The Girl in the Yellow Vest by Loretta Hill

The Girl in the Yellow Vest

‘We can’t choose who we fall in love with. It could be our best friend or … our worst enemy.’Emily Woods counts cracks for a living. Concrete cracks. So when her long-term boyfriend dumps her, she decides it’s time for a change of scenery. Her best friend, Will, suggests joining his construction team in Queensland. Working next door to the Great Barrier Reef seems like just the sort of adventure she needs to reboot her life…until she ...

Details The Girl in the Yellow Vest

TitleThe Girl in the Yellow Vest
Release DateJan 2nd, 2014
PublisherRandom House Australia
GenreRomance, Contemporary

Reviews The Girl in the Yellow Vest

  • Sharon
    Emily Woods has just been dumped by her long term boyfriend, Trent. Not only has Emily been dumped by her boyfriend, but she's also unhappy in her job. Feeling in a bit of a slump her best friend, Will comes to her rescue. Will suggests that she come and work with him at Barnes Inc in Queensland. The idea of working in Queensland sounds very appealing to Emily and thinks putting space between her and Trent might be ideal.Mark Crawford is a hard b...
  • Brenda
    Emily Woods was devastated. Five years with Trent and he’d just dumped her! With her job having turned boring and mundane, her personal life at the bottom of the pile, Emily was certainly at a crossroads in her life. So when her best friend, Will, who also happened to be Trent’s best friend, suggested she apply for a job with Barnes Inc where he worked, the idea of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef plus new beginnings stirred her imagination...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    The third book in a loosely linked series, The Girl in the Yellow Vest is another engaging Australian contemporary romance by talented Aussie author, Loretta Hill.Emily Woods was expecting her boyfriend of five years to propose, instead he asked her to move out and with her engineering career, stalled, she is in desperate need of a fresh start so when her best friend, Will, offers to find her work at his current project on Queensland's coast, Emi...
  • Cynthia
    I was looking forward to reading this as I have enjoyed the two previous novels. At the beginning of this story I thought that it was very similar to the previous stories (angry boss, new girl to the company) and it took me three quarters of the way through to make me think the characters were unique and interesting. But by then everything was wrapping up. Overall an enjoyable story, but it did not live up to my expectations.
  • Jenny
    The Girl in the Yellow Vest is about Emily Woods who after her boyfriend dumps her she needed a change of scenery. Emily gave up her work and move to Queensland to work with her mate Will. Readers of The Girl in the Yellow Vest follow the up and downs of the blossoming romance between two good friends Will and Emily and how Mark Crawford (Mr Grumby) was tamed by Charlotte Templeton. Readers of The Girl in the Yellow Vest will laugh at times with ...
  • Juanita Kees
    Another great read from Loretta Hill. Quirky, down to earth, real life, believable characters and perfectly placed quips. Loretta Hill is a master at capturing rural Australia at its best. Set in picturesque Queensland on a construction site close to the Whitsundays, Ms Hill takes us on an emotional journey through the lives of her characters with plenty to laugh at, a little to cry over and a whole lot to love.I couldn't put it down.
  • Jess
    The Girl In The Yellow Vest is an entertaining and compelling read that you won’t want to put down. It’s a quirky and fun-filled narrative that will have you laughing and crying along with its batty array of characters, that is bound to leave you feeling good about life at the end. With it’s exotic location, sizzling chemistry and all around Australian Charm its not a book you’ll want to miss.It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lore...
  • Bree T
    Engineer Emily counts cracks for a living. Whilst her friends from university have all moved onto exciting projects, she spends her days counting cracks in the concrete of a building in Perth. It’s mindnumbingly tedious but at least she has her relationship to fall back on. They’ve been together for years and Emily thinks he might be about to propose – instead he tells her that he needs “space” and breaks up with her.Emily’s best frie...
  • Sally906
    Opening lines: ‘…The head bridesmaid, a brunette in a long blue gown, rose from her chair and walked unsteadily to the dais with the studied clumsiness of someone who was completely wasted but trying very hard not to show it…’THE GIRL IN THE YELLOW VEST is the third book in a loosely linked romance series each based on a female engineer, this time though we leave Western Australia and come to sunny Queensland. When I say loosely linked, t...
  • Paula Phillips
    The third book in "The Girl" series is The Yellow Vest. The book starts with Lena's wedding and coming up for the wedding is a group of her engineering friends from college. One of those friends is Emily. Her engineer dreams haven't been as exciting as she wished and she now officially has no life as her boyfriend of five years has dumped her and she is in a job she wishes she could quit as really, all she is doing is counting cracks in surfaces....
  • Cookie1
    I have read all of Loretta Hill's book and loved them. When I started this one and realised it wasn't set in the Pilbara with the loved characters I was disappointed. However as I read I began to enjoy the new characters and the different setting. The book shows a good knowledge of the mining industry which makes it even better. Loretta Hill uses her knowledge of it well and combines it with a great story. If you are looking for something deep an...
  • Paula Clark
    Really enjoyed this and briefly being reunited with a couple of the characters from the previous book(s) in the series.I enjoyed the developing romances (yes two), however the storyline also brought to the forefront the sad realities of Alzheimer's/dementia and rape :(
  • Janine
    A very easy read which I really enjoyed.
  • Sammarks
    I surprisingly really enjoyed this light hearted romance. Easy to read, and very Australian down to some 'choice' vocabulary & picturesque locales. There was even a few laugh out loud moments.
  • Stacey Houllis
