High Wizardry (Young Wizards, #3) by Diane Duane

High Wizardry (Young Wizards, #3)

Nita's bratty little sister Dairine, 10, is too smart and powerful for a new wizard. Her computerized wizard manual glibly sends her off on her novice Ordeal. Kit and Nita chase her across the galaxy, trying to catch up before she gets into trouble so deep that not even her brains can rescue her.

Details High Wizardry (Young Wizards, #3)

TitleHigh Wizardry (Young Wizards, #3)
Release DateOct 1st, 2003
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Urban Fantasy

Reviews High Wizardry (Young Wizards, #3)

  • Kate Sherrod
    There is so much science fiction in High Wizardry, the third book in Diane Duane's wonderful Young Wizards series, that it barely counts as fantasy. Which is entirely awesome; this is the Diane Duane whose name I saw with pleasure and anticipation on those Star Trek novels of my youth, except even more cosmic. More cosmic in every possible way.I've praised Duane's scientific/mathematical approach to magic before, but little did I know just how sc...
  • Olivia
    After reading the second book in the series and being utterly dissapointed (see review) I was somewhat hesitant to pick up the third book. Well, I can say I'm glad I did.Unlike the first two books the main characters are not Kit and Nita - it's Dairine, Nita's bratty, annoying, kid sister who is far too smart for her age. Many of the reviewers on here didn't like Dairine. I actually did. Sure she's bratty, and a know it all but beneath all that s...
  • Qt
    This is Book 3 of Diane Duane's Wizard series, and like the first two books, it is very well written, containing serious and dramatic elements, believable descriptions of wizardry, and a spiritual or philosophical element running throughout. I think I liked the first two a bit better, though not because they were better books--I think I just preferred the adventures the main characters, Nita and Kit, went on. Also, Nita's sister Dairine is a majo...
  • Scurra
    As a geek, this will inevitably always be my favourite of the series, which makes my rating slightly less that useful here. (It should only merit 4 stars really...)From the opening sequence (which brought back memories of our own first computer arriving!) through to the moment of the Choice, the story fairly rattles along, even if it is a bit too easy to see that the whole Nita/Kit storyline is rather redundant (other than for the "family" subtex...
  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    This series continues to be nothing like what I expected. Yes, the protagonists are kids, and Dairine especially acts like a self-centered brat for much of this book. But damn, this series zigs where others would zag, and it goes at Warp 10 where others are barely making it out of the stratosphere. It's not afraid to tackle issues like death or hate, as well as self-doubt, bullying, and adolescence. The parental figures and authority figures are ...
  • Laura
    The MC is an over confident know-it-all whiny little brat! She literally knows everything without needing to learn it, despite being so small.The philosophy and life lessons that I loved so much in the second book are reduced to: the worst thing that can happen is having dogs burn in cars! Not children or other people getting killed but dogs!! And we should do anything to save those dogs! I'm done with this series! It's just not worth my time. Wo...
  • Vicki (The Wolf's Den)
    Nita's younger sister, Dairine, can be a bit of a know-it-all brat sometimes. But at least she doesn't know about wizardry.Well, until their summer trip (in Deep Wizardry) when she saw Nita transform from whale to human right before her eyes. Now she sees the power and she'll go mad unless she can have it too. Understandable, since I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to perform magic.She starts poking around Nita's stuff, getting more and more ...
  • Daniella
    High Wizardry is probably my least favorite of the Young Wizards series. It was a fun, fast read, but much of the story seemed rather extraneous. Large portions of the narrative are taken up with unnecessary descriptions of an outdated OS, most of which I could have done without, and overall it simply lacks the same quality of layering as in So You Want to Be a Wizard and Deep Wizardry . As a result, it didn't even seem like anything important...
  • Robyn
    Montana Library2Go I read this at speed, which for me and in this case meant 375 pages in 75 minutes. I would have skipped it entirely if I weren't concerned that I might need to know about some of what happens in it for future books in the series. I actively disliked Dairine in previous books and I hated her in this one. I was hoping bad things would happen to her. I wanted her knocked down 10 or 12 pegs. I longed for her to understand that her ...
  • Julia
    This book is Awesome. With a capital A. Dairine is one of my favorite characters, and the adventure that she has reminds me of all of my favorite sci-fi books mixed together. I am amazed at the worlds that Duane has created. Everything is so expertly woven, and the plot is very fast paced. Although the story mainly revolves around two girls, I think that boys would enjoy this book too because of its high paced action. It is full of complex "theor...
  • Kit
    Oh crud. I think I might not be reading anything else for a little while.I have a Leetle Wixxard addiction, and I am not sure if I need to get a life or not, or even if I want one.Oh my god, Dairine and the turtlethings, though. Oh man.I was absolutely delighted by this book, and by finding out that it is possible to have a younger sister character who, if powerful (a fair enough reason is provided), doesn't turn into another insufferable Dawn Su...
  • Krysta
    Diane Duane continues to astound me with this series. As in the previous two books, the classic archetype of Good versus Evil is played out with such raw emotion in the climax that you'll be swept right into the wizardry. While I, like protagonists Nita and Kit, find Dairine more than a little annoying at times - she managed to redeem herself substantially in this installment. I think there is a part of all of us that approaches life with cold, c...
  • Dixie Conley
