Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4) by Philippa Gregory

Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4)

Luca and Isolde continue investigating for the Order of Darkness in the fourth book in the Order of Darkness series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory.

Details Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4)

TitleDark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

Reviews Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4)

  • Gabriela Pop
    **DISCLAIMER: I was sent an early copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review(and boy do I think they're going to regret that choice,but hey ho,#authenticity)I was not exactly a fan of the previous books in this series,so needless to say,my expectations for this one weren't exactly what you would call,well,high.However,I still ended up quite underwhelmed,which is quite the achievement.I literally could not care about any o...
  • Ashley Marsh
    This just was not good. The series as a whole has really gone downhill. The characters, far from “developing,” have regressed into fairly annoying caricatures of themselves. The lack of plot in this is astounding. It feels as if it was written in a single afternoon. I understand the thinly veiled Holocaust references, but they weren’t actually useful to the story, and they didn’t bring anything profound enough to merit including such a he...
  • Tracy
    I really love this series, though sometimes I'm not sure how to categorize it. It's a wonderful way of telling very old history, which unfortunately has a way of repeating itself. I did not know this about how the Jews were treated in villages in the 1500's, absolutely no idea.
  • Beth Knight
    Despite Gregory's style, which I often find stilted, I am enjoying this series that I initially picked up for a song in the works. A valid examination of prejudice and fear of that which seems "other". The characters are bold and I enjoy Isolde and Ishraq's no nonsense attitudes and am curious to see how the series ends. They are short reads that vary between mindless and challenging (in terms of our own views - this latest installment particular...
  • Beth Knight
    Despite Gregory's style, which I often find stilted, I am enjoying this series that I initially picked up for a song in the works. A valid examination of prejudice and fear of that which seems "other". The characters are bold and I enjoy Isolde and Ishraq's no nonsense attitudes and am curious to see how the series ends. They are short reads that vary between mindless and challenging (in terms of our own views - this latest installment particular...
  • Jo Moore
    I won this on the giveaway. I haven't read any of the other books in the series, so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Not the most exciting of books, but the plot certainly had plenty going for it and kept my attention, which really is impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense involved and didn't guess any of the outcomes. Definitely one worth reading.
  • Lori Field
    It’s a good installment in the Order of Darkness series. The characters chase down another sign of the end of days. I like that Gregory weaves true history or historical events into her novels. I didn’t really like how she tied it to more modern history at the end. I can see her wanting to pay tribute/remember, but it was just too out of place. I also don’t like the love “shift”. Come on, really?
  • Sarah-Jane Suddick
    I couldn't put it down.
  • Alfie
    3.5/5 Stars19/03/18Overview:The Dark Tracks is the fourth book in the Order of Darkness series. In this series we follow our main character, Luca Vero who is considered a ‘changeling’, and as a result he is recruited by the Pope into the Order of Darkness, where he will travel the world as an inquirer to investigate the perceived ‘end of days’. In this instalment, Luca and his band of friends continue to inquire about the end of days in C...
  • Marcia
    Boooo.....this book brought the series down by giant steps. I didn't enjoy the plot and actually I'm not sure the plot made sense. Gregory "danced" around what was the source of this plague but never did this mystery truly get solved. Also, the relationships seemed completely altered in this book along with a horrifying twist of events in a love relationship that still doesn't flow well with me. I'm pretty sure my entire opinion of the characters...
  • Tracy Terry
    A fan of Philippa Gregory's historical novels. I have to admit that, as a more mature reader, though at first dubious about her branching out into the Young Adult market, I'm really rather enjoying her Order Of Darkness books ... albeit to varying degrees.Not so enamoured of books one and three in the series (Changeling and Fool's Gold) as with book two (Stormbringers). For me, probably the strongest book in the series thus far, Dark Tracks made ...
  • Eli
