Where the River Once Flowed by Jennie Hansen

Where the River Once Flowed

New Mexico, 1879---The Sebastian Hacienda is a lucrative and coveted ranch deep in the fertile wilderness of New Mexico, a property held for generations by the powerful Sebastian famiy. After the death of his son and heir, proud and formidable Don Sebastian has only one hope for the preservation of his land: his beautiful young granddaughter, Iliana. Desperate, he makes a shocking deal---the property will be sold to Ross Adams, an American cowboy...

Details Where the River Once Flowed

TitleWhere the River Once Flowed
Release DateFeb 1st, 2013
PublisherCovenant Communications, Inc
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Westerns, Historical Romance

Reviews Where the River Once Flowed

  • Jennie
    I tried to add the cover and synopsis, but it didn't work. I wrote it so I have to give it high marks. Actually I do like it--a lot.
  • Michael-Ann
    Okay, this is a negative review, but I had to communicate my frustration and HOPE maybe Jennie Hansen herself will see it. By page 70, I still had no connection to any of the characters. As a matter-of-fact, I stopped reading then and read another book in between. I felt like I should finish though, just in case it got better, so my review would be fair. Well, it didn't really get better! The book has no character development. We don't even get t...
  • Katie W
    Iliana does what she's told and what's expected of her. When her grandfather wants an heir to pass his New Mexico ranch on to, she marries the man he has an agreement with and does her duty. Her life is full of twists and unexpected turns and leaves her wondering what to do next. Travis is a horse trader and often trades with Iliana's family. He comes to their rescue on more than one occasion. It's through him that the limited amount of LDS refer...
  • Shauna
    What a WONDERFUL tale this story weaves!Trust and Betrayal!Hopes and Fears!Longing for a Home and Loving to go Home!Iliana Teresa Angelica Medina Sebastian has just turned 15 and it falls upon her to produce an heir for her grandfathers ranch.She will marry to keep her families honorable heritage.Ross Adams know that the ranch belonging to the Spanish aristocrat is everything he has ever dreamed about owning and has contracted to run the ranch an...
  • Lynette
    I had a hard time caring about this book. The first half had no real emotion. It felt like a narrative--this person went there, that person did this, etc. When things happened, I didn't really care because I didn't really know any of the characters or how they felt. About half way through, emotion finally made an appearance and I enjoyed the book until the end when it went back to the unfeeling narrative.
  • Kathryn
    I was a little disappointed with the ending to this book. It seemed Hansen did a hurried finish and there could have been alot more of a conclusion.Overall, it was an okay read.This book is all about a mexican girl who looses her father and mother in an indian attack and is raised by her abuelo, or grandfather in New Mexico on the Sebastian hacienda, a ranch that their ancestors settled. The grandfather is looking for Iliana to marry and produce ...
  • Julie
    This book isn’t just a quick cup of water, it’s something to be leisurely savored like a tall glass of lemonade. It is a lush historical fiction set in New Mexico and follows the Sebastian family from 1879 to 1891. We learn of the struggles of these proud Spanish people as they sacrifice everything to build a life on their ranch. The Sebastian rancho and its well-being becomes almost a metaphor for the relationships that revolve around it---a...
  • Patti
    What first intrigued me about “Where the River Once Flowed” was the cover. I saw it high on the shelf of the bookstore and decided to take a look at the synopsis. I put it back ‘cause cowboy stories are not my thing, and besides the time frame, the southwest in the late 19th century can be a tough read; (in my vast experience of just one other similar story!) Therefore I put it back on the high shelf – but the picture and title never left...
  • LAWonder10
    The setting of this historical novel is in the late 1800s, after the Mexican/American War. Unrest still existed and flare-ups by the Mexicans and by Indians occasionally occurred. There was often much resentment by the Mexicans toward the Americans, but this was not the case in a small New Mexico town where the Sebastian Hacienda was located. Therefore, it was upsetting to some when Don Sebastian sold the land to an American - Ross Adams - with a...
  • Tiffany
    This was a fun story to hear on CD. It had a lot of elements within it that made it intriguing to listen to and to let myself be carried away by the story. The narrator was fun to hear his accents and to feel the emotion that he placed in the characters.I enjoyed this story about love and life. It was a fun read dealing with life in early American history and how "the west was won" one ranch at a time. It was fun to see the interactions between t...
  • Kelly
    Here is a review done my Shauna Wheelright about this book: Trust and Betrayal!Hopes and Fears!Longing for a Home and Loving to go Home!Iliana Teresa Angelica Medina Sebastian has just turned 15 and it falls upon her to produce an heir for her grandfathers ranch.She will marry to keep her families honorable heritage.Ross Adams know that the ranch belonging to the Spanish aristocrat is everything he has ever dreamed about owning and has contracted...
  • Kristyn
