The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist

Um clássico do terror com mais de 13 milhões de exemplares vendidos “Impossível parar de ler. Poe e Mary Shelley reconheceriam [William Peter Blatty] como mais um companheiro do limbo ambíguo entre o natural e o sobrenatural. De arrepiar.” – Life Uma obra que mudou a cultura pop para sempre, o exorcista é o livro que deu origem ao maior filme de terror do século XX. Quatro décadas após chocar o mundo inteiro, a obra-prima de William...

Details The Exorcist

TitleThe Exorcist
Release DateFeb 1st, 1994
GenreHorror, Fiction, Classics, Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller

Reviews The Exorcist

  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”In our sleep, pain, which cannot forget, fallsdrop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, come wisdomthrough the awful grace of God. --AeschylusI get a wild hair every so often and recently I decided that I needed to go on a 1970s blockbuster horror novel extravaganza tour. It all started with shifted some books around and finding this ratty well loved copy of The Exorcist that inexplicably found its way into my bo...
  • Alejandro
    Curiosity compels you to read this! THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS It was kinda hard to decide the rating on this novel. If I'd think only on the raw reading experience, I would say that it was a 3-star material.However, I had to ponder about the whole additional info and further development of characters compared with my experience with the film adaptation (which certainly is one of my favorite horror films). So, I think that the fairest rating is...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I think I'm ready. . . Help!Well, maybe I'm weird but I found the movie scarier than the book. Don't get me wrong, there are a few parts that gave me the heebie jeebies, but overall it didn't get me like the movie. Just getting the gifs for this freaking review had me all creeped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book is very disturbing though. Reading the stuff about people in the Black Mass and what they were doing. Uggg, no. I thought about g...
  • Stephen
    A masterpiece...unqualified, unadulterated and unequaled. How better to describe the definitive, 40th Anniversary edition of one of THE classic horror novels of the 20th century...rendered in audio format and narrated with passion, verve and pitch-perfect delivery by William P. Blatty himself.I’ve seen both the original and extended, remastered versions of The Exorcist several times and believe it ranks among the finest horror films ever made. ...
  • Amalia Gavea
    Strange as it may seem, I hadn't watched the film version of ''The Exorcist'' until last summer. I know, shame on me, but you see, I thought I wouldn't be able to take it seriously. I don't believe in possessions or devils or any of these things, although I love to read about them. Of course, I knew of Blatty's novel and I was aware of the cutie little green Pazuzu-face of young Regan, but since I don't believe in the main theme of the story, I k...
  • Maureen
    Scared the heck out of me !!
  • Delee
    THE EXORCIST is on quite a few of my favorite lists.I have read this book once before, and I own- and have watched the movie numerous times. This time I listened to the audio book.It is my favorite movie poster.It has one of my favorite "the making of" documentaries. It's in my top ten favorite movie list, and top five favorite horror movie list...and now that I have listened to the audio book. Favorite audio far.William Blatty's voice ...
  • Matt
    WIlliam Peter Blatty’s groundbreaking novel caused many waves at the time of its publication, though it is thought that the accompanying movie might have been even more controversial. I chose to embark on this journey, more out of curiosity than anything else. Knowing the premise, I thought I would indulge before the season of ghouls and other spine-tingling things is fully upon us. Chris MacNeil is a screen actress and lives in Georgetown with...
  • Kemper
    You gotta be impressed with a book that inspires a movie that managed to turn entire generations off of pea soup.Chris MacNeil is an actress who is filming a movie in Georgetown when her young daughter Regan starts to exhibit bizarre behavior, and since medical science fails to provide any answers she turns to Father Damien Karras for blah, blah, blah, blah. There’s no point in a plot summary because we all know the set up on this one. It’s a...
  • Rinda Elwakil