    I like this series overall but it's really seeming to go down hill a bit. It was fun to read and everything but it got confusing. The writing was often blunt and the symbolism was very in your face. This book was interesting from a historical point of view and carried some very important themes which I really enjoyed. The characters were a little disappointing because I found them to be inconsistent with their personalities in the previous books....
  • Chrissy
  • Marita
    Can’t wait for the next book
  • Jennifer Baratta
    Isolad dreams of the Holocaust at end of book. Before warned this story will haunt you.
  • Maria Isabel
    This book is not as good as the previous books I have read from Philippa Gregory. The series is interesting but the quality of each books drops as it advances.
  • Hannah
    To start, I’d like to say this book only managed to accumulate two stars as i had been previously waiting for this book for the best part of four years and by giving it two stars, perhaps it’ll reassure me my wait was not in vain. The book in itself was very thin and quite linear in its, for lack of a better term, ‘plot’ and was a prolonged scene at best that most good writers can manage to write - in great detail - in two chapters.This b...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness, #4) by Philippa Gregory, 307 pages. Simon Pulse, 2018. $20. Language: G; Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: PG-13. BUYING ADVISORY: HS - OPTIONAL AUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGE Luca and his friends go about Europe trying to explain odd happenings that the Order of Darkness believes signal the end of days. There is an odd dancing disease that is taking over small villages, but when Luca tries to solve the problem he loses o...
  • Teri
    This is the fourth story in Philippa Gregory's Order of Darkness young adult series. The story follows Luca, an inquisitor for the Lord of the Order of Darkness in 1461, along with his band of friends, Brother Peter, Frieze, Isolde, and Ishraq. The men are sent out to investigate why a town of people have suddenly taken to dancing. They are not merely just dancing but are falling into a trance-like state and dancing through town to the beat of a ...
  • Pamela
    In Dark tracks, Volume 4,near Linz in Austria 1461, the four travellers, Freize, Brother Peter, Isode and Ishraq are to help inquire about the dancing madness, plus the chosen inquirer himself, Luca a changeling. Initially all the travellers are safe till a pedlar comes to the very inn they are staying and tempts the ladies, Isolde and Ishraq. Would they survive or not? The theme of prejudice is prevalent throughout the novel till the very end. T...
  • Kate
    When I first started this series, one of the things that I liked best was that there was a scientific explanation for the wonders and signs of the end of days that Luca was inquiring about. I feel like the 3rd book, and now this one, departed from that. There was no explanation about what the Alchemists were doing. And now this “Being” is never explained. I would like a return to that. I also would like to see Isolde’s story progress a litt...
  • Leanne
    I adored how the characters are unfolding like petals of a rose and becoming themselves, expanding and evolving as their adventures progress. Another excellent and fascinating read from Gregory. The story unfolds shortly after Fool’s Gold and leads us on a tale of dancing, wonder, romance and the abuse of the Jewish people. Yes the romance had a twist, but not surprising. I knew it would happen I just knew it! I don’t know why people complain...
  • Georgia Brooks
    I really wasn't in the reading mood at all this month, but suddenly read almost the entire book today. I really enjoyed this book, at times I thought that it was hard to keep up with and I couldn't fully understand the situations or scenes because the descriptions didn't really make sense to me. I couldn't picture how the 'Being' looked, or sometimes the time scales, for example when frieze was trying to save Isolde. I'm really curious about the ...
  • Coffeeandbooks
    Not good. I've read many books by Philippa and enjoyed all of them. But this series, Order of Darkness, went from strength to... well, weakness. The first book in the series was great, the 2nd one good, the 3rd one not so good, but this one was rubbish. Mass hysteria, a Golem, and dreams about the Holocaust, quite going into fantasy.
  • Aurora Arnautu
    I finished this part of the novel in just about two days. Although i had read the first three parts last year, i found it easy to follow the plot and the character. It's a lovely novel, just like the rest of Philippa's books, definitely it was a page turner for me.
  • Celeste
    I have liked the other books in this series, but this one was slow and repetitive. Also the relationships between the characters were weird and the explanation for the dancers seems glanced over.
  • Mrs Margaret Maher
    This is a good book.I have been reading this book. I have all the books in this series. It really holds your interest all you want to do is read the book
  • Vona Bowling
    Nothing but continual repetition.
  • Darlene
    Seriously one of the worst books I’ve read. The series started out just okay and has gone down hill from there.