Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

Show Your Work!

In his New York Times bestseller Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon showed readers how to unlock their creativity by “stealing” from the community of other movers and shakers. Now, in an even more forward-thinking and necessary book, he shows how to take that critical next step on a creative journey—getting known. Show Your Work! is about why generosity trumps genius. It’s about getting findable, about using the network instead of wasting...

Details Show Your Work!

TitleShow Your Work!
Release DateMar 6th, 2014
PublisherWorkman Publishing Company
GenreNonfiction, Art, Business, Design, Language, Writing, Self Help

Reviews Show Your Work!

  • Ariel
    This was the kick I needed! I loved my reading experience with this book - it fell into my lap quite unexpectedly, full of my friend's annotations, and I flew through it. I had such a riot getting inspired and rethinking what the aims of creation should be. Full of quotations from a HUGE variety of creative types, full of manageable but impactful ideas, and with an excellent understanding of modern times and the tools we have at our disposable, t...
  • Pat Loughery
    Having just finished Austin Kleon's previous book Steal Like an Artist, which I liked but didn't LOVE... I didn't expect anything different here. I mean, the book's exactly the same size and shape, the same layout, similar in approach. But this one hit me right between the eyes half a dozen times over.I immediately started rereading this one, a library copy, and bought this one and Steal Like an Artist. I suspect that I didn't click with the firs...
  • Shannon Yarbrough
    I loved Austin's first book, Steal Like an Artist, and did exactly what he told me, including buying extra copies of his book and giving it to all my friends. As a writer and an artist, his advice is simple, inspiring, and fun to follow. I still use that book as a reference when I need a pick-me-up.His new book, Show Your Work!, feeds the need for those of us who wanted more! It's the same format - quick chapters with full page black and white ph...
  • Janet
    More than anything else, I felt really validated as I read Kleon's newest piece. It made me think of the very early days when Avid Bookshop was just a dream, when I was sharing my ups and downs with folks and hoping against hope that someday my business would be a vibrant brick-and-mortar bookstore. If you are a creator of any kind--and all of us are, or can be--this book will inspire you and make you feel empowered. Are you going to read this bo...
  • Donalyn
    Funny, smart, observant. So much of what Kleon writes resonates with me as a writer who blogs and tweets. Great ideas about building your tribe and sharing ideas.
  • nananatte
    หยิบ SHOW YOUR WORK! มาอานใหม หลังอานรอบแรกไปเมือปี 2016 ...กยังคิดวาชอบเลมแรก STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST มากกวาคะไมใชวา show your work ไมดีหรืออานไมสนุก แตเพราะเลมนีไมไดเลาเรือง creativity เสียทีเดียว แตเปนก...
  • Suzanne
    This is an excellent primer on self-promotion for artists. I have to admit that I picked it up with some skepticism, just as I did with Steal Like an Artist. This follow-up has the same slick look about it, with Kleon's subtractive poetry and ample quotes from other artists. But, just as with the other book, as soon as I started reading, I was sold on it. I loved what this book had to say.The Goodreads summary covers the bullet points well, but w...
  • Christine Zibas
    "Whatever we say, we're always talking about ourselves." -- Alison Bechdel.And I could add, whenever we talk, we're always telling stories. Why do we write or make art or pursue creativity of any sort? The answer? To be more ourselves, to show who we are, to make a connection, to find our tribe.Austin Kleon, the author of this book is a "writer who draws" and in sharing himself here, he takes his readers deep into the element of connecting. In pa...
  • Vojtěch
    Chápu, je tam mnohdy až moc obecných rad, ale jsou strašně dobře podané (alespoň pro mě). Kniha, která mi byla od začátku čtení (a nejspíš ještě po nějakou dobu bude) takovou malou učebnicí, která je rozhodně lepší než jakákoliv školní učebnice. Austin Kleon podle mě odvedl dobrou práci a svojí knihou dokáže bezpochyby plno lidí namotivovat. Pro mě je třeba velké zjištění, že mnoho lidí opravdu nezajím...
  • Rachel
    Anytime I need some inspiration or encouragement in my creative endeavors, I turn to Austin Kleon. His words get me so pumped up and inspired, and his books never let me down.
  • S.Baqer Al-Meshqab
    This beautifully-written book is a reference to artists specifically and to all people in general who have the potential to do something and establish a name in social industry. Ten Guidelines will direct you to the way of how to present your work to others, be accepted, influence and get influenced by, and most importantly, to stick around. It has been very helpful in shaping the way you look to the products you make and to the process in which ...
  • Nguyên ngộ ngộ
    Ban đầu không ưa cái thể loại này vì cái tiêu đề hơi lố: PR BẢN THÂN. Thường thì bản thân không cần PR quảng cáo, nghĩ đơn giản là nếu có gì đó hay ho thì sẽ nổi tiếng. Suy nghĩ đó đúng chứ, nên cũng đâu có ý định đọc cuốn này làm gì.Mà vì có quá nhiều review cho quyển này trên amazon và goodreadsMình nhất quyết đọc nó.Một luồng suy nghĩ mới ...
  • Nancy
    Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, is a great follow up to his highly successful Steal Like an Artist; once you have been inspired and created work, you need to share your efforts with the world. Show Your Work is very simply written, using bold statements, art/poetry, quotes, and hand-drawn charts to elaborate on the author’s ideas. I appreciated Kleon’s bare bones style of writing; for this subject matter it really helps to get the point acro...