    لما نزل يسوع إلي الشاطئ قابله رجل من المدينة استحوذت شياطين عليه.. لطالما أذته وتخطفته، وكثيرًا ما كان يكبل بالقيود والسلاسل.. لكنه كان يكسر القيود، ولم يكن يقوي أحد علي كبحِه، سأل يسوع الشيطان قائلًا: "ما اسمك؟"، فقال: "اِسمنَا ليچون، لأننا كَثير . ***...
  • Leo .
    What a fantastic and scary but fascinating book. The film with Linda Blair and Max Von Sydow was so far ahead of its time. I was just a young boy when the film was released and remember that there was heaps of controversy at the time. Ambulances and police were rushing to theatres because people were fainting and screaming with hysteria. In some extreme cases priests were called. I know that the film was back in theatres a while ago and my partne...
  • Mia Nauca
    El exorcista es, sin lugar a dudas, el libro más terrorífico que he leído. Recordemos que el miedo es subjetivo, y mi debilidad siempre han sido las posesiones satánicas. No me esperaba el análisis psiquiátrico ni las explicaciones psicológicas para enfrentarnos a las posibles explicaciones de las "posesiones", pensé, que habría mucha religión involucrada y actos de fe, pero me encontré con razonamientos lógicos que la verdad nos deja...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    It’s no surprise to me that this book was a very spiritual read for me. I knew, considering the topic, that this was going to come down to a showdown between light and dark, good and evil, God and Satan.In which case, there could only really be one clear outcome. But more on that later. I’m going to try to be as spoiler free as I can considering some people may not have read this *or* haven't seen the movie, in fact, it would help you to know...
  • Ginger
    I’m not going to go too much into a review of this book. I’m sure most of you have seen the movie.If you found the movie scary, the book is more horrifying in some ways. I think it's because your imagination is in overdrive. There were scenes in the book that had me cringing, gasping and I was totally creeped out. Also, the description of Black Mass was disturbing and I was on Wiki to look up more information. Holy Catholic hell?!High point o...
  • Lyn
    Boil it all down and The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty is about faith. There is the demonic possession of Regan McNeil and the horrors that are described as a part of that invasion, the night and day distinction between a young girl and the maniacal, infernal force that changed her. Also fascinating to read is the reactions of the family and friends of the girl and the forced dynamic of this group experiencing such an outrage. Then there is th...
  • Johann (jobis89)
    "We mourn the blossoms of May because they are to whither; but we know that May is one day to have its revenge upon November, by the revolution of that solemn circle which never stops - which teaches us in our height of hope, ever to be sober, and in our depth of desolation, never to despair."The unusual occurrences in the MacNeil house could easily be explained away - rats in the attic, misplaced furniture - but the disturbing changes in Regan M...
  • Maciek
    Having recently seen a film called The Last Exorcism, I decided it was finally time to read the first exorcism, the one which made masses of people interested in demonic posessions, scared the beejesus out of readers and was made into one of the best films ever.I've seen the film several times, though I've never read the book. I always assumed that it was a cheap potboiler, heavy on shock value (who can forget the green vomit?) and thin on everyt...
  • Anish Kohli
    “I think belief in God is not a matter of reason at all; I think it finally is a matter of love: of accepting the possibility that God could ever love us.” An unexpected and unplanned BR with The newly minted Kaz and Inej lover, The closeted lady reviewer and The guy with STILL no profile picture. Thank you guys, for leaving me in the dust such a nice time!Phew! What a crazy and scary read!What can I say about the book that’s not been said...
  • غُفْرَان
    إن كنت ستقتني الكتاب بناءًا على اسمه وعن العمل السينمائي الذي خرج منه، وأنت تمني نفسك بقراءة مرعبة كما كانت مشاهدتك للفيلم فلا أنصحك ولكن عندك أسباب أخرى تدعوك لإقنتاء هذا النص الكلاسيكي الرائع منها ..أولاً : الترجمة ولو تعرف كم تعني لي الكثير ! فَل...
  • Supratim
    I am giving the book a rating of 4.5! Like most people I had watched the movie before reading the book. But, I had watched the movie so long back that I had forgotten most of it – only remembered a few scenes.The novel has exceeded my expectations. It is not just a horror story – it has elements of mystery and psychological thriller as well.We all, or rather many of us know that the story revolves around the possession of a little girl by an ...