    The cowboy on the cover does not fit the time period in the story. As a photo editor, that really bothers me because it can be fixed! Easily.Anyway, pretty good story in an interesting Southwest location. But with most Jennie Hansen books, every time she reveals that a female character is pregnant, it's like "Huh?" She always seems to go WAY out of her way to make it seem like nothing is happening between married characters, so when you find out ...
  • Annissa
    I thought that this book had a good story concept. However, I wish the ending was more elaborate and gave more details about their journey back to their homestead and starting their lives together. Did they merge all the family lands together. Did they ever find out what happened to her maternal grandparents who were missing? I felt like there was a lot of loose ends that could of enhanced the story line.
  • Susan
    Deeply connected to her grandfather and the Rancho Sebastian, Iliana becomes the key to keeping her inheritance by producing an heir. Fear grips her whole being when her beloved Ross succumbs to his illness and her son Gabe is murdered. Ben Purdy will marry Iliana, by force if necessary, to win ownership of the Rancho because of his surmounting greed and debts. The story is riveting and the characters of the story draw you into it.
  • Cheri
    This book was a little slow to get into at first, but once I got through the first few chapters I was able to get into the story and finish it. Set in the late 1800's in New Mexico territory at a time when land owners were trying to hold onto their estate and not have it taken over by Americanos. Illana is the last heir to her grandfather's estate, she must marry and have an heir so that her grandfather can keep his estate and not have it taken a...
  • Monica
    Where the River Once Flowed is a leisurely paced novel not short of a slight romance and adventure. Iliana is a Mexican heiress married young to an American to preserve her families ranch in New Mexico. When the conniving owner of the competing neighboring ranch starts making trouble Iliana must develop her own inner strength to protect those she loves. I found this book a refreshing read and am pleased with the ending.
  • Shellie
    Iliana has a bit of an arranged marriage so that her grandfather's ranch can continue on in the Sebastian name. None of this stops the neighboring ranch owner from doing everything possible including murder to get Sebastian ranch as his own. He will stop at nothing, and Iliana will stop at nothing to protect herself and her children. Throw in a kind-hearted cowboy, and a little romance, and this is a rather cute story!
  • Heather
    3.5 Stars. Not one of my favorites from Jenny Hansen, but still an enjoyable read. I feel like the beginning of it skipped over lots of important details, and that she probably had enough material to break it up into two books, or one longer book. The last third of the book was really good, and I think the beginning of the back could have been better if there wasn't so much skipping around.
  • Dorry Lou
    This book held your interest from the very beginning to the end. It is set in 1879 where the Sebastian family has held on to property for generations. The only hope they have to keep this property is a young granddaughter Iliana. It is surprising what her grandfather is willing to do to keep the land.Lots of twists and turns and danger. Good reading!
  • Heather
    Well, I was first drawn to this book because it's set it New Mexico (where I live) in 1879. Very nice story about a family who own a ranch and the problems with water because of neighbors, etc. Also brings in some Utah horse traders some of which are Mormon and mentions the Mormon colonies in Mexico. Happy ending but not without tragedy getting there.
  • SamZ
    I have always enjoyed Jennie Hansen's books, and this one did not disappoint. I really liked the characters and the way Travis and Iliana didn't immediately fall in love, but that their caring grew out of friendship. Fun story!
  • Tiffany
    I was not passionate about this book and it started rather slow, but it just seemed to flow slow and steady and I kept reading. I found it picking up a bit and enjoyed the trip to California. The end felt a little abrupt, but overall I enjoyed it despite not being stirred to any real feeling.
  • Carrie
    So. Slow. The story had potential, but I feel like the parts I really wanted to read about were totally ignored. I can handle books with drama, I enjoy them, but there was no joy to give the story life. The characters weren't engaging. It was just ho hum.
  • Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)
    This book for me was...a bit slow! I couldn't really connect to the characters. The writing was good and the story line intriguing I just found my mind wandering a bit! I might have to give this another try some other time when I feel a little less out-of-body spacey! :)
  • Debbie
    I really liked this book, as did my daughter. It is a great story. A young girl marries a much older man to keep the family ranchero in the family. There is a land war after the husband dies. There is loss of a child and other losses. There are also escapes.
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I always enjoy Jennie Hansen books. This was a great read. I always love a good Western set cowboy up kind of book. The culture and heritage of the early southwest is intriguing. A book well done.
  • Laura
    I love historical fiction. This was part historical fiction and part mystery. I read it in only a few hours....I couldn't wait to see if the book ended the way I thought would! (it took the round about way, but yep, I was right!)
  • Marilyn
    Beautiful girl. Handsome men. . .two. Villian. Ranch needs water. Villian wants beautiful girl. Girl grows up and learns to take care of herself. Kept me reading till 2 am.
  • Stacy
    Interesting story with lots of twists and turns.