Kind of short :( Like every other Tamora Pierce book I WANT MORE INFO!!
  • Anne
    A relatively quick read covering events of Alanna, Daine, Kel, and Alianne's time in Tortall and the Copper Isles. Lots of familiar names and events, with some new information sprinkled in. Definitely not as fun to read as the novels, but it is what it is. It will be interesting to see how The Numair Chronicles shape up, given my latest "meh" reactions to Tammy's books.