ホリミヤ 3 (Horimiya #3) by Hero

ホリミヤ 3 (Horimiya #3)

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Details ホリミヤ 3 (Horimiya #3)

Titleホリミヤ 3 (Horimiya #3)
Release DateApr 27th, 2013
PublisherSquare Enix, スクウェア・エニックス
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Comics

Reviews ホリミヤ 3 (Horimiya #3)

  • Laura Evlolle
    Die Geschichte ist nach wie vor total witzig und süß, aber irgendwie vermisse ich einen klaren roten Faden. Es fühlte sich alles etwas Random an in diesem Band. 🙈
  • Tamara
    6 starsMy favorite volume so far. The manga is getting more hilarious with every new volume :DBest Part of This Volume: Bro-romance between Miyamura and his middle school friend Shindou
  • Lauren
    My favourite volume so far! Soooo many feels! This volume was hilarious and contained lots of cute moments. I’m enjoying learning more about Miyamura and Hori-san’s backstories and really hope they do get together
  • M N
    LOVE ITThank you Mr.Hero for doing such an amazing and lovely job.
  • Stephanie Gillespie
    If you guys ever want to read an extremely sweet and adorable romance manga, look up “Horimiya” My absolute favorite thing about Horimiya is just how natural the relationship between Miyamura and Hori is. they’re a couple who acts exactly like one and they don't have the typical (and sometimes annoying) problems/tropes. I have never really seen a relationship portrayed so well like that and it’s so nice. Their relationship is just so oddl...
  • K.
    Get yourself into an embarrassing moment? That's fine, you have a perfect solution!Hori is a girl after my own heart. I really need them to confess their feelings (note: not love) to one another soon because I desperately hate drawn out waffling. I understand that as a inexperienced teenager this sort of thing seems SO monumental but ... just fucking talk to your crush, goddamn.
  • Miriam
    These kids are so sweet.
  • Asami Uchiha
    Read for: Winter Cramathon 2017Challenge Completed: Read a book with under 200 pages'I'm going off to school now! Sis, don't die!!' - Souta's too cute and pure T^TReally enjoyed this volume as well! Shindou was introduced and thus we got to see a new side to Miyamura which was great! I love him, I love everyone. Twas great.(view spoiler)[ Ps. I'm boarding and ready for the Sakura x Ishikawa ship to sail! (hide spoiler)]
  • Mike
    "I broke my mechanical pencil." Quick thoughts: Another sweet, engaging volume. The characters coming to grips with their feelings, inc. jealousy, inadequacy, etc, is really well done.
  • Maria Kth
    What's up with Hori and her sudden desire to see him undressing?She wasn't so smooth about her request though : ' miyamura, can you show me your tatoos?'it was a lil' bit funny I have to agree.also the outburst after the words slipped out.she's really crazy at times yet the drawing makes her look cute, still. he's so casual and natural about things I have to agree with her.every single person see them as a couple only they are so blind and cannot...
  • N O V I
    I’m absolutely obsessed with this manga series, Its so so so good and the artwork is just stunning, I’m trying to not read everything all at once !!
  • Sayanflatley
    Me encanta la historia de este manga, super divertida y se hace muy llevadera de leer. La traducción es de 10.
  • Sans
    Simply delightful. I adore slice of life stories over nearly all tropes and this hits all my buttons. It's a sweet, gentle, funny story filled with likable characters with a slow and easy build in the tension between Hori and Miyamura.
  • Obsessive reader
    Wow! I didn't think that I'd like this that much! I'm just binge reading (is that even a thing??) this manga. I'm also loving the drawings and art technique! speaking of which.... I'm totally in love with all of those covers :D!
  • Paula
    Amo a Shindou
  • Anali
    ¿¡Por qué no estan juntos y yaaa!? ¡Desespero!
  • Monrucha▪♡▪
    Will I squeal and laugh this much every volume??I love these idiots so much.The small gestures between Hori and Miyamura really kills me.They are at the stage where their feelings are mutual but they want to hold on to their platonic relationship.Miyamura's friend from middle school is intoduced and obviously I love him.Miyamura revealed another side of him that seem to be brought out by this friend.I love how diffent the dynammic of each relatio...
  • Rahmah
    Makin terungkap sisi lain dari Hori maupun Miyamura. Karakternya juga semakin banyak yg muncul. Beneran deh kalau baca komik bagus jadi nggak terasa udah habis aja. Mana yg ke-4 belum ada rencana terbit XD
  • Michael Schmid
    Es war einfach wieder sooooooooo gut! Ich liebe die Charaktere einfach *___* Es mag ab und an echt nicht so viel passieren, aber die Charaktere machen einfach jedes Kapitel so toll, dass man gar nimma aufhören will zu lesen xD pure love!
  • Genetic Cuckoo
    cute quick read
  • Jananie (thisstoryaintover)
    💕so freakin adorable 💕
  • Kleon
  • Gabriela Paige
    They are in love, but they are just too afraid to tell each other! It is so sweet!
  • E *I tried being resonable I didnt like it*
    After putting this on hold forever I finally got it and i loved it!
  • Littlebookterror
    Will they, won't they? I need to know.
  • Alexis U
    I really liked that this volume went deeper into both characters' backstories pretty equally (vol. 2 mainly dealt with Miyamura). These children are precious.
  • Sarina
    Die Charaktere sind mir jetzt schon total ans Herz gewachsen :)
  • Tiffanie
  • Freigeistbloggerin
    Die Ansichten der Leute die ihn nicht Akzeptieren mag ich gar nicht..