    Emily Woods had been dump by her boyfriend Trent of five years, her job as an engineer was to count cracks in buildings. Her best friend Will encourages her to come and work with him in Brisbane for Barnes Inc together. Emily jumps at the chance and applies for the job. Unknowing to her that Will is secretly in love with her. A bet is done by the men on site of Whether Will or Dipper another worker on site.Charlotte Templeton the resort owner who...
  • Tien
    Cute pairings. Easy to read. I skimmed all the engineering bits but appreciate the author's work researching these ;p
  • CL
  • Sam Still Reading
    A new Loretta Hill book is a must buy for me – I love her writing. The characters are funny and realistic; situations are both emotional and action packed and she demonstrates a genuine love for the Aussie bush. The Girl in the Yellow Vest is no exception – in fact, I think it’s Hill’s most technically complex book to date. Even better, it works brilliantly to create an ensemble cast, full of drama, romance and touching moments.You may th...
  • Char (1RadReader59)
    This book so far at the beginning is an interesting mix of four people’s lives and how they connect to one another. First you have the two best friends and engineer’s Emily Woods and Will Steward. They went to the University together with four of their other friends. Yet, Emily and Will had a special bond, never dated just friends. Will in fact was dating Sasha when they met and since they were having problems thought about dropping her for E...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    * 4.5 starsThe port of Hay Point in Queensland, Australia, is the unique setting for the book The Girl in the Yellow Vest. The Author, Loretta Hill, gives depth and authentic insight into working life on a wharf of a coal mining terminal, drawing from her own experience as a young engineer. The book opens in Perth, Western Australia, where we meet Emily Woods who is attending a wedding of a college friend. Emily is at a crossroads in her life and...
  • Tara Chevrestt
    I really enjoyed this novel. It contains two remarkable women--I preferred one in particular--and a hero who just wowed me with his sarcastic wit. Mark Crawford...a man after my very own heart. LOLFirst of all, we meet Emily. She's in a situation many women have found themselves in. Remember the motto, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"? She's been living with Trent for five years, waiting eagerly for the diamond ring...only it ...
  • Bec
    I absolutely loved Loretta's first to books in this series - The Girl in the Steel-Capped Boots, and The Girl in the Hard Hat - so was very excited to get an early copy of The Girl in the Yellow Vest and I was definitely not disappointed.This story starts with a wedding in Western Australia(which is a nice follow up from book 2) where Emily Woods finds her life hitting a brick wall, her long term boyfriend has just kicked her out, her engineering...
  • Belinda Williams
    There are so many things to like about The Girl in the Yellow Vest. The characters are original and there is an interesting blend of personalities to really balance the story out. Emily and Will’s transition from friends to lovers is both sweet and funny; complimented cleverly by Charlotte and Mark’s story of attraction when they haven’t quite figured out if they like each other. I so enjoyed that the characters are human and multifaceted...
  • Michelle
    This is a modern day young adult romantic fiction story that starts in Perth, Western Australia and works it's way over to Queensland. It is based around the fly in fly out mining industry that Australian's are all too familiar with and it touches on how this hard working life can take it's toll on the people that work away from their families to provide for them. I really connected with this side of the story having friends and family involved i...
  • Lauredhel
    I do so love Loretta Hill's engineering romances! (Is there anyone else writing in that genre?) This book also has a BFFs-to-lovers component, and that hits my buttons as well.Emily Woods is tired of her dull engineering job in Perth, and hankers for a change. Her friend Will convinces her to take a job with a complete change of pace - on the Barrier Reef in Queensland. Emily takes lodgings in a nearby resort where many of the FIFO workers live, ...
  • Rochelle
    Once I read Loretta Hill’s The Maxwell Sisters I had to get my hands on more of her books. I went in search for The Girl In The Steel-Capped Boots, but where I went were out of stock, so I grabbed this one. It’s the third book in Hill’s FIFO (Fly in, fly out) series, but thankfully you can read them in any order. And now I can’t wait to get my hands on her other two books.The short and sweet of it:It was filled with engaging characters yo...
  • Angela
    Two great falling-in-love stories, a child custody case, and coal shipping on Australia's eastern coast fill this novel with fun and adventure. The characters of Will and Emily were well-developed, as were the characters of Charlotte and Mark. Though their romances were the driving force of the plot, Loretta Hill impressed me with meaningful storylines about Charlotte's sister Zara, Emily's breakup with Trent, Mark's grief, and the raucous nature...
  • Birgit
    I have enjoyed all of her books, nice easy to read chick lit and I do enjoy her sense of humour. Although it was obvious from the beginning who was going to end up with who.There are two things I didn't like, one of them being, they seem to wring their hands a lot and that to me makes the characters seem somewhat pathetic. All throughout her three books so far the main characters wring their hands, both male and female. The other thing, instead o...
  • Bettina
    Loretta Hill has proven once again why she's one of my favourite authors. This story had me hooked by the first sentence. Also loved that old characters made an appearance like Lena and Dan, and even Fish too. At the start I think Mark is a character that everyone would love to hate, but the more you read, the more you warm towards his character. He reminded me a bit of Dan's character in 'The Girl With Steel-Capped Boots'. Loretta's books always...
  • Warren Gossett
    This book was a very quick read and especially enjoyable for me. It is set in two places I used to work in two decades ago: the University of Western Australia civil engineering department and the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal in North Queensland. Of course the interest as a novel lies in the two love stories that are intertwined with some amusement. This romance among engineers and resort operators may not be the most intellectually deep but it wa...