Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

The New York Times bestselling author and social media expert returns with hard-won advice on how to connect with customers and beat the competition by mastering social media marketingWhen managers and marketers outline their social media strategies, they often plan for the "right hook"-their next highly anticipated sale or campaign that's going to put the competition out for the count. Even companies committed to jabbing-patiently engaging with ...

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TitleJab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
Release DateNov 26th, 2013
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Social Science, Social Media, Self Help, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship

Reviews Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

  • Katie Breen Allen
    I had a chance to catch some Marietv.com and she was interviewing Gary about his new book. I'll be honest, he was new to me and I almost turned the video off because I just don't have much time to read books right now unless they will help me write mine, or can help me with developing my healing-base business. Holy crapola, I'm so glad I didn't turn off the video. In fact, I watched it and then downloaded the book to my Nook.This was the first bo...
  • MissUnderstoodGenius
    If you are an inexperienced social media/ digital marketer, you will find this book useful. While Gary does make some very good (and obvious) points, anyone that has experience in the space will find them elementary. The author seems to have a good understanding of how the diff social media platforms have a certain "vibe," and I'm sure his suggestions will be effective. He also has a lot of examples of good and bad business posts to the platforms...
  • Paulo Ribeiro
    Worried about good content and bad writing? Not the case. Minimalist, straight to the point writing, amazing content.This book is brilliant. I have to say, this time, Gary found a sweet spot - he got it right.The main problem with the first two books were the writing - even though the content Gary brings up is great, you can tell that by following his videos around - the writing was not okay, a little repetitive and tiring.In this book, no, my fr...
  • Diana
    I liked the premise about getting your story out there in a noisy world. However, the book read as an extension of the author's brand more than discussing good content online.
  • Jodi
    I love Gary Vee, but I hadn't planned on reading this book. "Thank You Economy" was a little meh for me after "Crush It" so it took me seeing him in interviews with Marie Forleo and Chase Jarvis to realize I needed to read JJJRH. They were so complimentary of the content that I felt compelled to buy and read it. Glad I did.Like I said in my review for Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why", as a newbie, I need you to show me how to get from A to B t...
  • Joan
    I read this book because I have a small business and I wanted to know what I should be doing on social median AND I wanted to know how to do it. Gary does a good job of evaluating some existing ads on Twitter, etc. And he has some good ideas. However, however told me how to do it. For example, someone favored a tweet I did. How did he do that? I had to have someone tell me what DM was and how to do it. I guess Gary assumed all his readers knew ho...
  • Karen
    This is an excellent book about marketing right on social media. The author does a fantastic job of explaining what works and what doesn't with actual examples of social media jabs and right hooks. We have gleaned so much information from this book about marketing our business and personal accounts. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a statement on social media with their business.
  • Paul
    It is getting increasingly hard for companies, big and small, to tell their story in this noisy, chaotic, social media world. This book attempts to make that task a little easier.Most companies are on social media because it is "expected," or because their competitors are already here. But they have little, or no, idea as to how to do it the right way. Perhaps the biggest rule is to Create Interesting Content. Give people a reason to visit you on...
  • Geoff Livingston
    Gary's latest book does a great job of presenting how to make social media updates interesting. His advice on community management, while martial in tone, is right in the sense that you need to nurture before you ask. Gary is one of the best marketers in the business, so his Ogilvy-esque take on updates is very interesting. More experienced social media marketers may find this to be pedestrian, but it never hurts to polish up.There are some issue...
  • Hestia Istiviani
    I read in English but the review is being written in Bahasa IndoneisaFor the sake of my job sebagai Head of Social di salah satu perusahaan copy writing di Surabaya, selain karena buku ini memiliki judul dan penampilan yang unik, ternyata banyak ilmu yang bisa didapat dan berguna untuk para admin di luar sana. Kalau kamu tertarik dengan dunia pemasaran digital terutama yang berhubungan dengan media sosial, buku ini sangat cocok untukmu. Dengan ba...
  • Aga Artka
    This pretty much sums it up: "Content is king, context is God and then, there if effort". So quit looking for excuses and finding all that is wrong with various social media platforms. Gary Vee says get on the wagon now, and build your momentum. Figure out a native language of each of the platforms (he covers 9big ones in great detail) and you will see results sooner than later. He shows you examples of good and not so great posts, analyzes them ...
  • J.F. Penn
    Be interesting. Be useful. Be inspiring. Be visual. Be generous. Some of the wisdom of Gary V which he shares by analyzing the social media posts of various brands. Particularly good on visual marketing. Better in print as very visual.
  • Stephen Heiner
    Immediate pros: strong message, beautifully-designed hardcover edition, excellent case studiesImmediate cons: was published in 2013 and is talking about a social media landscape that changes every 6 months. It's already, in parts, dated.The message here is the same in almost all Gary Vee content: be authentic, be true to your brand, cultivate customers and followers using long-term strategy and time-intensive, non-scaleable tactics. Additionally,...
  • Lara