    It seems like every book in this series can make me cry. And yet, while full conflict and darkness, you could say that the books are mostly about joy. About life and living.In this one, Nita's smartmouth little sister has taken the oath and become a wizard. Because of reasons, she gets a computer rather than a book as a manual. Instead of spells having to be carefully prepared and checked and so on, the computer does the calculations, making magi...
  • Rachel
    I enjoyed this probably more than SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD but not as much as DEEP WIZARDRY. I appreciate Dairine more than I explicitly like her, so the focus on her through this was at times difficult. Since I'm more a "characters and relationships" fan than a "huge plotty world building" fan, this at times dragged a bit to me. It was reallllllly conceptually cool, though, and it definitely feels like a shifting point for the series as a whol...
  • Kirsten
    Nita's younger sister, Dairine, has always been precocious -- and now she's become one of the youngest and most powerful wizards out there. Now she's gone off half-cocked into the universe, and it's up to Kit and Nita to track her down before the Lone Power does. In some ways this book was slightly dated; Dairine's Wizard's Manual takes the form of a computer, and a lot of the computer stuff is clearly primitive. Other than that, though, it's a g...
  • Jenifer
    My mom sent this as a book my 10 yo daughter might like. It sat there for a month before I grabbed it, just to check it out. I devoured it in 75 minutes, enjoying it immensely. My daughter loves it, too. It's just lovely, reminding me of A Wrinkle in Time and Harry Potter with more hard science thrown in.
  • Rita C
    It's a good story, but as usual it ended way too abruptly for my tastes. I want an epilogue. I want to see the explanations and the reactions of her parents and Tom and Carl to everything that's happened. For that matter, why didn't we get to meet Kit's family and see him explaining that he's a wizard? I feel cheated when it all happens off page.
  • Zach
    I am really enjoying this series.Every book so far has been vastly different from its predecessors. This one being more sci-fi than fantasy.Last few chapters of the book got very philosophical, much to my surprise.Overall, I am really enjoying this series and look forward to continuing it.
  • Lis
    A series with a good premise told from the POV of a whiny, bratty little girl.
  • Pauline Ross
    This is the third in the Young Wizards series. I quite enjoyed the first, but no more than that, and was prepared to abandon the series. However, I was persuaded to read the second, and after a mediocre first half it turned out to be wonderful - unexpectedly deep and moving for a young adult book. I bought this one at the same time, since it was about computers and therefore highly appropriate for geeky me.Memo to all authors: technology moves on...
  • Mika
    I really loved High Wizardry. It was like the potential in the two books at last became epic. I enjoyed the magic, the plot, the characters, it was all such fun.This series isn't like, unpredictable WOAH. Generally, it's more like I enjoy the journey and the particulars than any forced Plot Twists lesser books might employ. I say, just let the story tell itself, and let it be what it is: A fun, magical adventure.That being said, these books can a...
  • Charles
    I've been ambivalent about the updated versions of these stories. I didn't really get the need to bring them into the 21st century, and it didn't really make a meaningful difference in either of the first two stories. This one, though, is a different story given the centrality of computers. I'm not really sure the update works. Dairine's relationship with computers made a lot of sense when it was set in the late 80s. But it feels a lot clunkier f...
  • Dan'l Danehy-oakes
    Book 3 of the "Young Wizards" series.To recap: In books 1 and 2 of this series, Juanita Callahan and Christopher Rodriguez, junior-high-school students, acquired manuals that teach wizardry, became wizards, underwent an Ordeal, and saved the world twice (both times at great cost) from the "Lone Power," the Being that gave the multiverse entropy and death. Along the way, they gave the Lone Power an option that It has not had before - the option to...
  • Sarah Crawford
    This is the third book in the Wizardry series. In this one Dairine takes the wizard's oath and sets off on her own ordeal, an ordeal which involves traveling to various planets, some of them far removed from our own galaxy, much less our own solar system. I really like the descriptions the author uses for the planets, and the Grand Central Station-type place where Dairine runs into the servants of the Lone Power.Dairine ends up on a silicon-based...
  • Susan
    Nita's sister Dairine becomes a wizard too! Much to Nita's dismay.... Dairine loves computers, TV, and shopping, and is pretty laid-back about the whole wizardry thing. When they get a new Apple computer, she manages to clone it while her folks are still struggling to set it up - and it turns out to be her wizard's manual in laptop form, well before the days of laptops! She names it Spot, and it can grow legs and follow her. Dairine's Ordeal is q...
  • Cheyenne
    I enjoyed this addition to the Young Wizards series. This book spends a significant amount of time with Nita's sister, Dairine, and the new perspective as well as the new aspects of wizardry that the book portrays were definitely fresh and fun to read. There were a few things that felt a little questionable (like how an elementary school student who was never allowed to even skip grades could understand and program living things via a computer) b...
  • Kristen Coffin
    "Those who refuse to serve the Powers, become the tools of the Powers. Those who agree to serve the Powers, themselves become the Powers."As a reader, I like this book because we have another amazing headstrong heroine, who's not your typical hero: she's a nerd. She's computer-savvy and tech-smart and tomboyish and just an awesome girl.As an older sibling, I'm annoyed because the younger sibling gets to go on an amazing adventure and Nita isn't t...
  • Earth&Silver
    I liked it pretty well - there were *moments* of sharp bright goodness in it, and the AIs were oddly adorable, and Dairine reminded me in some ways of my little brother - but the flavor of it was *much* different than the previous two, less cosmic fantasy more scifi with a twist; and the shape of the *magic system* changed as well, with the programming emphasis instead of the almost poetic descriptions of the power of language which had helped to...