  • Abduraafi Andrian
    Ulasan lengkap: yang kubuat pada tahun ini adalah membaca buku nonfiksi. Tahun lalu, aku ingat betapa tidak tertarik dan merasa alergi dengan buku-buku motivasi, pengembangan diri, apalagi yang berbau-bau tekstual. Rasa bosanlah yang menjadi kekhawatiran utama dalam mencoba genre nonfiksi. Banyaknya fakta, teori, dan petuah, tidak diimbangi dengan narasi yang mengimaji masih belum bisa kuhadapi. Unt...
  • Rido Arbain
    Walaupun nggak seaktif dan semenarik Steal Like an Artist, tapi buku ini nggak kalah penting.Di sini, Austin Kleon membahas bagaimana cara membagi proses kreatif saat membuat karya untuk mendapat impresi dari calon penikmat karya. Bacaan yang relevan untuk dibaca semua pelaku kreatif yang hidup di era digital, di mana internet adalah medium yang tepat untuk memamerkan karya. Ada satu kutipan yang bikin spontan ketawa. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang ...
  • Loren
    When I was younger, I thought that if I just wrote the perfect story, people would love, I would be discovered, and then I'd have it made. That hasn't worked out the way I planned. I've come around to Austin Kleon's way of thinking: I love the encouragement to share my work as I'm doing it, rather than hoarding it until it's polished and perfect.The book is breezy and short, but I found nuggets of inspiration. I'm eager to put some of his advice ...
  • Sandra
    ...but in this day and age, if your work isn’t online, it doesn’t exist.If you want people to know about what you do and the things you care about, you have to share. This is so true.But it is also hard to keep up with all the social media!I need a good plan *sigh*Quote gem The cat sat on a mat’is not a story. ‘The cat sat on the dog’s mat’is a story. -John le Carré
  • Alex Strick van Linschoten
    Enjoyed much of this quick but rich overview of ways in which sharing ideas, work, (etc) can be useful for both the author and his audience. Lots of practical ideas, most of which could be boiled down to what happens when you keep a blog regularly updated. Highly recommended to anyone who thinks for a living.
  • Mel
    My mom gave me this book and I was surprised that it actually is a great little fast read and reference guide to sharing your work in the modern world of social media and the Internet. I am sure I will refer back to this at some point. It has some good ideas written in an easy to digest format.
  • Fatomah Al-Doughan
    One of my favorite reviewer recommended it to us. And it's really worth that good review. It's like a guideline on how to share your work as an artist. What to share and what u should not share. How to benefit from social media and internet as an artist in building your name. Care about the quality of your audience not their numbers and how to be close to them, and many many other useful advicesI'm really grateful for my brother as it's his gift ...
  • Camile Schmidt Chevalier
    Apesar do do título do livro e, até mesmo do foco do mesmo, o livro traz 10 tópicos que não servem apenas como dicas para divulgação do seu trabalho, mas dicas de como encarar a vida e enfrentar os problemas diários. Por exemplo, a primeira dica do livro é seja um amador, pois amadores não tem nada a perder, não tem medo de errar e estão dispostos a aprender, do meu ponto de vista esse não é um conselho apenas sobre trabalho, mas um ...
  • Stanislav Lozanov
    Оценка: 3,5 Определено не ми беше интересна колкото "кради като артист", но и в тази книга имаше доста полезни съвети.
  • Lewis Rimá
    Aún no sé si este libro acaba de cambiarme la vida pero, por lo pronto, es sumamente inspirador, entretenido y enriquecedor. Me encantó.
  • Thaizi
    Esse livro foi uma surpresa, uma leitura rápida e um guia para aqueles que querem aperfeiçoar a criatividade, dando como exemplo o compartilhamento do seu trabalho na internet e nas midias sociais. São pequenas idéias escritas de forma bem encorajadoras e claras. O meu tópico favorito foi o terceiro, “Compartilhe um pouco todo dia”.
  • Hestia Istiviani
    I read and write this review in Bahasa Indonesia Sudah cukup lama setelah aku baca buku Kleon yang pertama, Steal Like An Artist, akhirnya keturutan juga membli buku yang kedua, Show Your Work. Masih tidak jauh berbeda dengan yang sebelumnya, Kleon mampu menuturkan hal-hal yang ada di otaknya mengenai "mempromosikan diri" dengan cara yang sangat mudah. Gaya Bahasa, Kosakata, dan PenyampaianKalau pernah membaca Steal Like An Artist edisi berbahasa...
  • Donna Alward
    I would have liked it to be a little more in depth, but it's a quick read, and I came away with a surprising number of little nuggets of insight.
  • Radha
    3.5I fleeeew through this little book. I liked it! It has a lot of concepts, advice, that if you work or study on a creative career or creative environment you've probably heard some of those before, but once in a while we need a reminder. We need to be reminded not to be too harsh on ourselves and from time to time step away and look at the work you've done, how far you've come, it also applies for entrepreneurs. The difficulty in every creative...
  • Rose
    More complete review to come, but I thought this was a very quick, enlightening guide to improving creativity and getting yourself out there in the world. It's inspiring, but also informative. I think a lot of writers or creators in general would benefit from picking up this work and taking heed of some of the advice in this. (Because all too often, it gets ignored.)One of the messages I keep emphasizing that this work reiterates is that you have...
  • Thiago d'Evecque
    Ideias maravilhosas sobre como mostrar seu trabalho de forma não agressiva, incluindo não se torne um spam humano, compartilhe um pouco todos os dias e pense em processo, não produto. Uma leitura de menos de 2h com muita inspiração e conselhos simples e práticos. O complemento perfeito para Roube Como Um Artista.