    I enjoyed the MBA style case study format. In my opinion, practical example of successes and failures are the best way to learn. In general, nothing is groundbreaking for a frequent user of those platforms. However, it reinforces concepts and techniques (e.g., quality photos, short and straightforward text and audience-oriented content) that many use.
  • Cyn
    Must read for those who work in (or alongside) social media, especially those starting out. Mind you, if you've been working in social media for a while and you're not already across these concepts in your day to day work, you've got some catching up to do. Loved this book, very pragmatic and what I've been trying to tell people for years!!
  • Iris
    Goed boek over social media en hoe je het moet gebruiken! Altijd goed om extra dingen te leren. Ook tof dat hij echt social media posts bespreekt en aangeeft wat er wel en niet goed aan is. Zeker de moeite waard als je nog niet zoveel van social media weet!
  • Monika
    Popularny vloger radzi jak planować posty na różnych platformach. Mnie zaciekawił głównie facebook i instagram, choć Gary pisze także o innych mediach społecznościowych. Nie przemówiła do mnie metafora ringu i walki bokserskiej, co sprawiło że cała książka dla mnie była dość trudna w odbiorze.
  • Eline
    Alles wat je al weet over social media, mooi samengevat en gepresenteerd op een blaadje dat u zin doet krijgen om er mee aan de slag te gaan. En ondanks dat er niets echt nieuw in dit boek stond heb ik toch het gevoel dat ik veel heb bijgeleerd.
  • Aine
    Quite a good read. Lots of good information, even if it is a tad old in the fast paced world of social media and online marketing. Recommend having a read if you're looking for some guidance and need a spark to get you moving.
  • Magdalena Golden
    It often happens that readers downgrade a book saying that the same could have been written using only half the words but I think it's the first time I'm annoyed at a book because it promised more substance based on its dimensions but with a more standard typesetting would have only been half as long. Gary Vaynerchuk mentions at one point that he was looking to give the book also a visual social media feel but I don't buy it - my sentiments when ...
  • Kelly Newton
    I read this in one day, and would highly recommend anyone interested in social media to browse through it as well. It is mostly pictures (examples) of posts, tweets, pics that are either really cool, or epically awful. Then, the author explains in detail why. He briefly breaks down the major points of the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Snapchat and a couple others) and some of the ...
  • Dane Cobain
    I was lucky enough to win tickets to the launch event for this, Vaynerchuk's third foray in to authorship as an authority on social media. As well as including a Q & A with the author himself, attendees were also given a free copy of this book, and I love free books.Here, we have something a little different to Vaynerchuk's previous work - in JJJRH, he scrutinises the micro-content pushed out by dozens of major brands. Sometimes, it works - Oreo'...
  • Chris Bishop
    Telling my story in the social world is critical to my job. I am a pastor of a young church. We are a mobile church (we don't have our own building), so in some ways we have a more permanent place online than other places. I have read a number of other social media books geared to faith-based institutions but they have all fallen really flat. Vaynerchuck's book is AWESOME! This is the most helpful text I have read by far. We have a compelling sto...
  • Julia Doherty
    I run a digital marketing and social media company, so I was intrigued to read this book as all the gurus are talking about it. I love the phrase jab jab jab right hook. A jab is the same as Green Umbrellas "Beans on Toast". This book has certainly made me think about some of the micro content that we produce for our clients. The biggest takeaway's that I had:1. Putting our logo on the pictures on Facebook / Pinterest2. Using images in Twitter mu...
  • Laura Noggle
    Love "Crush It," by Gary Vaynerchuk, we've listened to this audiobook roughly 15 times in the studio ... This book ... Well, it's tough to write a book on social media and stay current ... Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is 2 years old, and it shows. If you're clueless about social media, and media strategy for brands, sure, there are some useful tidbits. As someone very familiar with social media and branding, I found it mostly common sense and stuff ...
  • April
    This is a "must read" for anyone who does or is planning to use social media for their business or even personal brand. By illustrating his points with clear case studies, Gary Vee does an excellent job of showing us where some brands have gone wrong and how we can all learn from their mistakes. I've been involved in social media for a very long time and there have been cases where I've seen something that just didn't seem quite right but I could...
  • Carrie Daws
    I'm declaring myself done reading the book, but truthfully I'm not. I'm stopping partway through because I want to work on cementing the suggestions in what I've read so far first. And, it's honestly a book I will refer back to time and time again. I appreciate the discussion on the author's theory and experience with social media, but what most helped me was the plethora of examples--good, mediocre, and bad--and his analysis on what would improv...
  • Devika
    Will recommend this book to anyone fairly new to the world of social media marketing (like me). Vaynerchuk delivers targeted advice for the popular social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. He is direct and simple with words, outlining unique features of each website. Furthermore, he adds great case studies for each platform to explain what works and what doesn't. It's an easy, light and fun read. Definitely some...
  • Sabina Colleran
    Actually, give it 500 stars. This is probably my new favorite marketing book. WOW. He writes in a way that makes anyone excited about marketing just get it. The theory is clear, and illustrated over and over with so many examples, as well as laugh out loud humor. So while my office may think I'm insane for laughing so much to myself, I'm a better and more savvy marketer. This book is directly affecting my everyday actions at work already. And yes...