Brushed Away (Benny James Mystery #3) by Jason Deas

Brushed Away (Benny James Mystery #3)

From Amazon.comWhen a bloody painting is found hanging on a café wall, Benny James is summoned by the local police department. As a retired FBI detective now working as a private investigator, he remains a major player when it comes to peculiar murder scenes and cracking clues.Tracking down the killer with Officer Vernon Kearns, the partners find bizarre art pieces that lead them to discarded bodies. As the list of suspects grows, a couple of ar...

Details Brushed Away (Benny James Mystery #3)

TitleBrushed Away (Benny James Mystery #3)
Release DateApr 7th, 2013
Publisher3-day Ranch Press
Number of pages269 pages

Reviews Brushed Away (Benny James Mystery #3)

  • Marti's Fire
    Fun read. Third in the series of stories about a small southern town and the interesting inhabitants who solve crimes. Sweet story and interesting people.
  • Douglas Cook
    Fun read. Plots and characters are not very complex.First paragraphsThe houseboat rocked. Benny popped up from his nap. Peering out the window, he saw a speedboat breaking the “no wake” rule. Benny wondered where the boat might be coming from in such haste. He plopped back down in bed. Benny’s head ached. His girlfriend of a year and a half, Rachael, had dumped him with no warning for a chance at an international media gig in London. After ...
  • Ed Drury
    This is the third book in the Benny James series and in my opinion the best. So far... I hope there are more to come mainly because I would miss these wonderful characters and the great town of Tilly. The ending is unexpected, I would dare even say shocking. Many twists and turns as I kept trying to convince myself I had it all figured out. Well, lets just say I didn't see it coming. Good entertainment and while I am glad I read these books in th...
  • Patricia
    I love this series of books and all the fun characters! A lot happens in the small town of Tilley, GA. This time Benny is helping to investigate three murders with the assistance of his eclectic collection of friends. I think perhaps one of the features I like best is the humor factor. The mystery decidedly keeps your attention, but the humor that goes along with it is tops. Well done, Jason Deas!
  • Tere Fredericks
    Usually I Don't Like EndingsBecause I get so wrapped up in characters' lives. This one, however, ended perfectly. This is the last of the trilogy, and the best. I must admit I was extremely angry at how it started, but soon calmed down.These are extremely worthy books. I believe you would be better off reading them in order, as I did. I loved them, and they will become beloved treasures to read again and again.
  • Yvonne
    Wonderful!!Brushed Away is a murder mystery that you'll thoroughly enjoy. Likable characters in a fast paced story that is full of surprises. Benny James is ex FBI with a knack for solving complex serial killing. I'm looking forward to the next in the series and I highly recommend you read them all.
  • john hill
    Poor suspense. Unimaginative ending. I only finished it because ordered it?!.Chafacters were charmPoor suspense. Unimaginative ending. Characters charmless. I only finished it because I ordered it. I didn't ccare who did it. I won't read any more Be nny James or,for that matter, Jason Dead!
  • Robbie
    The Benny James series is filled with characters he surrounds himself with that are lovable and characters he unfortunately must search out that are despicable. The combination of both makes for a very enjoyable read that has touches of humor, yet just enough acts of malicious homicide. I rate this one 4.5 stars.
  • Susan
    Benny James, ex-FBI is called out to view a painting in a local cafe - a painting done in blood. Further bizarre art pieces and bodies are found.With the help of Officer Kearn and Red, can the cases be solved.Loved this, hope there is more to come.
  • Cindy Adkins
    Love this seriesI give this book and the series of Benny James Mysteries five stars. The storyline keeps you guessing until the end. I love the humor and mystery. Red and Ned are great additions! Can't wait to read another!
  • kenneth h. robinson
    Humiliation Leads to MurderA string of murders in a small town is difficult to figure out, because the killer's motivation is hard to figure out. Once motive is discovered, all that is left is finding the culprit.
  • Cea
    Well I just love this seriesSeriously, easy descriptive reading, always a good entertaining plot and characters I can connect with and that are believable. I'm looking forward to the next one
  • Cedelya A Shaffer
    Ok for a quick read I would recommend this book to those who like a light mystery and a little humor between bigger best sellers.
  • Connie Bredernitz
    AwesomeAll 3 of Mr Deas books of Benny James mysteries are awesome. They are spellbinding. I recommend them for easy reading!
  • Deborah Tinter
    Third bookVery good, keeps one guessing til the end. All three books were well written and didn't drag. I recommend these books for a quick read. I read a book a day.
  • Sandra Swindell
    Brushed AwayThis book by Jason Deas was very exciting. I am just glad I didn't have to see all the blood. I am also glad he brought Rachel [email protected]
  • Laura S. Wenger
    InterestingSeveral twists and turns. Good continuity of characters. Most characters are likeable, even lovable with all their flaws. A good read.
  • Toni Mari
    Good storyThe characters were enjoyable and the story was nicely paced. The mystery was set around a unique idea that kept the reader interested.