The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3) by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)

Alternate cover edition here.The Companions of the Ring have become involved in separate adventures as the quest continues. Aragorn, revealed as the hidden heir of the ancient Kings of the West, joined with the Riders of Rohan against the forces of Isengard, and took part in the desperate victory of the Hornburg. Merry and Pippin, captured by Orcs, escaped into Fangorn Forest and there encountered the Ents. Gandalf returned, miraculously, and def...

Details The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)

TitleThe Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)
Release DateDec 15th, 2018
PublisherDel Rey
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Classics, Adventure

Reviews The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)

  • mark monday
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥a rousing climax to the most ravishing love story of the modern age. tempestuous, tormented Frodo at long last learns to accept the love of his lifemate - the loyal and submissive Samwise Gamgee, bottom-extraordinaire. this is truly a tale of love's labour hard-won, and at such a cost! but love conquers all in the end, and even bitter, militantly hetero villain Sauron cannot stand in the heart's path for too long. in this third...
  • Bookdragon Sean
    Tolkien is the master of world building. With his writing comes generations of detailed history and lore. Middle Earth did not simply spring up overnight. Instead it is firmly established with the most thorough groundwork that is simply unmatched. And here his epic trilogy comes to an end. I’ve read it many times over the years, and reviewing it is no easy task. So, like my reviews of the first two books, I’ve picked out ten things I really l...
  • Ana
    “I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things.” I've just finished a re-read of the trilogy. There is only one lord of classic literature and his name is Tolkien. Sixty years later Tolkien's epic tale of men, hobbits, elves, dwarves, trolls and goblins is still relevant. In my opinion this was the best book of the trilogy. The Return of the King gave me ALL THE FEELS like nothing else, I got pretty choked up at the last cha...
  • Alejandro
    The last stand for the control of Middle-Earth! I WENT TO MIDDLE-EARTH AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS CRUMMY RING That’s the message in a t-shirt that I got in a tourism travel (and I still have it!). I thought that it was appropiate to begin my review about the third part and final of Lord of the Rings.All that fuzz about a ring that can turn you invisible? You may think, but that was the least of its properties. Its major use was being able to contr...
  • Alex Farrand
    The Return of the King is the last installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Can the companions defeat the power of Sauron? Will there be peace in the land of Middle-earth once more, or shall the darkness overpower the world?I want to write an amazing review for this series, because it deserves the best. I don't know if it will be amazing, but I will try. Tolkien made a wonderful world, and an epic journey across the beautiful Middle-earth. H...
  • Hannah Greendale
    The Return of the King takes about a hundred pages to sink one's teeth into, but persevering is worth it for the glint of sunrise on a victorious maiden's hair, for the show of willpower against all odds in the eleventh hour, and for the golden bloom of a happy ending.
  • James
    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to The Return of the King, the third book in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, written in 1955, by J.R.R. Tolkien. After reading the first two books in this series, how can you not finish it with this one? I knocked them back between 9th and 10th grades, loving every minute of the imagination and struggle between good and evil. When I got this this final one, I already knew I'd be sad to say goodbye to all the characters ...
  • Paul E. Morph
    Well, I've come to the end of the road once more... This was my tenth reading of Tolkien's saga of Middle Earth (the first time I visited was in 1986) and it's pointless trying to write a balanced review of my favourite books. Suffice it to say that these books are a part of me; written into my DNA, if you like, and I love them dearly.I'll be back in a year or two, Bagginses, to do it all over again...Buddy read with Sunshine Seaspray.-----------...
  • Stephen
    ***NEW LAWSUIT UPDATE BELOW (6-30-11)...Lone reviewer continues fight with corporate ASSCLOWNS powers in epic 1st Amendment battle royale.***4.0 stars. FULL REVIEW (hopefully) to follow after resolution of the lawsuit* filed against this reviewer in the District Court of Narnia by, among others: 20th Century Fucks Fox, Lucasfilms, the Tolkien Estate and Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla AsshatIce) in order to prevent the release of an allegedly offe...
  • Foad
    «درست مثل داستان های معروف، آقای فرودو. داستان هایی که واقعاً مهم بودند، داستان هایی که پر از خطر و تاریکی بودن. و گاهی آدم دلش نمی خواست پایان قصه رو بدونه، چون چطور می تونست پایان خوبی داشته باشه؟ چطور دنیا می تونه پر از خوبی بشه وقتی که این قدر اتفا...
  • Jason Koivu
    Ah, The Return of the King. The end of a sweeping epic, one which held me firmly in its grasp as a child and still holds a place in my heart as an adult.Everything is in motion and actually coming to an end almost from the first page of this last book in the trilogy. Frodo is ever so close to completing his quest. Aragon, Gandalf and the others are nearly at the end of their rope. Indeed, the end is nigh! But this is not a quick finish. Tolkien d...
  • J.G. Keely
    Writers who inspire a genre are usually misunderstood. Tolkien's reasons for writing were completely unlike those of the authors he inspired. He didn't have an audience, a genre, and scores of contemporaries. There was a tradition of high adventure fairy tales, as represented by Eddison, Dunsany, Morris, MacDonald, Haggard, and Kipling, but this was only part of what inspired Tolkien.His writing was chiefly influenced by his familiarity with the ...
  • Jonathan
    A Review of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, by Sauron[Oprah Winfrey voice-over]: We all remember him. Sauron, the displaced Lord of the Rings. Once feared by millions, Sauron has been living in relative squalor in what he prefers to remain an undisclosed location. [Video shows unidentified heap of garbage behind a Wal-mart. In front stands a mailbox with the word "Nameless Enemy" printed on the front. The flag is down.][applause]Oprah: Tod...
