A Horse Called Hero by Sam Angus

A Horse Called Hero

It is 1940. As the Second World War escalates and London becomes a target for German bombs, Dodo and her horse-mad little brother Wolfie are evacuated to the country, away from everything they know. After weeks of homesick loneliness, they come across an orphaned foal. They name the horse Hero for surviving against the odds and together they raise him, train him, and learn to ride. Their days are suddenly full of life and excitement again, but th...

Details A Horse Called Hero

TitleA Horse Called Hero
Release DateAug 29th, 2013
PublisherMacmillan Children's Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Animals, Horses, Childrens, Middle Grade, War, World War II

Reviews A Horse Called Hero

  • Olivia
    This book!!! Everything about it is wonderful. And it is so refreshing because there is no romance! Through the point of view of Dodie and Wolfie, siblings, you have feel of wartime England. They are proud of their father, but there is a mystery behind his imprisonment that they hear whispered about. They are evacuated into the country. There....they meet Hero!I'm not a huge horse lover. I mean I like horses, but not in the way some people do!! S...
  • Alex Baugh
    It's 1940, and British soldiers have just been evacuated from Dunkirk, but Dodo (Dorothy) Revel and her younger brother Wolfie, 8, still haven't heard from their Pa, Captain Revel. When a telegram arrives, Spud, the children's housekeeper, tells them the sad news that their Pa is missing. Later that night, however, the children overhear Spud talking to someone that seems to indicate something else about Pa.Next thing Dodo and Wolfie know, they ar...
  • Bekah Booklover
    Warning - Contains spoilers!!!!-------Even though I am horse crazy, I probably would not have picked this book up as it seemed to be for younger readers. However, my 8 year old brother bought it from a a book sale at school, and I took to reading a couple of chapters to him every night. I was sceptical at first, I thought it was going to turn out too similar to a Michael Morpurgo book, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think this book would be su...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Wolfie and Dodo live in London under the care of housekeeper Spud while their father is off fighting in WWII. He was awarded medals during WWI, but is reported as missing at about the same time as bombings in London increase, so Spud sends Wolfie and Dodo out to the country. They end up in the care of Mrs. Sprig, whose son is off fighting and who is not thrilled to have two small children with her. Wolfie's father is fond of horses (he still has ...
  • Abigail Stutzman
    good book I enjoyed reading it.This was a great book about a wolfie and his sister dodo and an amazing horse named hero their father is off fighting in the war. they are sent to the country, a safer place for children away from the war. a few days after arriving in the country wolfie has a horse, a foal whose mother died. it was the horse he always wanted a grey and silver horse named hero. their father was under arrest for a crime he didn't real...
  • Megs
    Last year I read Soldier Dog by Sam Angus and really enjoyed it. Well, maybe enjoyed isn't the right word, since I was bawling my eyes out every few pages, but for a book meant to make you cry, it was good.Combining that with the fact that I love horses and I was excited when I got the chance to review A Horse Called Hero. Unfortunately, this one really fell short of my expectations.I think my biggest issue was with the language Sam Angus used. I...
  • Hayley
    I enjoyed the soft melancholy of most of this book, but after a credibility stretching coincidence, it unfortunately turns to melodrama. With a plot and tone somewhat reminiscent of The Railway Children, I think this will have appeal to kids who enjoy quieter historical and/or animal stories. I thought the mixing in of real life with fiction was really well done and I appreciated the author's note at the end.A few issues I had with the ARC, which...
  • Elena Totz
    I read the book a horse called Hero. This book takes place in London back when World War 2 was going on. There were two kids named Dodo and Wolfie. They were siblings and they were evacuated to another country because of what was happening in their area. They were all alone for months, wondering the streets. Dodo and Wolfie didn't even know where they were. Somebody had just dropped them off on the streets. After wondering for weeks they come acr...
  • Stacy
    I'm not much of a horse book person, and I think the jacket gave away too much of the story, but this was a decent emotional ride.
  • Addy McConville
    Dodo and Wolfie are two young siblings that live with their housekeeper Spud. Their mom died when they were young and their dad is out fighting in World War II. They live in the city of London. London is now under war. When they go outside they have to wear a gas mask. London is very dirty and there are many homeless people. Many children are leaving to go to the country.Wolfie is his nickname, his real name is Wolfgang. Wolfie is a little hopefu...