  • Lou
    This is a really chilling and frightening story.There is nothing more powerful and engrossing than a story about a persons battle with their state of mind and Demons. In this frightening story you have a mother and her 12 year old daughters bond shaken, faced with a state of mayhem immersed in a struggle for survival and triumph over adversity, you just feel for them immensely and love for their solitude to prevail. The Jesuit priest also had a l...
  • Paul Nelson
    The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty was released in 1971, we've all seen the subsequent film released in 1973, you might have read the book but an altogether different experience is guaranteed to scare the pants off you with the audiobook. Narrated by the author who won an Oscar for best writing/screenplay based on material from another medium for the Exorcist and I have to say this is easily the best production and performance from any audioboo...
  • Poonam
    This is my Book Of the Month- February 2017, with GR group- Horror Aficionados.I love watching horror movies and enjoy reading horror books even more. In horror genre, 'Ghost Stories' are my favorite genre and this book just 'Fit to a T'.Exorcist is one of the few horror movies that actually shocked and horrified me. And I was really excited to read the original book on which this cult classic was based. If you found the movie scary, the book is ...
  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    Satanic Panic in South Africa has its very own Wikipedia entry.Why? Because South Africans are notorious for finding evil under every stone. Toys, energy drinks, fantasy books and TV, certain sweets, music, films…. all are tools of the devil. It’s a free for all.Why is this relevant to this review?Satanic Panic was at its peak in the 80s, when I was young, and the one Horror Film we were absolutely forbidden to watch was The Exorcist. Needles...
  • Cameron Chaney
    Such a classic. The writing is like popcorn, dialogue is realistic, the characters are likable while having unlikable characteristics, and there's plenty of moments that will either get under your skin or turn your stomach altogether (yes... that scene). Highly recommended!
  • Marie
    The book started out slow and for the first half of the book there was no real "scare" factor. Most of the book was no one believing that the daughter Ragan was possessed, but instead that she just had some psychological problems which were causing her transformation of an innocent girl to a stark raving lunatic. Most of the book was about the psycharists that were treating her and their thoughts about what was causing her mental illness. The boo...
  • Edward Lorn
    Finally, the last book I read in 2015. All caught up now.Pssst... You've read four books this year, so, like, you're, you know, still behind...FUCK!Anyballs, here we are, decades after this book was released and the movie adaptation gave baby boomers nightmares. I've never been a fan of books wherein faith beats the baddie. Seems the fallback method for lazy horror authors. I mean, why come up with your own means of annihilating the monster when ...
  • Horace Derwent
    on oct 26th 1987, an english professor bought this book in shanghai foreign book store at the price of rmb 6, as much as nearly rmb 200 this day i guesslast week i paid him rmb 100 for this book. the jacket is long gone, the bounding parched and cracked, but the paper is well preserved, better than i imagine, should be a nice bargainnow i'm the ultimate owner of it, no jacket, sorry, no pix but there's the first taiwanese edition, sept. 1974 :D
  • Denisse
    A very addictive read, with some strong creepy scenes and dialogs. I swear, while reading this I was watching the movie in my head, the scariest parts are very similar in the book and some descriptions about the Black Mass where, simply put, disturbing. If that's what you're looking for, go ahead. Highly recommended, it is classic terror.No tengo ni idea de como se me cruzo por la cabeza la idea de leer esto, pero aqui estoy. LolEl libro El Exorc...
  • Avinash
    Not a genre I have explored before so there is nothing to compare this with, still I liked the book overall. The characters are good and the writing is even better. Thankfully I watched the movie ages ago, so i didn't remember anything at all, which probably acted as an added advantage. I felt it wasn’t as scary as I had expected, but definitely the horror element was managed quite well throughout the book.There was a time around the middle whe...