  • K.D. Absolutely
    What else can I say? I enjoyed all these three books included in The Lord of the Rings (5 STARS), (5 STARS) and now (5 STARS). It has the most tight interesting plot, memorable characters and universal unending theme: the triumph of good over evil. In fact, in the closing scene of the book, Frodo gives the book he wrote to Sam, the world's greatest gardener. The title of the book is The Downfall of the Lord of the Rings and the Return of t...
  • Anish Kohli
    “So we come to it in the end, the great battle of our time, in which many things shall pass away. But at least there is no longer need for hiding. The board is set, and the pieces are moving. And now all realms shall be put to the test, to stand, or fall – under the Shadow.” People: *looking at the 3 star rating causes wincing and face spasms* What fuckery is this? You rated Tolkien 3 damn stars? Anish: Guys, take it easy! This book was...
  • Liz
    Is it even possible to review a legend? To write a review about a completely different and unique world? It is not. It is just not possible. Just imagine writing a review about our world, about all the countries and cities and cultures and all the wars. It would simply be too long and too difficult. What I can say about this book is that the epic journey finally came to an end. The Fellowship had to fight bloody, hopeless fights, it had to surviv...
  • Lyndz
    Well, there really IS no greater compliment...
  • Carlos
    Este libro es un ejemplo claro de por qué no veo películas: ¡Aquí se usa la imaginación! La verdad es que sí vi la película. Es buena, pero se hace eterna. El libro es más largo que la película, pero no se hace eterno ¿La diferencia? Está claro; tú creas tu propia historia en tu cabeza, y eso lo hace mucho más emocionante y a la vez personal. Leer libros (en vez de ver películas) también hace que tú te crees tu propio Frodo, Sam, ...
  • Jessica Treader
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Heck yeah! I’ve read The Lord of the Rings! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Heck yeah! I’ve read The Lord of the Rings!
  • Johann (jobis89)
    "I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil."You know the drill - Sam and Frodo are on their way to Mordor to try and destroy the ring, but not without a companion lurking in the shadows... The armies of the Dark Lord are massing in an epic battle for Middle Earth... it's all come down to this!And so my journey through Middle Earth has ended *cue hysterical crying*. Revisiting both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings this year was a ...
  • Glenn Sumi
    My First Journey Through Middle-earth Cometh To An End (a.k.a., Hey Folks, I Made It There And Back Again!) Wow. I did it! I journeyed over some 1200 pages, met strange creatures, witnessed real magic, wept, gasped, laughed, moaned, yawned (occasionally), and by the end of it all felt as exhausted and grateful as Sam and Frodo dragging their precious, burdensome cargo to Mount Doom.Herewith, as in my reviews of the two previous volumes, are some ...
  • James
    ‘The Lord of the Rings’: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s three volume masterpiece comprising ‘The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King’ – is quite simply a literary, artistic and intellectual creation and achievement of epic and monumental proportions.The stories that J. R. R. Tolkien has crafted to produce ‘The Lord of the Rings’ feel as though they have been carved out of stone. Tolkien’s creation of a...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    494. The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King, J.R.R. TolkienThe Return of the King: Sauron sends a great army against Gondor. Gandalf arrives at Minas Tirith to warn Denethor of the attack, while Théoden musters the Rohirrim to ride to Gondor's aid. Minas Tirith is besieged. Denethor is deceived by Sauron and falls into despair. He burns himself alive on a pyre, nearly taking his son Faramir with him. Aragorn, accompanied by Legolas, Gimli...
  • R.K. Gold
    So I loved this book but it really just dragged on. I mean of the Lord of the Rings series, this was probably my least favorite. The climax felt incredibly short, as did the battle and the ring was destroyed less than three-quarters of the way through. There was an incredibly long journey after the destruction of the ring following the hobbits' recoveries and their return home. below are spoilersI also felt like the fight when they returned to th...
  • Roly Chuter
    I’m sure glad Stevie didn’t bother to read this one:Sam and Frodo wake up in some swamp/heath/mountain passFrodo: We’re lost, oh its awful, I’m hungry, we only have 3 pieces of elfin bread leftSam: Don’t worry Frodo I’m here for you, you have the breadSam and Frodo walk around a bit looking dirty and lost and miserableFrodo: oh the ring, it’s so heavy, how will I cope?Golem: Myyy presssciousss [and all that nonsense]Sam: Don’t wor...
  • Pinkerton
    Ultimo capitolo di questa trilogia. Confesso che è con una nota di dispiacere che ho visto all’opera personaggi che abbiamo conosciuto così bene ormai maturi, era stato tanto bello vederli crescere lungo il percorso, ma ne sono stati introdotti anche di altri in questa fase conclusiva che non hanno nulla da invidiargli. E poi, oltre al gran finale, c’è pure un epilogo di tutto rispetto che non si limita a saluti ed abbracci (tanto per grad...
  • Liam Degnan
    “Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.” Four Stars:✰✰✰✰ (I should say that this is less of a review and more of my own musings about the ending and the overall quality of the story. I didn't feel like I needed to reiterate all of my critiques, because all of the things I have to say in my fi...
  • Todd
    To me, the whole point of reading the first two books of LOTR is to get to this one, because this is the truly masterful part of the story.One thing I will say is that I really admire how the main heroes of the story, Frodo and Sam, are quite inconsequential in the classic tradition of heroes. They can't fight, they can't cast spells, they can't really do anything except persevere through extreme trial, all so that they can do what they promised ...
  • Laz
    “What do you fear, lady?", Aragorn asked. "A cage,", Éowyn said. "To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.” Writing this review I have a wild hunger to re-read this series again just to get to feel that excitement and the rush of emotions that these books instill in me.The epic conclussion to it all. The war. The great fight. The way it all ends. The sacrific...
  • Mary
    Still 5 stars. Still amazing.